006 - Step 3 - Take Action!
Published January 5, 2018
10 min
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    Step 3 - Take Action!

    I hope you’re enjoying The Sunday Basket® Podcast so far.

    If you’ve been following along with the podcast episodes, then you should have three piles of your actionable items from your Sunday Basket®.

    Your three actionable piles are:

    1. Mail & Money: Bills and things to be mailed
    2. Errands & Outside The House: Errands and items that you need to buy or do outside of the home
    3. Computer & Calendar: Items that need to be put on your computer, on your calendar, or you need to order them on your computer

    The next part takes up the bulk of your Sunday Basket® time. It can take you anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to work on these piles.

    Before we get going, I want to let you know that the Sunday Basket® is all about you. While I may talk about your kids, your spouse, and your extended family, the Sunday Basket® is about YOU. It’s about your time, your to-do's, and your calendar. It applies to any woman, of any generation, anywhere in the world.

    Your first action now is to sit down with your mail and money pile and work through it. Pay your bills. Reconcile your bank checks (I can’t be the only person who still does this!). Check your investments. Mail out whatever needs to be mailed on a Monday morning. This usually takes me about 30 minutes.

    Next up is your computer and calendar pile. I have two high school-age teenage kids who are getting ready for college, learning to drive… they are as busy as ever. I manage a calendar for each family member. I spend a lot of time calculating things like who is driving who, where, and when. I note everything on calendars. I need to spend at least 30 minutes each Sunday doing work on our calendars.

    Next, I work on computer-related tasks. For example, I do my grocery shopping online, I order A LOT on Amazon (daily). I check my email. This is another good 30 minutes to an hour.

    My Sunday Basket® takes me at least 90 minutes every week. The great thing is that on Sunday night, I feel very organized. I can focus on my business Monday to Friday and on my family Saturday and Sunday.

    Finally, we're to errands and outside the home tasks. They are often the tasks that we don’t equate time to.  But, they can take up so much more time than you realize. For example, I worked out that I drove 25 hours a week last year just driving my kids to school and back. That is a lot of time. I have an organizer friend who spends 3 hours a day commuting. All of this time in the car can be lost time.

    Your errand pile isn’t going to be completed on Sunday, but you’re going to plan for it. For example, what can you put into the trunk of your car now that you’ll need later in the week? All of these actions help you to have a more organized and productive week.

    When I go to bed on Sunday night, my goal is that all the bills are paid, the mail is ready to go out the following morning, I’ve updated my calendar for the week, everyone in my family knows where they are going and when, I have bought anything that I possibly can for the week coming up, and the errands for the week are pre-planned.

    Now it’s your turn! Take action on your money and mail, your calendar and computer, and plan your errands.

    In the next episode, I’m going to talk about how to plan your week.

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