I kind if like kind of hate
No Koch
If a game is hard these dudes can't deal. If a game is older than they are, forget it. If they say This Game more than 1,000 times you win a million dollars.
Great Gamer Podcast!
I’m a gamer, so it’s really nice to listen to a podcast that One: It’s super funny! Two:It talks about games, so you don’t have to look a specific game on the internet! Three:It’s just downright amazing! 😃 Great podcast!! [it would be nice with no swears tho since I’m a kid]
Favorite Podcast
I love listening when I get up for work in the morning or anytime I need to say awake. These guys are super funny, bright and thoughtful. The games they make up are hilarious and they turned me on to some great games.
Come for the Games, Stay for the Hosts
Aaron Hollis
I initially found this podcast by listening to the Ender’s Game episode of Teen Creeps, and downloaded a couple episodes relating to the games I’ve played. They hooked me right away with their balance of game discussion and off topic humor. Their guests are consistently great and I’ve been impressed with how they’ve kept my interest even in episodes around games I’ve never played.
Too much filler
Every episode gets you about 15-20 minutes dedicated to the game they are covering. The rest is pointless banter and forced laughter.
Hilarity and Love
Mike Jay Jay
I've been listening to New Player Has Joined since darn near the start. Keith and Jesse are just so good at creating an hour to laugh and be open about great games (and well as some lousy ones). There's something fascinating about listening to how other people relate to games that keeps me coming back to this podcast. Love these guys, love this show, James Lipton is scum.
Pretty Awesome Podcast definitely subscribe
I’ve been Listening to this for weeks and I love it. I love their final five questions after the podcast.
Organically funny
These guys are the perfect duo and every episode is bound to be fun whether you like video games or not. 11/10
Literally anything....
Literally anything.... Such a good podcast. Hilarious hosts, passionate guests, genius voicemailbag. 12/10 Surprised no one has done a podcast on those older phone games like angry birds or plants vs. zombies.
Literally Anything
Angel Alsopasta
Literally Anything...
Literally Anything
This show is awesome. They say literally anything.
Keep rolling rolling rolling rolling
Hilarious podcast that gets me going down memory lane about great and iconic games. The games they come up with to play with the guests are so good. James Lipton is a poser
These two hosts are soy level cringe. Their laughs are annoying.
Why politics
Literally enjoying the talk about games and the comedy then they say bad things about this countries president like why that’s not necessary. I don’t know why. Giving it a chance tho
Love it
I have spent so long looking for a good video game podcast. And luckily I found the best one. It’s not just good for video game podcasts. It’s just an excellent podcast.
Literally Anything
Literally Anything.
My favorite video game podcast
Seriously, thank you for doing Final Fantasy VII. I've listened to that one at least 5 times now. Thank you for having so much fun talking about video games, to the point that I listen to you talk about games you hate that I've never played and absolutely love it.
Thanks for math
Thuggish Ruggish Nerd
This podcast is the reason I know what 8 x 7 is
Bad dreams
Man, I’m writing this review because I had one of those lucid dreams where these guys stopped doing this show and it made me panic out of sleep like a clown with a chain saw . I’m on my second listening of most of the episodes I have access to.
You know
Literally anything
Literally anything
Literally anything
Literally anything
Literally anything
Really enjoy the insight on games and nostalgia!! The commentary and banter is top notch!!
Literally Anything
Literally Anything
HUGE mistake
They want me to pay a premium to unlock all episodes? Only about 25 episodes total are available unless I pay, in a world where ALL podcasts are free. I understand charging for bonus content, but I don’t know how this could be sustainable. I like the podcast a lot, too. It’s a shame. Huge oversight.
He*k yes
So I actually have no experience playing video games, but I stumbled across this podcast and listened at random and it’s become a favorite. Although I don’t know most of the games you’re talking about, you’re all so dang entertaining. I even think about what I’d talk about as a guest from my repertoire, which is limited to stardew valley and halo when I was 8. Good stuff, guys.
Gamer or not, the pod is great
I’ve never been a gamer, but on a whim I decided to check out this podcast and I’m so glad I did. It takes me back to when I used to make commentary on games while watching my brother play when we were kids. I love how funny these guys are and that they aren’t the classic gamer guy personas which I normally find harder to connect to. Plus the game where guests guess what game Kristin described is pure gold.
He likes this
Paul from Bloomington Indiana
Chuck says he likes this.
Literally Anything
I heard it say "write literally anything", so..... LITERALLY ANYTHING.
They have found the formula.
Annoyed in San Antonio
This podcast has a wonderful blend of hilarious jokes, commentary about gaming, and nostalgia for their guests favorite gaming moments. I really enjoy hearing almost everyone stating they aren’t a gamer then discuss their 10 thousand hours of things they used to play. It’s a great show and I can not recommend it enough.
There are you happy???
R.I.P. Jon
For reals though these guys are amazing and hilarious. This is the only iTunes review I’ve ever done (or any review for that matter) and I can say they well earned these 5 stars. Also James Lipton can go to hell.
Are you happy?!
Road to 500
Team Rincon
Hey dingus. Or dingi. Here is a review for you. This podcast is great, hilarious, informative and any gamer should listen to this. Love y’all from San Antonio Texas!
Are you happy? 🤣
Are you happy?!
There! Are you happy?!
Been listening to New Player Has Joined since episode 1 and Jesse and Keith continue to deliver a fun and unique experience. I could say something like it’s interesting to learn more about old video games, meet new comics and hear their life story, or play along with their hilarious trivia games (7x8=56)... but really the reason the show works is because of the great chemistry between the two. They make you feel like you are just hanging with some old friends, picking up a controller and reminiscing about the good times. Seriously though, f#%k James Lipton.
Jack E Treehorn
Are you happy?
Love this podcast
It’s great! They’re always very enthusiastic about whatever game they’re talking about, their guests are always fun, and they invite a balanced mix of men and women onto the show. It’s like listening to your friends talk about your favorite video games - all nostalgia.
There! Are you happy?!
See above.
IKEA girl
There! Are you happy?!
“There! are you happy?!”
For real though this is hands down the best video game podcast I’ve listened to. Super funny and very relatable! I love tuning in every Tuesday to catch the new episode! Eagerly waiting for my favorite video game to be discussed. Some day! Some day!
This podcast is awesome it mix’s comedy with my favorite thing to do gaming to make a podcast that I fell in love with. I listen to it when I clean and when I play video games.
The best
The best
New Listener Has Joined
Discovered the podcast after hearing the hosts on Dumb People Town and binging the back episodes now. They have introduced me to several new games and have me planning on revisiting others. I enjoy their humor and games especially where the girlfriend describes video games and Final Five (F**k James Lipton).
One of my favorite podcasts.
Da rooms
I really can't say enough good about the podcast Keith and Jesse have created. They provide true gut laughs while also discussing some amazing games. The inside jokes and the guest on each episode truly make this podcast feel like you're sitting around with your friends you grew up with, talking about all of your own favorite games growing up and currently. I can't recommend this podcast enough to anyone who enjoys any type of gaming.
Always good
Legit fun/funny. Weather you know the game/guest or not, it’s worth listening to. #hatelipton
Literally anything
Literally anything
Because math.
Easily 5 stars, they got more chemistry then Stone Cold Steve Austin and beer.
Literally Anything
Also f**k James Lipton
I love this podcast
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