this rocks
super duper good. funny, witty, and thoughtful. these guys do their research and they only offer fair criticisms. i do wish they would make a dedicated segment of offering alternatives for the bands they critique in each episode, but it's still great
Love it!
I love this podcast. Mark and Tyler are fun to listen to and I’ve definitely learned some interesting stuff listening to this podcast. Please please please do an episode on Alkaline Trio! It’s my sisters favorite band and she also loves your podcast and I wanna see her lose her mind.
Funny Podcast
I’ve listened to every episode and I love it. It’s hilarious but very informative if you pay close attention. Hopefully the guys review Greta Van Fleet and Bruno Mars.
Wisco T
This show is the bomb. I love sending episodes to my friends, please review Bon Iver the quintessential “artsy person” artist of the state of Wisconsin
This is legitimately my favorite podcast, they’re really good and Ik they don’t care about this but I really like them. I would love for them to do an episode for Linkin Park
Love this show, and hate The Eagles.
Hilarious good show
Kade Inversion
I don’t always agree with you, but your show is entertaining. Please do a show about Twisted Sister.
I mean I kind of get it. Music is mostly based on opinions and everyone gets to have their own. But Outkast are just about universally known to be one of the greatest hip hop duos and what they did for southern hip hop and putting it on the map will be shared for decades.
I love you even though you hate me
Please do Coldplay
Poopy butt pants.
Darrin Wood
Very entertaining podcast. Even if you disagree with their points (which is a rare occurrence) the validity of the arguments made about each band are hilarious and absolutely true. If you cover Circa Survive I wouldn’t be opposed.
fk u
Do Dandy Warhols next
Talking Heads
Talking Heads
Recommended If You Have A Sense Of Humor
More sacred cows please! Do Pearl Jam or Bruce Springsteen, we beg of you. If you're looking for a layup, then how about Aerosmith?
Cause they both are horrible
Please do either cradle of filth or my chemical romance
Do Tame Impala you punks. I’m feeling extra masochistic today. Anyway, awesome podcast. Put your ego aside when listening to this though. Feeling vulnerable once in a while is important.
Best hater podcast ... hands down
D Philips
The best and, more importantly, funniest hater podcast ever. Please, please, please do a G.G. Allin episode.
Great Stuff
The podcast that puts every hardcore fan of ANY band in their place. Whenever I feel annoyed about anything, I put these guys on and I’m at peace! May I request: Tame Impala, ICP, and the Eagles
Agreeing with you super hard
amy shwags
Guns and Roses episode please
Hilarious and on point
Poo Poo Fighter
I can’t wait for your take down of Johnny Cash. I’ve always thought his monotone voice and boring bass lines were way over rated.
Only rating this to tell you to review Ween.
See the title you cynical mouth breathers
Have a sense of humor
Fun pod. Have a sense of humor. People take music tastes and who has the best taste too seriously. Also, please do Paul Simon.
Great Fun
I absolutely love this podcast. I just started getting back into podcasts, maybe 2 weeks ago. I started from ep. 1 and binged during my commute, work, and listening at home. Mark Mosely and Tyler Mahan Coe deliver a well rounded podcast. I love the fact they actually go through bands entire catalogues, album reviews, interviews, influences, read lyrics and even contribute their own covers! As for a recommendation, I haven't heard an episode on Eric Clapton though, which is a shame because no one knows just how racist this guy is and owes his entire career to black musicians. Keep up the great work and thank you for helping me sincerely become a better human being in selecting better music to listen to and paying attention to the lyrics being written! `Ian
Nashville Hipsterdom The Podcast
Jared From RI
Couple of contrarians whose thoughts have no value.
Can’t stop listening
I’ve been listening to this podcast for 4 days straight. While my favorite episodes are about bands I actually hate like The Grateful Dead and Red Hot Chili Peppers - I honestly really appreciate the ones about bands I grew up loving too. I think overall it’s a good reminder that no musician is untouchable and frankly, most bands are overrated and over glorified. Thanks for the laughs and validation, Mark and Tyler. Also: Would LOVE to hear episodes on Dave Matthews Band, Bob Dylan, Phish, and John Mayer.
YFBS Is A Fantastic Podcast
A slap in the face and an antidote to the pop-star worship that pervades music culture. I frequently disagree with hosts, and it’s great! Like a startling drink of fresh cold water on a hot day. Also, maybe the coolest thing about this podcast is the way it is edited so that the hosts almost overlap each other; liked the best pop music, there is never a dead moment. These guys respect your time. I do wish they would do a couple of my favorite bands, Squeeze and Crowded House. Wake up with YFBS and treat yourself to their backlist.
holes glory
Well done podcast. Discussion about Motley Crue would be funny!
Best Shitstarting Podcast of All Time
While I thoroughly enjoy listening to this alone in the car, I find even more pleasure in playing it in front of other people and watching them become physically and emotionally unglued. RIP Lou Dog. An episode covering all things Mike Patton might destroy the internet of misanthropic music nerds. Hint. Hint.
Perhaps the best podcast out there
Know music? Listen. Think you know music? Listen. Don’t know music? Listen! Hilarity ensues in this spot on critique of your “favorite band” Can’t wait to hear these guys dissect (or perhaps evicerate) Dave Matthews Band!
This show would be better if it was 35 minutes shorter. And if their mics were off. I am working hard in my life to appreciate everyone. More love and less hate. These guys are full of hate and well, I think I hate them.
saved my marriage!
swock phillips
i was a small malnourished orphan child when i was diagnosed with stage 4 leukemia last year, and this podcast has cured me of all of this. it also empowered me to forgive my wife for cheating on me with my employer. i hope these guys do an episode on alice in chains or ween.
Greatest podcast ever
Moovie Luver
The radio will never be the same. You will cringe when your pals talk about the Beatles because deep down you know they are all garbage. Can’t wait for the gang to do Aerosmith or The Eagles
Hurts so good
Every time I change who my favorite band is, they ruin it for me the very next episode. Hilarious show from the very start. Can’t wait for them to wreck Refused, Fugazi, or some more modern bands like Twenty-One Pilots and Maroon 5.
Coheed and Cambria
Roast em
Mom’s not happy
I love feeling validated for my hate of Madonna, The Beatles, Phil Collins, and Christmas music along with my general uncaring for more popular bands like Gorilliaz and Wheezer. I like how fair they are to some bands and people within the bands. Having grown up with my mom listening to Bon Jovi, I thought their opinions and thoughts on the band were good and not as bad as their criticism of other bands. Another note: My mom does not appreciate what I’ve learned about Phil Collins. It’s great! So, I thank them for the information. ;) I wonder what their thoughts are on Falling in Reverse. There’s lots to unpack with just the lead singer, Ronnie.
Dave Matthews band
Soviet Colonel
I can’t find anything like this. This podcast is great, funny and informative it’s helped me to steer clear of bands like weezer or sublime. I started listening with the nine inch nails episode and this podcast only got better. Though I don’t think they can top the weezer episode.
Over it!
hillbilly papa
I do not care for most of the bands here, I also don’t really care for the way the bands and the fans are talked about on the podcast. I listens to the first dozen episodes, but I will not listen to this podcast anymore. It seems TMC has changed in the past year. He went from being a knowledgeable country music historian, with the greatest podcast I have ever heard and then turned into a online bully. They surely will not miss me listening, and I certainly will not miss them ridiculing people.
This show cracks me up
My god they hit the nail on the head with the Tool episode. I don't think you guys have done any hip hop artists but 2pac and especially 2pac fans need shredded.
Great show
I felt personally attacked with the neutral milk hotel episode but I am completely hooked. I’ve shared every episode I listened to with someone who I know loves the band and it’s hilarious. I wish you guys would make an episode about James Taylor or the avett brothers
Pretty much the best podcast I’ve ever heard, and I do absolutely nothing besides listen to podcasts 24/7, so just trust my judgement okay.
Def Leppard
They’re cool
Archy :)
I like listening to them while I’m in my lame art class, do soundgarden, muse or sonic youth next!!! :)
Required Listening
Tommy Doobar
So glad that these are coming out every two weeks now. Funniest podcast I listen to, and perfect for the morning and evening commute. Can't wait for the episode on John Mayer.
The Clash babbbyyy
Great show, changed my life, taught me how to walk and talk
Contrarian as all get out
It's the mark of a great show that they can rip my favorite bands to shreds and I laugh just as hard as when they cover bands I hate.
And they say satire is dead...
These guys are funny as hell! Doesn't matter that they take down a favorite band of mine - they are pee-your-pants HILARIOUS! My favorite podcast by far! I'd like to see them do a rip on Robert Johnson, the blues artist; the guy bit every blues style popular at the time and died in obscurity, only to have white blues 'experts' hail him as 'The Greatest Blues Artist of All Time'...
This podcast is possibly the only thing that keeps me awake while I’m doing paperwork at my boring office job. There should be an episode on everyone’s favorite manic pixie dream boy, Jeff Buckley.
Keep saving lives, heroes!
Son of a Finkface!
Good stuff! It brightens my day to listen to you guys trash the bands I listened to back before I knew any better. Keep doing that voodoo that you do! Look forward to hearing your episode on HIM!
I have lost all my family, friends, my job, and my home and now I’m homeless because this podcast destroyed their lives and now mine as well. Thanks a lot dillwads.
Big fan! Have an episode suggestion!
Love the show. I have listened to every episode, and I love the uploads. I realize a lot of research goes into Laing the episodes and it’s not all just aimless banter, that said, Dave Mathews should hit the block next. Make it happen please.
Good at first but has grown tiresome
Any podcast that the hosts begs for 5 star reviews is not worth listening to. Maybe the laziest podcasters on the planet. 2 weeks to record 1 episode, save your time and listen to one of Carolla’s 5 podcasts.
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