October 18, 2019
SJR’s wifi forgot that we serve a God of second chances! We may be a day later than normal but we slid through with our squad like, “hey. what’s up? hello!!” The delegation had QTNA: Is restaurant mac n cheese worth rescuing? Sis that’s bossin’ up to celibacy, where are you? Join the convo on FB and IG — let us know when you’ve stretched yourself to be more direct about your needs instead of sugarcoating them? Gift yourself EXTRA love.Take advantage of our and
October 8, 2019
Hours before Nashville’s NITW, SJR and PT teamed up with the delegation for this impactful episode. Covering hot topics ranging the legitimacy of soul ties to Tyler Perry’s historical studio lot. PT ministered to the delegation at every turn!! SJR reminded us to recognize when we are overstretched; taking a break does not equate to quitting. Being mentally and physically healthy is important to SJR so she partnered with amazing brands this week —,, and
October 2, 2019
SJR kicked off NITW in B’more and is basically an official resident after sampling a few of the delicacies with the help of Dr. Anita. The delegation kept it cute with the rescues and gave props with the Hail Mary/Joseph’s. Word dropping Dr. Anita stayed true to form — don’t talk down to yourself if your change is small, a small change is still change! During your next jog in your fly Fabletics gear or when you’re preparing your HelloFresh meal, listen to your favorite book by using Audible.
September 25, 2019
Find out SJR’s take on submission as a wife, if H&M is being rescued or revered and get a sneak peek into how SJR prepares for her sermons! As the NIGHT IN THE WILD tour is set to kick off and remove SJR from her comfort zone beginning next week, sis is gently dragging us out of our comfort zones too — get started on the thing that takes you out of your comfort zone but you know it’s attached to your purpose!
September 19, 2019
Very few things in life are guaranteed,except for the FACT that all children better be well-behaved in Auntie SJR’s presence - might not be an eye for an eye,but it’s surely a bite for a bite.Major shoutout to UVA Men’s basketball coach,Tony Bennett for being selfless,Chelsea Handler for shedding light on white privilege and Champale Anderson for feeding over 100 kids in her neighborhood! In the snack,SJR encouraged the delegation to acknowledge when we’re ‘doing’ instead of living in the space
September 11, 2019
When you’ve been besties for so long, absence makes girl time that much more lit! SJR tried to keep the delegation on their best behavior in front of our new fave, Dr. Anita Phillips. We couldn’t tell it was her first time with us because she fit right in — she had us taking notes! After several attempted Rescues and the obligatory giving of props, Dr. Anita and SJR tackled the advice questions and shared what they’re currently learning in this season.
July 10, 2019
Chiiiiilllllee chile chile CHILE! Can you believe it?! Season 4 of the podcast has come to an end. In true WE fashion, it ended with a bang…KENZIE IS BACK!!! Our favorite Girl Evolve started giving us a snack while SJR was just trying to finish up the intro! The duo tackled a few rescues and blessed us with Hail Mary/Joseph stories, but chiiiilllleee the word Kenzie gave us on how to get out of a rut….we're all going to try to buy inner circle tickets for WE2034!!! Well sis, our podcast time together is on pause but we can still have time together this week…tune in to WomanEvolveTV or register to join us in person July 12-13 for the Woman Evolve Conference at The Potter's House Denver!!
July 8, 2019
As WE19 is quickly approaching, the warfare has been real but SJR and the Delegation’s commitment to each other has been REALER!! “Hell gets nervous when women come into agreement” - Bishop TD Jakes. Chilllleeeee, hell is shooketh! WE came, WE rescued, WE gave kudos! As the squad prepares for the WE19 conference, SJR described how she’s feeling and reminded us to fight fear with the knowledge that faith always has the final say!
June 27, 2019
Thank God for friends that help you save money because chiiilllleee SJR is about to have the Delegation’s summer fund quite hefty and lit! No gas money required for the jet and no need to replenish our supply of floaties because there’s no one to rescue!! This week we’re truly minding our business and getting inspired with an episode full of Hail Mary/Joseph stories! SJR gave advice on parenting after divorce and finding perspective in answered prayers (which also turned into a pre-snack). Sis put a big red ribbon on this episode by simply explaining right now, you either have or you don’t...PERIODT!
June 20, 2019
It’s not even officially summer yet and it’s already too hot to play with the Delegation! Chile, it’s looking like there won’t be anymore Target rescues this year and we’re impatiently waiting on the medical field to denounce BMI standard. Hail Mary started with a bang and it eventually left SJR a little speechless, and curious. In the midst of the “I can’t” moments, SJR challenges us to continue pressing forward with a plan to execute to the best of our ability; don’t allow the fear of “I can’t” to dominate the “I can” within you. Thanks to the youngest Delegate, SJR’s baby girl Ella, the snack is fuel for when fear makes us think we can’t accomplish a goal but faith says give it your best shot!
June 12, 2019
You know that feeling you get when you haven’t talked to your bestie in a while because life happens but when y’all talk it’s like you never missed a beat?! Well, chile that’s the vibe of this week’s episode. The squad showed with open minds and a splash of petty. SJR ended the episode with a challenge for us to be champions of change, an active solution to what you want to see! 24 hr. Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 Woman Evolve 2019 Friend Level Discount Code: WETPHD19
June 5, 2019
What do you do when you’re on an unexpected fast, but you must connect with the delegation by any means necessary? SJR interrupts the usual format and invites us into what she’s learning and focusing on during her fast to Pentecost. Our sis is transparent and vulnerable so get ready for this extended snack!   W.E. Read This Is That: The Experiences, Sermons and Writings of Aimee Semple McPherson: Aimee Semple McPherson, Douglas Harrolf
May 29, 2019
Y’all! Cora came back to host with SJR!!! If you know you know, but if you don’t know then chhhiiiillllleeee.... SJR has to work overtime to convince Cora to rescue anyone, you’ll cry laughing the ENTIRE episode and you’ll get a word word that’ll make you want to cashapp her a love offering. We had several amazing Hail Mary’s (including SJR as a billionaire). One of this week’s advice questions was very transparent and tied into Cora’s snack - be as aware of our flaws as we are of our favor; victory comes after our flaws are embraced! Pre-Order Cora’s new book - Ferocious Warrior Show Description: Jamie Washington
May 21, 2019
Is this mom’s confrontation an out of line threat or a legit “catch me outside” promise? What about a “rollie” at age 5, #TeamTooMuch or nah? SJR takes a moment to check in on the delegation members who are fans of Game of Thrones, y’all alright?! Hail Joseph to Robert F. Smith for paying off student loans for recent Morehouse grads; HBCU’s are winning right now! Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, is truly showing us how to turn pain into purpose as she runs for Miami-Dade County Commissioner. Need inspiration to be more grateful? Google Cassidy Hooper! Shout out to Aunt Oprah for her donation to New Jersey high school program that provides student with a safe space/activities on Friday nights. Advice questions were insightful and thought provoking. Aaaand the snack — one that we can all use when we need an accountability partner as we ”become”. Show Description: Jamie Washington
May 15, 2019
Cosmetic surgery, not doing your one job proficiently and washing raw meat. Yep, these were some interesting rescues! SJR gave new Delegates a much needed MYBM orientation — When To Mind Your Business...ALWAYS! Tips on being intentional about getting back to YOU, SJR’s responds to a very relatable advice question, which perfectly tied into the snack’s topic on self care - rearranging to gain proper alignment. Show Description: Jamie Washington
May 8, 2019
Ladies (and some gentlemen)!!! This is not a drill, the squad is linking up again for another season! After a LONG 10 week sabbatical, we picked up where we left off. Handing out grace, coming to a collective understanding and shouting out others that are making positive moves in pop culture. Single moms, the advice question just might bless your soul! The snack...if you know, you know. If not, grab a notebook and a pen because SJR is forever dropping gems. WE Read Chiiillleee: Integrity by Dr. Henry Cloud
March 13, 2019
And just like that, our weekly party has come to an end. Season 3’s finale included rescue attempts for Jussie Smollet and Auntie Oprah. We took a moment and said all Hail Gayle King. Her hostage negotiator level of calm is unmatched and inspiring! Learning how to handle evolving from a close friendship that has become stagnant was an advice topic and WE came together for a woman-down situation — let’s just we’re too grown to be “friends with benefits”! The snack needs no explanation other than SJR making us get teary eyed like a This Is Us episode. Show Description: Jamie Washington
February 28, 2019
SJR dropped us a speed round podcast while on the road in Charlotte. Let’s just say she needed more time and a life raft for the rescues because the delegation was not having it. It became evident during the advice section that one our sisters knows the Lordt, because her self control was real when she caught her husband in a less than ideal situation. SJR gives us insight into how she’s handling life on the road in a snack that challenges us to look at our lives in wonder.
February 21, 2019
Chiiiiilllleee get ready to join SJR on the road for the NITW tour. She tried to rescue Dapper Dan and Ja Rule in front of a live Detroit Delegation audience and well....we’ll let you hear how that went.
February 13, 2019
Surprise, surprise! For the first time ever, W.E. podcast had a special guest host — Cora Jakes Coleman and she did not miss a beat! She managed to get the Delegates to agree with rescuing Lori Harvey from the Bee-Hive, Wells Fargo from its customers and gave a much deserved shout out to the legend that is Ms. Cicely Tyson! The advice (remaining abstinent and handling infidelity within a marriage) and snack given this week we’re filled with wisdom. Cora challenged — “give yourself permission to love you better”, have the tough conversations and be humble enough to admit when we are wrong. It’s safe to say that SJR will be a Hail Mary next week for allowing Cora to guest host this week.
February 6, 2019
The Delegation came together to touch and agree (or disagree amicably) with the potential rescues of Demi Lovato, Bow Wow and Liam Neeson. Hail Mary Candice Payne is proof that not all life saving, superheroes wear capes! Some of the Delegates made it known that they’re willing to have their honesty tested by bank tellers like Hail Joseph Dane Gillespie — sir gave back the MILLIONS that were given to him by mistake...chile, he’s saved saved. The responses to the advice questions were full of gems from SJR and the Delegates (disadvantage of being the “strong friend”, typical relationship questionnaire vs the natural flow, taking control of and prioritizing your wholeness). SJR’s snack was a good reminder that we may be living a life that we once prayed for, so don’t take for granted the little things that once brought us great joy. National Donestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233
January 31, 2019
News of actor Jussie Smollett’s hate-filled attack was a major story today. SJR took time at the beginning of the episode to say a thoughtful prayer for him and everyone impacted by this incident and similar incidents. The Delegation then went from righteousness to ratchet thanks to SJR’s first rescue attempt, one that even she couldn’t find a good defense for. After a few more rescues, there were lots of feel good stories in the Hail Mary section. Advice topics — celibacy after already having sex marriage, reconciling with not receiving what you give, discerning between a seasonal word or forever word from God. This week’s snack stemmed from a conversation between SJR and her hubby PT. W.E. Read: "Beyond the Pill" by Dr. Jolene Brighton Show Description: Jamie Washington
January 25, 2019
It’s rare but it happens, the Delegates rescued everyone this week, including a Delegate. SJR admitted that there could have been another rescue but sis refused to have her MYBM card revoked so it remained a mystery...kinda sorta. Hail Mary’s and Joseph’s included a life saving nurse, a heroic dad and a congregation helping during the government shutdown. Honorable mention is Rihanna’s blueprint to building her legacy — Alexa play Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman” because sis is securing all the bags while fans wait on her next album. SJR’s advice questions were really good this week — what to focus on when becoming a public speaker and remembering to ALWAYS invite God’s presence into your “next.” The snack was...chile, you already KNOW it was goodT!!!
January 16, 2019
Our fearless WE leader was so vulnerable this week that sis tried to hand out rescues for everybody like she was Oprah...including making the executive decision to rescue herself. SJR explained how her becoming a rescue may have disappointed the Delegation and she apologized. She challenged us to take the time to process situations by separating feelings from the truth, then hearing from God about His thoughts of it all. Unanimously, WE canceled haters/enemies in 2019...the motto: ”you’re either for me or for my prayer list”. The advice questions were about the communication needed between partners regarding sex, how a difference of religion can be problematic in a relationship and how we can (and sometimes must) love family from a distance. SJR’s snack was so timely, per usual. Theme Song and Engineered by: Dx Show Description: Jamie Washington
January 9, 2019
Siiiiiis! It’s our anniversary, we're 1 year into this thing and season 3 of the podcast has arrived! It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t start like we finished, by having REAL conversations. This week's rescue covered Survivng R. Kelly and was so long that there was no room to help anyone else get on the boat (although, TSA did sneak in. We had a LOT of sex talk so parental advisory is advised. We also dove into the seriousness of seeking help from mental health professionals and the importance of remembering that we’re not alone when faced with mental adversity. And, of course, SJR’s snack challenges us to get ourselves together! Engineered and Theme Song by: Dx Show Description: Jamie Washington
January 3, 2019
SJR gears up for the premiere of Season 3's podcast by helping us find our center. Join us for a quick snack and learn how she's maintaining her peace all 2019. Engineered and Theme Song by: Dx
November 29, 2018
It’s never ‘goodbye’, always ‘see you later’. Season 2’s finale started (a few weeks) late BUT sis, we made it!! So much grace was in the midst, we even had an overflow for some honorable mentions to rescue (or not). SJR got her Iyanla on by trying to find a solution for a mother-in-law that has no clear boundaries within her married son’s usual, the Delegation preferred a more petty solution!! The finale ended with a challenge to, “breathe in your moments” - process 2018’s lessons and achievements before becoming overwhelmed with 2019’s goals and responsibilities. Engineered and Theme Song by: Dx Show Description: Jamie Washington
October 25, 2018
This week’s episode just might be the game changer of season 2! The topic of forgiveness seemed to be a theme this week, including parental forgiveness which really hit home with many of the delegates. SJR offered perspective on the topic regarding forgiving too quickly without processing your pain — “just because you know where you want to land does not mean you have to force yourself to be there” (issa word!). SJR’s snack was a whole meal for those that are in the gap between persecution and warfare. Keep fighting the good fight and pushing through to the other side of your breakthrough sis! Engineereed and Theme Song: Dx Show Description: Jamie Washington
October 18, 2018
SJR surprised the delegation with her HIGH key funny sister Cora Jakes Coleman!!! It’s voting season and the delegation is ready to cast their 2044 Presidential ballot for Cora & Kenzie...although SJR may need to be their Press Secretary for obvious reasons. SJR had some valid points during her rescue attempts but the delegation seemed to be riding with Cora this week. The duo discussed alternative disciplinary approaches in parenting, prayed for the edges of women of all hues and Cora spoke a whole word during the snack. Engineered and Theme Song By: Dx Show Description: Jamie Washington
October 12, 2018
Because this is a grace-filled, judgment-free zone, we’re going to silently rescue SJR for being a day late. Our fearless leader struggled with trying to get her empathy on for this week's rescues, but we pulled together and broke out the floaties for a couple of people. She did take a moment to educate us on the three levels of raggedy - it's revolutionary. Also, SJR may or may not have told married ladies to never forget the power of circles...or triangles...Prepare for some epic realness, transparency, and authenticity on this week's snack. Engineered and Theme Song by: Dex Show Description: Jamie Washington
October 3, 2018
We never imagined the day would come when we would have to rescue Chickfila? Well -they TRIED it in a major way. A Florida teacher is out here keeping it a little too real for the school she's in and did you know you could steal “free breakfast”?! The strength of the W.E. sisterhood is tested.....over how to cook scrambled eggs - to use or to not use Lawry’s seasoning salt is apparently a deal breaker. What are you doing as a form of self-care? SJR is likely hiding in her bathroom and trying on wigs! Plus, we’ve been challenged to receive strength in areas we already feel strong. Engineered and Theme Song by: Dx Show Description: Jamie Washington
September 26, 2018
Apparently, pop culture had a secret meeting and they took an end of summer vacation because SJR couldn’t find any good rescues for this week!! The delegation offered to rescue The Cosby Show but everyone wasn’t willing to gas up the private jet. Have you ever noticed how the music you listen to will become the soundtrack to a period of your life? Well, SJR discusses how her personal growth has also influenced her playlist. Still searching for your purpose? Remember that you don’t lose parts of yourself within your purpose because there’s no loss in what God has for you! SJR Album Picks: Artist: Lauren Daigle Album: Look Up Child SJR Picks: This Girl, Rescue, Everything Artist: Dave and Nicole Binion Album: Dwell SJR Picks: Hunger, All Because You're Here, All Things Engineered and Theme Song by: Dx Show Description: Jamie Washington
September 19, 2018
Would you be surprised if we rescued Kenzie again? No?! Good, because it happened! Is it time for you to activate your inner “Vontae Davis”? Would you let your child’s school paddle them as a disciplinary method? Chile, the Delegation’s opinions to these topics varied but we managed find some boats and life jackets! SJR’s snack was so good (“Play to Win” instead of “Trying to not lose”), so tune in to The Potter’s House at One LA’s podcast (9/21) for the full word! W.E. Read: Sex, Jesus and the Conversations the Church Forgot by Mo Isom Engineered & Theme Song by Dex Show Description: Jamie Washington
September 13, 2018
Where is your “Hideout Ministry”?! This week, ours was SJR’s closet! Chile, we saved Nicki and Cardi but we put them on separate boats. Serena was a Rescue Eve candidate and a possible Hail Mary….we couldn’t choose. We also helped some sisters sort through their relationship issues. Plus - SJR challenges us to not make decisions based on our initial emotions. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
September 6, 2018
We’re baaaccckkk!!!! Last week was minor set back for a MAJOR comeback! SJR (aka Lil Demon Bully) and the Delegation discussed their WE conference highlights, rescued Prayvo/Bishop Jakes and got all in SJR’s business!
June 21, 2018
SJR updates us on why she's late posting. Save your judgment - she's actually modeling what she challenges us to do. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
June 13, 2018
For the first time in Woman Evolve history we’re dispatching a jet for a rescue. SJR rallies the delegation to pool their funds together to help a sister in desperate need. We have a few sisters willing to take on a rescue for the whole team, plus we discuss how important attraction is in a relationship. Lastly, SJR shares how a weekend spent with powerful women taught her something about the raw materials she’s been given to work with. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
June 6, 2018
Only SJR could summarize the Pusha T vs Drake beef using actual beef references. The Woman Evolve Delegation have collectively decided to relax their petty and surprise us all with a rescue this week. Don’t miss SJR revealing her stalker tendencies or sharing a snack about how she (and you) can gear up for her “next”. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
May 30, 2018
SJR doesn’t have a summer camp for Kenzie so the Woman Evolve Delegation step in and help their sis out. Little do they know that Kenzie needs no help. Let’s just say this week’s show may be next week’s Rescue Eve. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
May 23, 2018
Chiillleee... SJR tried to avoid struggle rescues this week, but the Woman Evolve delegation won’t let her be great. SJR shares her royal wedding highlights, and then while sharing advice with a listener, she gets transparent about the vulnerability in her marriage and career. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
May 16, 2018
We made space on the helicopter for Target, but is there any room left for Nicole Arbour? SJR almost drowns trying to rescue this week, but in the end some of the Woman Evolve Delegation team decided to scoot over and make room in the helicopter. Have you ever thought about what kind of grandmother you want to be? Adrienne Norris serves us goals on top of goals. We cover discovering your passion, dealing with toxic parental relationships, and so much more this week.
May 9, 2018
Every parent needs to hear SJR describe a five finger grab that just may change the way you're parenting. The delegation chimes in on ex-wife vs new-wife relationships, plus SJR thinks you may have missed the fact that you got a promotion...just like she missed this is episode 16, not 15. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
May 3, 2018
Chiillleee make room in the helicopter because SJR says we gotta save Kanye. God is rewarding our rescue with more Chick-fil-A ministries. SJR also challenges us to start opening up in a brand new way. Theme song and Engineered by Dx
April 25, 2018
Chile, SJR is raggedy, but she's back and we've got our lifeboat ready. Can Taylor be saved? Should we leave Khloe alone? Oh, and we need to add a segment, because sometimes people aren't quite Eve or Mary. Plus- SJR is growing and wants you to come along. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
April 11, 2018
Trying to read without the facts can be hazardous to your health, so can rain if you don't have a roof. SJR gives wives some ideas on how to keep the spark alive and shares what she's learning about balance. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
April 5, 2018
Strollers aren't meant to be resurrected, three little boys save a life, one mom can't ignore what she's feeling, and SJR explains why you shouldn't apologize for not turning your words into churros. Audio and Engineered by Dx
March 27, 2018
PT joins SJR for questions about maximizing singlehood, a man's perspective on a woman's appearance, and most importantly why you have to live from a place of rest. You're going to love it! Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
March 14, 2018
SJR won't be applying to work at any daycares. can we give Meghan Markle her crown already, when fixing a life goes south, and so much more on this episode of #WomanEvolve Theme Song and Engineered by Dx
March 7, 2018
That moment when you find out that free ain't free anymore and friends ain't what they used to be. Plus, SJR has a moment of vulnerability and challenges us all to grow.
February 28, 2018
Evidently, the men(secret listeners) are petitioning for a name change. Monique gave us some facts to consider and, in relationships, you may have to pick a struggle to be with an evolved woman!
February 21, 2018
First of all, Wakanda. Secondly, Mind Your Business Ministries is open for membership. Thirdly, self-forgiveness is everything. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
February 14, 2018
Can a mom be saved from publicly embarrassing her son? Shhhhh... Uncle Quincy we don't need to know all that, and brace yourself for one of those holy ratchet reads that only SJR can give. Theme Song and Mixed by Dx
February 7, 2018
Chhiiilllleee... turn down the petty because SJR is joined by her husband, Touré Roberts, on this weeks episode. JT tries to honor Prince, SJR and PT change the lesson plan, and violence is never the answer (except when it is)... Theme Song and Mixed by Dx
January 31, 2018
Mama (and SJR) Don’t Play That, When God Forgives, But You Don’t and more on this week’s episode of Woman Evolve. Theme Song and Mixed by Dx
January 24, 2018
SJR is struggling with being lowkey Vegan, Tracee Ellis Ross is out here making boss moves, and SJR reminds us of the power of "No." Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
January 17, 2018
We, the delegation, may have to rescue SJR. A thin line between petty and genius. The dreaded four letter word: h-e-l-p. Engineered and Theme Song by Dx
January 10, 2018
H&M is canceled, SJR is lowkey vegan, highkey inspired by Oprah (but who isn't?), and catching a word left and right on the first Woman Evolve Podcast. Intro and Engineered by Dx
December 4, 2017
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