014 - Sunday Basket Deep Dive
Published February 25, 2018
21 min
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    Sunday Basket® Deep Dive

    It’s time to clean out your Sunday Basket®!

    Even if you’re the most organized person, there are still lots of sorting tasks that you will need to do. In a perfect world, you would go through everything each week. But personally, I know there’s no such thing as this ideal.

    It is OK to admit this!

    Organization is a teachable skill. As you get more organized, there’s many more skills and tactics that you can use. It really does get easier as you go along.

    Give Yourself Time

    Every 6-8 weeks, I do a complete Sunday Basket® clear out. This week’s podcast is all about how to do this efficiently and how it can work for you to make your life easier.

    We live in the real world and I know that it’s not always possible to schedule in the same amount of time every week. My advice would be to do it as often as you can. Sorting a little bit is still better than not doing anything at all.

    A deep dive clear out is going to take you around 90 minutes so you need to think about when it is going to be best to fit this into your week. It sounds like a lot of time, but I promise you that when you start to get into the rhythm of things, it’ll save you so much more time in the long run.

    Create Layers In Your Organizational Life

    The deep clean addresses the papers that can ALWAYS wait until next Sunday. Longer term projects or changing a supplier are good examples of this. The usual Sunday Basket® sort will see these projects get deferred multiple times, so every 6-8 weeks is the time to take these papers and start to look at them differently.

    By focusing on this, it will create more layers of organization and give you a clearer mind.

    A deep clean of your papers takes longer because you take action on the things that you could normally defer. This process addresses those papers, gets them out of the way, and then you are ahead of yourself as you move forward.

    Set Yourself Goals

    Set yourself a goal to clear one or more of your pockets. It’s a great way to feel like you’ve really accomplished something in the time that you’ve set aside, and it will give you an energy boost to move forward.

    If So, When?

    Don’t be afraid to question whether things will ever actually be completed. It’s OK to change your mind.

    Use this theory for your next 20 pockets. You may find that some of the pockets hold projects that need other elements to exist in order for you to complete them.

    A great example of this is my "to file" pocket. I have to wait on the binders to arrive! Listen to the March 11th podcast for the big reveal on these.

    Other pockets may contain big decisions that can be deferred for another couple of months. If this is the case, file them away. If they can’t wait for that long, they need to be prioritized to become actionable and take priority now.

    Stay Ahead Of The Game

    2018 is my year of traveling so it’s really important to me that I stay on top of everything. Listen to my Organize 365 Podcast on this to hear more about my plans for this year.

    How To Deep Clean FAST

    • Sort
    • Action or defer
    • Do it or don’t
    • Recycle and move on

    Don’t delay decisions indefinitely. Reminders are good to use, but it’s perfectly fine to make the decision that you’re not going to do something right now. You need to be confident enough to make the decision and prioritize other things in your life. Let it go and move on.

    As I say: DO IT OR DON’T! If it’s not a big enough issue to set aside time to change it, it’s probably not worth doing.

    My Top 5 Tips For The Deep Clean

    1. Completely empty the Sunday Basket®
    2. Complete your weekly Sunday Basket® actionable tasks, using your first 5 slash pockets
    3. Set yourself a challenge to fully empty a couple of other pockets using the "defer or action" method
    4. Delve into the longer-term projects and decisions pockets, deciding when these decisions WILL become actionable
    5. DO IT OR DON’T! Don’t be afraid of getting rid of things that don’t seem important enough.

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