My cousin turned me onto this podcast last night and I've been listening nonstop. Loving this. Y'all are great!!!
Hi. My name is Jackie and I’m a crime junkie
Map my lazy
This podcast was made for me!!! I love every minute of each episode. Clearly I found this gem late in the game which has made it more fun. Take in an episode. Rush to Instagram see all the past posts. Love both ladies as well. Great voices, a good amount of banter. Equally always rooting for the dogs ;) Keep it up girls!
Don’t waste your time
Jenna! :)
Rip off of My Favorite Murder. I devoured this podcast and then the whole plagiarism thing came out and at first I was complacent about it until I went to listen to MFM from the very beginning and realized CJ’s whole game is a rip off of MFM. Skip this and go to MFM first. It’s an overall better podcast. More likable people. Also, what is even the point of Brit.
You will always be my favorite
You both are just the light of my day!! I love having the knowledge you both give us to protect ourselves, and learn from others mistakes!!! ❤️ -Bobbi
Love it!
I love this podcast, I listen to it as I drive around all day for work! It’s almost like a movie I always have snacks nearby and can listen for hours
Great podcast that’s informative and thrilling. I always listen to it on my way to work! Keep them coming!!!!
These girls
They get me so intrigued. Amazing..
Wasted time
Stumbled across this podcast and was excited as I am fascinated with true crime genre. However if I wanted to hear a bunch of fluff and OMGs I would go sit outside the sorority houses at the college. Please don’t consider this in the league of actual reporting or even decent story telling. After my first podcast I felt like I just left bad junior high sleepover. Also sad to me how your voices come across with such insensitivity given the gravity of these crimes. “OMG, I’m crying” (said in fake voice.) If I am ever murdered please, for the love of all true crime buffs, do not cover my case.
Ashley is the BEST story teller ever. I can’t get enough of this podcast! Thanks ladies!
keato cheeto 38272629
This podcast keeps me very entertained to and from work and sometimes even at work! I’ve really enjoyed it so far. The reason for 4 stars and not 5 is Brit. I have THE hardest time with her. I love Ashley, I think she is a really good story teller, but Brit almost ruins it for me! Her laughs, gasps and comments are sooo uncomfortable and not needed. I was so excited to listen to the Powell Family case on here after listening to “Cold” and when I heard it was Brit doing it, I couldn’t listen. Sad because that case takes place right in my backyard but I just couldn’t do it!
Concussion recovery
So I am recovering from a concussion and cannot watch TV or use a device/computer for more than a few minutes. A friend recommend this podcast to help keep me sane. While it totally freaks me out it’s super interesting to hear all these facts. Kayless87
Love these gals!
Christina ML
I’m HOOKED!! Love listening to this on my way to work and while I get ready every morning! It’s my mama time!
Utah listener
Love love love!!! So obsessed with this. I listen all day at work and I am from Utah. I would love to hear one that is closer to me too!
I really love this podcast. I love that there is a lot of research done to give facts on the cases being covered. I just started listening and I can’t stop! I’m addicted. Amazing
Can’t get enough
I must say I was skeptical when I heard people talking about how obsessed they where with crime podcast. Well I came across crime junkie and decided to give it a try. Now I can’t get enough. You girls are amazing! I love listening to all the stories Keep up the great work
I cannot get enough crime junkie!!! I downloaded apple podcast just to leave you this review. My name is Amanda and I am a Crime Junkie-oholic!
Have binge listened 3+ times!
Can’t be more thankful that I found this podcast last year. On especially frustrating days at work I listen to episodes over and can’t help but be hooked all over again even when I know what’s going to happen! Love your guys friendship and how it makes me feel like I’m just relaxing talking about my creepy fascination with my pals!
I listen to this podcast every opportunity I get! The only true crime one I’ll listen to!
Warping my kids for good
Joanne Con
So this podcast has been my parenting hack for my 4 daughters. My two older ones Ava and Chloe, have been listening along in the car with me, and are learning that they can be rude to creeps! And to Always trust your gut! Mom can preach all she wants, but nothing like real scary criminal stories to make you actually listen. They may eventually need therapy, but they won’t get abducted. Win. And they don’t think my “If I Go Missing Folder” is that insane anymore. 😂❤️
Best show
These two do such a great job telling these story’s. It really is amazing and shocking. Absolutely my favorite podcast
Paige Barile
I asked for suggestions on new podcasts to listen to and I had AT LEAST a dozen people recommend Crime Junkies. I’ve always been into mysteries, cold cases, etc. and this podcast gives me the most perfect fix daily. I’m also from Indiana, so I feel like I relate to these podcasters on an even more personal level. This is overall my favorite Podcast to listen to and I’ll be so bummed when I catch up to the newest episodes and can’t binge them daily!
This podcast is one of the best thrillers to listen to. It’s indulging and amazing, you stay glued to the stories and sometimes want to look more into the cases! So interesting I got my sister addicted to it.
Horrible, can’t even get facts right.
I Live in KY & have listened to every podcast concerning the Bardstown murders & Crystal Rogers Disappearance. Ashley constantly got the dates wrong for the disappearance & never once tried to verify.
Must listen!
Great podcast!
I looooove this podcast so much! Keep it going! - mexicansirenita
Cannot get enough
I recently found the podcast on Spotify and I have been hooked! Over the last 3 weeks I’ve been binging the entirety of the podcast episodes... I need more! I cannot get over how well they divulge the information! Also, everyone needs to make an “if I go missing folder”! I LOVE THIS PODCAST!
I don’t ever leave reviews - and I’m hooked. Please come to Iowa! P.S. thanks for getting me through my workday
YAS girls!
I just finished my binge of this show and I cannot get enough. This show has only gotten better and I love the cases you cover! I love the storytelling, Ashley is so charismatic and the interactions between her and Brit make the show so much better! I cannot wait for another episode, I’m ready to start from the beginning again!
Okay I was introduced to this podcast about 2 weeks ago and I cannot get enough!!! So glad I have so much to catch up on. Freaking love this podcast! #crimejunkie4life
I’m so sad to unsubscribe from this podcast because I love it but I can’t support plagiarism.
Listen up
Girl gang all the way. Thanks for your hard work researching these cases and spreading the word on these hard to hear but important events.
Best podcast available
As a law Enforcement officer (in Indiana) I obviously have a passion and interest in this, Ashley Flowers and her team do an amazing job getting real information and facts across the podcast. Very interesting podcast that anyone with interest would find very addicting. 5 out of 5, Highly recommend. Keep up the good work! @jesse_thurston
Best crime show everrrrr
I absolutely love this show! & the fact that there are updates on previous cases!
Best podcast on the market!!
hannah rezac
I am a true crime junkie!! I live and breathe for it. I drive on average 8 hours a week and the whole time I have ash and Brit in the car with me.
I started this show after going on vacation. I have a very short work commute so I never listened to podcasts before now. I will start going to work earlier so I can drink coffee and sit in my car to listen to Crime Junkie before work. I feel like I am in the room with Britt and Ashley. I get full body chills with them! So addictive!! Love it!
These girls liars and thieves. I used to listen to them until it came out that they stole everyone else’s work. The worst part, they didn’t even apologize for it.
Love the Pruppet Love!
I’m a total dog person, so I love that aspect! I also like the respect paid to the people involved. Love both of you!
Keep it comin!!
Ladies, I can’t tell you in words how much I love this Podcast!! I literally bring you up in every conversation I have and people probably think I’m a weirdo but I can’t get enough of your stories. My husband probably thinks I’m plotting a murder myself because this is all I listen to. I binged everything from the beginning to current in about two months and I’m about to have to hop over to Patreon, please keep the episodes coming!!!
Best True Crime Out There!
Trish Dowell
I absolutely recommend this podcast. They pick interesting cases, are so well-researched and great perspective on the information. I love it!!!!
My favorite crime podcast
Genuine reactions, it doesn’t sound super scripted, and the content is robust and is provided to us through their website so we can follow along and research some more of we’d like!
You lost me
Sorry, but the ridiculous podcast about Darlie did it for me.....when you suggested Scott Peterson was likely innocent, I doubted you, but continued listening. Now, to act as if Darlie Routier was snowballed and is innocent is absolutely ridiculous. It seems like ALL your information came from her innocence website without any REAL evidence presented. Lastly, to ignore the plagiarism accusations is also asinine. Real podcasters cite and create their own spin on a case....you seem to copy from everyone else. I will definitely unsubscribe.
They steal content from other podcasters
This has been proven time and time again. Brit and Ashley have built their whole podcast around not actually doing any research at all, but instead stealing research from other lesser known podcasters. Listen to the Let’s Taco About True Crime to hear the full story. It’s also hit all major news outlets. These money grubbing women are frauds and they need to be exposed. Brit is WORTHLESS. Just there as a “hype man”. She contributes nothing to the show with her comments and nasally voice.
So dooooope love it!
I’m all caught up on my Timesuck podcast was looking for something to fill my true crime curiosity and need to let you all know best true crime podcast I’ve heard yet! Wish more of these cases ce to a definitive conclusion but that’s not on you it’s on the sick individuals you’re researching! Keep it up thank you
Plagiarism is not ok
Stealing someone else’s work is wrong. Done with Crime Junkie.
Suspense Driven
Love the minimal commentary and emphasis on facts.
Love it
Love listening everyday!
Best podcast!!
Abby N.:)))
Love this podcast... true crime with great speakers!!
My favorite!!
I started listening to crime junkie a few months ago and I am hooked!!! Anytime I’m in the car, cleaning, or getting ready it’s on! Whenever my 1 year old daughter is being fussy in the car and she hears the intro song she immediately calms down so THANK YOU for that mom win! I’ve gotten my sisters, aunt, and tons of friends hooked on this podcast and we are all obsessed. Sometimes I have really bad anxiety so when I’m anxious I just turn y’all on and immediately relax. This is hands down my favorite podcast and I’m so thankful for y’all!
Crupet of the month
I love when Ashley cries during crupet of the month segments! I also love every episode and my husband cringes when I take over the radio because he knows this is what is going to be playing
I loved this podcast, in spite of Brit’s uselessness and annoying “full.body.chills” and “wait, what?” comments. But based on the fact you plagiarized so many episodes and only addressed it by removing them instead of just citing your sources, has me saying goodbye. No apology to the people you plagiarized? Wait, what?
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