Great podcast
A must listen!
Switched stories
Colby Berry
Episode 1-3 finding the Atlanta monster Episode 4-18 Atlanta monster is innocent Summary. This is a stupid podcast and waste of time.
Great but...
I’m finding this a well-researched and interesting approach to the Missing and Murdered Children cases and to Wayne Williams. However, this podcast could use some sound engineering and editing. Both during the podcast itself and between podcast and ads the varying sound levels/volumes are distracting and off-putting.
Highly disappointed in this podcast
Awesome podcast!!
I grew up in the 80’s and I did not know about this case. As true crime fan, this podcast kept me wanting more each episode. Payne and crew are fantastic storytellers and bring together these stories in such a way you feel like you are there. Thank you for all your hard work guys and I can’t wait for more awesome podcasts!
Season 2
Season two is a different podcast now, Just called ‘The Zodiac Killer’ if y’all were wondering
Now “Culpable”?
Season 2? Disappeared?
What happened to season 2?
? B
Payne Lindsey’s Least Annoying Effort So Far
I just completed the podcast Atlanta Monster (2018). This was made by Payne Lindsey, the same annoying kid that made the podcast Up and Vanished (which despite him, is somehow surprisingly entertaining). Though Atlanta Monster doesn’t have an ending that resolves as beautifully as Up and Vanished, it is much better overall. Atlanta Monster was made with the help of HowStuffWorks which got rid of pretty much all of the issues I have with Payne. Payne is a narcissist and a terrible narrator, for a few reasons, and tries to milk ever podcast he comes out with by continually adding extra unnecessary episodes. Fortunately, with Atlanta Monster the powers that be made sure to make this far more bearable. This is a well made podcast and I would assume most True Crime lovers would find it entertaining. But like Happy Face Killer, which I just listened to as well, it starts off strong for the first third and for the last two thirds I started to lose interest. The first part is an introduction and tells you the facts of the case mostly. After that it’s mostly interviews and theory’s, some of which are interesting, most of which are simply okay. For the first third I give it 8 stars out of 10 and for the rest I give it 5. Overall I give it 6 stars out 10.
Season 2
I thought there was a season 2?
Got me!
This podcast hooked me in immediately! I’m a lover of true crime and I had never heard of this case. It was fascinating from beginning to end!
Binge worthy!
jj beth32
I love how well they tell this story! I’ve listened to it twice since there is so much info they give. It’s edited so well and the music is great! Best podcast out there!
MK withers
Yes i too know i saw it had a season 2 but now its gone!!!! I need to see that
,hard to understand
This podcast is awesome; good investigation into a case we all know. I think its especially relevant considering the most recent season of mindhunter of which is based on the case. The only qualm i have is that the prison phone calls are VERY hard to understand and are at many points unintelligible, and without any clarification from the narrator, leaving me feeling like there are things I’m missing, things that may be important later. Edit: i have now listened to the entire season and am changing my rating to a 3. This podcast leaves WAY more questions than answers, and not in a good way. There were many ideas started and not finished. For example, the bridge experiment. It was done, but without any follow up. Felt like a complete waste of resources. Why go through all the trouble to block down an entire road, going through all the proper channels and filling out bundles of paperwork just to not share any of the findings? This podcast was well made, but left me feeling uncomfortably dissatisfied.
Season 2
Lizzy Atwood
I loved season one and was enjoying season two but around episode 11 it vanished??? It’s nowhere to be found!
Poor choice of advertising
Given the subject matter centers on the murder, rape, and torture of children, the advertising verbiage stating a poor nights sleep is “worse than a serial killer” was in very bad taste. Disgusting, in my opinion, and ruins an otherwise effective and captivating piece of journalism.
Asked all the right questions
I don’t understand why people are so down on the ACM season? Saying Wayne did em and facts matter. Completely disregarding the fact that they have a taped confession of someone else saying they murdered at least one of the boys as well as there was eye witnesses who say Jamie brooks discard of one of the bodies as well (and he later went to jail for raping a different child later) those two kids alone weren’t murdered by Wayne so why do people not question anything else? It’s not even a conspiracy there are eye witnesses and taped confessions. Not to mention the fact that the medical examiner changed the cause of death to match the other murder victims. That is fact. All of these things alone are enough to question. There are a two things that don’t line up Wayne for is that his alibi didn’t line up and that that he had green carpet that matched fiber on the victim. However both of those are circumstantial.
Great podcast
I’m so glad I listened to your podcast before watching the new season of mindhunters. I had all the background and small details. 👌 Going to listen to up and vanished next!
Negative Feedback
Totally agree with all the negative reviews. Downhill about episode 4.
I guess blah sums this podcast up
Didn’t listen to season 2, suffered enough during season 1. And I’ve heard enough about the Zodiac killer. Season 1 was a complete joke! No new evidence, no push back questions by the interviewer. Seriously when Wayne says he was part of the CIA and George Bush was involved in being sure he gets prosecuted......Come on should’ve scrapped the podcast then. Just another program blaming white people and the government. Go on listen at least Making a Murder brought new ideas and possibly evidence (still believe they’re both guilty)
This Ain’t Serial
As others have noted, this is a poorly researched podcast about the Atlanta Child Murders (season 1). It’s terrible. I’m willing to entertain the theory that Williams was not responsible, but give me evidence and facts. All that’s offered are conspiracy theories and wild conjecture. And Payne - who I assume considers himself an investigative journalist - never questions what he’s told or pushes back. What a waste.
What a waste of time. NEVER challenged a single person who blabbered on about the conspiracies. What’s next? The twin towers were sabotaged by the CIA?
1172 john
When is the next season staring? Is this still an active podcast!?
Really well done.
Awesome research, well presented and well produced.
I tried
Really wanted to like this but the editing is terrible, no true investigating at all and a lot of interviews that just need to go. I felt like he just let people ramble with not direction or request for clarity from the interviewer. Just terrible.
Very interesting podcast.
I couldn’t turn it off! I loved both seasons and would love to see more
One sided
Very one sided view of the case. Does a poor job actually examining available evidence and interviewing experts and spends more time interviewing people with no criminal background or experience. Do not recommend.
Poor poor me!
I could only stand 4 episodes. They are not scientific or presenting any new facts. Nothing but baseless opinions and old tv clips. I was hoping this might be like Serial, is is not. Very lazy. Wayne did it. No doubt in my mind. Forensics and facts matter.
Did he hit random on the Episode Sequence chart?
I had to stop and keep checking that I wasn’t listening to episodes out of order. They’ve caught him by the 3rd episode but there are 7 more. Theories, evidence (and lots of interviews that need to be edited for clarity) and other things that would make at least some sense in chronological order are just shoved into later episodes. It’s not well edited or organized. I listen to a lot of crime and history podcasts; this is the worst of either worlds and I don’t recommend it.
Pseudo-Journalism Opinion Piece
They want you to believe that this will be a podcast like Serial or an in-depth reanalysis of the facts of the Atlanta Child Murders case(s). Through the first 8 episodes, it’s not that at all. Many of the episodes consist of nothing more than people saying “I don’t believe Wayne did this.” Many other episodes are devoted to the self-aggrandizing phone calls that the producer had with Wayne Williams which are then treated as “evidence.” More than once they actually say something to the effect of, “Wayne would have no motivation to lie about this.” All-in-all they seem to have spent a lot of time acquiring tv and radio reports from the 1980s, but they don’t seem to know what to do with any of the other evidence in the original case. It’s never approached in a rigorous, scientific manner. They don’t shed any real light on the original investigation, the trial, how either may have been flawed and what actual evidence exists that is contrary to the APD, GBI and FBI reports. This podcast is definitely a “skip.”
I don’t hate this!
I am usually repulsed by anything Payne Lindsey touches... but not season 2, it’s good.
Needs editing!
I have started two of Payne’s podcasts and couldn’t finish either. They start out great—compelling stories and storytelling. From there they both ramble on and on—unedited audio of tangents and interviewees that should be seriously condensed. Letting people go off on diatribes is not storytelling. Someone could edit these stories down after all the episodes are recorded and make them each about five episodes start to finish. Then I would listen.
Payne has done it again!!!
The production and delivery of Payne Lindsey’s podcasts are fabulous!!! I started with “Up & Vanished” and just listened to season 1 of Atlanta monster. Such a great story & left me feeling all kinds of different ways!!!! Awesome!!!
pretty interesting but....
it’s an interesting story but i wish payne would have narrated more. i feel like this show is a bunch of interviews piece-milled together for dramatics but i feel like we’re not getting a really good in depth break down of facts/findings/theories like what payne gave us in his other shows. a good podcast but he’s had much better.
Wanted to like it
Lots of repeated information very drawn out could be condensed 😭
Awesome Show!
I follow Payne whenever he goes! His face should be in the dictionary under awesome Podcasts!!! This ATL child murder case always intrigue me and I believe the have the right man in jail! I saw a strong when a young black not said he came up to him like he was going to attack him. The boy grew up into a man and once this story resurfaces he personally picked Wayne out and said yes that’s the man who was chasing him! This is a a great show and can’t wait to listen to more!!! Keep up the good work!!!
Kalyn B
ATL Monster is perfect for true crime lovers. It not only goes over high profile and dramatic tidbits but also goes into detail over multiple alternative theories, suspects, and the politics that affected how the case was handled at the time. From 1979 until now, we get to hear from Wayne Williams and Jeff Douglas from the FBI all in one place.
Seriously what was the point of this podcast?
Lacks facts
Facts matter.
Ads, Ads, more Ads.
I didn’t hack a stopwatch, but I certain that each of these shows is 55% content and 45% advertisements. I understand you need to generate revenue to take on projects like this, but the number and duration of advertisements on this podcast is painfully sad. I was looking forward to listening to the actual show, but I just can’t get past all of the advertisements.
Just not a great presentation of evidence
I really enjoyed be other investigative pod cast from Payne. They were overall balanced and well sourced. This first season however seems to be throwing out theories with little evidence for the sake of creating f drama which is disappointing.
Ted Bundy
I’m only on episode 6 of season 1but all the things these people are saying sounds like the same thing that people felt about Ted Bundy he was smart didn’t seem like it was possible he was a killer. Most people who serial kill don’t seem like the show me proof my man is a serial killer I’ll believe it. There’s nothing I can’t believe about people we have Donald Trump as president...
Too many adds, just bad truencrime
This show wreaks of trying to capitalize on the true crime fad. 4 adds breaks in a twenty minute episode!!! Add the intro and outro times to that and it’s like 12 minutes of content each episode. Season 1 is just conspiracy nonsense. Season 2 they couldn’t think of something less obvious to investigate so they just picked zodiac. And the narrator is such a crime junkie he hadn’t heard of Zodiac until he watched the movie. Go listen to last podcast on the left or someone knows something by cbc if you’re interested in actual researched and somewhat original thinking in the true crime genre.
Season 2: Zodiac
I was hesitant to listen to this season because I thought I knew the story of the Zodiac in and out. I was wrong! Y’all did such a good job and every episode was great. I especially liked the episodes at the end about all the different suspects. I highly recommend, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Season 1
Seems to lack on actual evidence and focus more on conjecture.
Multiple Views on a Gripping Story
Strong piece of research into a captivating and eerie topic. The depth of uncertainty in the cases paints a picture of the tragedy for families in Atlanta from ‘79-‘81, but also opens the discrimination and racist policies during the time, to the light of day. Unfortunately, these policies still are present today.
Listened to it once. Then after learning more tried to listen 5 min into “Wayne’s World” and had to bail. But I was already incredulous the previous episode and barely made it through that. I think it’s incredibly sad the black community chooses to ignore evidence, albeit circumstantial, bc the suspect/killer is black. How can one possibly believe a white man/men were picking up young black boys with NO ONE noticing. That’s ridiculous. And the woman who postulates it could have been a white man posing as a black man is even more ridiculous. What? A fro wig with black face and a Huggy-Bear strut? It truly saddens me the black community will give a killer a free pass based on race. Whites would not do that. At least not those of us with half a brain and a HS education.
Interesting But Unlistenable
Really interesting content and thought provoking but the background “music” that persists throughout the episodes made it unlistenable to for me. Makes it a bit melodramatic and not really on par with the first series of shows. Pity. Form over substance.
No more “introducing...” podcasts
I have enjoyed all the I heart radio podcasts I subscribe too. But I am going through and giving all I heart radio podcasts a one star review because I am sick of hearing the same “introducing” on every podcast. I hear the same thing over and over and over. So I have unsubscribed from all my I heart radio podcasts because I am sick of episodes labeled “introducing”
Lacks Focus on the Facts
I’m a huge fan of the way Payne creates these podcasts. They’re absolutely addicting, and I often find it impossible to stop listening to them. I love the way he puts his podcasts together, and how he keeps his listeners hooked. That being said (*spoilers ahead*) Season 1 lacks significant focus on the facts. The facts show that Williams’ behavior falls exactly in line with the deaths of the two adults who were the outliers of the Atlanta Child Murders, and there is evidence that traces a significant portion of the child murders to him and his home as well. Some of this evidence is: his being the only car at the bridge that night; him changing his story about whether or not he dumped anything into the bridge and what it was; the fact that the bodies of the two adults were found just days after this incident; his connection with children in his line of “work;” the cable, gloves, and other incriminating evidence found in his car; his failing the polygraph test (I know polygraphs are not admissible as a basis for prosecution in a court of law, but it still does speak to his deception); the fibers from his bed that were consistent with fibers found on 18 of the victims; the dog hairs found in his home that were consistent with evidence found on 9 of the victims; the carpet fibers from his home found on 13 of his victims; and most notably, the fact that the murders ended after Williams was sentenced to two lifetimes in prison. These facts are irrefutable, and the fact that Season 1 chases fiction (or conspiracy theories) as it’s main source of ‘evidence’ that Williams did not commit these murders is unfounded and frankly hard to listen to. Not many people are likely to admit that they committed almost 30 murders (that we know of), especially when people continue to pursue the idea that this particular individual could be innocent despite the fact that all of the evidence points to the contrary. True crime should be about the facts, and Season 1 trails far from fact and much closer to fiction.
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