Great Podcast
As always, love the podcast. Great job. Never any complaints from me. You guys hit a home run every episode. A suggestion, check out the band Calabrese. You’ve got to get them on your show. There’re best band of their kind since the CRAMPS and the MISFITS🤘🏽Boo-Crew for ever
Not what I expected
Someone wrote that this felt like a Morning Zoo broadcast—I’d say it feels way too overproduced and forced. Even massively edited or sped up to 1.5x. Strange. One of the hosts sounds like he’s reading radio copy for a used car lot 100% of the show. Maybe less Red Bull?
Fantastic Podcast!
A wonderful podcast that is incredibly insightful and an all-around a good time. Truthfully, at first I was a little hesitant when I heard there were so many individuals on the podcast - Trevor, Lauren, Austin, Rachel, Leone. That's a lot of people and when paired with a guest, it can often be very tiresome given that everyone wants to talk. However, I was so pleased with how respectful they all are of their guest. They let the guest tell their story without interrupting (which is so common in other podcasts) and then wait before chiming in. It's so refreshing to hear! Everyone on the podcast seems to truly love horror and most importantly, they are extremely supportive! This has become my favorite horror podcast and I'm always excited when a new episode pops up!
Love the backstories!
This is an amazing podcast for anyone that loves horror and enjoys listening to the horror origins of the guests and history of horror locations. Lauren, Trevor and Leo are excellent and true horror fans!
Hate writing a negative review but this was such a disappointment. If your idea of quality entertainment is your local wacky morning FM zoo crew, you'll probably love this pod with the constant overlaughing at lines that aren't remotely funny and production that is overpolished to a fault. Me, I couldn't get through 10 minutes of two pods I should have loved (Elvira and Mallory O'Meara) because of the braying hyenas. Clearly there's a market for this kind of production, but it's not me.
A must listen for all horror fans
This is by far my favorite pod cast. The production value on this is externally high. It seems like these guys have been doing pod casts for a long time. I love the chemistry between everyone on the Boo Crew. They have amazing guest from the horror community and I love their movie reviews and the wheel of the damned. Keep up the amazing work guys
A special treat
I first heard about your podcast from Omar (KROQ) Thanks Omar for talking about the Boo Crew. When I heard of the KROQ connection (Trevor and Lauren) I decided to check it out. From the first episode, I was hooked. When it became what it is now, I have committed to listening to every podcast you put out. I don’t binge listen to catch up because every episode is a special treat. From the surprise of hearing Tim is part of The Boo Crew, to the movie suggestions to check out, to the guests you have on. Your podcast truly enriches my life every time I listen to an episode Love to Rachel, Austin, and Leone too. Thanks for The Boo Crew. You guys send chills up and down my spine every time.
Best Horror Podcast Out There
Honestly, if you aren’t already listening to this podcast, you are crazy. It is the best podcast for any horror film/spooky culture fans. The whole cast is super down to earth and I could listen to their podcast on repeat. Favorite episodes are Danny Elfman, Ash Costello and Vanessa Decker! You guys are the best!
Extremely well done HORROR podcast 🖤
1st the production on this is insanely well done ... next the personalities make this a fun & entertaining Podcast with horrific guests!!! This Horror podcast injects new life into the HORROR genre !!!
Love this podcast. Great topics, hosts and guests. Listening takes me back to my childhood and realizing I’m not the only horror freak!!!
Hands down the BEST!
Candice Jea
I’m rarely new to podcasts but I’ve been drawn to the horror/Halloween/ true crime and this podcast is THE BEST! They don’t just touch on one subject inside horror and Halloween, they talk about ALL THINGS horror and Halloween. From home haunts, local small businesses, to cult classic movies, this podcast covers it all. Hearing familiar names be brought up is also the best. Can’t wait to see where this podcast goes. Stay spooky!
Love you guys!
You keep my work days flowing. I’ve listened to the RH Stavis podcast multiple times. Keep on trucking y’all! I love this podcast!!!
Fun and Spooky
I love Lydia Hearst and saw that she was a guest on your podcast via her IG so I decided to listen to that episode and I was HOOKED! The show reviews new and old horror films from all genres, the guests are always unexpected, the interviews are in-depth at they let the conversations flow organically which I love, and the show overall is a fun listen, spooky, and entertaining! Excellent hosts and definitely a podcast to add to your library!
The Boo Crew
Really enjoy this pod cast. The crew has a great sense of humor and lots of horror knowledge. Love the reference and information. Feels like being around some good friends. Two thumbs up.
New blood...
It is so very refreshing hearing these sincere and intelligent fans infusing quality back into the world of horror appreciation. Fantastic show. Keep up the good work.
Boo Crew Rules!
Unhappy in LA
This is for fans of all things creepy and dark. The Boo Crew is always fun to listen to and have really cool - not your run of the mill - guests. It’s like your sitting in the living room with your buddies talking monster movies, music and all this things we die hard horror fans love so much. Give it a listen!! You won’t regret it.
Pleasantly surprised!
TLDR: I have never really considered myself a horror fan, but this podcast just might be converting me. I feel bad saying that I was pleasantly surprised by this podcast since I'm a huge cinephile who has never considered myself to be a horror fan, but listening to the hosts talk about their love of all things horror makes me want to watch and love it all like they do. I'm not easily creeped out or scared by anything, so the genre doesn't typically do much for me. I do LOVE the history and making-of the genre, and all things eerie, magical, and Halloween though. Their guests are fantastic! Their banter is great. And I can tell how much the hosts all enjoy doing this. (I've loved Zabrecky for YEARS and was like a giddy schoolgirl when I heard they were having him on!) Thanks, guys, for giving me a new appreciation for horror. (And really, I just want to hang out at Trevor and Lauren's awesome house!)
The Horror Queen Herself!!
I loved this podcast and I never listen to podcasts hardly ever! Though, I have to say this one will be one I will continue to listen to. Now I've always looked up to Ash and I'm dying to meet her! But hearing more about Ashley Costello's background was beyond amazing and I was finally able to relate to someone about House of 1000 Corpses! My mom won't ever watch it again and I seem to be the weird one in my family so this was absolutely amazing to know I'm not alone in my creepy obsessions! Thank you to The Boo Crew for inviting me to this podcast and giving me something new to look forward to!! Instagram Name: heartagram_girl123 aka Miranda Wimsett Episode 5 was just as amazing as episode 4! I loved the talk about Disney World and it gave me some ideas of places to check out when and if I ever get the chance to go. Also, I am curious to see how Ash changes things up on stage, I don't know how I feel about the less make- up idea and no talking because I love when bands connect with the fans the way New Years Day, but I'm sure it will still be amazing! I can relate to the ghost stories at the end as well because I remember waking up one night and seeing a young man in uniform sitting next to my bed and he turned and looked at me. I was so terrified I literally couldn’t move! Therefore, I truely believe and I love hearing other stories! This podcast is just beyond amazing! I hope you continue to do these! -Miranda Wimsett aka heartagram_girl123
Boo crew rules!
Love the hat & the podcast even more ❤️ Ig: Emmy.que
I love hearing about different amazing horror movies. I am a cinephile so I love learning more about movies and going deeper into the story or the movie itself so this podcast is perfect for me. I also especially love hearing other people’s opinions. This is amazing and definitely looking forward to listening to more. P.S. Huuugee New Year’s Day fan. I love how they bring a Halloween effect to their work and how they represent and help us weirdos feel accepted.🤘🏼 Instagram: @theoutcaststherebels
Boo fan
Great podcast- totally loved it!!!
What a horror party!
Seriously my favorite podcast!! I love the movies they review and their guests. I’ve never heard a podcast like this. Very well done. Check these people out.
Awesome pod!
I love this podcast! Everyone is so fun & I learn about tons of new horror stuff. Everyone should check it out!
Megs Holiday
Finally a fantastic & incredibly well edited horror podcast. I love all of the different personalities and the guests have all been so fun. I love finding out more about people I admire. Thank you Boo crew!!!
Best Horror Podcast Ever!!!!
I’ve been enjoying this podcast so much! The guest have been so amazing. I love hearing about their favorites, what got them into horror & their experiences are at haunts. (Delusion seems like so much fun btw!) Big shoutout to Leo that told me about the Facebook group & podcast! I had been in search of a fun horror related podcast to listen to at work. my instagram is @vee_morgue17 💚👻
Such a fun and entertaining podcast. The group has a great dynamic.... I love listening to and from work!
Great topics and guests
I love all the guests that have been on the podcast. It's fun to hear each guests' experiences with the supernatural. The hosts also talk about awesome topics from movies, to actual interactive fun houses/events that happen in Los Angeles during Halloween. Keep up the great work!
Formidable Passion!
Eric D. Anderson
When is the Howard Stern video version going to be available so we can finally see the speakeasy?
I want to hang with these people in real life.
Lyric Mo
This is exactly the kind of thing that needed to exists. I feel like I’m hanging out with my friends talking about the things we love, in this case, it’s horror. They are all knowledgeable, hilarious, inviting, intriguing, and they sound like they really are having fun. I love this crew and I think they bring out the best in their guests. I can’t wait to see who shows up next, but I’m even more excited to spend time getting to know the Boo Crew.
Excellent horror podcast
I can't say enough positive stuff about the The Boo Crew. They came out of the gate with any amazing podcast from episode 1. They have great chemistry, great guests, entertaining banter, informative and engaging discussion, and the sound and production are fantastic. A pleasure to listen to. If you are a horror movie/media fan, you really need to do yourself a favor and subscribe to The Boo Crew podcast. Top notch A+++++++++++++
I’m not big on horror movies, but these people turn scary things into a hilariously good time. A must listen!
Fun podcast
Fun, Interesting, and insightful podcast. I really enjoyed it! I’m looking forward to the next one.
If you love Horror, you'll love The Boo Crew
This podcast is so fun to listen to! They're all real horror fans who know horror movies, tv, actors, etc so well. I really like all the sound elements they use. The stories are great and I keep getting reminded of films I gotta rent again! And for a Horror podcast...there are plenty of laughs too! Thanks Boo Crew!! I'm a fan.
Boo crew
This is a great podcast!! Sound quality is great, the guys are funny and entertaining. And lastly, they have great guests! I would definitely recommend this show to other.
Love this podcast!
I love horror movies and the hosts of this podcast are really fun to listen to. Can't wait for the next episode!
Awesome Podcast
The Boo Crew is very entertaining. They really know how to do a great podcast. I’ve only seen a few horror movies, but listening to them makes me want to watch more. It’s a great podcast for all things horror. So excited to hear the upcoming shows.
Favorite new podcast!
These people know what they are doing! Love their interviews. I saw John 5 was a guest and I love him. They asked such great questions. I also liked their episode with Scout. Excited to hear what they have coming up next!
Wow!!! Sooo good!
This podcast is awesome! It's like nothing I've ever heard before. So different. This crew loves horror and so do I. I also love their different guests. So fun. Looking forward to listening to more shows.
To hear a group of people who know their business talk about horror in the way it’s meant to be spoken about is so refreshing to hear. I’m all in on The Boo Crew. They do Horror right and I can’t wait for each new episode.
Scary good!
USC: 08 champs
Must say I had a fantastic time listening to this and hangin with ‘The Crew. The sound quality was great and I love the little things in between segments! The Facebook group they have is very active too and it makes me feel like I am part of the show. Keep it up guys!
Love this podcast!!!
If you love horror you’re going to love this podcast!! It’s entertaining and fun! I love learning about new horror movies. These people know there stuff.
Glad to meet The Boo Crew!
Sonik DJ
I absolutely love this podcast! Very well produced and thoroughly entertaining! Can't wait to hear more!!!
AAA horror podcast
Brad P Thompson
Very professionally produced. The sound quality is amazing, it’s well edited, and the various effects are well placed. It is surprisingly well organized for a 5 person crew. No talking over each other (which is common on other podcasts) and everyone is able to add value to the conversation. Looking forward to new episodes!
Great show!!
I could listen to this group talk about anything! The group dynamic is awesome and makes for an incredibly entertaining show. If you are into horror or just into good podcasts, you need to listen to this show.
The boo crew
The crew are so fun to listen to, and have great guests. Its fun to listen to other die hard horror fans chat about the genre I love!
Very fun
I had a really great time listening this podcast even if I'm not the biggest fan of Horror, this is a very fun and entertaining podcast and makes me want to watch and know more about this type of movies.
So fun and entertaining
The production on this podcast is amazing. You can tell these guys know what they’re doing. I also love everyone’s dynamic on this show, they all vibe well together and no one is talking over anyone else. For this being episode number one it sounds like they’re on episode 100. They have an instant fan with me. Excited to see what they have for future episodes.
Awesome horror podcast!!!
Love this unique podcast!! Their horror stories are hilarious. I was looking to find a horror podcast like this. Can't wait to listen to more episodes!!!!
Super fun horror podcast!
Leone D'Antonio
This is a great podcast for the horror lover. The hosts and guests are funny and it’s super fun to listen to. The quality is top notch. It makes my time sitting in traffic fun!
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