How To Buy Houses With No Money Down
Published August 23, 2019
36 min
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    On this podcast episode I talk about how to buy houses with no money down. This strategy works really well when there is not enough equity in the deal for you to make a cash offer to buy the house. You will find that many of your competitors and wholesalers will walk away from these deals because they don't know how to structure them. This will give you a competitive edge if you do! The biggest benefit of this strategy is that you can buy as many houses as you want since you are not coming out of pocket on the purchase of the house (other than closing costs). This strategy allows you to buy a lot of real estate in a short amount of time and is how I got started investing in real estate. My first three houses were purchased by assuming the existing mortgages and most of the houses that I purchased between 2003 and 2006 were hurricane damaged houses that were purchased by assuming the existing mortgage. On this episode, I talk about specific details on how to assume a mortgage, assumptions of mortgages, due on sales clauses, land trusts and lots of good meat and potatoes information related to buying houses by taking over an existing mortgage. Disclaimer: I am NOT an attorney, CPA, Tax or Financial Advisor, and nothing on this podcast should be construed as financial, tax, or legal advice. Please consult with YOUR attorney as this is a complicated area and you need to understand the consequences of the due on sale clause. If you want to buy houses with no money down then learning how to buy houses with the existing financing in place (like the current mortgage) is the best way to do it. If you are brand new to real estate and want to learn more about how to wholesale real estate and flip houses then please register for the free wholesaling real estate training at this link below: FREE WHOLESALING TRAINING FIXING AND FLIPPING TRAINING If you want to learn how to fix and flip houses I have a fix and flip training webinar at this link: DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS PODCAST TO BE NOTIFIED OF UPDATES SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL CONNECT WITH ME ONLINE DOWNLOAD A FREE COPY OF MY BOOK ON WHOLESALING PROPERTIES For more real estate tips about property investment, investing in real estate, and how to start wholesaling, download a FREE copy of my best-selling book "Wholesaling Bank Owned Properties" at
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