004 - Step 1 - Shred, Recycle, Open & Sort
Published January 3, 2018
6 min
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    Step 1 - Shred, Recycle, Open & Sort

    The next five podcasts go through exactly what to do with the items that you have in your Sunday Basket®.

    When you sit down to do your Sunday Basket®, follow the actions that I talk about in this podcast episode and the following four podcasts, too.

    There are two key actions that lead to the success of the Sunday Basket®... first, to completely empty it every time, and second, you must go through it every single week!

    Before you get started, make sure you find a place that you’re comfortable sitting while you complete a project. For me, it’s sitting on my bed or the floor. I make too many piles to do it at the table! Also, have your trash bin next to you and a space for a recycling pile.

    Step 1: Empty your Sunday Basket®

    By empty, I mean completely empty. Take everything out of your basket. Move your empty basket to the side. The only things going back into your empty basket are the things that can wait until next Sunday.

    Step 2: Decide what can be recycled or trashed

    Spend 5-10 minutes deciding what can be recycled (or shredded) or trashed. Quickly filter out those items that you can decide on right away, like flyers and magazines.

    Step 3: Pick up each item and open all your mail

    If your mail needs to be recycled or trashed, put it in that pile right away. Then, open up the bills. Keep the important section of the bill (the part that you need to pay the bill) and put it into a pile for taking action. Shred or recycle the rest. You’ve now filtered out of your basket all items that require recycling or trashing, and you’re left with a pile of paper where everything requires action.

    Now may be a good time for a little break from the sorting. I suggest you take action on the household to-do items.  For example, if you need to order batteries for that kitchen appliance or sew that button on a blouse, take a bit of a break from the paper sorting and take action.

    There you have it, step 1 of The Sunday Basket® – shred, recycle, open and sort.

    Step 2 is covered in my next podcast episode number 5.

    Happy Sorting!

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