008 - Step 5 - Can it wait until NEXT Sunday?
Published January 7, 2018
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    Step 5 - Can It Wait Until NEXT Sunday?

    If you’ve been listening to my podcasts in real time (on the day that they were released), then you’ll know that this podcast episode was released on the first Sunday of 2018.

    I am so excited about this. If you’ve listened to episodes 1-7, then today is the end of my daily episodes of the Sunday Basket® Podcast (they'll be released weekly from now on).

    If you have been following along and taking action with each episode, then you’re almost done with your Sunday Basket®.

    I’m picturing all of the Sunday Baskets that have been created all over the world. I’m picturing all the women that are taking control of their to-do lists that have been sucking away their time, energy, and causing stress.

    Every podcast episode, from episode 1 through to this episode, is actionable. They all have an action for you to complete.

    We have emptied our Sunday Basket® completely.

    We've gotten rid of all items that needed shredding or recycling.

    We have opened all of our mail.

    We've divided our actionable items into three piles – mail and money, computer and calendar, and errands and things to do outside of the house.

    And we took action with our mail and money and our computer and calendar items.

    Can it wait until NEXT Sunday?

    We must always make this assessment with all items – can this wait until next Sunday?

    With money and mail items, if it can wait until next week, then we put it into a green slash pocket (if you have been to one of my workshops, you’ll have one of these) or you can clip it together. Then it goes back into your Sunday Basket®.

    Similarly, with your computer and calendar pile, anything that can wait gets put into an orange slash pocket or clipped together. Then it goes back into your Sunday Basket®.

    In the errand pile, you have selected what can be completed this week.

    You've created your "car closet" – putting items in the trunk of your car on a Sunday that you’ll need through the week.

    You have also made your to-do list based on what can be completed this week.

    Any errands that won’t be completed this week should go into a yellow slash pocket (if you have one) or clipped together – then back into your Sunday Basket®.

    Sunday Basket® 2.0

    Any other items that you have left in front of you are the topic of next week’s podcast episode – I call this Sunday Basket® 2.0.

    They are usually items that are unique to you – recipes, memorabilia, work-related, etc. For now, just group the items together as best you can.

    With each item ask yourself, can it wait until next Sunday? Of course, if it can't, take action.

    Then put your Sunday Basket® back on the kitchen counter.

    Next Sunday, I’ll teach you what to do with all of those items that didn’t fit into the red, green, and orange slash pockets. Don’t worry, there is a system. They have not been neglected!

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