003 - Fill Your Sunday Basket
Published January 2, 2018
10 min
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    Fill Your Sunday Basket® 

    It’s time to fill your Sunday Basket®!

    If you’ve been listening along to my previous podcast episodes, then you have:

    1. Got your basket (or box or bag)
    2. Decided on the day of the week that you’ll go through it

    Plus, you may have signed up for a Sunday Basket®  Workshop.

    Now it’s time to take some more action and fill your basket.

    There are four items that I want you to put into your Sunday Basket®. From now until the day that you are going to sort your basket, I want you to be filling your basket with these four items.

    1. Mail

    Put all of your mail into the basket. It does not need to be open and you don’t need to sort through it – just put your mail into the basket. Defer your brain power until Sunday when it comes to sorting mail.

    1. Coupons

    Put coupons unclipped into your Sunday Basket®.

    1. Actionable to-do's

    Put all actionable to-do's in your basket. For example, when someone asks you to fill out paperwork, or arrange a lunch, etc. Always ask yourself the question, “can this wait until Sunday?” If the answer is yes, put it in your Sunday Basket®.

    The number one thing that causes worry, stress, and exhaustion is thinking about these things. We’re clearing up your mental exhaustion so that you can clearly think about these things on Sunday.

    1. Notes to yourself

    I recommend you go to a store and get index cards and post-it notes and get into the habit of writing notes to yourself. When you think of something that you need or want to do, write it down on a piece of paper and put that paper into your Sunday Basket® if it can wait until Sunday.

    If you don’t have time to write a note, put something in your basket that will serve as a reminder. For example, if you need a new food item, put the empty box in your basket to remind you to order another.

    Your Sunday Basket® Must Go On Your Kitchen Counter

    This is why you should get something that looks pretty! My own Sunday Basket® that will be available to purchase in February is pretty and functional (to me functional is the most important, but it is pretty, too!).

    If your Sunday Basket® is anywhere else, like in your home office, you just won’t use it. Your Sunday Basket® is your inbox for the whole family so it needs to be prominent to you and all family members.

    The key thing is to defer everything that you possibly can until Sunday. This will enable you to defer your brain when it comes to thinking about these things until Sunday, reducing your worry and stress through the week.

    It may seem like you are going to spend far too long going through the Sunday Basket®, but I promise you that I will walk you through it, step-by-step, week-by-week. By around Week 6, you will not believe you ever got by without a Sunday Basket®!

    You will learn how to become ultra-productive which will improve your life in more ways than you can imagine.

    Action For Today: Go fill your basket!

    View the complete post here: https://thesundaybasket.com/fill-your-sunday-basket/

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