March 31, 2020
A little throwback for you, our dear and loyal listeners, a small taste of the pre-summer schedule splendour and abundance where we spoil you with both a topic and a feature game. It happened organically, you see, what with all the social distancing -mandated two-player gaming we've been doing. That, and we want to try to give you a little more in light of the world giving you a little less. Of course, if you want to hear less of us, you always have that power.Games Played Last Week:-Menara: Rituals and Ruins 2m59s (Oliver Richtberg, Zoch Verlag, 2019)-Sentinels of the Multiverse 5m39s (Christopher Badell, Paul Bender, & Adam Rebottaro, Greater Than Games, 2011)-ELO Darkness 22m11s (Tommaso Mondadori & Alberto Parisi, Reggie Games, 2018)-The Fox in the Forest Duet 8m59s (Foxtrot Games, Foxtrot Games, 2020)-Pax Renaissance 13m24s (Phil Eklund & Matt Eklund, Sierra Madre Games, 2016)-Mezo: Souls for Xibalba 17m09s (John Clowdus, Kolossal, 2019)Mini-Spotlight: MOBA-Style Boardgames 19m36s-Rum & Bones (Michael Shinall, CMON, 2015)/Rum & Bones: Second Tide (Michael Shinall, CMON, 2017) -Guards of Atlantis (Artyom Nichipurov, Wolff Designaa, 2017) -ELO Darkness (Tommaso Mondadori & Alberto Parisi, Reggie Games, 2018) -Battle for Biternia (Chris Faulkenberry, Stone Circle Games, 2018) -Radiant: Offline Battle Arena (Jack Murray, Heel Turn Games, 2019) -Skytear (Giacomo Neri, Riccardo Neri, & Riccardo Parmeggiani, PvP Geeks, 2020)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Free stuff! XenoShyft, Frostgrave, etc. 41m24s-Crazy Tower: Construction/Sabotage 43m52s-Gloomhaven Community Campaign IV: The Blacksmith and the Bear 45m05s-Digital card game: Legends of Runeterra by Riot 46m11s-Pax Renaissance 2nd Edition 47m40sFeature Game: Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon 49m32s (Krzysztof Piskorski & Marcin Świerkot, Awaken Realms, 2019)
March 24, 2020
Ripped from the headlines, as Dick Wolf is wont to say, we present to you the most timely of discussions. Of course, Walker takes us down theoretical tangents once again, whereas Mark rolls his eyes and tried to keep things on track--the standard roles that our hosts always seem to fall into. In Walker's defense, the Kool-Aid Man is a pressing philosophical issue. Fortunately, boardgaming has resolved the thorny matter of his (its?) identity; with such a success, surely Fermat's Last Theorem could have been resolved by boardgames had that nerd Wiles not solved it first. Nerd.AYURIS: Claustrophobia 1m54s (CROC, Asmodee, 2009)Games Played Last Week:-Jetpack Joyride 6m07s (Michał Gołębiowski, Lucky Duck Games, 2019)-Horizon Wars: Zero Dark 9m40s (Robey Jenkins, Self-published, 2020)-Dragon Master: BGG Convention Promo 14m58s (Reiner Knizia, Victory Point Games, 2015)-Hellboy: The Board Game 18m58s (James M. Hewitt & Sophie Williams, Mantic Games, 2019)-ELO Darkness 22m11s (Tommaso Mondadori & Alberto Parisi, Reggie Games, 2018)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Quid est homo Kool-Aid? 27m12s-Our hobby under COVID-19: Check Reddit 30m41s-Walker's roundup: Gears of War, Robot Quest, cons cancelled 32m20s-Starlight: A tale of Shakespearean scope? 33m20sSVWAG Scheduling Statement: 35m18sTopic: Social Distancing 38m19s
March 17, 2020
All of your burning questions shall be addressed! Why is there something rather than nothing? Quid est veritas? War, huh! What is it good for? Why do birds suddenly appear every time a Knizia game is near? Rest assured that the topics covered are vast--Macross, objectivism, fictional Thai kick boxers, and so much more. Featuring special guests Dan Thurot (, Charlie Theel (, and Kellen and Mark from Board Game Barrage ( Discover: Lands Unknown 2m33s (Corey Konieczka, Fantasy Flight, 2018)Games Played Last Week:-Blitzkrieg! 4m27s (Paolo Mori, PSC Games, 2019)-Horizon Wars: Zero Dark 6m56s (Robey Jenkins, Self-published, 2020)-The Fox in the Forest Duet 10m35s (Foxtrot Games, Renegade Game Studios, 2020)-Mezo 12m22s (John Clowdus, Kolossal Games, 2019) -Mega Civilization 17m40s (Flo de Haan, John Rodriguez, & Francis Tresham, 999 Games, 2015)-Battle for Biternia 24m31s (Chris Faulkenberry, Stone Circle Games, 2018)-Piratenbillard 28m33s (Reinhold Wittig, ABACUSSPIELE, 1959)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Kwapinski ushers in the Dark Ages 31m07s-Meeple Circus goes giant 32m22s-Minimizing the sting of isolation during COVID-19 22m59sTopic: Omnibus Questions 37m00s
March 10, 2020
Warning: there is some implied discussion of the existence of the health care field in this week's review. No jokes were made about current viral events, though, and given the general low-brow nature of this podcast that's a minor miracle. The only jokes about current affairs are related to hip hop, and even those references are dated to over twenty years ago. Games Played Last Week:-Street Masters: Aftershock 2m47s (Adam Sadler & Brady Sadler, Blacklist Games, 2019)-Stephenson's Rocket 4m55s (Reiner Knizia, Pegasus Spiele, 1999)-Lorenzo il Magnifico 9m19s (Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli, & Simone Luciani, Cranio Creations, 2016)-Mardi Gras Madness 12m50s (Mark Burlet, Arthur Franz IV, & Ben Jennings, Uplink Underground Games, 2020)-Horizon Wars: Zero Dark 18m25s (Robey Jenkins, Self-published, 2020)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Walker Watches Steamwatchers 21m52s-Ginkgopolis Reprint 23m53s-Clean Queen Kickstarter? 24m48s-Coronavirus Cancellations: CMON Expo 26m46s-Uwe Rosenberg's New York Zoo 27m46sFeature Game: Clinic: Deluxe Edition 28m42s (Alban Viard, AVStudioGames, 2019)
March 3, 2020
Some of you might be unfamiliar with the traditions surrounding birthdays in Canada. They are savage affairs, drenched in blood and feats of suffering. I mean, there's the cake, sure, and that part is pretty benign--except for the baking of it, come to think of it, where the birthday girl or birthday boy is expected to remove the cake from an oven with their bare hands and devour the thing whole; then comes the declaration of threats, where the horribly burned, frosting-seared celebrant mounts a nearby table and screams doom to their enemies. Let's not get started on what kind of gifts are considered appropriate. AYURIS: Stephenson's Rocket 1m36s (Reiner Knizia, Grail Games, 2018)Games Played Last Week:-Empyreal: Spells & Steam 3m44s (Trey Chambers, Level 99 Games, 2020)-Egizia: Shifting Sands 11m05s (Acchittocca, Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli, Stefano Luperto, & Antonio Tinto, Stronghold Games, 2019)-Root: The Underworld Expansion 13m39s (Patrick Leder & Cole Wehrle, Leder Games, 2020)-Pax Renaissance 18m58s (Matt Eklund & Phil Eklund, Sierra Madre Games, 2016)-The Estates 21m42s (Klaus Zoch, Capstone Games, 2018)-Assault on Doomrock 25m11s (Tom Stasiak, Beautiful Disaster Games, 2014)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Into the Spider-Verse for Marvel United (Walker's obsessed) 27m54s-The Liberaion of Plaid Hat Games? 29m23s-Toy of the Year! Pictionary Air 30m44s-The Next Game that Matters: Phantom Division 32m09sTopic: Playing for Second 33m03s
February 25, 2020
Would you like a job at Asmodee? Well guess what, if you need any replacement parts from them, you've just been drafted to work as their support staff. Best of all, your salary is nothing! Are we doomed to become ever more curmudgeonly, rambling to young gamers about how "back in my day, we got replacement parts just by sending an email" and the the young 'uns would be all like "Ok, Millennial, but what's an email?"Games Played Last Week:-Quartermaster General WW2 2m25s (Ian Brody, Ares Games, 2019)-Mars Open: Tabletop Golf 5m19s (Dennis Hoyle, Bellwether Games, 2018)-Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North 7m53ss (Joanna Kijanka & Ignacy Trzewiczek, Portal Games, 2019)-Blitzkrieg! 10m57s (Paolo Mori, PSC Games, 2019)-SEAL Team Flix 15m47s (Pete Ruth & Mark Thomas, WizKids, 2018)-Empyreal: Spells & Steam 17m50s (Trey Chambers, Level 99 Games, 2020)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Secret Operation: Social Deduction Robots 24m10s-Asmodee's Parts Replacement Policy 25m33s-Scooby-Doo Escape Rooms 30m40s-Stefan Bruck Retires 31m23s-Zen Garden Grows 32m16s-Epic: The Card Game Digital 32m55s-Walker Is Dubious About Marvel United 35m15s-More Batman, More Plastic 36m05sFeature Game: Posthuman Saga 36m49s (Gordon Calleja, Mighty Boards, 2019)
February 18, 2020
On must acknowledge that in many instances, pre-judgment is an adaptive advantage--I don't mean with respect to people, but in terms of being able to sift through the endless data with which we are constantly bombarded. Most of our concepts are pre-fabricated little categories that we can shove sense data into in order to make sense of the world (there's your Kantianism in three seconds for you). In boardgaming, were seventeen releases hit the market while I was typing this sentence, it can be handy to use heuristics or prejudice--I won't play games by designer or publisher X, for example. Then again, it is our thankless task to submerge ourselves wholesale into the hobby's output without fear or favour, and so we must try to overcome such self-imposed limits when we can.AYURIS: Battle for Rokugan 2m07s (Molly Glover & Tom Jolly, Fantasy Flight, 2017)Games Played Last Week:-Troyes 4m11s (Sébastien Dujardin, Xavier Georges, & Alain Orban, Pearl Games, 2010)-Hanabi 9m40s (Antoine Bauza, ABACUSSPIELE, 2010)-The Shipwreck Arcana 9m40s (Kevin Bishop, Meromorph Games, 2017)-Top Gun Strategy Game (Prospero hall, Mixlore, 2020)-Pipeline 16m18s (Ryan Courtney, Capstone Games, 2019)-Northern Pacific 21m48s (Tom Tussell, Rio Grande, 2013)-Sakura Arms 23m55s (BakaFire, AEG, 2016)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Ghost Adventure 27m01-Cindr: Date a Dragon 28m05-Sonora: "Flick and Write" 29m28s-Waiting on Siege of the Citadel 30m18s-Coronavirus Uncertainty 31m36-Dragon Dice Refuse to Die 33m38sTopic: False Expectations 35m32s
February 13, 2020
One must learn as a child that just because something is difficult does not mean it isn't worth doing. Sometimes we here at SVWAG feel that the corollary for adults is that just because something is difficult doesn't mean it is worthwhile. Some hard things should just be avoided. It's hard to drive a nail through your own skull, but it doesn't follow that it's necessarily a prime opportunity for self-improvement that ought to be pursued. Unrelatedly, Vital Lacerda games.Games Played Last Week:-Street Masters: Aftershock 2m32s (Adam Sadler & Brady Sadler, Blacklist Games, 2019)-Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King 6m11s (Andreas Pelikan & Alexander Pfister, Lookout Games, 2015)-The Resistance 7m40s (Don Eskridge, Indie Boards & Cards, 2009)-Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire 10m25s (David Sanders, Games Workshop, 2017)-Food Chain Magnate: The Ketchup Mechanism & Other Ideas 13m49s (Jeroen Doumen & Joris Wiersinga, Splotter, 2019)-Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North 21m36s (Joanna Kijanka & Ignacy Trzewiczek, Portal Games, 2019)-Pretense 24m13s (Jason Tagmire, AEG, 2015)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Pay extra for early access to Kanban EV? 28m42s-Brick and mortar retail for Renegade early access? 31m36s-Walker wonders about Wonderland's War 32m58s-SHUX 2020: Oct. 16-18 36m06s-Marvel United 37m08s-Mindclash's Perseverance 38m43s-Nuremberg Toy Fair 2020 miscellany 39m20sFeature Game: On Mars 41m19s (Vital Lacerda, Eagle-Gryphon Games, 2020)
February 4, 2020
My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious.AYURIS: Level 7 [Omega Protocol] 2m34s (Will Schoonover, Privateer Press, 2013)Games Played Last Week:-Guards of Atlantis II: Tabletop MOBA 6m38s (Artyom Nichipurov, Wolff Designaa, 2020)-Las Vegas Royale 11m13s (Rudiger Dorn, alea, 2019)-Tiny Epic Tactics 12m59s (Scott Almes, Gamelyn, 2019)-In the Hall of the Mountain King 16m20s (Jay Cormier & Graeme Jahns, Burnt Island Games, 2019)-Die Macher 21m06s (Karl-Heinz Schmiel, Spielworxx, 2019)News (and why it doesn't matter):-More toys for Era: Medieval Age 26m58s-Kickstarter Police: Wherefore art thou? 27m56s-Banning Golden Bell, that's where 29m39sTopic: Virtues of Popularity 31m33s
January 28, 2020
Rarely has a game been as deeply, frighteningly cynical as Imperial. We are sadly inured to the notion of vast military conflicts; and we are sadly inured to the corrupting influence of enormous wealth; but never before has a game combined the two and posited the Schlieffen Plan as a gambit to improve the marginal rate of return of someone's portfolio. Oh, my RRSP is Russian firepower, by the way.Games Played Last Week:-Papillon 1m42s (J.B. Howell, Kolossal, 2019)-Talon 3m47s (Jim Krohn, GMT Games, 2016)-On Mars 7m20s (Vital Lacerda, Eagle-Gryphon, 2020)-Deception: Murder in Hong Kong 10m34s (Tobey Ho, Grey Fox Games, 2014)-Principle Dilemma 12m37s (Joe Tanowski, Self-published, 2019)-Las Vegas Royale 21m14s (Rudiger Dorn, alea, 2019)-Sushi Roll 23m22s (Phil Walker-Harding, Gamewright, 2019)-Cthulhu: Death May Die 25m43s (Rob Daviau & Eric M. Lang, CMON, 2019)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Wiz-Kids' Clash of Cultures 28m23s-Grimslingers Two 30m14s-Marvel United 31m39s -Hansa Teutonica Big Box, Eventually? 33m01s-Tortuga 2199 34m24s-Truffle Shuffle, for some reason 35m03s Feature Game: Imperial (Mac Gerdts, PD-Verlag, 2006)/Imperial 2030 (Mac Gerdts, PD-Verlag, 2009) 35m32s
January 21, 2020
Eventually a charge becomes so tired and rote that it becomes accepted without critical thought--but so often these hackneyed claims are false. Knizia games are themeless is a good example. Canadians are polite is another. The one that rears its ugly head this week is Walker's insistence that he is bullied, which has definitely got to count as attempted gaslighting at this point. On the plus side, a New Year's resolution is made and then immediately fulfilled in the same episode! That is efficiency.AYURIS: Gaslands 5m23s (Glenn Ford & Mike Hutchinson, Osprey Publishing, 2017) Games Played Last Week:-Blue Moon 8m32s (Reiner Knizia, KOSMOS, 2004)-Barrage 11m08s (Tommaso Battista & Simone Luciani, Cranio Creations, 2019)-Corporate America 14m54s (Teale Fristoe, Nothing Sacred Games, 2013)-Papillon 16m34s (J.B. Howell, Kolossal, 2019)-Secret Hitler 20m53s (Mike Boxleiter, Tommy Maranges, & Max Temkin, Goat Wolf & Cabbage, 2016)-Reavers of Midgard 22m40s (J.B. Howell, Grey Fox Games, 2019)-Cthulhu: Death May Die 29m49s (Rob Daviau & Eric M. Lang, CMON, 2019)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Repos Productions Swallowed by Asmodee 32m43s-Smooth Rollout for CMON's Time Machine 33m06s-From the Root Team, Oath 34m04s-Foundations of Rome 34m40s-Breakout in TO: March 20-22 35m19s-Star Realms Goes Huge 35m49s-Société des Auteurs de Jeux on Bernard v. Mythic Games 36m48s Topic: 2020 New Year's Resolutions 42m11s2019's Resolutions 42m27s2020's Resolutions 48m27s
January 14, 2020
Better late and wrong than never wrong, am I right? Wait, that doesn't make sense. Suffice to say that we wanted to be as certain as we could this year, as past years offered rather significant asterisks on our best-of lists--but this year, with only minor exceptions, we're pretty confident we played the games most likely to make the cut. I'm sure this sense of certainty and comprehensiveness will last perhaps as long as late January.Games Played Last Week:-Blood Rage 2m09s (Eric Lang, CMON, 2015)-It's a Wonderful World 4m40s (Frédéric Guérard, La Boîte de Jeu, 2019)-Battle for Biternia 8m03s (Chris Faulkenberry, Stone Circle Games, 2018)-Istanbul 12m58s (Rudiger Dorn, Pegasus Spiele, 2014)-Marvel Champions: The Card Game 15m30s (Michael Boggs, Nate French, & Caleb Grace, FFG, 2019)-Codenames: The Simpsons 16m06s (Vlaada Chvatil, CGE, 2019)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Kemet 2.0: Blood and Sand Updates 19m01s-Mixlore and Prospero Hall 20m13s-Cosmic Encounter Two-Player? 21m01s-FFG's RPG Last Gasp: KeyForge 22m07s-Traintopia: All Trains, All the Time Is Back! 22m45s-Pascal Bernard v. Mythic Games 23m27s-Kolossal Games' Ongoing Eclipse Shenanigans 24m25s-Riot Games to Publish New Boardgames 29m31s-Patreon News: Presents! 30m16s Topic: 2019 in Review ExtravaganzaPersonal Top 10s 32m12sSVWAG Game of the Year 2019 54m34sOther Categories 56m42s
January 7, 2020
We're using "culture" pretty broadly, here--the SVWAG staff anthropologist is out with the flu, so there's only so much we can do. We're ready to accept some degree of cultural variance, but we don't endorse cultural relativism as a moral theory; our staff ethicist is still very much at his post. That said, social gatherings are most definitely susceptible to cultural standards than moral precepts are, and we are ever in thrall to one of SVWAG's primordial maxims: "Read the room." AYURIS: BattleCON 2m00s (Brad D. Talton, Level 99 Games, 2010) Games Played Last Week:-Flotilla 4m35s (J.B. Howell & Michael Mihealsick, WizKids, 2019)-Marvel Champions: The Card Game 13m43s (Michael Boggs, Nate French, & Caleb Grace, FFG, 2019)-It's a Wonderful World 16m16s (Frédéric Guérard, La Boîte de Jeu, 2019)-The Menace Among Us 18m31s (Jeff Gum, Smirk & Dagger, 2019)-A Feast for Odin: The Norwegians 23m23s (Gernot Köpke & Uwe Rosenberg, Feuerland Spiele, 2018)-Godtear 24m49s (David Carl, Alex Hall, & Steve Margetson, Steamforged Games, 2019)-Core Space 26m34s (Colin Young, Battle Systems Ltd., 2019)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Fine Job Labyrinth--fine job, indeed! 29m17s-Kemet 2.0: Blood and Sand 30m58s-Egyptian Renaissance? Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun 33m38s Topic: Cultural Expectations 34m42s
December 31, 2019
Look, it's hard enough to remember games without them injecting too many dates into their titles. Claustrophobia 1643 I keep misremembering as 1648 (Treaty of Westphalia), Ausburg 15whenever is as forgettable as the game, Pulsar 2849 barely sticks in my mind, and now Caylus 1303. I'd be tempted to just try and parse the game as "Caylus 13XX," but it's not about trains, now, is it? Games Played Last Week:-Karate Tomate 3m01s (Reiner Knizia, AMIGO, 2018)-Telestrations: 12 Player Party Pack 5m10s (Uncredited, USAopoly, 2011)-The Shipwreck Arcana 6m59s (Kevin Bishop, Meromorph Games, 2017)-Yellow & Yangtze 9m22s (Reiner Knizia, Grail Games, 2018)-Marvel Champions: The Card Game 10m05s (Michael Boggs, Nate French, & Caleb Grace, FFG, 2019)-Maracaibo 14m42s (Alexander Pfister, Capstone Games, 2019)-Aristocracy 21m09s (Reiner Knizia, Tasty Minstrel Games, 2019)-Flotilla 23m24s (J.B. Howell & Michael Mihealsick, WizKids, 2019)-Era: Medieval Age 24m46s (Matt Leacock, eggertspiele, 2019)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Rococo Deluxe 27m17s-Kanban EV 27m59s Feature Game: Caylus 1303 29m01s (William Attia, Space Cowboys, 2019)
December 24, 2019
The Holidays are upon us--Christmas very soon, Hanukkah is ongoing, Kwanzaa around the corner--but today on SVWAG, as it is on most days, we celebrate Festivus. On Mark's insistence, we forego the Feats of Strength, as the outcome would be certain and humiliating; O, but the Airing of the Grievances! Canadians have much to complain about, what with one mess of a fulfillment after another. And complain we do.AYURIS: Too Many Bones: Undertow 3m15s (Adam Carlson & Josh J. Carlson, Chip Theory Games, 2018)Games Played Last Week:-Mechanica 6m37s (Mary Flanagan, Emma Hobday, & Max Seidman, Resonym, 2019)-One Deck Galaxy 11m25s (Chris Cieslik, Asmadi Games, 2020)-It's a Wonderful World 13m02s (Frédéric Guérard, La Boîte de Jeu, 2019)-Yggdrasil Chronicles 17m35s (Cédric Lefebvre, Ludonaute, 2019)-Yokohama 21m09s (Hisashi Hayashi, Tasty Minstrel Games, 2016)-Cthulhu: Death May Die 21m56s (Eric M. Lang & Rob Daviau, CMON, 2019)-Res Arcana: Lux et Tenebrae 26m25s (Thomas Lehmann, Sand Castle Games, 2019)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Best of 2019 coming, just possibly not in 2019 29m09s-Wherefore art thou, Reavers? 30m12s Topic: Familiarity Breeds Contempt 31m01s
December 17, 2019
Perhaps it would be inevitable that there would be juvenile comments about the components in Catan: Starfarers. This is, after all, the gaming series that brought us endless unfunny remarks about wood and sheep. Perhaps the sculptors for the pieces knew what they were doing and, in turn, laughing at us. I suppose we must be thankful that Klaus Teuber remained high-minded--one shudders to imagine what the satirical outlook of, say, Vlaada Chvatil would have done with the same material.Games Played Last Week: -Street Masters: Aftershock 2m18s (Adam & Brady Sadler, Blacklist Games, 2019)-Big City: 20th Anniversary Jumbo Edition! 4m51s (Franz-Benno Delonge, Mercury Games, 2019)-Wavelength 7m46s (Alex Hague, Justin Vickers, & Wolfgang Warsch, Palm Court, 2019)-Warfighter: The Private Military Contractor Card Game 10m32s (Dan Verssen, DVG Games, 2019)-The Shipwreck Arcana 15m42s (Kevin Bishop, Meromorph Games, 2017)-Yggdrasil Chronicles 17m26s (Cédric Lefebvre, Ludonaute, 2019)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Tokyo Game Market 21m39s-Matagot Makes Pronoun Progress 22m00s-Spycon (Where Everyone Is a Spy) 23m46s-Warhammer Underworlds Digital 24m33s-Airship City in English 26m00s-Expanding Spheres of Influence 27m00s-Flotilla 29m07sFeature Game: Catan: Starfarers 30m08s (Klaus Teuber, KOSMOS, 2019)
December 10, 2019
There are times when immediately upon finishing recording, one or both of our hosts immediately feel the tremendous regret of having forgotten The Thing. But, alas, the moment has passed, and they cannot now mention The Thing. The only redress available is this episode description, which sadly no one but you reads. We salute you, hyper-literate outlier!This week, The Thing is Wavelength--recently-released masterful filler and wonderful fodder for holiday gaming in mixed circles. Rest assured the host feel pretty stupid most of the time, but doubly stupid for neglecting to mention Wavelength.AYURIS: Sentinels of the Multiverse 1m45s (Christopher Badell, Paul Bender, & Adam Rebottaro, Greater Than Games, 2011)Games Played Last Week: -Amun-Re the Card Game 4m47s (Reiner Knizia, Super Meeple, 2016)-The King's Dilemma 7m41s (Hjalmar Hach & Lorenzo Silva, Horrible Guild, 2019)-Pandemic: Rapid Response 16m32s (Kane Klenko, Z-Man, 2019)-Yokohamma 18m10s (Hisashi Hayashi, Tasty Minstrel Games, 2016)-Street Masters: Aftershock 20m23s (Adam & Brady Sadler, Blacklist Games, 2019)-Gugong 21m51s (Andreas Steding, Game Brewer, 2018)-Barrage 25m29s (Tommaso Battista & Simone Luciani, Cranio Creations, 2019)-Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave 31m43s (David Sanders, Games Workshop, 2019)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Award for Kane Klenko 33m22s-Rangers of Shadow Deep Deluxe 33m55s-Knizia does Legacy with My City 35m18s-Barkham Horror (sigh) 35m56s-Frosthaven 36m58s-Collectivism in Red Outpost 37m17s-Thank you for your support! 38m22sTopic: Fillers and Holiday Gaming 38m55s
December 3, 2019
Black Secret was an expansion to Ghost Stories where you played as vicious, frenetic shoppers trying to ascertain what were the best hidden deals on Black Friday. I think. If nothing else, one can appreciate the fact that online shopping might one day prevent the trampling deaths that accompany this uniquely retail "holiday." The end of brick and mortar retail will surely be a great loss, and one that hurts our hobby a great deal, but come on--that inevitable b-roll of crazed bargain hunters year after year is a psychically damaging indictment of our culture.Games Played Last Week: -Marco Polo II: In the Service of the Khan 2m27s (Simone Luciani & Daniele Tascini, Hans im Gluck, 2019)-Catan: Starfarers 7m39s (Klaus Teuber, KOSMOS, 2019)-Neuroshima Hex! 3.0 11m39s (Michal Oracz, Portal Games, 2006)-Caylus Magna Carta 14m59s (William Attia, Ystari Games, 2007)-Vindication 20m56s (Marc Neidlinger, Orange Nebula, 2018)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Ticket to Ride with Alexa 22m23s-So Much Sakura Arms! 24m56s-Christmas Card Roll-and-Write from Dice and Ink 27m48s -The King is Dead (Long Live Osprey Publishing) 28m33s-Fantastic Factories 29m28s-Warning: Chinese New Year Always Wins 30m08sFeature Game: Last Bastion 31m28s (Antoine Bauza, Repos Production, 2019)
November 26, 2019
Walker introduces a new feature, the LIGHTNING ROUND. Destinies are determined and legends are forged in the lightning round, or at least they could be if it were not merely the pretext for his trolling. Someone should translate "I'm not saying, I'm just saying" into Latin so he can make it his family credo. AYURIS: The Voyages of Marco Polo 2m00s (Simone Luciani & Daniele Tascini, Hans im Gluck, 2015)Games Played Last Week: -The Menace Among Us 5m06s (Jeff Gum, Smirk & Dagger, 2019)-Wayfinders 9m18s (Thomas Dagenais-Lespérance, Pandasaurus Games, 2019)-Paranormal Detectives 12m41s (Szymon Maliński, Adrian Orzechowski, & Marcin Łączyński, Lucky Duck Games, 2019)-Barenpark: The Bad News Bears 17m44s (Phil Walker-Harding, Lookout Games, 2019)-Modern Art 19m54s (Reiner Knizia, Hans im Gluck, 1992)-Gaia Project 21m41s (Jens Drögemüller & Helge Ostertag, Feuerland Spiele, 2017)-Wavelength 25m13s (Alex Hague, Justin Vickers, & Wolfgang Warsch, Palm Court, 2019)-Babylonia 29m56s (Reiner Knizia, Ludonova, 2019)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Don't you know that Scott Pilgrim is the best fighter in the province? 33m01s-Uwe Rosenberg tries some fairies 33m31s-Excellent SVWAG website: 34m09s-Car Wars again, and again 35m42s-Hollandspiele Sale 37m11s-Canadian fulfillment woes: Reavers of Midgard, etc. 38m43sTopic: Worker Placement 41m22s
November 19, 2019
Sorry, people, no episode this week. Mark explains why.
November 12, 2019
We puzzle over the practices and intentions of game designers this week as though we were archaeologists trying to divine the practices of ashen Pompeiians. Why did these authors insert this mechanism into their artifact? Was it a mating ritual? Was it an obeisance to some vengeful, long-dead god? Was it to shoehorn in player interaction? Or was it to placate a Kickstarter audience? Oh, sorry, that one is redundant with the obeisance to a god thing. Also the mating ritual thing, if you think about it.Games Played Last Week: -Wavelength 1m12s (Alex Hague, Justin Vickers, & Wolfgang Warsch, Palm Court, 2019)-Carcassonne: Gold Rush (Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, Hans im Gluck, 2014)-Unmatched: Battle of Legends 12m56s (Rob Daviau, JR Honeycutt, & Justin D. Jacobson, Restoration Games, 2019)-The Menace Among Us 15m41s (Jeff Gum, Smirk & Dagger, 2019)-Barenpark 19m19s (Phil Walker-Harding, Lookout Games, 2017)-Vindication 20m41s (Marc Neidlinger, Orange Nebula Productions, 2018)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Fallout: Shelter--from promotional money-sink to... ? 30m39s-Wiz-War NINTH 31m50s-Inis in SPAAACE 32m27s-Hansa Teutonica Big Box MIA at Spiel 33m43s-DEI: Divide et Impera 34m17s-Titan is, actually, kinda BIG 35m35s-All the best to Chad Jensen 36m53sFeature Game: Cloudspire 37m44s (Josh J. Carlson, Adam Carlson, & Josh Wielgus, Chip Theory Games, 2019)
November 5, 2019
You can replace the Mark and Walker voices with lovingly-rendered miniatures with the SVWAG Host Minis add-on, which you can have for $35, but only if you pay for it before you know what they look like and before you know the content of the episode. You can also buy the SVWAG playmat, metal coins, realistic resources, microphone first-player marker, and custom insert. This is a free podcast that can cost you a zillion dollars. Decide now, though!AYURIS: Root 2m02s (Cole Wehrle, Leder Games, 2018)Games Played Last Week: -Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave 3m41s (David Sanders, Games Workshop, 2019)-Era: Medieval Age 8m23s (Matt Leacock, eggertspiele, 2019)-Ghost Blitz 12m03s (Jacques Zeimet, Zoch Verlag, 2010)-Menara 13m23s (Oliver Richtberg, Zoch Verlag, 2018)-Unmatched: Battle of Legends 14m01s (Rob Daviau, JR Honeycutt, & Justin D. Jacobson, Restoration Games, 2019)-The Menace Among Us 19m38s (Jeff Gum, Smirk & Dagger, 2019)-Hit Z Road 22m01s (Martin Wallace, Space Cowboys, 2016)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Infinity Defiance defies innovation? 25m35s-Beyond Humanity: Colonies has glowy bits 28m30s-Vengeance: Director's Cut 30m35s-Small World of Warcraft 31m16s-Blacklist Games' Hour of Need 32m54s-More Teotihuacan (with better titling) 35m11s-More Karl-Heinz Schmiel with Tribune 36m26sTopic: The Cost of Upgraded Components 37m46s
October 29, 2019
Fatherhood is the overall theme of this week's episode. Imagine Harry Chapin's Cat's in the Cradle, except with the father played by Vladimir the Great and the son by Svyatopolk the Accursed. "When you coming home, dad?" asks the Accursed, to which the reply is "I don't know when. But we'll get together then, son." And then, the son allegedly murders several of his siblings in a vicious power struggle. Just like in the song! Folk music of the seventies is more bloodthirsty than many people recall. Remember that Cat Stevens song about the wars of the Diadochi? It was even better than his acoustic rendering of the murder of the Romanovs.Games Played Last Week: -Letter Jam 4m01s (Ondra Skoupý, CGE, 2019)-Codenames: Duet 8m22s (Vlaada Chvátil & Scot Eaton, CGE, 2017)-Spirit Island 9m57s (R. Eric Reuss, Greater Than Games, 2017)-The Crusoe Crew 13m02s (Shuky, Makaka Editions, 2019) -UGO! 15m28s (Ronald Hoekstra, Thomas Jansen, & Patrick Zuidhof, IELLO, 2013)-Carcassonne 17m49s (Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, Hans im Gluck, 2000)-Undaunted: Normandy 20m56s (Trevor Benjamin & David Thomspon, Osprey Games, 2019)-Cloudspire 23m14s (Josh J. Carlson, Adam Carlson, & Josh Wielgus, Chip Theory Games, 2019)-Era: Medieval Age 26m42s (Matt Leacock, eggertspiele, 2019)-Terraforming Mars 31m26s (Jacob Fryxelius, Stronghold, 2016)-Ulm 32m15s (Günter Burkhardt, R&R Games, 2016)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Pharaon Afterlife Prepping 34m19s-Patreon Content Galore 35m34s-Scared by High Frontier 4 All 36m01s-Square Off NEO & SWAP 38m07s-Valkyrie Outrage 39m34s-Francis Tresham Obituary 41m33sFeature Game: Rurik: Dawn of Kiev 43m10s (Stan Kordonskiy, PieceKeeper Games, 2019)
October 22, 2019
SHUX has passed, but the memories have not. Your hosts give a final rundown of some of the goings-on during the august October event.Mark asserts that no one is less competitive than he, no one by a long shot, he is much less competitive than you and if you disagree he will fight you. Unless you are a child or infirm, in which case he will still fight you out of a grudging sense of duty and respect, but he will pull his punches. Some of them. Editorial note: the hosts neglected to repeat that Air, Land & Sea was a review copy received from the author. They apologize for the oversight.Added SHUX dig: The Quacks of Quedlinburg 2m18s (Wolfgang Warsch, Scmidt Spiele, 2018)AYURIS: Yellow & Yangtze 5m38s (Reiner Knizia, Grail Games, 2018) and Tigris & Euphrates (Reiner Knizia, Hans im Gluck, 1997)Games Played Last Week: -Durance 8m05s (Jason Morningstar, Bully Pulpit Games, 2012)-Aftermath 10m33s (Jerry Hawthorne, Plaid Hat Games, 2019)-Mysthea 13m09s (Martino Chiacchiera & Marta Ciaccasassi, Tabula Games, 2019)-Guards of Atlantis II: Tabletop MOBA 15m57s (Artyom Nichipurov, Wolff Designa, 2020?)-Blood on the Clocktower 19m19s (Steven Medway, The Pandemonium Institute, 2019)-Sine Tempore 27m43s (Luca Bernardini & Andrea Colletti, Ludus Magnus Studio, 2018)-Air, Land & Sea 33m27s (Jon Perry, Arcane Wonders, 2018)-Mr. Lister's Quiz Shootout 35m24s (Uncredited, Big Potato, 2015)-SiegeStorm: Siege Mode 38m34s (Kamil 'Sanex' Cieśla & Marcin Świerkot, Awaken Realms Lite, 2019)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Barrage Expansion 40m50s-Erica Bouyouris' Scott Pilgrim and Steven Universe Offerings 42m16s-Calico Cuteness 44m13s-Arkhipov Day on October 27th 44m29sTopic: Competition and Competitiveness 44m53s
October 15, 2019
"You two are idiots."-QuinnsWe are live (on tape)! With special guest Quintin Smith aka Quinns from Shut Up & Sit Down. Also featuring guest appearances from French Canadian snack cakes, passive aggression, wonderful prizes (none for you, sorry, all gone), and the man who saved your life, Vasili Arkhipov! Also some feedback and noise from the megagame next door. Oh, well.Games Played Last Week: -Irish Gauge 8m34s (Tom Russell, Capstone Games, 2014)-Mandala 10m39s (Trevor Benjamin & Brett J. Gilbert, Lookout Games, 2019)-Warband: Against the Darkness 15m20s (Micah Fuller, Dyskami Publishing Company, 2015)-Ragusa 18m29s (Fabio Lopiano, Capstone Games, 2019)-Flash Duel 22m43s (David Sirlin, Sirlin Games, 2010)-Cowboy Bebop: Boardgame Boogie 27m17s (Josh Derksen, Thomas M. Gofton, & Aron Murch, Jasco Games, 2019)-Glory to Rome 29m37s (Carl Chudyk, Cambridge Games Factory, 2005)-Labyrinthos 31m07s (Lindsey Rose, Dog Might Games, 2020)-Quacks of Quedlinburg 36m03s (Wolfgang Warsch, Schmidt Spiele, 2018)-Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea 42m22s (Mark McLaughlin & Chris Vorder Bruegge, GMT Games, 2019)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Boardgame anime! 48m24s-Kemet 1.5 in English 50m38s-Cooper Island 51m17s -Arkhipov Day on October 27th 51m36s Audience Questions 54m31s
October 1, 2019
The saturation point is the point at which you can no longer dissolve a deck of cards into a bottle of water. I am told that in summer, it feels hotter than it is really is because of all the board game particles diffused throughout the air. It gets really hard to breathe sometimes--my cousin nearly choked on a cube, once. The dewpoint, I think, is the temperature at which a full copy of Catan will coalesce out of nowhere. Join us for our podcast about science.AYURIS: Thunderstone Quest 2m22s (Mike Elliott, Bryan Reese, & Mark Wootton, AEG, 2018)Games Played Last Week: -Teotihuacan: Late Preclassic Period 4m06s (Rainer Ahlfors, Andrei Novac, & Daniele Tascini, Board2Dice, 2019)-Tigris & Euphrates 6m07s (Reiner Knizia, Hans im Gluck, 1997)-Cockroach Poker 8m36s (Jacques Zeimet, Drei Magier Spiele, 2004)-Sidereal Confluence 10m22s (TauCeti Deichmann, Wizkids, 2017)-Slide Quest 12m27s (Nicolas Bourgoin & Jean-François Rochas, Blue Orange, 2019)-Obscurio 13m24s (L'Atelier, Libellud, 2019)-Mental Blocks 16m49s (Jonathan Gilmour & Micah Sawyer, Pandasaurus Games, 2019)-Conspiracy: The Solomon Gambit 19m17s (Rob Daviau, JR Honeycutt, Justin D. Jacobson, & Eric Solomon, Restoration Games, 2019)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Time Machine, Redux 22m42s-Tajuto: Fresh Take on Buddhism 25m58s-Pfister's Bizarre Rewriting of History, Again 29m15s-Doesn't he know that Scott Pilgrim's the best fighter in the province? 31m31s-Warhammer Underworlds Beastgrave: Pre-Made Decks 32m33sTopic: Market Saturation 34m12s
September 24, 2019
The cube trundles onward, marching inexorably--if haltingly--towards its ultimate destination. It is told it must explore, and so explore it does. The other cube conquers, but that is not this cube's concern. They met once at a party. It seemed nice, but that was long ago, and the cube must explore, not mingle. Sometimes it does not explore; sometimes it scores for some quantity of non-explore things. These things it does not understand, but it knows that points are good, and so it does those things. The explore cube also cares about farms, for some reason, and mushrooms. Near the end of its track, it pauses--not for lack of mushrooms, this time, but out of an uncharacteristic self-doubt. Why does it do these things, it wonders. What mad god intersperses these random tasks so? And down from Olympus comes the pronouncement of the cube's controller--perhaps that very mad god, or perhaps merely a lesser divinity in thrall of some yet more powerful, some yet more capricious deity--"BECAUSE THEME."Games Played Last Week: -Shards of Infinity 2m38s (Gary Arant & Justin Gary, Stone Blade Entertainment, 2018) -The Bridges of Shangri-La 4m33s (Leo Colovini, Uberplay, 2003)-Vengeance 9m22s (Gordon Calleja, Mighty Boards, 2018)-Slide Quest 12m03s (Nicolas Bourgoin & Jean-François Rochas, Blue Orange, 2019)-Gaslands: Refuelled 14m02s (Mike Hutchinson, Osprey Publishing, 2019)News (and why it doesn't matter):-Walker deploys facts, CMON travels in time 18m00s-More Warhammer Underworlds 21m58s-More Sidereal Confluence 24m20s-Foundations of Rome 25m44s-Mark must resist Obsidian Protocol 26m07s-Blacklist Games' Hour of Need 27m19s-Root RPG 28m34sFeature Game: Tapestry 29m06s (Jamey Stegmaier, Stonemaier Games, 2019)
September 17, 2019
Mark thinks it is colossally unfair that he gets so much flak for speaking French when mediocre game designers get to throw around a word like "tableau." Then again, Mark and Walker can't quite agree on what a tableau constitutes. Mark seems to define it the way that American judge famously defined pornography--he knows it when he sees it--whereas Walker is more conspiratorial about tableaus (Tableaux? Tableausies?), seeing them everywhere and lurking behind every player board or suite of special powers. Nothing seems to inspire disagreement among geeks like a taxonomy. AYURIS: Street Masters 2m17s (Adam Sadler & Brady Sadler, Blacklist Games, 2018) Games Played Last Week: -Attribute 5m27s (Marcel-Andre Casasola Merkle, Z-Man Games, 2002) -Pax Pamir: Second Edition 7m33s (Cole Wehrle, Wehrlegig Games, 2019) -Air, Land & Sea 9m57s (Jon Perry, Arcane Wonders, 2018) -Shadows of Malice: Revised 2nd Printing 13m27s (Jim Felli, Devious Weasel Games, 2019) -Undaunted: Normandy 17m10s (Trevor Benjamin & David Thompson, Osprey Games, 2019) -Infinity 21m44s (Gutier Lusquiños Rodríguez, Corvus Belli, 2005) News (and why it doesn't matter): -Root's solitaire expansion 23m54s -Donning more Purple 24m42s -Mark pleads for strength in the face of Aeon Trespass 26m27s -John Company 2nd edition: Mo JoCo Fo Sho 28m14s Topic: Tableau-Builders 29m10s
September 10, 2019
Adorable little pudgy robots soar through a blazing pink sky, stubby arms outstretched as they speed towards their destination--a yellow planet in the distance. "GIVE ME YOAR COOOBS" bellow the aliens upon arrival. "POINTZ 4 COOOOBS." A robot obliges, and a sonorous "cha-ching" resounds through its programming. But the robot is now a drifting derelict, its home ship long gone. It is now doomed to tumble through inky pinkness until its energy reserves burn to nothing. It begins to wonder, "Why have I done this? What is my purpose? What is this all for?" And the cosmos replies with a whisper, "It is for 1-4 players." Games Played Last Week: -Hellboy: The Board Game 2m03s (James M. Hewitt & Sophie Williams, Mantic Games, 2019) -Mech Command: RTS 4m37s (Chris Gabrielson, Bad Crow Games, 2018) -Modern Art 8m06s (Reiner Knizia, CMON, 2017) -XenoShyft: Dreadmire 10m21s (Michael Shinall, CMON, 2017) -Among Thieves 12m32s (Floyd Pretz, Indie Boards & Cards, 2019) -Barenpark 15m58s (Phil Walker-Harding, Lookout Games, 2017) -Pax Renaissance 19m35s (Phil Eklund & Matt Eklund, Sierra Madre Games, 2016) News (and why it doesn't matter): -Walker getz Dized 21m50s -Kemet 1.5 22m49s -Terra Mystica expands, why no Gaia Project? 24m32s -Vengeance: Director's Cut 25m35s -Co-op Trick-taking 27m38s Feature Game: Black Angel 28m26s (Sébastien Dujardin, Xavier Georges, & Alain Orban, Pearl Games, 2019)
September 3, 2019
We return to games of weeks past, for the most part, to see if our initial impressions persist. We were young and foolish in past weeks, of course, whereas now we are older and foolish. Whether our errors mature like fine wine or spoil to the vinegar of harsh insight is up to you. One thing is certain, though--our metaphors certainly aren't getting any sweeter. AYURIS: SEAL Team Flix 2m09s (Pete Ruth & Mark Thomas, WizKids, 2018) Games Played Last Week: -Kobayakawa 5m46s (Jun Sasaki, IELLO, 2013) -Black Angel 7m25s (Sébastien Dujardin, Xavier Georges, & Alain Orban, Pearl Games, 2019) -Human Punishment: Social Deduction 2.0 9m05s (Stefan Godot, Godot Games, 2018) -Teotihuacan: Late Preclassic Period 12m40s (Rainer Ahlfors, Andrei Novac, & Daniele Tascini, Board&Dice, 2019) -Import/Export 17m52s (Jordan Draper, Dark Flight, 2017) -Rangers of Shadow Deep 21m37s (Joseph McCullough, Self-published, 2018) -Horizon Wars 23m13s (Robey Jenkins, Osprey Publishing, 2016) News (and why it doesn't matter): -Vague intimations of important podcast news -Evil Dead 2 made whole? 25m26s -IGA Nominations announced 27m07s Topic: Card-Driven Games 28m24s
August 27, 2019
The Card Crafting System returns once more, its heaps of mylar inserting into our gaming life. I would say it darkens our door, but the things are mostly transparent, so the idiom doesn't quite fit. One wonders whether and how one could sleeve a Card Crafting game, given that the games largely consist of sleeves already--but once one has witnessed the recursive horror that is sleeve sleeves, you cannot doubt the persistence and ingenuity of the Cult of Sleeves. They will, like life, find a way--perhaps sleeving each insert before inserting them into an ur-sleeve that will smother us all. The horror. Games Played Last Week: -Tiny Epic Mechs 1m32s (Scott Almes, Gamelyn Games, 2019) -Yokohama 2m45s (Hisashi Hayashi, Tasty Minstrel Games, 2016) -Risk: Mass Effect Galaxy at War Edition 7m43s (Andrew Wolf, The OP, 2013) -Pulsar 2849 10m37s (Vladimír Suchý, CGE, 2017) -Antidote 13m06s (Dennis Hoyle, Bellwether Games, 2013) -Human Punishment: Social Deduction 2.0 14m33s (Stefan Godot, Godot Games, 2018) -Villagers 18m21s (Haakon Gaarder, Sinister Fish Games, 2019) News (and why it doesn't matter): -Sidereal Confluence expansion? 20m12s -New Orleans (gotta have a campaign) 21m11s -More Steding: Gugong expansion 23m16s -Pandemic system offshoots staying in print 23m53s -Successors Kickstarter launched 25m40s -Jagged Alliance expansion 27m59s Feature Game: Edge of Darkness 29m10s (John D. Clair, AEG, 2019)
August 20, 2019
There are happy stories. Stories of social serendipity, where you like them and they like you, and all opinions are as one and there is harmony. Where no awkward conversations need be had and no unfortunate lines drawn. Where no one is annoyed, and no one is harassed, and no one must bury their preferences so as to placate another. These are not these stories. AYURIS: Food Chain Magnate 1m37s (Jeroen Doumen & Joris Wiersinga, Splotter Spellen, 2015) Games Played Last Week: -Gugong 3m50s (Andreas Steding, Game Brewer, 2018) -Infinity 4m37s (Gutier Lusquiños Rodríguez, Corvus Belli, 2005) -Slide Quest 7m34s (Nicolas Bourgoin & Jean-François Rochas, Blue Orange, 2019) -Rhino Hero Super Battle 11m41s (Scott Frisco & Steven Strumpf, HABA, 2017) -Tiny Epic Mechs 13m40s (Scott Almes, Gamelyn Games, 2019) -Horizon Wars 16m50s (Robey Jenkins, Osprey Publishing, 2016) -Calimala 20m39s (Fabio Lopiano, ADC Blackfire Entertainment GmbH, 2017) News (and why it doesn't matter): -Hansa Teutonica Big Box! 21m52s -After the After the Empire Kickstarter 23m00s -Blacklist Games goes 8-bit with Bomberman and Contra 24m15s -Asmodee bought something again (again) 25m27s -Mark Rosewater “Why Diversity Matters in Game Design” 26m41s Topic: When, Why and How to Exclude People 27m32s
August 13, 2019
So. Many. Games. Even after careful curation and surgical editing, Mark and Walker talk about thirteen different games they played last week, not even counting the feature game. It was truly a good week. New games! Old games! Co-ops, minis, dexterity, wargames! Come join us at the cornucopia of amusement that is this week's SVWAG. Games Played Last Week: -Beasts of Balance 1m29s (George Buckenham & Alex Fleetwood, Sensible Object, 2016) -Teotihuacan: City of Gods 3m32s (Daniele Tascini, NSKN Games, 2018) -Obsession 4m19s (Dan Halladay, Kayenta Games, 2018) -Star Trek: Conflick in the Neutral Zone 6m31s (Mike Elliott, WizKids, 2019) -Pandemic: Fall of Rome 11m10s (Matt Leacock & Paolo Mori, Z-Man, 2018) -Pandemic: Rapid Response 12m25s (Kane Klenko, Z-Man Games, 2019) -Concordia 16m18s (Mac Gerdts, PD-Verlag, 2013) -Pulsar 2849 19m26s (Vladimír Suchý, CGE, 2017) -Lords of Hellas: Dark Ages Expansion 25m01s (Adam Kwapiński, Awaken Realms, 2019) -Just One 28m06s (Ludovic Roudy & Bruno Sautter, Repos Production, 2018) -Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan 28m41s (Matt Calkins, GMT, 2011) -Tannhauser Revised Edition 31m22s (Daniel Clark, J. R. Godwin, William Grosselin, & Jeff Tidball, Fantasy Flight, 2010) -Core Worlds 34m22s (Andrew Parks, Stronghold, 2011) News (and why it doesn't matter): - -Puerto Rico reprint 35m43s -How to earn success with Successors 36m57s -Gloomhaven digital early access 38m51s -Those without SEAL Team Flix, you have failed 39m28s -The Tiny Epic brand goes Ultra Tiny 40m21s -A Tapestry of distribution 41m01s Feature Game: Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Warcry 42m33s (Uncredited, Games Workshop, 2019)
August 6, 2019
What is gaming other than an outlet for vicarious experiences and thrills? To enjoy the simulacrum of killing, adventure, high finance, and impressing feudal lords? We can thus assert with great sincerity that ours shall be the very best GenCon coverage, in that we didn't go. Why trust the easily-misled first hand accounts? We know from both philosophy and science that sense data deceives. You can put your faith in our reflections, completely unbiased by any experience. AYURIS: Kemet 1m15s (Jacques Bariot & Guillaume Montiage, Matagot, 2012) Games Played Last Week: -Kemet 3m57s (Jacques Bariot & Guillaume Montiage, Matagot, 2012) -Tower of Babel 5m41s (Reiner Knizia, Hans im Gluck, 2005) -Q.E. 10m09s (Gavin Birnbaum,, 2019) -The Ares Project 11m53s (Brian Engelstein & Geoff Engelstein, Z-Man, 2011) -Mech Command RTS 14m28s (Chris Gabrielson, Bad Crow Games, 2018) -Import/Export 20m14s (Jordan Draper, Dark Flight Games, 2017) News (and why it doesn't matter): -How many Cyperpunks does one need? 25m05s -An actual Eric Lang joint: Ankh 25m33s -More Fiasco 26m51s -Everyone can relax, Mark has been made whole 28m28s Topic: What We Would Have Done at GenCon 30m39s Lou Zocchi:
July 30, 2019
Failure can be a fortuitous thing, which is very good for Mark, as he is well accustomed to failure. While this week's review of Pax Renaissance is certainly not on the scale of, say, penicillin, it did give him the opportunity to play one of his top 20 games more. As to whether Walker profited or suffered from this development is a deep and abiding mystery solvable only by listening to this week's episode. Games Played Last Week: -Gaslands 2m29s (Glenn Ford & Mike Hutchinson, Osprey Publishing, 2017) -Space Hulk 3rd edition 4m56s (Richard Halliwell, Games Workshop, 2009) -Horizon Wars 7m37s (Robey Jenkins, Osprey Publishing, 2016) -Time of Crisis 10m30s(Wray Ferrell & Brad Johnson, GMT, 2017) -Q.E. 12m30s (Gavin Birnbaum,, 2019) -Lords of Hellas: Dark Ages Expansion 15m12s (Adam Kwapinski, Awaken Realms, 2019) -Getaway Driver 16m12s (Jeff Beck, Uproarious Games, 2019) News (and why it doesn't matter): -Goodbye to Richard Berg 18m17s -Spyfall through time 19m35s -The unfolding Golden Bell situation 20m28s -Walker shills his auction 23m53s Feature Game: Pax Renaissance 24m14s (Phil Eklund & Matt Eklund, Sierra Madre Games, 2016)
July 23, 2019
We can pretend that our adult pastimes are more sophisticated and evolved from the trivialities of mere children, but really, let's admit it--it's all the same. We can't claim any degree of superiority when compared to the antics of ankle-biters. Let's be mature about it and lean into the juvenalia, shall we? My doll is better than your doll. My doll has the Plasmanator Meltotron. You can't hit my doll, it has an invisible everything shield! AYURIS: Keyflower 1m58s (Sebastian Bleasdale & Richard Breese, R&D Games, 2012) Games Played Last Week: -Pax Renaissance 4m25s (Phil Eklund & Matt Eklund, Sierra Madre Games, 2016) -Root 4m27s (Cole Wehrle, Leder Games, 2018) -Neuroshima Hex! 3.0 6m46s (Michal Oracz, Portal Games, 2006) -Modern Art 8m30s (Reiner Knizia, CMON, 2017) -Quadropolis 12m30s (Francois Gandon, Days of Wonder, 2016) -Lords of Hellas: Lord of the Sun 14m03s (Adam Kwapinski, Awaken Realms, 2019) -Men at Work 17m53s (Rita Modl, Pretzel Games, 2019) -Rhino Hero Giant Edition 18m57s (Scott Frisco & Steven Strumpf, Sugorokuya, 2018) -Piratenbillard 20m36s (Reinhold Wittig, ABACUSSPIELE, 1959) -Joraku 22m47s (Iori Tsukinami, Tasty Minstrel, 2015) News (and why it doesn't matter): -CMON's "Teburu": The future? 25m17s -Mental Blocks at Gencon 30m47s -Real-time medical follies with Rush M.D. 32m07s -More Carl Chudyk in the Aegean Sea 33m09s -Dragonball Zed 34m58s -Spiel des Jahres winners 35m51s -More Aristeia! 36m56s Topic: Tabletop Miniatures Gaming 38m03s
July 16, 2019
"May you get everything you want" is nothing short of a curse, I think, and so this week we curse you with your own desires. You wanted us to play Middara, so we did. You wanted more information about Sol: Last Days of a Star, so we oblige. As you weep, surrounded by the wreckage wrought by your own wishes, don't come to us for solace, for we are but the accomplices of your own self-destruction. Also, if that weren't terrifying enough, intergalactic scorpions! Games Played Last Week: -Men at Work 1m43s (Rita Modl, Pretzel Games, 2019) -Middara: Unintentional Malum Act 1 5m48s (Clayton Helme, Brooklynn Lundberg, Brennon Moncur, & Ian Tate, SUccubus Publishing, 2019) -Dinosaur Island 12m44s (Jonathan Gilmour & Brian Lewis, Pandasaurus Games, 2017) -Planet 14m11s (Urtis Šulinskas, Blue Orange, 2018) -Rangers of Shadow Deep 17m38s (Joseph McCullough, Self-published, 2018) -Pax Renaissance 19m39s (Phil Eklund & Matt Eklund, Sierra Madre Games, 2016) -Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Dawn 20m16s (Felix Mertikat, King Racoon Games, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter): -Conan. Again. 25m46s -Good compatibility news about Quest for El Dorado 26m19s -Kingdomino gets a roll-and-write 26m51s -Yggdrasil needed a campaign 27m44s -Through the Ages expands after 16 years 28m56s -Support for Meltwater's Erin Lee Escobedo's mom 29m50s Feature Game: Sol: Last Days of a Star 30m39s (Ryan Spangler & Sean Spangler, Elephant Laboratories, 2017)
July 9, 2019
Since tableau-building today is very much what auctions were twenty years ago, we take a look at both in this week's episode. The Pax games continue ever onward, even as most of our favourite auction game were published 10+ years ago. Mark resists the urge to go off on a tangent about the Trolley Problem, which allows Walker to resist the urge to send Mark's teeth off on a tangent from his mouth. Compromise. AYURIS: 1m32s Hyperborea (Andrea Chiarvesio & Pierluca Zizzi, Asterion Press, 2014) Orleans (Reiner Stockhausen, dlp Games, 2014) Altiplano (Reiner Stockhausen, dlp Games, 2017) Games Played Last Week: -Thunderstone Quest: Barricades Mode 4m14s (Mike Elliott, Bryan Reese, & Mark Wootton, AEG, 2019) -Pax Pamir (Second Edition) 9m01s (Cole Wehrle, Wehrelegig Games, 2019) -Sol: Last Days of a Star 17m16s (Ryan Spangler & Sean Spangler, Elephant Laboratories, 2017) -Skip-Bo 21m36s (Hazel "Skip" Bowman, Mattel, 1967) -LAMA (aka Wrath of the Appliances: Rise of the Killer Kameras) 23m10s (Reiner Knizia, AMIGO, 2019) -Glen More 24m32s (Matthias Cramer, alea, 2010) -Among Thieves 26m53s (Floyd Pretz, Indie Boards & Cards, 2019) News (and why it doesn't matter): -Planned obsolescence in Quest for El Dorado? 31m50s -Pacific Rim could defy expectations? 32m35s -Tariff reprieve? 33m10s -Knizia's Babylonia shows promise? 33m45s -Will Mark sap the fun out of Principle Dilemma? 34m42s Topic: Auctions 36m46s
July 2, 2019
I swear, one dude gets his arm cut off in a cantina and we're still harping on about it forty years later. Have a sense of proportion! I got beat up in high school twenty years ago, but you don't hear me whining. That dude should have done what I did--rounded up a posse and threatened retaliation if any assault persisted. He could have rallied those pushed around by laser sword-wielding hermits and made the galaxy safe for... hold on, I think I just started writing fanfic. Games Played Last Week: -Antike II 1m33s (Mac Gerdts, PD-Verlag, 2015) -Council of 4 3m42s (Simone Luciani & Daniele Tascini, CMON, 2015) -Deception: Murder in Hong Kong 6m18s (Tobey Ho, Grey Fox Games, 2014) -Gaslands: Refuelled 8m06s (Mike Hutchinson, Osprey Publishing, 2019) -Rangers of Shadow Deep 10m04s (Joseph McCullough, Self-published, 2019) -Beasts of Balance 12m51s (George Buckenham & Alex Fleetwood, Sensible Object, 2016) News (and why it doesn't matter): -Die Macher Die Hards Disappointed 14m24s -Flotilla invents the post-apocalypse 16m36s -Ticket to Ride: The Musical? 17m22s -Dance Card (High School 2.0) 19m00s -Bloomberg article follow-up by Eric J. Francis 20m27s Feature Game: Star Wars: Outer Rim 23m57s (Corey Konieczka with Tony Fanchi, FFG, 2019)
June 25, 2019
Knowing when to give up is a valuable skill. As children we are told to stick with painful and unpleasant things, and while that is often wise, sometimes it just results in more pain. Discerning the difference between choking down one's vegetables--good!--and pursuing a hobby merely for the sake of it--bad!--is a tricky bit of prudence that many adults can't quite seem to get. The notion of an "acquired taste" is somewhat related. Eating chocolate is something you can nail the first time and every time, so acquiring a taste for expensive Scotch whisky that tastes of dirt seems a little off. But sometimes... sometimes! You should try that thing again. AYURIS: Crisis at Steamfall 4m16s (Tom Stasiak, Beautiful Disaster Games, 2019) Games Played Last Week: -Just One 6m04s (Ludovic Roudy & Bruno Sautter, Repos Productions) -Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King 9m06s (Andreas Pelikan & Alexander Pfister, Lookout Games, 2015) -Up Front 10m49s (Courtney F. Allen, Avalon Hill, 1983) -Sol: Last Days of a Star 14m45s (Ryan Spangler & Sean Spangler, Elephant Laboratories, 2017) -Bunny Kingdom 20m41s (Richard Garfield, IELLO, 2017) -Rangers of Shadow Deep 25m25s (Joseph McCullough, Self-published, 2019) News (and why it doesn't matter): -More Middara 29m28s -Starfarers of Catan Returns 30m32s -Bloomberg Doesn't Understand 32m03s -Pronunciation Legends from CMON 35m13s Topic: Second Chances 36m14s
June 18, 2019
This is not, strictly speaking, the first foray into gaming that Hellboy has done--not even the first in the miniatures genre. There were some Hellboy Heroclix, but let us speak as adults--that's not really saying much. Everyone has been in Heroclix now. 43% of the human population has been represented as a Heroclix figure at some point. Walker has, like, four different versions (albeit two of those are repaints). I hear the "Raging Fury" Walker figure is banned in most tournament play. Games Played Last Week: -Just One 1m59s (Ludovic Roudy & Bruno Sautter, Repos Productions) -Lords of Hellas 4m57s (Awam Kwapinski, Awaken Realms, 2018) -Tammany Hall 7m39s (Doug Eckhart, IDW Games, 2007) Editorial note: Mark erred in his playing of Tammany Hall (unused favour chips are not worth points). We'll have a full correction next week, and Mark will revisit the game as soon as he can. We apologize for the error. -Small City 14m37s (Alban Viard, AVStudioGames, 2015) News (and why it doesn't matter): -Free Doomrock expansion! 21m55s -Moar Apocalypse with Last Aurora 23m00s -Sadler Bros.' Altar Quest 24m00s Feature Game: Hellboy: The Board Game 24m35s (James M. Hewitt & Sophie Williams, Mantic Games, 2019)
June 11, 2019
Heroscape! This show has spent far, far too long talking about things that are not Heroscape. Today we attempt to remedy that deficiency by talking about Heroscape, which is a game--nay, an experience--nay, a lifestyle!--worth discussing. It was a wonderful retail oddity, an overproduced and affordable big box beauty. It is why basements were invented. It isn't the greatest game, but it is definitely Heroscape. AYURIS: Lords of Hellas 1m54s (Awam Kwapinski, Awaken Realms, 2018) Games Played Last Week: -Junk Art 6m31s (Jay Cormier & Sen-Foong Lim, Pretzel Games, 2016) -Claustrophobia 1643 9m02s (Croc & Laurent Pouchain, Monolith, 2019) -Pax Renaissance 12m34s (Matt Eklund & Phil Eklund, Sierra Madre, 2016) -Heroscape 13m32s (Stephen Baker, Rob Daviau, & Craig Van Ness, Hasbro, 2004) -Scythe 16m37s (Jamey Stegmaier, Stonemaier Games, 2016) -Newton 18m20s (Simone Luciani & Nestore Mangone, Cranio Creations, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter): -Earth Reborn Reborn? 20m44s -Too Many Too Many Bones? 22m36s -Co-op City Building 23m32s -Karate Tomate! 24m18s -RTS -> Cardboard in Company of Heroes 26m05s -Snake? SNAAKE! 27m22s -Post-Apocalyptic Small Furry Things 29m19s -Jim Felli's The World Reapers: A Game of Overpowered, World-Eating, Cosmic Frogs 30m05s Topic: You Need to Take a Little Off the Top, Bud 32m14s
June 4, 2019
Do you sometimes feel like having your blind brother hurl spears at you as a party trick? Do you feel the urge to put your hand in a giant wolf's mouth to make your friends feel bad? Do you wish you could ride a chariot pulled by cats for no discernible reason? Do you long to carry on rambling conversations with a severed head? Do you want days of the week to be named after you? Well, this is your episode! Games Played Last Week: -Just One 1m26s (Ludovic Roudy & Bruno Sautter, Repos Productions, 2018) -Lords of Hellas 3m12s (Adam Kwapiński, Awaken Realms, 2018) -Combat Commander: Europe 5m26s(Chad Jensen, GMT, 2006) -Barenpark 7m56s (Phil Walker-Harding, Lookout Games, 2017) -Corporate America 8m31s (Teale Fristoe, Nothing Sacred Games, 2013) -Reykholt 10m09s (Uwe Rosenberg, Frosted Games, 2018) -Burning Suns 11m05s (Emil Larson, SunTzu Games, 2013) -51st State: Master Set - Allies 13m32s (Joanna Kijanka & Ignacy Trzewiczek, Portal Games, 2019) -Tammany Hall 16m12s (Doug Eckhart, IDW Games, 2007) News (and why it doesn't matter): -Chad Jensen diagnosed with cancer and is raising funds 21m24s -Stack with Tuki 22m16s -Ready availability of Queenies? 23m16s -Papillon flies again 24m51s -Modiphius doubles down on Bethesda 25m31s Feature Game: Asgard's Chosen 27m14s (Morgan Dontanville, Mayfair Games, 2013) Solo variant:
May 28, 2019
Names are powerful. The Spiel des Jahres means "game of the year" simpliciter, but for years we know that the juries have been casting a narrower and narrower net of what games thay would consider. It has become more of a specialized imprint, which is fine--but it's strange that the name still inspires such cachet. Anything with rules in excess of 3 or so pages seems now to be firmly beyond the pale as far as the SdJ is concerned. Ah, well, times change, and we are prone to fits of curmudgeonly behavior. We do at least give our rundown of the 3 nominated games. AYURIS: The City of Kings 1m02s (Frank West, The City of Games, 2018) Games Played Last Week: -Trick Shot 2m35s (Nikita Krylov &Artyom Nichipurov, Wolff Designa, 2019) -LAMA aka Wrath of the Appliances: Rise of the Killer Kameras 4m50s (Reiner Knizia, AMIGO, 2019) -Just One 8m01s (Ludovic Roudy & Bruno Sautter, Repos Productions, 2018) -Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare 10m03s (Richard Borg, PSC Games, 2019) -Fireball Island: The Curse of Vol-Kar 13m51s (Rob Daviau, JR Honeycutt, Justin D. Jacobson, Chuck Kennedy, & Bruce Lund, Restoration Games, 2018) -Hansa Teutonica 15m38s (Andreas Steding, Z-Man Games, 2010) -SpaceCorp 17m03s (John H. Butterfield, GMT Games, 2018) -Rayguns and Rocketships 19m33s (Scott Rogers, IDW Games, 2017) News (and why it doesn't matter): -The tangled webs Kickstarter weaves (and then pulls) 26m23s (Correction: During this segment we mistakenly conflated Travis Worthington of Indie Boards and Cards and Travis R. Chance of Kolossal Games. They have both had projects canceled by Kickstarter. We apologize for the error.) -Endeavor: Age of Expansion Expansion 30m30s -Pandemic Targets real-time 31m51s Topic: How Big a Collection? 33m00s
May 21, 2019
Credibility, like a butterfly, is a fragile and beautiful thing. Mark is fundamentally opposed to subtlety and ephemeral joy, so he naturally seeks to destroy either whenever he encounters it. When it comes to credibility he does this by routinely making gross over-generalizations. This time he has managed to make an instant replay-esque correction, at least. As for what he does to butterflies, let's just say he manages to make garden parties awkward. Games Played Last Week: -Bios: Megafauna 2nd Edition 3m08s (Andrew Doull, Phil Eklund, & Jon Manker, Sierra Madre, 2017) -Brook City 6m37s (Adam Sadler & Brady Sadler, Blacklist Games, 2019) -Rayguns and Rocketships 12m06s (Scott Rogers, IDW Games, 2017) -A Game of Thrones: Catan--Brotherhood of the Watch 15m45s (Klaus Teuber & Benjamin Teuber, Fantasy Flight, 2017) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Walker expands what he no longer has 22m00s -Wherefore art thou, journalism? Round 1: Tariffs vs. Gamers 22m31s (Polygon article: -Space Invaders 27m16s -Round 2: Stonemaier vs. Gaming Goat 28m01s -Papillon rises again? 30m41s Feature Game: Gentes: Deluxified 31m38s (Stefan Risthaus, Tasty Minstrel, 2018)
May 14, 2019
Summer is here, friends and neighbours, and with it comes a a thickening of the blood that prompts torpor. We here at SVWAG are part lizard, you see, and so we must budget additional time to sun ourselves and slough off our scales. At any rate, we will be shifting to a summer schedule but still releasing an episode every week--though the magic of segment-swapping. How can such wizardry be true? The secrets are revealed herein! AYURIS: Mage Knight 2m10s (Vlaada Chvatil, WizKids, 2011) Games Played Last Week: -Imperius 5m36s (Grant Rodiek, Kolossal Games, 2018) -Bärenpark 7m18s (Phil Walker-Harding, Lookout, 2017) -Burning Suns 10m05s (Emil Larson, SunTzuGames, 2013) -Downfall 13m11s (John D. Clair, Tasty Minstrel, 2019) -Adrenaline: Team Play DLC 15m41s (Filip Neduk, Czech Games Edition, 2018) -Pandemic: Fall of Rome 17m39s (Matt Leacock & Paolo Mori, Z-Man, 2018) -Space Cadets: Dice Duel 19m25s (Geoff Engelstein and Sydney Engelstein, Stronghold, 2013) -Gentes: Deluxified Edition 21m14s (Stefan Risthaus, Tasty Minstrel, 2018) -Roll for the Galaxy 24m53s (Wei-Hwa Huang & Thomas Lehmann, Rio Grande, 2014) -Brook City 26m54s (Adam Sadler & Brady Sadler, Blacklist Games, 2019) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Trick Shot on Kickstarter 31m16s -No dice for BloodBorne 32m36s -Pax Renaissance goes deluxe but not -ified 33m08s -Die Macher improves its graphics 34m18s -Cleopatra, comin' at ya (Clone High fans? Anyone?) 36m00s -Scythe goes modular, jumps shark? 37m03s Topic: Good Games that Induce Pain 38m07s
April 30, 2019
We humble ourselves before you, O merciful audience, so as to lay bare our sins against the gaming world. Granted we toil as rules explainers on the behalf of ungrateful vermin who do not appreciate our labours, but nonetheless we take full responsibility for mildly inconveniencing the filthy ingrates who can't be bothered to read a rulebook. We implore that these monstrously selfish demons might find it in their paltry hearts and feeble minds to grant us a little mercy. We sincerely apologize to these subhuman monsters, we truly do. AYURIS: Feudum 3m20s (Mark K. Swanson, Odd Bird Games, 2017) Games Played Last Week: -The Boldest 4m38s (Sophia Wagner, Pegasus Spiele, 2019) -Wingspan 6m36s (Elizabeth Hargrave, Stonemaier Games, 2019) -Council of 4 9m00s (Simone Luciani & Daniele Tascini, Cranio Creations, 2015) -Root 11m42s (Cole Wehrle, Leder Games, 2018) -Imperius 12m20s (Grant Rodiek, Kolossal Games, 2018) -Siege of the Citadel 15m23s (Richard Borg, Eric M. Lang, Jason Little, & Kevin Wilson, Modiphius, 2019) News (and why it doesn't matter) -51st State expands with Allies 18m00s -Mark is not a lawyer on the Great Western Trail 19m14s -In space, no one can hear you roleplay 21m59s -Warhammer Underworlds goes digital 22m32s -Terraforming Kickstarter 23m27s -Kolossal Kickstarter takedown 24m15s Feature Game: Warpgate 26m52s (Artyom Nichipurov, Wolff Designa, 2018) Topic: Biggest Rules Mistakes 53m10s
April 23, 2019
"Money makes the world go 'round" is a common saying decried by most astronomers and physicists, who instead stubbornly maintain that it is due to some invisible thing that can't even qualify for a credit card. "More money than God" is also a strange phrasing, insofar as I believe the theological consensus (ranging from the Abrahamic faiths all the way to Pastafarianism) is that God does not hold assets in the standard sense. Then again, I've never seen His portfolio. Anyway, Cthulhu Wars is expensive and so are exciting plans. AYURIS: Quartermaster General 2m35s (Ian Brody, Griggling Games, 2014) Games Played Last Week: -Walker has a family 4m24s -Res Arcana 5m27s (Thomas Lehmann, Sand Castle Games, 2019) -The Boldest 7m19s (Sophia Wagner, Pegasus Spiele, 2019) -Snit's Revenge 10m51s (Tom Wham, TSR, 1977) -Hanabi 12m39s (Antoine Bauza, R&R, 2010) -FlickFleet 13m18s (Jackson Pope & Paul Willcox, Eurydice Games, 2018) -Magnastorm 15m42s (Bauldric & Friends, Feuerland Spiele, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter) -CMON licenses God of War... 18m48s -...and Bloodborne 19m07s -More pretty things from Ryan Laukat 20m20s -Marco Polo voyages again 21m04s -Warhammer Underworlds (Shadespire, really) lives on 21m58s Feature Game: Cthulhu Wars 22m31s (Sandy Peterson & Lincoln Petersen, Petersen Games, 2015) Topic: Dueling Rules: The "Right" Way to Play 51m30s Loopin' Louie tournament rules:
April 16, 2019
We spare you the onomatopoeias this week, as our audio editing software cannot process the brightly-coloured spiky expostulations properly. Walker gets to backpedal at full speed this week, having previously declared his being done with both 1 vs. all games and games with tons of minis. So he surely wouldn't have any enthusiasm for this 1 vs. all minis-heavy game, would he? Could he?! Na na na na na na na na Na na na na na na na na PLASTIC AYURIS: GKR: Heavy Hitters 1m25s (Matt Hyra, Cryptozoic Entertainment, 2018) Games Played Last Week: -Res Arcana 3m08s (Thomas Lehmann, Sand Castle Games, 2019) -Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress 6m56s (Jervis Johnson, Games Workshop, 2018) -Warpgate 9m38s (Artyom Nichipurov, Wolff Designa, 2018) -Titans Tactics 12m37s (G. Kelly Toyama, Imbalanced Games, 2013) -Pax Renaissance 14m21s (Phil Eklund & Matt Eklund, Sierra Madre Games, 2016) -For Sale 18m34s (Stefan Dorra, Uberplay, 1997) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Mensa? Do we care about Mensa? 19m26s -Renegade charms again with Bubble Tea 21m40s -Mega Vampires and Mega Werewolves 22m13s -More tile-laying from Reiner Knizia 23m19s Feature Game: Batman: Gotham City Chronicles 24m06s (Frédéric Henry, Monolith, 2019) Topic: Changing Tastes Over Time 53m17s
April 9, 2019
Here's the thing, at least as Mark understands it: acquired tastes are weird. Some things are great the first time. Furthermore, some things are easy and great the first time. Take chocolate, for example. Most people start out champs at eating chocolate. Mark tried to get good at something once, but he found out that requires effort. Who has time for ten thousand hours when there's elite-level candy consumption to be had? Walker on the other hand laments Mark's narrow little horizons. AYURIS: Space Alert 2m59s (Vlaada Chvatil, CGE, 2008) Games Played Last Week: -Warpgate 4m22s (Artyom Nichipurov, Wolff Designa, 2018) -Caverna: The Cave Farmers 6m38s (Uwe Rosenberg, Lookout Games, 2013) -Codenames 8m10s (Vlaada Chvatil, CGE, 2015) -KeyForge: Call of the Archons 9m29s (Richard Garfield, Fantasy Flight, 2018) -Intrigue 10m06s (Stefan Dorra, AMIGO, 1994) -Combat Commander: Europe 14m13s (Chad Jensen, GMT, 2006) -Aristeia! 16m39s (Alberto Abal, Jesús Fuster, & David Rosillo, Corvus Belli, 2017) -Pax Renaissance 19m01s (Phil Eklund & Matt Eklund, Sierra Madre Games, 2016) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Spread the Love Letter, spread the pain 21m59s -In Defiance of the glut of dungeon crawlers 22m58s -Conflick in the Neutral Zone, again 25m35s -Scramble for outrage in wargamer land 26m37s Feature Game: Catacombs 3rd ed. 28m44 (Ryan Amos, Marc Kelsey, & Aron West, Elzra Corp., 2015) Topic: Mastering a Game 49m35s
April 2, 2019
Today is a telling day in the annals of SVWAG, especially with respect to Mark coming to terms with his own essential wrongness. He gets to partially repent for his tonal excesses with respect to the AYURIS; he gets to mull over painful loves lost in Billionaire Banshee; and he gets to realize that once again that while Walker cares deeply about people, he cares mostly about stuffing his face and listening to loud music. Things get real. AYURIS: Champions of Midgard 1m47s (Ole Steiness, Grey Fox Games, 2015 Games Played Last Week: -Die fiesen 7 4m03s (Jacques Zeimet, Drei Hasen in der Abendsonne, 2015) -Factory Funner 6m17s (Corné van Moorsel, Cwali, 2016) -Swordcrafters 7m15s (Ryan Lambert, Chris Neuman, & Adam Rehberg, Adam's Apple Games, 2018) -Formula D 8m48s (Laurent Lavaur & Eric Randall, Asmodee, 2008) -Billionaire Banshee 10m26s (Steven “Razlo” Bailey, Breaking Games, 2014) -Quadropolis 13m20s (François Gandon, Days of Wonder, 2016) -Vengeance 14m05s (Gordon Calleja, Mighty Boards, 2018) -Race for the Galaxy: The Brink of War 15m35s (Thomas Lehmann, Rio Grande Games, 2010) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Carnival Zombie 2nd ed. finally shambles out of development limbo 17m28s -Vicious, adorable creatures in Crumbs 19m03s -Golden Geek Awards voting over 20m24s -Bus reprint by Capstone 21m05s Feature Game: Calimala 22m19s (Fabio Lopiano, ADC Blackfire Entertainment GmbH, 2017) Topic: Gaming Ambiance 43m35s
March 26, 2019
HATE has landed, and you can't have it. CMON's dalliances with Kickstarter exclusives have been numerous, but now they have their first Kickstarter-exclusive game. We review it not to taunt you with things you can't acquire, but rather to give you the vicarious thrill of someone who can have everything. Let your imagination whisk you away to a universe that is all plastic cannibalistic hardcases! AYURIS: Battlelore 2nd Edition 2m14s (Richard Borg & Robert A. Kouba, FFG, 2013) Games Played Last Week: -Root 4m39s (Cole Wehrle, Leder Games, 2018) -Gùgōng 6m37s (Andreas Steding, Game Brewer, 2018) -Blood Rage 8m36s (Eric M. Lang, CMON, 2015) -Die fiesen 7 10m34s (Jacques Zeimet, Drei Hasen in der Abendsonne, 2015) -Calimala 11m33s (Fabio Lopiano, ADC Blackfire Entertainment GmbH, 2017) -Hansa Teutonica 13m11s (Andreas Steding, Argentum Verlag, 2010) -Amun-Re: The Card Game 13m54s (Reiner Knizia, Super Meeple, 2017) -Agricola 15m45s (Uwe Rosenberg, Lookout Games, 2007) -Hanabi 18m25s (Antoine Bauza, ABACUSSPIELE, 2010) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Bauza has sequels for Ghost Stories and Tokaido 20m21s -Asmodee will distribute CMON post-Kickstarter 21m37s -The OP lands Die Hard license 22m57s -Walker falls for Aquicorn Cove's stunning visuals 24m48s -...and for Fuji Koro 25m12s Feature Game: HATE 25m50s (Raphaël Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, Alexandru Olteanu, & Nicolas Raoult, CMON, 2019) Topic: Needing to Know the Deck 50m01s
March 19, 2019
As my father is wont to say, "Accept credit, pass blame." Actually, no, I said that, and it's my father's fault that I forgot the correct attribution. Is that how that works? At any rate, we here at SVWAG are always happy to claim responsibility for all positive developments. When and if peace breaks out anywhere, we will assert it is our doing based merely on this aside. Such is the power of our episode notes and our self-aggrandizement! AYURIS: The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch 2m08s (Fel Barros, Christophe Madura, Alexandru Olteanu, David Rakoto, & Michael Shinall, CMON, 2018) Games Played Last Week: -Barony 4m51s (Marc André, Matagot, 2015) -Millennium Blades 5m37s (D. Brad Talton, Level 99 Games, 2016) -Santorini 7m32s (Gord!, Roxley, 2016) -Space Base 8m37s (John D. Clair, AEG, 2018) -Scythe 11m43s (Jamey Stegmaier, Stonemaier Games, 2016 -Obsession 13m17s (Dan Hallagan, Kayenta Games, 2018) -Caverna: The Forgotten Folk 16m20s (Uwe Rosenberg & Alex Wilber, Lookout Games, 2018) -Claustrophobia: 1642 (Croc & Laurent Pouchain, Monolith, 2019) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Mild Patreon Shilling 23m34s -Peace during the Age of Steam 24m09s -Dune is back. Insert reference here. 25m36s -Sneak Breakout preview 28m35s Feature Game: XenoShyft: Onslaught 29m12s (Keren Philosophales & Michael Shinall, CMON, 2015) and Dreadmire (Michael Shinall, CMON, 2017) Topic: 1 vs. All vs. Coop vs. Semi-Coop vs. Vs. 53m54s
March 12, 2019
Currencies drive many things, perhaps most things. HATE is driven by a currency called Savagery, which I believe is floated on the international market and its exchange rate fluctuates daily. We here at So Very Wrong About Games fuel our episodes with Snark, which is pegged conveniently to the Canadian Dollar. As a consequence, when some of you might be tempted to correct Mark on the name of the 1987 Richard Halliwell design ("um, actually, it's Block Mania, not Block Panic"), you are only making them stronger. AYURIS: Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire (David Sanders, Games Workshop, 2017) 1m54s Games Played Last Week: -HATE 4m34s (Raphaël Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, Alexandru Olteanu, & Nicolas Raoult, CMON, 2019) -Climb! 7m08s (Benoit Michaud, Le Scorpion Masqué, 2008) -Siege of the Citadel 9m32s (Richard Borg, Eric M. Lang, Jason Little, & Kevin Wilson, Modiphius Entertainment, 2019) -Goodcritters 11m45s (Fabian Zimmermann, Arcane Wonders, 2018) -Teotihuacan: City of Gods 14m43s (Daniele Tascini, NSKN Games, 2018) -Infinity 15m20s (Gutier Lusquiños Rodríguez, Corvus Belli, 2005) -Pax Pamir 17m25s (Phil Eklund & Cole Wehrle, Sierra Madre Games, 2015) -Obsession 21m35s (Dan Hallagan, Kayenta Games, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter) -The Talisman nightmare has started: Batman and Kingdom Hearts 25m34s -It, and I can't even 26m43s -Worst expansion title competition 27m30s -Judge Dredd enters the Wildlands 28m57s -Restoring Epic Duels 30m09s -Age of Steam boils over. Again. 31m49s Feature Game: Concordia (Mac Gerdts, PD-Verlag, 2013) and Concordia Venus (2018) 34m14s Topic: Spending Money on the Hobby: Are You Getting Your Money's Worth? 1h01m43s
February 26, 2019
You do you, Walker always says, except he almost never does. Mark always says smoke 'em if you got 'em, despite his never uttering those words and frankly not knowing what they mean. He tried smoking once and didn't enjoy it. Why care about such petty things as truth or data when it feels consistent with a narrative you're peddling? Echoes of contemporary politics abound, as we ponder whether a game needs to be balanced so long as it tells a good tale. AYURIS: Rising Sun (Eric Lang, CMON, 2018) 5m26s Games Played Last Week: -Cerebria: The Inside World 8m57s (Richard Amann, Viktor Peter, István Pócsi, Frigyes Schőberl, Nick Shaw, & Dávid Turczi, Mindclash Games, 2018) -Teotihuacan: City of Gods 11m22s (Daniele Tascini, NSKN Games, 2018) -Spirit Island 12m10s (R. Eric Reuss, Greater Than Games, 2017) -Tajemnicze Domostwo/Mysterium 15m24s (Oleksandr Nevskiy & Oleg Sidorenko, Portal Games, 2013) -Millennium Blades 19m11s (D. Brad Talton Jr., Level 99 Games, 2016) -Shadowrift 21m11s (Jeremy Anderson, Game Salute, 2012) -Donning the Purple 24m54s (Petter Schanke Olsen, Tompet Games, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Hanabi deluxe blows up again 27m32s -Dice Forge rebels 28m45s -Capstone gauges Winsome's Irish Gauge 29m09s -Sailor Moon deceives...? 31m00s -White Goblin will Yoko no mo 32m04s Feature Game: A Feast for Odin: The Norwegians 33m37s (Gernot Köpke & Uwe Rosenberg, Feuerland Spiele, 2018) Topic: Theme vs. Balance 59m35s
February 19, 2019
The Peter Principle observes that people tend to get promoted to their level of incompetence. Namely if someone does a job well, they'll be promoted, until such time as they cease doing a job well and persist at that level of ineptitude. We mention this not because it accurately describes the arc of Mark's life both professionally and personally--which, let's face it, it does--but rather because we have decided to promote the AYURIS from off-hand remark into Full Fledged Segment (AYURIS, FFS [tm]). Time stamp and everything! If it does well, it'll get it's own podcast; if it does poorly, all hail the Peter Principle. AYURIS: 51st State: Master Set (Ignacy Trzewiczek, Portal, 2016) 1m31s Games Played Last Week: -Kingdom Death: Monster 5m28s (Adam Poots, Kingdom Death, 2015) -Reykholt 9m02s (Uwe Rosenberg, Frosted Games, 2018) -Bargain Hunter 15m35s (Uwe Rosenberg, Valley Games, 1998) -Meltwater: A Game of Tactical Starvation 17m34s (Erin Lee Escobedo, Hollandspiele, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter) -The Orville Clix 19m34s -Samuel Bailey's Stars a little less Forbidden 19m59s -Samuel Bailey digs Deep 21m17s -Rooting around for more factions 22m22s -KeyForging on 22m46s -Being on the same Wavelength 23m14s -Even deeper Descent 24m31s -Rushing into the Kingdom of boardgames of apps 25m19s Feature Game: Cerebria: The Inside World 25m58s (Richard Amann, Viktor Peter, István Pócsi, Frigyes Schőberl, Nick Shaw, & Dávid Turczi, Mindclash Games, 2018) Topic: Hype 54m39s
February 12, 2019
Sometimes categories are useful taxonomical tools, and sometimes they are so blunt as to be confusing and unhelpful. What gets parsed as "worker placement" can get downright murky at times. To Walker, though, the world is clear and simple. Tolstoy tells us that "All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." Walker has a modified view--all fun games are fun and thus good and interchangeable, and all unfun games are bad and thus the same. It's a good thing he's not a critic or anything. Games Played Last Week: -Welcome to... 3m47s (Benoit Turpin, Blue Cocker Games, 2018) -A Feast for Odin: The Norwegians 6m19s (Gernot Köpke & Uwe Rosenberg, Feuerland Spiele, 2018) -Architects of the West Kingdom 9m55s (Shem Phillips & S. J. Macdonald, Garphill Games, 2018) -Byzantium 16m06s (Martin Wallace, Warfrog, 2005) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Sushi Go Rolls on 20m13s -New Quest for El Dorado? Expansion? Hybrid? 21m21s -Scotland Yard: Now with dice, uncertain haberdashery 22m25s -Who wants to license Talisman? 22m59s -Ignorance is Bliss 24m36s -Time for more T.I.M.E. Stories 24m55s Feature Game: Core Worlds 26m47s (Andrew Parks, Stronghold, 2011) Topic: OOP Games that Should Be Reprinted 51m26
February 5, 2019
Just as we are told that it's always five o'clock somewhere, we can be assured that Mark and Walker are always wrong somewhere. Time marches inexorably forward, and we mark that passage of time by checking in with the much-loved Quartermaster General series. Mark would happily tell you that time is nothing more and nothing less than a priori intuition, which when internalized allows us to ground the science of mathematics--and then Walker would rightfully point out that it's time for Mark to shut up. Games Played Last Week: -Menara 3m01s (Oliver Richtberg, Zoch Spiele, 2018) -Massive Darkness 5m18s (Raphaël Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien & Nicolas Raoult, CMON, 2017) -Sentinels of the Multiverse 8m13s (Christopher Badell, Paul Bender, & Adam Rebottaro, Greater than Games, 2011) -Millennium Blades 10m20s (D. Brad Talton, Jr., Level 99 Games, 2016) -Kitchen Rush 12m17s (Vangelis Bagiartakis & Dávid Turczi, Artipia, 2017) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Quartermaster General (WWII) re-(quarter)mastered 15m22s -alea games joins a euro publishing revival 16m12s -Mystic Vale Steams up 17m27s -Plan B Games in a new Era from Matt Leacock 18m39s -Role-play as a Sentinel of the Multiverse 20m23s Feature Game: Quartermaster General: The Cold War 22m11s (Ian Brody, PSC Games, 2018) Topic: Real-Time Games 49m59s
January 29, 2019
Sometimes our hosts can't quite understand what the situation demands of them. Walker has been known to approach thoughtful, deliberative games with the oft-repeated demand of "when do I get to shoot LEMME SHOOT." Mark tends to greet new acquaintances with profanity-laden assaults on their life choices, hygiene, and character. These traits perhaps serve to explain how they find themselves in the social circles that they do. Games Played Last Week: -The Quacks of Quedlingburg 2m37s (Wolfgang Warsch, North Star Games, 2018) -Brass: Birmingham 5m18s (Gavan Brown, Matt Tolman, & Martin Wallace, Roxley, 2018) -In the Shadow of the Emperor 8m29s (Ralf Burkert, Rio Grande Games, 2004) -Kemet: Seth 11m09s (Jacques Bariot & Guillaume Montiage, Matagot, 2018) -Gaslands 15m39s (Glenn Ford & Mike Hutchinson, Osprey Publishing, 2017) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Portal 2019: Roll & write, Neuroshima Hex! 16m58s -Restoring Conspiracy 17m50s -Build with ice (the Canadian currency) in Tuki 19m19s -Mark takes credit for Iwari 20m05s -New pain to Discover 21m52s -Rooting for new factions in Root 22m37s -Jim Henson's Labyrinth gets proportionally less Bowie 23m02s -How many Odysseys? Want 1001 of them? 23m58s Feature Game: Talon 26m11s (Jim Krohn, GMT, 2016) and Talon 1000 (Jim Krohn, GMT, 2018) Topic: Table Talk 53m51s
January 22, 2019
We take endorsements very seriously here at SVWAG. The Ferragamo deal fell through after Walker was seen wearing Fendi, and the whole Burberry fiasco is better left forgotten. Converse was our backup, but suffice to say after Mark's public comments about sportsball that seems like a distant possibility at best. All that said, we endorse Gloomy Companion unreservedly. We don't resort to apps very often, but we don't Gloomhaven without Gloomy Companion employed on a tablet. We've tried others but it suits us the best. Games Played Last Week: -Mombasa 3m14s (Alexander Pfister, eggertspiele, 2015) -Decrypto 5m28s (Thomas Dagenais-Lespérance, Le Scorpion Masqué, 2018) -Han 6m57s(Michael Schacht, ABACUSSPIELE, 2014) -Sakura Arms 7m55s (BakaFire, AEG, 2016) -Kitchen Rush 10m08s (Vangelis Bagiartakis & Dávid Turczi, Artipia, 2017) -Chinatown 10m36s (Karsten Hartwig, Z-Man, 1999) -Eclipse 13m14s (Touko Tahkokallio,, 2011) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Frontier Wars 15m34s -Rio Grande is back? 15m59s -The Galaxy Rolls on 16m55s -35 years of BattleTech 18m08s -Official statement on pronunciation 18m48s Feature Game: Gloomhaven 20m46s (Isaac Childres, Cephalofair Games, 2017) Topic: How Much Can a Game Demand of Its Players? 48m38s
January 15, 2019
Constant vigilance is the price of audio quality, and we apologize for how badly that struggle has been going of late. Walker prostrates himself before the altar of Bars, and Bars we achieve, but the nature of those Bars have been fickle. Their shape and pattern cannot be properly contained or channeled, and thus they spurn us and assault your ears. Rest assured that we are consulting the augurs and they are poring over the entrails of many a cassette tape in order to discern how we may appease the Bars. But yeah, it's totally Mark's fault. We have a Patreon, if you're inclined to support us. Games Played Last Week: -XCOM: The Boardgame--Evolution 1m51s (Samuel Bailey & Mark Larson, Fantasy Flight, 2016) -Quest for El Dorado: Heroes and Hexes 2m56s (Reiner Knizia, Ravensburger, 2018) -Kitchen Rush 5m59s (Vangelis Bagiartakis & Dávid Turczi, Artipia, 2017) -Codenames 6m59s (Vlaada Chvatil, CGE, 2015) -Wildlands 9m18s (Martin Wallace, Osprey, 2018) -Scythe: The Rise of Fenris 14m44s (Ryan Lopez DeVinaspre & Jamey Stegmaier, Stonemaier, 2018) -Tobago 18m40s (Bruce Allen, Zoch Verlag, 2009) -This Guilty Land 19m42s (Tom Russell, Hollandspiele, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter) -FFG Returns to Lord of the Rings 24m27s -Wolff Designaa in 2019: Guards and Tricks 26m11s -Snakes and Lattes unhinges its jaw and expands 27m41s -Suburbia's custom colours 28m12s Feature Game: New Frontiers 29m43s (Thomas Lehmann, Rio Grande, 2018) Topic: How Many Versions Is Too Many? 58m30s Patreon Summary 1h12m11s
January 8, 2019
Peer influence is a strange thing. For years Mark has been yelling at Walker about various ways he really ought to change, but a single board game now has Walker spewing Macross lore like he's a convert. Perhaps the authors like Erin Lee Escobedo have a point, and board games really can serve to deliver subtle yet powerful influence. Perhaps we could make board games to convince people to like and dislike the right board games... Games Played Last Week: -Telestrations 3m40s (Uncredited, USAopoly, 2009) -Diamonds 4m52s (Mike Fitzgerald, Stronghold, 2014) -Meltwater: A Game of Tactical Starvation 8m30s (Erin Lee Escobedo, Hollandspiele, 2018) -Tokyo Highway 14m07s (Naotaka Shimamoto & Yoshiaki Tomioka, itten, 2016) -Robotech: Attack on the SDF-1 15m51s (Darius Hambleton & Jeff Mechlinski, Strange Machine Games, 2018) -Great Western Trail: Rails to the North 20m04s (Alexander Pfister, Stronghold, 2018) -Shards of Infinity: Relics of the Future 24m17s (Gary Arant & Justin Gary, Stone Blade Entertainment, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter) -2491 Planetship disappoints Walker pre-emptively 26m17s -Successors' Successor 27m36s -Age of Steam's authorship evaporates 28m43s -Vital Lacerda and Railways of the World 30m10s -Suburbia gets purdy 30m30s -Walker unimpressed by the Hotness 31m41s -SVWAG succumbs to the inevitable with an upcoming Patreon 32m47s Feature Game: Pandemic: Fall of Rome 34m17s (Matt Leacock & Paolo Mori, Z-Man, 2018) Topic: New Year's Resolutions Past and Present 53m48s
December 18, 2018
Another round about the sun is complete, at least for those who acknowledge that sort of thing. I'm certain there must be a strand of Flat Eartherism that bows to the reality of the Earth's orbit--I could find out, but boardgaming already more than satisfies my desire for obscure minutia. We look back at the releases of the year, agreeing on many things but rather sharply disagreeing on others. There will be lists! And categories! Oh, the pageantry! Games Played Last Week: -Space Hulk: Second Edition 1m30s (Dean Bass, Andy Chambers, Chris Colston, Richard Halliwell, Jervis Johnson, Andy Jones, & Paul Murphy, Games Workshop, 1996) -Senji 2m58s (Bruno Cathala & Serge Laget, Asmodee, 2008) -Terraforming Mars 6m19s (Jacob Fryxelius, Stronghold, 2016) -Dinosaur Island 6m58s (Jonathan Gilmour & Brian Lewis, Pandasaurus, 2017) -Cryptid 12m14s (Hal Duncan & Ruth Veevers, Osprey Games, 2018) -Mega Civilization 13m26s (Flo de Haan, John Rodriguez, & Francis Tresham, Pegasus, 2015) -Welcome To... 20m12s (Benoit Turpin, Blue Cocker Games, 2018) -Reef 21m20s (Emerson Matsuuchi, Next Move Games, 2018) -Menara 22m18s (Oliver Richtberg, ZOCH, 2018) -Diamonds 23m00s (Mike Fitzgrald, Stronghold, 2016) 2018 Year in Review Personal Top 10s 23m59s SVWAG Game of the Year 45m06s Other Categories 48m30s
December 11, 2018
Players aren't the only people who make choices, of course. Designers and publishers make decisions about the setting and the theme of their games. Insofar as games can communicate a message--whether purely aesthetic or more ideological--it is beneficial to have a clear vision. Things can get exceptionally problematic when you start playing fast and loose with things of great cultural and historical import. Incidentally, I will note that while our topic and our feature game often have no connection between them, sometimes they do. I don't know why I'm mentioning that this week. Games Played Last Week: -Hyperborea: Light and Shadow 1m37s (Andrea Chiarvesio, Maurizio Vergendo, & Pierluca Zizzi, Asterion Press, 2016) -Between Two Cities 3m15s (Matthew O'Malley, Morten Monrad Pedersen, & Ben Rosset, Stonemaier, 2015) -Factory Funner 5m03s (Corné van Moorsel, Cwali, 2016) -Photosynthesis 8m06s (Hjalmar Hach, Blue Orange, 2017) -Stephenson's Rocket: Eastern USA & China 9m13s (Reiner Knizia, Grail Games, 2018) -Petrichor 12m12s (David Chircop & Dávid Turczi, APE Games, 2018) -The Voyages of Marco Polo 12m57s (Simone Luciani & Daniele Tascini, Hans im Gluck, 2015) -Teotihuacan: City of Gods 14m59s (Daniele Tascini, NSKN Games, 2018) -Dominant Species 15m37s (Chad Jensen, GMT, 2010) -Res Publica 18m03s (Reiner Knizia, Queen, 1991) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Descent into new digital depths 22m05s -Fards of Inshinity digital 22m20s -Failed Carnival of Monsters rises again 23m02s -Die Macher won't die 24m15s Feature Game: Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done 25m10s (Seth Jaffee, Tasty Minstrel, 2018) Topic: Thematic Disconnects 48m15s
December 4, 2018
As a new coping mechanism, Mark and Walker decide to expunge their deepest shameful acts of conspicuous consumption and frivolous travel by talking about it on the internet. Now that Tumblr is is divesting themselves of adult content they can't post their Stephen Universe erotica there, so this is the next best thing. Don't tell Mark and Walker that a) anyone is listening, or b) they've been using their real names. Games Played Last Week: -Gùgong 3m33s (Andreas Steding, Game Brewer, 2018) -Quartermaster General: Prelude 4m05s (Ian Brody, Griggling Games, 2018) -Triumph and Tragedy 6m18s (Craig Besinque, GMT, 2015) -Goodcritters 14m03s (Fabian Zimmermann, Arcane Wonders, 2018) -Heroes of Terrinoth 15m36s (Adam & Brady Sadler, Fantasy Flight, 2018) -The Estates 18m17s (Klaus Zoch, Capstone Games, 2018) -Gaslands 20m48s (Glenn Ford & Mike Hutchinson, Osprey Publishing, 2017) -Hero Realms: The Ruin of Thandar Campaign Deck (Ben Cichoski, Robert Dougherty, Darwin Kastle & Daniel Mandel, White Wizard, 2018) 22m35s News (and why it doesn't matter) -Snake. Snake! SNAAAKE!! 24m30s -Terra Mystica Incognita 25m27s -Shadowrift Booms 26m41s -What's Your Game? Well, Madeira and Zhanguo, for two 28m15s Feature Game: Teotihuacan: City of Gods 28m53s (Daniele Tascini, NSKN Games, 2018) Topic: How Far Is Too Far? 54m45s
November 27, 2018
Lots of talk of economics in this week's news. One might expect a diminishing return on such talk, but as rational consumers of news we often find a deficit of such a valuable commodity. Ceteris paribus, we're willing to offer you the free lunch of our altruism, even though that may lead to a tragedy of the commons. We value your investment of time when you listen to us--our intellectual capital is all we have, after all. I don't think I'm very bullish on this bit any more. Games Played Last Week: -KeyForge: Call of the Archons 4m00s (Richard Garfield, Fantasy Flight, 2018) -Epic: The Card Game 6m26s (Robert Dougherty & Darwin Kastle, White Wizard, 2015) -Teotihuacan: City of Gods 8m12s (Daniele Tascini & Dávid Turczi, NSKN Games, 2018) -Argent: The Consortium 9m01s (Trey Chambers, Level 99 Games, 2015) -BattleLore: Second Edition 11m51s (Richard Borg & Robert A. Kouba, Fantasy Flight, 2013) -North Wind 13m23s (Klaus Teuber, Z-Man, 2014) -Everdell 15m18s (James A. Wilson, Starling Games, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Super Dungeon Explore's money fades into Legend 17m10s -Cool Mini or Not's earnings get more mini, isn't cool 19m08s -Omega Protocol proves once again that LoS ain't easy 23m18s -Inflation hits the stellar market with A Billion Suns 24m52 Feature Game: Gùgōng 26m30s (Andreas Steding, Game Brewer, 2018) Topic: Resolving Rules Disputes 54m26s
November 20, 2018
There's this substance that the British people deploy called "salad cream." Chemists, for decades, have tried to break down its constituent parts; but the substance's sheer viscosity--not to mention its disturbing colour and odour--have defied all analysis. I mention this because despite our Canadian prerogative of spelling colour and odour as we do, the cultural rites of salad cream are alien to us. We're proud members of the Commonwealth, but we have our limits. Also, you could put some salad cream on your point salad, bruh. Games Played Last Week: -FUSE 3m19s (Kane Klenko, Renegade Game Studios, 2015) -KeyForge: Call of the Archons 5m22s (Richard Garfield, Fantasy Flight, 2018) -Twilight Imperium 4th Edition 10m55s (Dane Beltrami, Corey Konieczka & Christian T. Petersen, Fantasy Flight, 2017) -Innovation Deluxe 11m26s (Carl Chudyk, Asmadi, 2017) -Hero Realms 14m36s (Robert Dougherty & Darwin Kastle, White Wizard, 2016) -One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows 16m49s (Chris Cieslik, Asmadi, 2017) -Gugong 18m33s (Andreas Steding, Game Brewer, 2018) -Root 21m12s (Cole Wehrle, Leder Games, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter) -V-Commandos morphing into Assassin's Creed 23m21s -Warhammer Quest gets Grimdark 26m03s -New Frontiers for Race for the Galaxy 29m50s Feature Game: Coimbra 30m10s (Flaminia Brasini & Virginio Gigli, eggertspiele, 2018) Topic: Eric Lang 50m08s
November 13, 2018
What's in a name? Well, if the game is KeyForge, the name is pretty much the entire game. As we have learned from bots in the past, set an algorithm loose on the internet and it'll probably come back as a racist misogynist troll. So far we've seen little of that scale in KeyForge deck names, but it's spat out some pretty amazing names nonetheless. Games Played Last Week: -Paper Tales 3m24s (Masato Uesugi, Stronghold, 2017) -Food Chain Magnate 6m08s (Jeroen Doumen & Joris Wiersinga, Splotter, 2015) -For Sale 8m22s (Stefan Dorra, Ravensburger, 1997) -A Feast for Odin (Uwe Rosenberg, Feuerland Spiele, 2016) -Pantone: The Game 11m31s (Scott Rogers, Cryptozoic, 2018) -Great Western Trail: Rails to the North 14m48s (Alexander Pfister, Stronghold, 2018) -Root 17m02s (Cole Wehrle, Leder Games, 2018) -Assault on Doomrock 20m48s (Tom Stasiak, Beautiful Disaster, 2014) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Fenris Rages again 23m26s -More bunnies for Walker to loathe 24m17s -Cleopatra reprint; why, exactly? 24m57s -Andrew Parks and the Marvel B-list 25m44s -Walker liked Little Town Builders before it was cool 27m30s -Moar dexterity with Catch the Moon 28m00s Feature Game: Claustrophobia 28m20s (CROC, Asmodee, 2009) Topic: First Impressions of KeyForge (Richard Garfield, Fantasy Flight, 2018)
November 6, 2018
We are an easily-triggered group, we geeks, we nerds; so allow us to exercize due diligence and offer the following warnings. Spoiler Alert: we discuss what spoilers are. Meta Alert: we get pretty meta about spoilers. Existentialism Alert: Walker gets pretty existential (parenthetical alert: you might have figured Mark would instead, but he has very little time for existentialism, being more modern than post-modern). Games Played Last Week: -Endeavor: Age of Sail 1m41s (Carl de Visser & Jarratt Gray, Burst Island Games, 2018) -Spinderella 5m06s (Roberto Fraga, Zoch Verlag, 2015) -Everdell 7m38s (James A. Wilson, Starling Games, 2018) -Western Legends 7m59s (Hervé Lemaître, Kolossal, 2018) -Assault on Doomrock 12m40s (Tom Stasiak, Beautiful Disaster, 2014) -Sakura Arms 15m38s (BakaFire, AEG, 2016) -Space Cadets: Away Missions 17m35s (Dan Raspler & Al Rose, Stronghold, 2015) News (and why it doesn't matter) -How many states past the 51st are we up to? 18m51s -Flicking, puns, and strategy 20m12s -A bear park for more godless killing machines 21m31s Feature Game: Discover: Lands Unknown 22m30s (Corey Konieczka, Fantasy Flight, 2018) Topic: Overused Themes 50m12s
October 30, 2018
We've always been here. Waiting, in this basement, yelling into the can. When we invented podcasts all those years ago it was merely as avenue for our pre-existing subterranean discourse. Now some of you have joined us, and our labours are no longer in vain. Once the power dies out, we'll still be here, yelling into the can. About boardgames. Games Played Last Week: -Race for the Galaxy: Xeno Invasion 1m43s (Thomas Lehmann, Rio Grande Games, 2015) -Everdell 5m54s (James A. Wilson, Starling Games, 2018) -Starfarers of Catan 10m06s (Klaus Teuber, Mayfair Games, 1999) -Barbarians: The Invasion 12m44s (Martino Chiacchiera, Marta Ciaccasassi, & Pierluca Zizzi, Tabula Games, 2018) -Forbidden Sky 19m21s (Matt Leacock, Gamewright, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Asmodee sold, Asmodee buys something 21m55s -Taiwanese flag flap 23m58s -CMON tries zombies for the first time ever 25m27s -More Spirits on the Island 26m13s Feature Game: Stephenson's Rocket 28m03s (Reiner Knizia, Grail Games, 2018) Topic: Dealing with Frustration 54m40s
October 23, 2018
Reading your audience is a hard thing, and not even just when blasting your errant opinions over the interwebs. Mark couldn't read the room when Walker requested a certain game, and that didn't end well. Walker couldn't perceive Mark's growing misgivings about the feature game. This one time I thought a baby boy was a baby girl and the parents were very offended. Life is hard! Games Played Last Week: -Star Realms 2m19s (Robert Dougherty & Darwin Kastle, White Wizard, 2014) -Amun-Re: The Card Game 4m59s (Reiner Knizia, Super Meeple, 2017) -Endeavor: The Age of Sail 7m03s (Carl de Visser & Jarratt Gray, Burnt Island Games, 2018) -Ortus Regni 9m26s (Jon Sudbury, Jon Sudbury Games, 2014) -Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Jabba's Realm 12m02s (Todd Michlitsch & Paul Winchester, FFG, 2017) -Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu 13m10s (Matt Leacock & Chuck D. Yager, Z-Man, 2016) -Mage Knight Board Game 15m42s (Vlaada Chvatil, WizKids, 2011) -Race for the Galaxy: The Brink of War 18m25s (Thomas Lehmann, Rio Grande Games, 2010) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Fighting games have sequels, so too must Street Masters 19m45s -Carcassonne goes on safari 21m48s -The Grail lost? 22m44s Feature Game: 24m24s -Battle for Rokugan (Molly Glover & Tom Jolly, Fantasy Flight, 2017) Topic: Gateway Games 51m50s
October 16, 2018
I hope you're planning your Arkhipov Day festivities. Don't get me wrong, I dig Stanislav Petrov as much as the next guy, but for my money Vasili Arkhipov is the man, and he doesn't get nearly enough credit. Because, you know, he either saved your life or your ancestors' lives--the least we could do is give the man a holiday. He doesn't even have a card in Twilight Struggle! See, I brought it back to games in the end. Games Played Last Week: -Galaxy Trucker: Missions 3m00s (Vlaada Chvátil, CGE, 2015) -Terraforming Mars: Prelude 6m04s (Jacob Fryxelius, Stronghold, 2018) -Quartermaster General: Prelude 7m01s (Ian Brody, Griggling Games, 2018) -Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Jabba's Realm 9m24s (Todd Michlitsch & Paul Winchester, FFG, 2017) -Specter Ops 10m24s (Emerson Matssuchi, Plaid Hat Games, 2015) -Master of the Galaxy 14m54s (Timofey Bokarev & Konstantin Seleznev, Ares Games, 2018) -Paper Tales: Beyond the Gate 19m38s (Masato Uesugi, Strongold, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Fog of Love expands to LGBTQ scenarios 24m22s -Z-Man Lords over Vegas 25m34s -SVWAG SWAG: Take our stuff 26m20s -Pfister Blacks Out Hong Kong 27m46s -Mac Gerdts brings the love in Concordia 28m37s -Terraforming Mars digitally 29m40s -Chip Theory's neoprene obsession 30m00s Feature Game: 31m28s -Level 7 [Omega Protocol] (Will Schoonover, Privateer Press, 2013) Topic: Keeping Games Moving 57m42s
October 2, 2018
We're always wondering about what comes next, always on the lookout for the next big thing--both in games and broadcasting. That's why we're open to being elevated to the judiciary, so the next time there's a search committee feel free to add Mark and Walker to the ol' shortlist. We're open to traveling, so it doesn't have to be any particular country. We hear The Hague is nice? Games Played Last Week: -Mystic Vale 2m02s (John D. Clair, AEG, 2016) -Sentinels of the Multiverse 6m27s (Christopher Badell, Paul Bender, & Adam Rebottaro, Greater Than Games, 2011) -Istanbul 10m34s (Rudiger Dorn, Pegasus Spiele, 2014) -Vengeance 11m49s (Gordon Calleja, Mighty Boards, 2018) -XenoShyft: Onslaught 13m30s (Keren Philosophales & Michael Shinall, CMON, 2015) -51st State: Master Set 15m46s (Ignacy Trzewiczek, Portal, 2016) -War Chest 17m46s (Trevor Benjamin & David Thompson, AEG, 2018) -Menara 21m41s (Oliver Richtberg, Zoch Verlag, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Food Chain Magnate catches up to condiments 22m07s -Takla's bridge to nowhere 23m28s -The Boldest, a Wagnerian epic 24m22s -The city published once in a Blue Moon 25m36s Feature Game: Gaslands 27m42s (Glenn Ford & Mike Hutchinson, Osprey Publishing, 2017) Topic: The Perils of Collecting 54m58s
September 25, 2018
We would like to apologize for the poorer audio quality of this episode. The editor (Mark) would dearly like to attribute it somehow to Walker's illness-induced stupor, but try as he might he can't seem to blame the victim on this one. The microphone has let us all down, dear listeners, and all we can do is vow not to repeat the twin errors--the one being the reduced audio quality, the other in Mark not being able to scapegoat the victim. Games Played Last Week: -Street Masters: Redemption 1m30s (Brady Sadler & Adam Sadler, Blacklist Games, 2018) -Sentinels of the Multiverse 3m35s (Christopher Badell, Paul Bender, & Adam Rebottaro, Greater Than Games, 2011) -SEAL Team Flix 7m34s (Pete Ruth & Mark Thomas, WizKids, 2018) -Mystic Vale 10m57s (John D. Clair, AEG, 2016) -Vengeance 13m10s (Gordon Calleja, Mighty Boards, 2018) -Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King 16m26s (Andreas Pelikan & Alexander Pfister, Lookout Games, 2015) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Mississippi Queen: too many reprints? 17m00s -The Key series Flows on 20m21s -Pretzel Games puts Men at Work 21m31s -Neuroshima Hex! gets fantastical in Monolith Arena 22m31s Feature Game: BattleCON 23m54s (Brad D. Talton, Level 99 Games, 2010) Topic: Catch-up Mechanics 53m31s
September 18, 2018
Sometimes, dear listeners, the news does matter, and in such instances our hosts feel under-equipped to address them properly. Such is the nature of crippling incompetence. I mean, they could have devoted their time to worthwhile pursuits (like playing games) but instead they shout into a can to strangers (about playing games). But sometimes circumstances demand a brief segue into matters of consequence, and so we here at SVWAG swear by the majestic mountains of Manitoba to do our best. Games Played Last Week: -Ethnos 1m54s (Paolo Mori, CMON, 2017) -El Grande 2m52s (Wolfgang Kramer & Richard Ulrich, Hans im Gluck, 1995) -Who Goes There? 4m34s (Anthony Coffey & Jesse Labbe, Certifiable Games, 2018) -Street Masters: Twin Tiger 8m51s (Brady Sadler & Adam Sadler, Blacklist Games, 2018) -Level 7 [Invasion] 10m49s (Will Schoonover, Privateer Press, 2014) -Grand Austria Hotel 13m19s (Virginio Gigli & Simone Luciani, Lookout Games, 2015) -Mecanisburgo 15m43s (Servando Cavallar, Gen-X Games, 2008) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Walker discovers Norwegia 20m05s -BattleCON big (huge) box 20m45s -El Dorado gets hexed 21m05s -dlp Games' callous disregard and intellectual laziness re: Manitoba 21m29s Feature Game: Too Many Bones: Undertow 29m19s (Adam Carlson & Josh J. Carlson, Chip Theory Games, 2018) Topic: Difficulty in Co-ops 52m01s
September 11, 2018
Oh, hello there. The door's unlocked--just come on in. Please pardon our informal setting, here, we just want you to be comfortable. I suppose, though, that a tone of complete familiarity shouldn't prevent us from doing introductions. I'm the episode description, and I'm the thing you don't read. Our hosts are Mark Bigney and Mike Walker, and they're the ones you don't respect. Stay with us for a while, won't you? Games Played Last Week: -Aeon's End 1m15s (Kevin Riley, Action Phase Games, 2016), -XenoShyft: Onslaught 4m43s (Keren Philosophales & Michael Shinall, CMON, 2015), -Fast Forward: Fortress 11m17s (Friedmann Friese, Stronghold Games, 2017), -Asgard's Chosen 16m24s (Morgan Dontanville, Mayfair Games, 2013), -Age of Industry 21m26s (Martin Wallace, Treefrog Games, 2010) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Ancient Rome falls to a Pandemic 23m31s -Horizon: Zero Dawn 24m36s -There's a party and you're not invited 26m06s Feature Game: Sentinels of the Multiverse 27m05s (Christopher Badell, Paul Bender, & Adam Rebottaro, Greater than Games, 2011) Sentinels of the Multiverse: OblivAeon 36m53s (Christopher Badell, Paul Bender, & Adam Rebottaro, Greater than Games, 2018) Topic: Explaining Rules 54m14s
September 4, 2018
Walker, ever truculent, finally succumbs to the inevitable and submits his top ten. Now we can move on, and it is best we do, as there is no shortage of games to be played! Gencon is over and the new releases flow like sweet chocolate milk. Despite this pressure, Mark and Walker find the time to indulge in old classics of yesteryear, and not just the "classics" from "back in the day" of "2012". Games Played Last Week: -Eclipse 3m00s (Touko Tahkokallio,, 2011) -Dungeon Alliance 4m41s (Andrew Parks, Quixotic Games, 2018) -Outlive 8m16s (Gregory Iliver, La Boite de Jeu, 2017) -Food Chain Magnate 9m20s (Jeroen Doumen & Joris Wiersinga, Splotter Spellen, 2015) -Star Wars: Imperial Assault 12m22s (Justin Kemppainen, Corey Konieczka, & Jonathan Ying, Fantasy Flight, 2014) -Blue Lagoon 14m37s (Reiner Knizia, Blue Orange, 2018) -Mechs vs. Minions 17m02s (Chris Cantrell, Rick Ernst, Stone Librande, Prashant Saraswat, & Nathan Tiras, Riot Games, 2016) -Ghost Blitz 19m55s (Jacques Zeimet, Zoch Verlag, 2010) -Kingdomino: Age of Giants 22m00s (Bruno Cathala, Blue Orange, 2018) -Cult of the Cockroach King/Don't Mess with Cthulhu Deluxe 23m09s (Yusuke Sato, Indie Boards & Cards, 2018) -Root 25m34s (Cole Wehrle, Leder Games, 2018) -DC Spyfall 27m04s (Uncredited, Cryptozoic Entertainment, 2018) -Civilization 30m00s (Francis Tresham, Avalon Hill, 1980) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Quite a quantity of Quarriors 36m57s -Norwegians' toast to Odin 38m53s -Jabba lands on your mobile device 39m57s -OblivAeon is a lie 41m16s -Walker gets digital 42m34s -The Great Looping One loops ever onward, praise be his biplane 43m16s Feature Game: The Voyages of Marco Polo 44m24s (Simone Luciani & Daniele Tascini, Hans im Gluck, 2015) Topic: Walker's Top 10 Games (whatever that means) 1h10m51s In no particular order: -Tigris & Euphrates -Scythe -Space Hulk -Gaia Project -Orleans -Level 7: Invasion -Diplomacy -Hansa Teutonica -Kemet -Axis and Allies: WWI 1914
August 21, 2018
We are but slaves to your whims here at SVWAG, and when our massed masters demand that we dance for their amusement, we must perforce oblige. We resisted for a time, but clearly that was folly. The people have spoken, and their demands will be met: we will descend to the realm of clickbait and listicles and present to your our top 10 games. Walker remains dubious of the enterprise, but Mark is confident that slavish obedience is the path to true happiness. Games Played Last Week: -Battle for Rokugan 1m11s (Tom Jolly & Molly Glover, FFG, 2017) -Warhammer 40K: Kill Team 5m04s (Uncredited, Games Workshop, 2018) -Hit Z Road 8m09s (Martin Wallace, Asmodee, 2016) -Outlive 10m00s (Gregory Iliver, La Boite de Jeu, 2017) -Lost Cities: Rivals 12m13s (Reiner Knizia, KOSMOS, 2018) -Shogun 14m11s (Dirk Henn, Queen Games, 2006) -Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition 17m35s (Nikki Valens, FFG, 2016) -Scythe: The Rise of Fenris 23m38s (Ryan Lopez DiVinaspre & Jamey Stegamaier, Stonemaier Games, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter) -More Neue Heimat = The Estates 25m05s -More Dune = more silly Spice memes 27m59s -More Meeple Circus = more joy 29m31s -More Spirit Island = more dead colonizers 29m49s -More Shadespire = Nightvault 30m48s Feature Game: Root 32m31s (Cole Wehrle, Leder Games, 2018) Topic: Mark's Top 10 Games of All Time 56m49s #10: Tribune Expansion #9:Ra #8:Infinity #7:Loopin' Louie #6:Race for the Galaxy: The Brink of War #5:Gloomhaven #4:Imperial 2030 #3:Antike II #2:Blue Moon Legends #1:Tigris & Euphrates
August 7, 2018
Since the dawn of time, predating recorded history, there has been the genius of Reiner Knizia. The Code of Hammurabi taught its readers how to play Tigris & Euphrates. Enkidu had his own custom set fashioned from the bones of his enemies. Gilgamesh sought immortality merely so he had enough time to git gud. Marduk once accidentally flooded the world in enthusiasm over a blue external conflict. It is literally the Ur-game. But everything gets a sequel now, so let's talk about Yellow & Yangtze. Games Played Last Week: -Downforce 1m59s (Rob Daviau, Justin D. Jacobson, & Wolfgang Kramer, Restoration Games, 2017) -Let's Make a Bus Route 3m11s (Saashi, Saashi & Saashi, 2018) -Grimslingers: The Northern Territory 3m54s (Stephen Gibson, Greenbrier Games, 2018) -Custom Heroes 6m15s (John D. Clair, AEG, 2017) -Chicken Caesar 9m07s (Bryan Fischer & John Sizemore, Nevermore Games, 2012) -Menara 11m31s (Oliver Richtberg, Zoch Verlag, 2018) -Paper Tales 13m61s (Masato Uesugi, Catch Up Games, 2017) -Blood Bowl: Team Manager 15m47s (Jason Little, Fantasy Flight, 2011) -Titans Tactics 17m06s (G. Kelly Toyama, Imbalanced Games, 2013) -The Resistance: Avalon 20m00s (Don Eskridge, Indie Boards & Cards, 2012) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Richard Garfield has a new distribution model to take your money 22m09s -Consolidation: It's not just for Asmodee 27m01s -Make Project ELITE again 28m25s Feature Game(s): Tigris & Euphrates 30m44s (Reiner Knizia, Hans im Gluck, 1997) Yellow & Yangtze 48m51s (Reiner Knizia, Grail Games, 2018)
July 24, 2018
This episode enters the Fire Swamp, the reputed lair of the R.O.U.S.--the Rodents of Unusual Size. Mark doesn't think they exist. We go in-depth into Thunderstone Quest, a long-serving deckbuilder that is a loyal as a farm boy. Walker announces that take-that cards killed his father, and they should prepare to die. I guess Andre the Giant shows up...? Games Played Last Week: -Gaslands 3m46s (Glenn Ford & Mike Hutchinson, Osprey Publishing, 2017) -San Juan 2nd ed. 5m27s (Andreas Seyfarth, alea, 2014) -13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis 6m39s (Asger Harding Granerud & Daniel Skjold Pedersen, Jolly Roger Games, 2016) -EXCEED Fighting System 9m01s (D. Brad Talton, Level 99 Games, 2016) -Duhr: The Lesser Houses 10m11s (Jim Felli, Devious Weasel, 2018) -Rum & Bones: Second Tide 14m03s (Michael Shinall, CMON, 2017) -Guards of Atlantis 14m53s (Artyom Nichipurov, Wolff Designa, 2017) -Scoville 15m57s (Ed Marriott, Tasty Minstrel, 2014) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Eclipse 1st edition gets eclipsed by 2nd ed. 17m43s -Overturn KS gets overturned by KS 21m36s -Vital Lacerda's vital work continues 24m36s -Knizia lays tiles in the Blue Lagoon 25m01s -Walker explains Wacky Races 25m44s -Asmodee being transferred from one Paris equity firm to another 27m27s Feature Game: Thunderstone Quest 28m40s (Mike Elliott, Bryan Reese & Mark Wootton, AEG, 2018) Topic: The Romance is Over: Mechanisms We're Tired Of 1h00m46s
July 10, 2018
This week we stumble on the terrible, horrifying fact that there are other hobbies than boardgames, and we take pity on those poor lamented souls who are enslaved in their thrall. Just what is scrapbooking, anyway? Walker has a theory, but no one is really sure. We should thus feel blessed that we chosen few enjoy the hobby that we do, and so we discuss ways to try to be decent while doing so. Games Played Last Week: -Clans of Caledonia 1m59s (Juma Al-Joujou, Karma Games, 2017) -Starship Samurai 4m04s (Isaac Vega, Plaid Hat Games, 2018) -Neuroshima Hex! 8m45s (Michal Oracz, Portal Games, 2006) -Hellapagos 9m50s (Laurence & Philippe Gamelin, Gigamic, 2017) -Azul 11m46s (Michael Kiesling, Plan B Games, 2017) -Fog of Love 14m33s (Jacob Jaskov, Hush Hush Projects, 2017) -When I Dream 18m13s (Chris Darsaklis, Drawlab Entertainment, 2016) -Goa 20m23s (Rudiger Dorn, Hans im Gluck, 2004) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Quartermaster General gets downright chilly 22m16s -The first ever Cthulhu game, ever (Walker's excited) 24m05s -Kwanchai Moriya Targets The Game 26m46s -Terraforming Mars metastasizes further (Mark's excited) 28m31s -Race races further into the galaxy 29m02s -Catan isn't history thanks to Catan Histories 30m13s Feature Game: Street Masters 31m13s (Brady & Adam Sadler, Blacklist Games, 2018) Topic: Board Game Table Etiquette 54m28s
June 26, 2018
A reminder that there is no necessary connection between our feature game and our topic. We would not divest ourselves of SEAL Team Flix, The Only Game that Matters, if for no other reason than we need it on hand so we can talk about it and only it for perpetuity. That, and it's great. Sorry, spoilers! Oh, and Walker was Keyser Söze the entire time. Games Played Last Week: -Cthulhu Wars 1m28s (Sandy Peterson & Lincoln Peterson, Peterson Games, 2015) -Decrypto 5m09s (Thomas Dagenais-Lespérance, Le Scorpion Masqué, 2018) -Gaslands 7m39s (Glenn Ford & Mike Hutchinson, Osprey Publishing, 2017) -Beowulf: The Legend 12m06s (Reiner Knizia, KOSMOS, 2005) -The Voyages of Marco Polo 15m04s (Simone Luciani & Daniele Tascini, Hans im Gluck, 2015) -Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom 18m03s (Sean Äaberg & Eric Radey, Goblinko, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter) -SVWAG Summer Schedule 20m29s -An editorial from Mark in the context of #MeToo: Making our gaming environment safe and welcoming 21m04s Feature Game: SEAL Team Flix 26m03s (Pete Ruth & Mark Thomas, WizKids, 2018) Topic: When and Why to Get Rid of Games 51m57s
June 20, 2018
It is important to stay flexible, and follow the ways of those who practise judo and jiu-jitsu. That is why we choke people as often as we can. Wait, that's not right. Rather, it is important to be supple and adaptable. We had intended to be on time and talking about different things, but sundry unrelated crises have changed both of those plans. We apologize for the delay, but we are confident our new plans are much better. We adapt. We choke. It is a good thing no one reads these, or these comments might be construed as an admission of assault. Games Played Last Week: -LOAD: League of Ancient Defenders 1m43s (Archon Studio, 2016) -The 7th Continent 3m42s (Ludovic Roudy & Bruno Sautter, Serious Poulp Games, 2017) -Heroes of Air, Land, & Sea 6m34s (Scott Almes, Gamelyn Games, 2018) -John Company 11m38s (Cole Wehrle, Sierra Madre, 2017) -Shards of Infinity 12m34s (Gary Arant & Justin Gary, Stone Blade Entertainment, 2018) -Grimslingers: The Northern Territory 15m30s (Stephen Gibson, Greenbrier Games, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Netrunner Runs No More? 18m00s -Kung Fu Panda...? 18m41s -Monolith: A New Mold for Kickstarter? 19m07s -Summer Hours at SVWAG? 23m02s Feature Game: Food Chain Magnate 23m11s (Jeroen Doumen & Joris Wiersinga, Splotter Spellen, 2015) Topic: Board Game Storage 48m56s
June 12, 2018
We here at SVWAG take acronyms very seriously, but sometimes get carried away with such abbreviations. As a public service announcement, allow me to remind all of you that TI:4 stands for Twilight Imperium 4th Edition. It is purely coincidental that I mention this in the context of an episode dealing with games that have turn order problems. It is also a coincidence that Kemet is the feature game of said episode. Don't read too much into either of those facts, you wild conspiracist you. Games Played Last Week: -Ra 1m34s (Reiner Knizia, alea, 1999) -First Class 4m31s (Helmut Ohley, Hans im Gluck, 2016) -Dogs of War 7m49s (Paolo Mori, CMON, 2014) -Downforce 8m53s (Rob Daviau, Justin D. Jacobson, & Wolfgang Kramer, Restoration Games, 2017) -Deception: Murder in Hong Kong 10m39s (Tobey Ho, Grey Fox Games, 2014) -Skull 12m34s (Hervé Marly, Asmodee, 2011) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Borg's Command is that the Color be Red (Alert) 13m08s -Designing SEAL Team Flix 14m50s -First Cthulhu game ever 16m38s -Mythic Battles Pantheon returns 17m52s -Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game decamps to Terrinoth 18m44s Feature Game: Kemet 20m44s (Jacques Bariot & Guillaume Montiage, Matagot, 2012) Topic: Turn Order 51m02s
June 5, 2018
You can have too much of a good thing, which is why Mark always tries to interrupt Walker before he can finish a single sentence. Of course, "too much" is a highly subjective idea, whether applied to game length or pie. This week Keyflower is discussed, which is not too long but can feel too short--except if it were not too short it would be too long. Clear enough. Games Played Last Week: -Star Wars: Imperial Assault 3m25s (Justin Kemppainen, Corey Konieczka, & Jonathan Ying, Fantasy Flight, 2014) -Lords of Vegas 5m31s (James Ernest & Mike Silenker, Mayfair, 2010) -Sagrada 6m41s (Adrian Adamescu & Daryl Andrews, Floodgate Games, 2017) -Thunderbolt Apache Leader 8m12s (Dan Verssen, DVG, 2012) -Ginkgopolis 9m57s (Xavier Georges, Pearl Games, 2012) -Ora et Labora 11m46s (Uwe Rosenberg, Lookout Games, 2011) -Dungeon Alliance 15m11s (Andrew Parks, Quixotic Games, 2018) -Spheres of Influence 20m33s (Josh Lamont, Little Nuke Games, 2016) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Jetpack Joyride 24m45s -Spring Meadow 25m22s -Contest Results! 25m55s -Mark on The Long View (again) 26m36s Feature Game: Keyflower 27m57s (Sebastian Bleasdale & Richard Breese, R&D Games, 2012) Topic: Games that Are Too Long 51m45s
May 29, 2018
We delve into the culinary arts here at So Very Wrong About Games; having failed at math but excelling in eating, both Mark and Walker eschew conventional rating systems for gastronomical ones. They had considered rating the rating systems themselves, but were reminded of the podcast's firm stance against paradoxes. So, they threw all their pies into a bag and drew them randomly. It's been a confusing week, to say nothing of the mess. Games Played Last Week: -Quantum 1m00s (Eric Zimmerman, Funforge, 2013) -Spheres of Influence 2m23s (Josh Lamont, Little Nuke Games, 2016) -Lords of Hellas 3m37s (Adam Kwapinski, Awaken Realms, 2018) -Core Worlds 4m24s (Andrew Parks, Stronghold Games, 2011) -Ethnos 7m03s (Paolo Mori, CMON, 2017) -Sakura Arms 11m41s (BakaFire, AEG, 2017) -Empires: Age of Discovery 13m28s (Glenn Drover, Eagle-Gryphon Games, 2015) -Too Many Bones 16m33s (Adam Carlson & Josh Carlson, Chip Theory Games, 2017) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Jettisoning Arcadia Quest into space 19m33s -More Clank, more space 21m02s -Cosmic Encounter is the answer to life, the universe, and everything 21m21s -Giant Azul 25m40s -Last contest reminder 26m55s Feature Game: Bag-Building Bonanza 27m30s Hyperborea (Andrea Chiarvesio & Pierluca Zizzi, Asterion, 2014) Orleans (Reiner Stockhausen, dlp Games, 2014) Altiplano (Reiner Stockhausen, dlp Games, 2017) Topic: Rating Systems 55m27s
May 22, 2018
Walker encourages you to tell friends about So Very Wrong About Games, despite his not listening to the podcast. Mark has recommended it to him, but apparently Walker's contempt for his co-host's opinions is not limited to games, but extends also to the podcast they produce together about games. One assumes Walker also does not read the episode descriptions, which is truly risky, and might create an incentive to make them devoted to discussing his manifold character flaws. Games Played Last Week: -Forbidden Stars 2m51s (Samuel Bailey, James Kniffen, & Corey Konieczka, Fantasy Flight, 2015) -Dice Hockey 4m17s (Artyom Nichipurov, Unpublished Wolff Designa prototype) -Ortus Regni 5m46s (Jon Sudbury, Jon Sudbury Games, 2014) -Xia: Legends of a Drift System 7m00s (Cody Miller, Far Off Games, 2014) -Skull 9m27s (Hervé Marly, Asmodee, 2011) -Cockroach Poker 9m27s (Jacques Zeimet, Dre Magier Spiele, 2004) -Escape: The Curse of the Temple 14m24s (Kristian Amundsen Østby, Queen Games, 2012) -878: Vikings – Invasions of England 15m16s (Beau Beckett, Dave Kimmel, & Jeph Stahl, Academy Games, 2017) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Ortus Regni back...ish 17m19s -Tokyo Game Market 19m18s -Nostalgic Splat Attack 19m38s -Knizia auctions Lost Cities 20m13s Feature Game: Preview of Crisis at Steamfall 22m36s (Tom Stasiak, Beautiful Disaster Games, 2018) Topic: Interview with Chris Cieslik of Asmadi Games 40m16s
May 15, 2018
Mark tries to come to terms with his outright hypocrisy, largely on the basis that he feels it's acceptable for him but not for everyone else. Walker yearns for glory, but learns to his disappointment that glory is not legal tender and cannot be exchanged for goods or services. Lords of Hellas offer such piercing insights into the soul, "self-knowledge" being one of its 43 victory conditions. Also, SVWAG is giving away stuff. Massive Darkness Giveaway: 1m33s Games Played Last Week: -Spirit Island 3m05s (Eric Reuss, Greater Than Games, 2017) -John Company 4m21s (Cole Wehrle, Sierra Madre Games, 2017) -Altiplano 5m57s (Reiner Stockhausen, dlp Games, 2017) -Fairy Tale 9m14s (Satoshi Nakamura, Z-Man Games, 2004) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Asmodee for sale? Maybe? Maybe not? 10m42s -Forbidden City Forbidden 11m43s -Spiel des Jahres 12m24s -More Kemet. Purple for everything! 13m05s -Jakub Rozalski's art under scrutiny 13m32s Feature Game: Lords of Hellas 17m05s (Adam Kwapinski, Awaken Realms, 2018) Topic: Problematic Expansions 51m14s
May 8, 2018
As it happens, games do not spawn ex nihilo, fully armed and armored from Zeus' forehead. I'm certain that's what most of you believed, but it's not true! To confirm this implausible fact, Mark sat down with Eric Reuss, the designer of Spirit Island, to talk about stuff. Walker and Mark also discuss The City of Kings, a game that is a fascinating mixture of euro mechanics, grand adventure, and both excellent and terrible theming. Games Played Last Week: -Kemet 1m25s (Jacques Bariot & Guillaume Montiage, Matagot, 2012) -The Castles of Burgundy 3m22s (Stefan Feld, alea, 2011) -878: Vikings – Invasions of England 4m40s (Beau Beckett, Dave Kimmel, & Jeph Stahl, Academy Games, 2017) -One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows 7m12s (Chris Cieslik, Asmadi Games, 2018) -Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire 8m19s (David Sanders, Games Workshop, 2017) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Acros forced off of Steam 12m55s -X-Wing Second Edition 14m16s -Empyreal: Spells and Steam 18m39s Feature Game: The City of Kings 19m01s (Frank West, The City of Games, 2017) Topic: Interview with Eric Reuss, designer of Spirit Island 41m32s
May 1, 2018
This podcast scales seamlessly from 2 to an in finite number of listeners, but we're not nearly that optimistic. Walker sometimes dreams of a solo mode, but sadly Mark insists on speaking. Mark and Walker again turn to Vlaada Chvatil, a designer who loves idiosyncrasy and detail--sometimes to excess. Walker asks if it would be appropriate to rant, and Mark gladly lets him off leash. Games Played Last Week: -Railroad Tycoon/Railways of the World 1m52s (Glenn Drover & Martin Wallace, Eagle-Gryphon Games, 2005) -House of Borgia 3m13s (Scott Almes, Gamelyn Games, 2017) -Ex Libris 5m24s (Ada P. McIver, Renegade Game Studios, 2017) -Situation 7 7m27s (Marvin Glass, Parker Brothers, 1969) -Biblios 10m47s (Steve Finn, Iello, 2007) -Corporate America 13m15s (Teale Fristoe, Nothing Sacred Games, 2013) -Winner's Circle 14m36s (Reiner Knizia, Face2Face, 2001) -Rheinlander 15m30s (Reiner Knizia, Face2Face, 1999) News (and why it doesn't matter) -7 Wonders expands, Walker sighs 16m32s -SVWAG expands, Walker sighs 17m37s -Renegade Arboretum 18m41s Feature Game: Mage Knight: The Board Game 20m25s (Vlaada Chvatil, WizKids, 2011) Topic: Player Scaling 51m39s
April 24, 2018
You wouldn't like Mark when he's angry, but that's probably attributable to his being fundamentally unlikable at the best of times. At any rate, Walker tries to rein him in from ranting too long about obvious component failures, publisher laziness, and alleged outright theft. Walker, for his part, just wants things to mean something. We are seekers here at So Very Wrong About Games. Games Played Last Week: -Spirit Island 2m10s (Eric Reuss, Fabled Nexus, 2017) -The City of Kings 4m00s (Frank West, The City of Games, 2018) -Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire 6m00s (David Sanders, Games Workshop, 2017) -World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch 9m04s (Fel Barros, Christophe Madura, Alexandru Olteanu, David Rakoto, & Michael Shinall, CMON, 2018) -Shadowrift: Skittering Darkness 9m47s (Jeremy Anderson, Game Salute, 2018). -John Company 15m22s (Cole Wehrle, Sierra Madre, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Music and geopolitics 22m14s -Red Raven Targets the mass market 24m10s -App didn't kill Imperial Assault 25m07s -In France, no one can hear you scream theft 26m18s -No app didn't kill Specter Ops 29m24s Feature Game: Feudum 30m06s (Mark K. Swanson, Odd Bird Games, 2018) Topic: Euro/Ameritrash Hybridization 54m22s
April 17, 2018
Mark and Walker delve into matters of criminal justice this week, pondering the balance and tradeoffs between deterrence, retribution, and rehabilitation. Walker seems to think that Bunny Kingdom a form of cruel and unusual punishment, whereas Mark seems to think that any form of travel is necessarily a form of inhumane rendition. Anyway, they're sellouts now, so if you send them free stuff in the mail they'll say whatever you want them to. Games Played Last Week: -When I Dream 3m22s (Chris Darsaklis, Repos Productions, 2016) -Noria 6m09s (Sophia Wagner, Stronghold, 2017) -A Feast for Odin 8m46s (Uwe Rosenberg, Feuerland Spiele, 2016) -Space Hulk 3rd Edition 12m13s (Richard Halliwell, Games Workshop, 2009) -XenoShyft: Onslaught 14m00s (Michael Shinall, CMON, 2015) -Massive Darkness 18m07s (Raphaël Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, & Nicolas Raoult, CMON, 2017) -Feudum 21m12s (Mark K. Swanson, Odd Bird Games, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter) -More Shade, more Spire 28m15s -Boarders' backers left in the lurch 28m46s -Battlestar Galactica minis 30m20s -Starship Samurai 32m11s Feature Game: Quartermaster General 33m50s (Ian Brody, Griggling Games, 2014) Quartermaster General: Victory or Death: The Peloponnesian War (Ian Brody, Griggling Games, 2016) Quartermaster General: 1914 (Ian Brody, Griggling Games, 2016) Topic: Gaming Conventions 55m20s
April 10, 2018
Times are bad--children no longer respect their elders and everyone is running a Kickstarter. Nostalgia fuels our news segment today, with varying levels of scorn for cherished memories. For those of you playing along at home with their So Very Wrong About Games bingo cards, Walker talks about a Mystic Vale expansion and Mark brings up Macross--let us know if that makes five in a row. Games Played Last Week: -Not Alone 1m48s (Ghislain Masson, Stronghold Games, 2016) -Quartermaster General: 1914 2m49s (Ian Brody, PSC Games, 2016) -Mythic Battles: Pantheon 5m07s (Benoit Vogt, Monolith, 2017) -Formula D 7m10s (Laurent Lavaur & Eric Randall, Asmodee, 2008) -Rising Sun 9m30s (Eric Lang, CMON, 2018) vs. -Blood Rage 9m30s (Eric Lang, CMON, 2015) -The City of Kings 13m34s (Frank West, The City of Games, 2018) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Mousetrap Redux...? 16m59s -Robot? Eck. 19m12s -The Mystic Vale gets yet bigger 20m11s -So much Confrontation 21m21s -2nd editions for Claustrophobia and Race 23m15s Feature Game: GKR: Heavy Hitters 23m41s (Matt Hyra, Cryptozoic and WETA Workshop, 2018) Topic: Blinging Out Your Games 45m26s
April 3, 2018
We adopt a policy of firm opposition to irresolvable paradoxes here at So Very Wrong About Games. Then again, everything we say is wrong, so take that for what it is worth. Don't even ask us about sets not containing themselves. We turn our attention to Vlaada Chvatil's work for the first time, and ruminate about multiplayer conflict games and how they often fail. Also, swimwear...? And "cascades of nightmarish terribleness," which might become our new podcast name. Games Played Last Week: -World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch 1m10s (Fel Barros, Christophe Madura, Alexandru Olteanu, David Rakoto, & Michael Shinall, CMON, 2018) -Concordia 2m59s (Mac Gerdts, PD-Verlag, 2013) -Meeple Circus 8m30s (Cedric Millet, Matagot, 2017) -Clans of Caledonia 10m13s (Juma Al-Joujou, Karma Games, 2017) -Rum & Bones: Second Tide 11m31s (Michael Shinall, CMON, 2017) -Warfighter 13m59s (Dan Verssen, DVG, 2014) News (and why it doesn't matter) -April Fools disappointment roundup 16m06s -More Mystic, more Vale 17m25s -More Gloom, more Haven 17m51s Feature Game: Space Alert 19m21s (Vlaada Chvatil, CGE, 2008) Topic: Problems in Multiplayer Conflict Games 43m33s
March 27, 2018
Mark references several films while trying, and failing, to keep his composure. Walker tells stories that may or may not resemble reality. Both hosts rant about design decisions they find inexplicable. It's a very cathartic experience for all involved. Games Played Last Week: -Dinosaur Island 1m16s (Jonathan Gilmour & Brian Lewis, Pandasaurus, 2017) -Cockroach Poker Royal 2m17s (Jacques Zeimet, 999 Games, 2012) -Caverna: The Cave Farmers 4m05s (Uwe Rosenberg, Lookout Games, 2013) -Unusual Suspects 6m00s (Paolo Mori, Cranio Creations, 2015) -Too Many Bones 8m45s (Adam & Josh Carlson, Chip Theory Games, 2017) -Infinity 12m16s (Gutier Lusquiños Rodríguez, Corvus Belli, 2005) -Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire 13m38s (David Sanders, Games Workshop, 2017) -Food Chain Magnate 15m35s (Jeroen Doumen & Joris Wiersinga, Splotter, 2015) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Bruno's Imaginarium 19m15s -Other Bruno's Chawai 19m45s -Asmodee: The Movie 20m20s -Shilling for Dinosaur Island 21m10s -Infinity plus one 22m06s -SVWAG Giveaway 23m00s Feature Game: Champions of Midgard 24m14s (Ole Steiness, Grey Fox Games, 2015) Topic: Victory Point Systems 47m24s
March 20, 2018
Mark and Walker explore how sophisticated the rejoinder "git gud" can be, perhaps indicating that they are getting good at unhelpful trash talking. Perhaps anything can be an art. Perhaps being a better degerenate is truly the life lesson they have extracted from their years as hobbyists; Mark's experiences have certainly turned him into a fantasy racist. Join us for A Very Special Episode of So Very Wrong About Games. Games Played Last Week: -Path of Light and Shadow 1m05s (Travis R. Chance, Jonathan Gilmour, & Nick Little, Action Phase Games, 2017) -Catacombs 4m02s (Ryan Amos, Marc Kelsey, & Aron West, Elzra Corp., 2015) -Barony 5m56s (Marc Andre, Matagot, 2015) -Core Worlds 7m22s (Andrew Parks, Stronghold, 2011) -Antike II 8m05s (Mac Gerdts, PD-Verlag, 2014) -Rum & Bones: Second Tide 10m49s (Michael Shinall, CMON, 2017) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Mercury taking on Valley Games' legacy with Big City 13m59s -Monsterpocalypse mutates, rises again 14m50s -Death Note, an animated series, is licensed 16m44s -Plan B for Tric Trac and gaming coverage? 16m59s -Samurai Jack, an animated series, is licensed 18m55s -Higher prices are constant as the Northern Star 19m43s -Renegade stays Frosted, stuns the world with Rosenberg agriculture 21m01s Feature Game: BattleLore 2nd Edition 21m57s (Richard Borg & Rob Kouba, FFG, 2013) Topic: Board game hacks in real life 44m22s
March 13, 2018
Walker pretends to tolerate Mark's digression into pronunciation, and in exchange Mark pretends to be surprised to hear that TI4 has problems. Both fail to be even remotely surprised that CMON is in the plastic pushing business, novelty or creativity optional. Games Played Last Week: -Zombicide: Black Plague 4m39s (Raphaël Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, & Nicolas Raoult, CMON, 2015) -Black Orchestra 6m08s (Philip duBarry, Game Salute, 2016) -Tobago 15m00s (Bruce Allen, Zoch Verlag, 2009) -The Nasty 7 16m07s (Jacques Zeimet, Drei Hasen in der Abendsonne, 2015) -Twilight Imperium 4th Edition 17m10s (Dane Beltrami, Corey Konieczka, & Christian T. Petersen, Fantasy Flight, 2017) -Ortus Regni 18m08s (Jon Sudbury, Jon Sudbury Games, 2014) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Zombies! In! Space! 20m30s -Where to avoid hearing more from Mark 21m57s -Mage Knight likes big boxes and cannot lie 23m27s Feature Game: World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch 24m08s (Fel Barros, Christophe Madura, Alexandru Olteanu, David Rakoto & Michael Shinall, CMON, 2018) Topic: Games that Shouldn't Work, But Do 53m01s
March 6, 2018
Why can't we all just get along? This week Mark and Walker agree that anyone causing pain should be tortured to death. Wait, that doesn't work. Okay, can we agree that people who cause pain wrongly are wrong? Hm. That seems problematic. What about we should shun those that aren't friendly? Crap. Let's just say that everyone should be nice to me, how's that? Games Played Last Week: -Clans of Caledonia 2m45s (Juma Al-Joujou, Karma Games, 2017) -Gaia Project 5m15s (Jens Drögemüller & Helge Ostertag, Feuerland Spiele, 2017) -Path of Light and Shadow 6m08s (Jonathan Gilmour, Travis Chance, & Nick Little, Indie Boards and Cards, 2017) -World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch 11m19s (Fel Barros, Christophe Madura, Alexandru Olteanu, David Rakoto & Michael Shinall, CMON, 2018) -Deception: Murder in Hong Kong 15m50s (Tobey Ho, Jolly Thinkers, 2014) News (and why it doesn't matter) -Luma Games and historical linguistics 16m34s -Palladium finally puts Robotech backers out of their misery 17m24s -Terraforming Mars needs to be longer 20m53s -Fireball Island: this time with choices? 21m14s -Batman. Lots of Batman. 23m14s Feature Game: Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire 25m39s (David Sanders, Games Workshop, 2017) Topic: House Rules 51m52s
February 27, 2018
Walker acts on his firm conviction that sympathy is for the weak, and the internet seems to endorse this position. Fueled by Mark's misery, the pair utter a great deal of words on the topic of Rising Sun, which has had a firm grip on their gaming time of late. They then decide to move on to matters of history and politics, which are always safe topics. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Games Played Last Week: -Arcane Academy 3m49s (Eric Lang & Kevin Wilson, IDW Games, 2016) -Dogs of War 5m26s (Paolo Mori, CMON, 2014) News (and why it doesn't matter): -Deep in deep trouble 11m04s -Star Trek Ascendancies yet further 16m19s Feature Game: Rising Sun 18m12s (Eric Lang, CMON, 2018) Topic: Inappropriate Themes 53m22s
February 20, 2018
Mark and Walker dare the siege perilous in this, their thirteenth installment. Walker shares a rare moment of sincerity, and Mark restrains himself from taunting him for the lapse. Rising Sun is revisited and compared to Twilight Imperium, and shockingly Mark highlights ways in which that is favorable to TI:4. Mass hysteria ensues. Games Played Last Week: -Tigris & Euphrates 2m16s (Reiner Knizia, Hans im Gluck, 1997) -Inkognito 3m36s (Leo Colovini & Alex Randolph, Ares Games, 1988) -Charterstone 4m40s (Jamey Stegmaier, Stonemaier Games, 2017) -Barony 9m29s (Marc Andre, Matagot, 2015) -Rising Sun 10m58s (Eric Lang, CMON, 2018) -Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition 13m44s (Dane Beltrami, Corey Konieczka, & Christian T. Petersen, Fantasy Flight, 2017) -Han 19m14s (Michael Schacht, ABACUSSPIELE, 2014) News (and why it doesn't matter): -Harry Potter Minis Game 21m38s -Race for the Galaxy's Branching Expansions 23m04s -Munchkin CCG...? Munchkin CCG. 24m20s -AMIGO en los Estados Unidos 25m23s Feature Game: 51st State Master Set 26m45s (Ignacy Trzewiczek, Portal Games, 2016) Topic: Kickstarter Exclusives 49m06s
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