Why did I not find this two years ago??!
Amazing podcast! As someone who can’t watch the news, because it is incredibly upsetting and disturbing... this is exactly what I need to keep up with events without wanting to cry. Hosts have a sharp sense of humor and do their due diligence and research. I’m binge listening as I am only just now finding this show - and kicking myself for not looking back in 2017.
One of my favorite podcasts!
This is such a good podcast. Idk how I stumbled across you guys, but I only started listening maybe 6 months ago. I love getting all of this disturbing news along with some jokes. Helps soften the blow, I guess. I miss Jaleesa and the dynamic you three had, but I also like this new gal- I also lived in Canada and am now in the states. Thank you for all your hard work! Fingers crossed you guys make it to Milwaukee for a live show sometime!
Still strong
I read the mueller report because of these women. I’ve loved the double episodes through the actual report and news, as well as the Daily Beans. I was skeptical at first, became a big fan.
Loosing a little of the pop
Raul 0274
A little less giggles and a little more news please.
Without Jaleesa
Sorry...I like it so much better without Jaleesa. For a comic, she had the most annoying habit of stepping on the last person’s line. There was no time to give it any thought, or a chuckle, before she was on to her take on things. Her contributions on race were sometimes spot-on, and sometimes plain racist, as with the comment she made about a new photo which didn’t include her: “That’s about white.” I have no idea what race Amanda is, but I like the new dynamic.
No Longer a Fan
The quality has fallen off since they went network, started pushing out ten hours of content a week, and inexplicably dumped the only woman of color host. Seems like they have sold out.
Not the same without Jaleesa
I don’t know what went on behind the scenes, but there’s definitely some loss of magic without Jaleesa. I love you all, & like a child of divorce I can’t choose. Just miss the way it used to be. Still one of the best pods around.
Pay Jaleesa
Unsubscribing. The show used to be entertaining- I used to listen in spite of AG. Now it’s just some neoliberal, faux progressives stroking their own egos and performing “wokeness,” which really is Republican-lite. Unfortunately this podcast has turned into the kind of Resistance grift that is lining the pocket of opportunists like AG, while abandoning 1/3 of the hosts that made it successful. Don’t waste your time on this podcast!
More enjoyable w/out all the (re)explaining basics to Jaleesa who can’t seem to pay attention or keep up w the news to have an understanding of the basics. Also, she wouldn’t let Jordan complete a sentence. It was reallllly nice to hear Jordan express a complete thought today. Jordan & AG & Amanda are good at staying on topic & not stepping on each other. Jaleesa was giving me anxiety, and so much aggravation. Jordan is great, Amanda is great, AG does definitely need to research throat treatments before the show — not talking about the occasional sickness — try some hot water/lemon(lots)/honey to clear & soothe your throat before & during the show. Or pull way away from the mic — something. Please?
I had to amend my 5 stars...
I’m sad. I unsubscribed and stopped being a patron because the $$$ split sounds like it is not equitable. Maybe people will like the pod better without Jaleesa, but I sure won’t.
Bring back Jaleesa
AG is annoying as hell, but she brings the info so I see why she’s critical. Jordan and Jaleesa actually add character are also super informative - and this last episode was so boring I turned it off. I heard about the announcement at the the so I turned it back ok forwarded to end. AG can shut her mouth and whoever the knew girl is commenting on the problem has no place to speak. AG- you are pissing your fans off. I have unsubscribed. F-U, AG.
Bye sisters
Obviously it’s time for the black brown and marginalized to move on. If the rumors are true, I personally will not listen to yet again another white person repeating the endless cycle
Maybe it’s getting better?
This will sound harsh but I returned to this podcast after seeing Jalessa on Twitter say she’s lawyering up against AG. I had quit because I was annoyed by Jaleesa being so, so stoned and thinking that was so, so funny/cool, when really she just seemed ignorant on basic subjects. She clearly wasn’t tracking the conversation itself and AG and JC would have to explain things to her again, wasting all our time. I listen to podcasts to become more informed but if I know more than those with the mic, well, I’ll move on, and did. You could argue she was there for entertainment value and yes, I appreciate comedy, however stoner humor does not do it for me. I think it’s sad she has a substance abuse problem and it’s interfered with her professional life.
If you like throat clearing . . .
This is your pod. The sound quality is atrocious. The content is not much better. Jaleesa knows nothing about politics and asks child-like questions. Plus the “ya-ya” thing gets tiresome. Jordan knows easily half as much as Jaleesa. A. G. should go see a doc about that fur in her throat that leads to ENDLESS horking sounds which are not edited out for some inexplicable reason. Too bad, it has potential. But for crying out loud, stop discussing things about which you’re not knowledgeable. And knock off the hypocrisy—if you don’t want women “body shamed,” then lead by example. And the cutesy “squid crow” crap is old. And it’s not funny. And it makes you sound dumb. And get some freakin’ cough drops!
Thank you
Thank you ❤️
Inteligent commentary in a crazy world
These ladies give valuable and timely insight and facts on todays crazy political landscape. Filled with humor and joy, it is truly a pleasure to see the podcast pop-up every week.
Take it for what it is
I’m sure I’m older than the target demographic and I find several of the complaints in the reviews technically accurate, but I think they are missing the point. No, this is not Lawfare, which I personally probably prefer (except for their attempt at humor) but I believe these women are performing a public service bc they are getting young people to listen to news. Having two less well-informed (as opposed to less intelligent, which I don’t think is the case) comedians for AG to explain things to is, I assume, a stand-in for a lot of young listeners who are intelligent, interested, but don’t have time to read and study everything Trump-related. I continue to listen (skip first 5 mins at least) and give a thumbs up to them.
Why is she talking over her
Let her speak
Larry Forte
Limited Perspective
Thanks so much! Love the podcast! Keeps me sane ish. Educational, informative so relevant! ❤️❤️❤️
Daily Beans
Please stop posting Daily Beans on Mueller She Wrote feed. I only keep latest two episodes, and I keep flushing out MSW if I don’t listen fast enough. At this point, if people want to listen to both, they can subscribe to both. Thanks!
Keen, insightful, and Fun!
Mueller She Wrote makes the unbearable almost bearable. Sometimes a first source, sometimes my confirming source -- A.G. and crew bring learned analysis to the wreck of our Hesperous and, one hopes, to its restoration.
My favorite podcast
The humor and thoughtfulness helps to take the edge off of the president's embarrassing dumpster fire.
Informative and Entertaining
(I wasn’t planning on writing a review until I read some of the bad reviews on here and now I feel compelled to stand up for my favorite podcast in the world.) I sincerely appreciate AG, Jaleesa, and Jordan’s efforts to keep people well informed with the facts, and to be transparent with when they’re veering off into conjecture. I started listening when Jonathan Van Ness had AG on his podcast and have been binge-listening to every episode since then to get myself caught up to todays’ happenings. I went from being completely uninformed on the Mueller investigation, to comprehending the mind-bending intricacies of this case. There are so many threads to follow and this team does an incredible job of organizing those threads into a cohesive tapestry. I love the humor, the swearing, the beans, the facts, the conjecture, and, most of all, the hope. Powerful people and presidents may disappoint us, but this team gives me hope that the three branches of government will work as intended in the constitution and our democracy will not be lost.
A little overwhelming but good!
Love it! Only gripe is sometimes their mouth is on the mic and it makes my hair stand on end.
This pod will be a historical reference
This journalism in the pod documents almost everything the public can know about the Mueller investigation and other crimes related to it. I love how much fun the hosts have with each other and the show while simultaneously being beyond informed and an asset to the country. With Bill Barr at the helm of the justice department, justice rests on the shoulders of journalists.
Noob binge listening but where’s the board game??
Wish I had discovered this podcast earlier!!!! Currently binge listening to try and catch up, but I love that it sounds just like three of my friends whispering sweet justice in my ear. Amazing. What I’m waiting for is the Mueller, She Wrote board game where you play as a sexy justice rep who wins beans from the fantasy indictment picks. Then you can use those beans as space beans for bigger future events (legal action or other conjecture involving multiple people). You get assigned a boyfriend from the beginning and win some bonus beans whenever they do something idiotic. And something game-wide happens whenever Trump adds to the COVFEFE of obstructions of justice. I see some bigly fun with this. Love you ladies! I appreciate everything you do!
Not top notch
While there are some good info and reviews , a lot of swearing, occasional silliness and meanness/ bullying gets into a way of dedicated listening
All the info! All the humor!
LorettaRN 53
AG & the crew are doing a huge service for those of us who need to hear the truth, or have people in our lives who don't have a clue & need the help they provide. I look forward to every episode.
One informed host, two "yeah" chorus people
I'm sorry. I tried really hard. While your podcast probably has good information buried in it, that AG talks 95% of the time, and the other two just laugh, say, "uh huh", "yeah" or giggle? I'm just done. Add in the really, really, realy DUMB music that you choose on the regular, it's just not aurally pleasing. The long commercials, the constant pimping of your other stuff? No. stop. please!
The best way to learn the inside story of this critical time in the history of our country and laugh a little along the way...
AG only
She’s the only person who knows the subject. Stopped listening because of how clueless the other two are. The audio is lame. It’s called a microphone.... speak into it. Bunch of giggles and talking over each other or sound too low. Get a sound engineer who knows their job.This should be AG with guests. Get rid of those two dumb ding dongs. Can’t believe the ignorance and absolutely stupid questions. Just came back to give another listen, another chance. Duh, still stupid she wrote! Don’t waste your time on this one
I used to be a patron but totally got screwed over there. Paid for an entire month and got NONE of the benefits. However, there isn’t much benefit anymore anyway. Overall a waste of money. Not to mention they are such hypocrites! They are using their platform to promote misinformation about a progressive political candidate because she isn’t “establishment” enough for them. What happened to “vote blue no matter who?” Do you research and stop promoting lies and alternative “facts,” or you’re no better than Fox News.
Please, begging, fix the audio.
I love this podcast. The content is great and the hosts have really done their homework. I am grateful for the reading and review of the Mueller Report. Told a lot of my very busy social justice friends about the great service provided by the hosts. My reason for not giving a full five stars is the audio. The inconsistent audio between each of the hosts makes almost impossible to listen to. Many times Jaleesa is so low that it sounds like Jordan and AG are responding to someone off mic. Sometimes AG is so Loud I am legit startled when she begins to talk.
Best recommendation I’ve received
A friend a few months ago gave me a list of podcasts to listen to, I listened to each one a little, but totally got hooked on MSW. What a delight it is to listen and learn every week/day with them. I actually once got into a debate over politics with a family member and I knew so many facts from listening tho these amazing ladies that he told me in the end “you won, you have a lot more facts”. Thank you ladies, keep rocking these waves.
Why No Place for Love
So disappointed in your Daily Beans comments about the position of a candidate who espouses love and compassion. Personally, do not support this candidate - but, don’t put yourself above the fray, when you are feeding into the same cynicism and nihilism that so putrefies our current national dialogue.
Fantasy Land
The Easter Bunny is real and proven in VOL II page 47...
Mueller she wrote
real serious
Just fabulous. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you so much, democracy is at stake.
Way to go!
Thank you for caring for truth, fairness, and giving hope to the future of the United States.
Excellent and insightful and fun
Picked up on this podcast after hearing AG on Opening Arguments. Absolutely adore it and it’s one of my favorite. Their reading and analysis of the Mueller Report really went above and beyond. My only issue is it could use some more swears. So many more swears.
Mueller Investigation Simplified (and hilarious)
From someone who couldn't keep up with the daily shenanigans of our current situation, THANK YOU! I started listening a few months ago from the first episode and now I'm on the Mueller report episodes and honestly this is the only thing that has been able to break down the Investigation in a way that keeps me interested and entertained. If you ever do a show in Houston I'll be there!!
Daily Beans off to a rocky start
I’ve been listening to Mueller She Wrote because AG is knowledgeable and the chatter and other irrelevant asides are usually at a minimum. Not so with the first episode of the Daily Beans! Chatter, giggling, talking low then high, speculating about conversations, talking over each other...where are the Beans? 38 minutes I cannot get back. I’ll keep listening but you need to focus and get serious.
Loctor Dobenstein
Please, please, please ... stop the cross talk
Hoping Crooked Poaches A.G. Soon!
I’ve been listening for a while & it’s just become harder and harder not to be frustrated by the fact that A.G. clearly does her research and understands the news she reports, yet her co hosts (funny as they are sometimes) clearly just re-read articles from other sources while reporting only the most basic takeaways. In nearly every edition of this podcast, A.G. steps in and fill in the blanks or adds details and context that a simple google search before recording could have accomplished. It’s especially frustrating when A.G. needs to explain even some of the most basic ideas and concepts of what they’re discussing to Jelessa, who is clearly not paying attention. As much as I love this podcast (though hard to listen to sometimes), I feel like A.G.s talents are being wasted here.
Get a professional sound mixer
And then I’ll resubscribe. The levels are inconsistent and therefore jarring.
Can't wait to see you in SF!
The Hare 77
I downloaded and listened to the full [Redacted - HOM] Mueller Report before I ever even heard of this podcast. I'm so glad I found this, it's so much easier to palate with these ladies' humor. I recommend this to anyone, especially Devin Nunez, since he doesn't know how to read.
Too bad
They have a good topic and understanding thereof but the cutesy comments and gratuitous foul language waste time and attention. There is about 15% good content buried in off track and off color blabber. I have no objection to and am proficient in the off color comment. F bombs are valuable when used to emphasize a point or feeling. Just trying to shock the audience is counter productive and unprofessional. Grow up and learn your trade.
the messengers
Love the info and humor. AG rules.
Great show!
I’m far more informed now. Thank you ladies!
My Political Therapy
I wait for Sunday nights uploads the same way I waited for every episode of GOT last season. Thank you for being factual, funny, and fierce.
So good! Thank you!
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