Awful Hosts
Hosts are annoying and it comes across as a cheap version of Reply All
Productive time spent
Very well done, informative, intelligent Podcast. I feel like feeding my brain with good intellectual nutrients.
One of the standout podcasts in my feed!!
Endless thread continually impresses with incredible stories and information I would otherwise not get anywhere else. Highly recommended!!
Yay learning
I have learned so much and the deep dives over multiple episodes are wonderful to binge. This show is great! The hosts guide the show and let the stories speak for themselves.
Thought-provoking and Expertly “woven”
I found Endless Thread through Last Seen (a WBUR sister podcast - also excellent about the Isabella Stewart Gardener art heist). Loved the “Infectious” episodes and most recently “Madness.” Both are richly layered, and thought-provoking and balanced, and expertly edited and presented. Five stars.
The hosts are great!
They work well together. Love em both!
A Fantastic Example of Quality Reporting
This is a great podcast with so many types of stories for everyone. The adverts are a bit repetitive but otherwise such an entertaining listen.
Downhill in the pandemic
I used to love this podcast but I don’t know what happened to them during this quarantine. They’ve gotten mean, cold, nasty and just totally irrelevant. I’m deleting them after this review!
I ain’t know this podcast that much but it’s grate
polo ninka
I love the podcast so much I started listening yesterday and now I am obsessed with this podcast it’s well reserched and they tell great story’s and I am listening to the podcast now I love the podcast bye :> :> :> love it
Pretty good!
It it pretty good and quite enjoyable, but maybe the flow of the content should be better organized as to not cause confusion to the listener and eventually lessen the enjoyment of the experience.
So many ads
There are so many ads and the exact same ads repeated over again and again. It feels like 40% repetitive ads and 60% content. Please chill out with the fluff and keep the content concise.
Great podcast!
These guys tell great stories. Well researched and entertaining. Very eclectic.
Riveting stories
Anthro in Cambodia
I found myself riveted by the madness series. Thank you for such humane and thorough research and reporting in a dark corner of our national history. I have no love for Reddit but I am loving your podcast!
I love this show
Hi guys- I just want to say I look forward to your reporting every week. You do great work- just know that there are many people out there who appreciate you and need your writing and voices in the world. Thanks!
This episode is just a really long INTRODUCTION- over produced, too many overly-hip music stings & maybe a paragraph of actual information. I’m hoping you see this and can hear a note in the spirit it’s intended. Great ideas that are being pummeled and MILKED. It hurts your podcast✌🏿
Frickin love it
OldBen 22
LOVE THIS PODCAST! Hosts are awesome, they do Zoom parties, super interactive with their audience. The episodes never fail to disappoint. Seriously some of the most interesting stuff I’ve heard in a long time. Originally heard about this show in a commercial on my local NPR station. I am hooked, and you’ll have to do an extreme amount of anything to get me unhooked.
So much fun!
Didn’t even know what reddit was when I first stumbled upon this podcast. Since then, I’ve listened to every episode and look forward to each new one! I suggest starting with the plates episode...definitely will hook you! Love Ben & Amory!!
My fiancé (Casey) showed me this podcast during some of the earlier episodes. I have listened to these guys ever since. Saw them talk live once in Wbur studio and they host fun Zoom videos to get ya through the quarantine. Great podcast and even better people.
Fun and interesting
Ben and Amory have such great chemistry and great storytelling. It ranges from funny to moving to fascinating. From their long-form stories to the one off quirky reddit stories, I love it all.
This podcast is fantastic. The show takes a novel approach to reporting interesting stories found (usually) on reddit. A go-to for me.
This is a podcast for EVERYONE!
anna sirianni
Try it. Please.
One of my favorites!
matt bomarr
Ben and Amory are great hosts with a great rhythm. I love their voices, and I count Endless Thread as one of those podcasts that I listen to every single episode of as they come out. Always fascinating content.
Male host left bad taste
I came over from Dear Sugars, where they had the Childfree episode on as a crossover to get us interested in this show. Most of the show was well-presented and super enjoyable but the behavior of the male cohost to his female counterpart in regards to her being on the fence about whether she wants to have kids was horrendous. I can’t believe how he stuck to his guns even when his unconscious biases in languaging were pointed out to him by their guest. I agree that there are some experiences that parents have that non-parents do not, but the same could be said of any other topic. I find it hard to believe he would pressure his “friend” so much if she said she didn’t want to learn to dance, or to skydive, or - crucially - if she happened to be male. How obnoxious. It was enough to make me sure I don’t want to listen to other episodes and I hope he realizes how it comes across and has worked to check his entitlement over her body and the choices she makes with her life.
Never Disappoints
Alamo Lady
This show is great!!! It takes you through an unique story each time. Listening to it to for me is like opening a present because you never what you are going to get until you finish opening the package/listening to the podcast.
No Reddit experience required
Ghost of McCarthy
Funny, informative, and well researched show. The show gets episode ideas from Reddit, but listeners don’t need to have any experience with the site to enjoy the show.
Agree with other reviews
I agree with some of these other opinions. I really like the content but the hosts can get a bit annoying at times.
Re Snacktime: Into the Woods
grateful biped
Post a sign (cardboard, permanent marker, nail to a tree) that says: You Win. They’re bored. If I wanted attention as a teen it was from an older teenager not a parent’s approval no matter how environmentally sound the message. They will either feel the thrill of victory or a little bit guilty for being a petty vandal. Probably nothing changes but you just don’t want them to do something way worse than breaking bottles i.e. anything involving gasoline and flame. If they’re real vandals vs the suburban variant you’re not going to change their behavior. Not even through your Nuclear Option - telling their parents. That will simply give them a challenge. Whenever I painted over graffiti it came back 48 hours later and sometimes it included a broken window. Wait 6 months and clean up the glass yourself. It’s my opinion that we’re all lucky to clean up that broken glass every year vs dealing with something really bad. Let’s focus on all the things they will be doing if they get thrown out of their little beer drinking oasis. Such as taking that beer on the road with them. Or worse. For the most part they are safe in that spot and so is the general public. Ultimately I guess it depends on what kind of neighborhood you live in. Good shows! Thank you.
The perfect pod
Podcasts meet reddit? Excellently narrated stories from Reddit - the juiciest, most fun, weird, great stories from the internet. All the good stuff made better, without the digging and without the need to stare at a screen. Aaaaccce!
Varied Threads
This was a podcast meant to happen, and I'm glad these hosts and this team are on the job. They take it very seriously, with a heaping side order of humor and wit. Well researched, well intentioned, and well executed dives into the myriad channels and discussions happening in the vast world of reddit. Good work!
One of my favorites!
I really enjoy the diversity of topics explored and find the endless possible fascinating. I look forward to episodes every week!
Here’s my irrelevant opinion!
I love Amory. She’s great. She’s intelligent, wholesome, quick to laugh (and has a great laugh to listen to....totally sincere). I always enjoy her dialogue, and contributions. I’m not a huge fan of Ben. I don’t hate him, I just don’t like him all that much. Except for the fact that he makes Amory laugh a lot. I’m giving the show 5 stars, because I really enjoy it. But, for Glob’s sake.... PLEASE DON’T CHEW INTO THE MICROPHONE. It is entirely unnecessary, and gross to listen to. At the very least, give us a heads up that you’re about to masticate and make camel noises into the microphone for the next few unbearable moments. Thank you. Love you.
Outstanding episode on autism
The 12/20/19 episode featuring three individuals from the autism community was outstanding. Enlightening, funny, charming, and fascinating. Great topic and interviews!!!
Ben is awful
I liked this podcast until the childfree episode. Ben was so condescending and exhibited all the exact behaviors childfree people hate from people with kids. God, he must be a terrible friend, he insists it’s good and fine to tell people they’d make good parents! Are you kidding me? That’s like, number one thing to not tell childfree or fencesitters. He’s the reason I’m unsubscribing.
Stories are great, hosts aren’t
This could be a really wonderful podcasts. The stories are interesting, but the hosts are annoying to listen to. They come off as cringey and fake.
Endless Entertainment!
This is the only cast I have ever reviewed. But I just HAD to express how much I love this one. These stories vary from funny to sad to interesting. JUST LISTEN!
Content is fantastic, banter gets to be a bit corny.
I’d give it 4.5 stars rather than 4. I love this podcast. The recent glitter episode was really interesting and had me hooked from start to finish. My only complaint (and it’s minor) is that some of the scripted banter feels a little too forced and corny. It can detract from the story. I don’t doubt that Ben and Amory have chemistry with each other, and I like the more organic interactions between the hosts (like when they’re remote, or on a call with someone).
Fun podcast, the hosts have great chemistry and they pump out episodes!
Love it. Especially Endless DREAD
Do a scary one every Monday!
So good. Investigative reporting on stories that you would never expect.
I've listened to the show for a long time. As time has gone on, they've really come into their own. Recently the show's ability to solve mysteries--the Geedis mystery, the plates mystery...and GLITTER...has been a little mind-blowing. I'm almost scared for them as the streak of mystery solving continues, which only makes me want to listen more and harder.
Eat your snacks off mic
This is such an interesting premise for a show but the eating on mic is too much. I bet people can make the leap that a “snack” is a short episode without the vile chewing.
Solicits emotional responses instead of giving facts
I came to listen this podcast to hear the other side of the vaccine issue, which I knew coming in this podcast would be advocating for vaccines. I was expecting facts and studies to be cited, not their emotionally charged opinion. I call it opinion because they are not providing facts. Their interview of a journalist who was giving an intense assessment of a community where a measles outbreak occurred, which I’m glad the media is following vaccine issues. However, claiming people’s personal beliefs such as religion, ideological beliefs, and Politcal beliefs trigger and aid to longterm public health crisis is a reach too far. If diseases are preventable through the use of vaccines then talk about how science supposedly supports that assumption. Being someone who wants choice for medical freedom of parents for their children, I think you need to be fair. If you’re going to pitch yourself as informing the public, then don’t take your audiences’ intelligence for granted by not supporting facts, only interviewing “anti-Vaxxers” as crazy, emotionally charged people, and making people who value their personal rights look like they don’t care about the community as a whole if they don’t vaccinate.
Cringey banter, good content
I like endless thread. The content is well-put together and interesting. That being said, Amory and Josh’s banter is so awkward, over-scripted and uncomfortable. The show would be so much better if they didn’t do these weird bits that feel forced. Also, we get the snacktime premise— stop eating into the mic, it’s gross.
The most interesting
Thanks for keeping it positive & interesting! You’re both the best! Also, Annmarie, I haven’t seen Game of thrones either. Thanks for making me feel normal.
Great listens
Pan 2017
Fun to listen to and informative! I love it!
Great show with way, way, way too much boilerplate
I love this show. Great production. Funny and witty plus it saves me from ever having to joint or peruse reddit. It sounds like a massive waste of time. That said, this show has way too much standard boilerplate. Yeah, yeah we get the meme references, one does not simply come onto the show without mentioning how it’s made. Fine. Funny once. Just get on with it already. And skip the last three minutes of every show too.
A Podcast about Random Somethings
That One Lady E
I love these two. Amory and Ben have a great working chemistry. They’re like 2 people who you’d love to get stuck with at a boring dinner. The episodes are just the right length without being too long. I don’t love the snack time episodes, mainly for the eating sounds. But, the short episodes are fun. I learn so many weird facts and stories that I would never been exposed to otherwise. Keep up the great work.
Great show but stop the eating noises!!
Stop the chewing and eating noises!!! ARGH!!! It’s ruining an otherwise excellent show.
No more snacks please
I used to look forward to new episodes of this podcast. But lately the snacks are making it unlistenable. Please stop eating on every episode. I miss listening to this podcast.
Hosts are WAY TOO MUCH
The way hosts try to communicate enthusiasm is just over-the-top and annoying. After however many episodes, you think they'd stop being quite so astounded by the things they find on Reddit. Not these troopers! I find it unlistenable.
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