Tony the movie guy
Great podcast and lots of fun as they have a good banter and a good insight and knowledge of films. Recommended! Best Tony The Movie Guy Podcast
Loved it!
First of all, their voices are pure ear porn for Americans. Secondly, they are a great review podcast. I usually don’t listen to these types of podcasts, but as a mom of 3, I was looking up people’s thoughts on Incredibles 2. They were fun, lighthearted, organized, well-spoken, and super entertaining. I learned a bunch and now want to be their friends. Subscribing!
The best movie podcast on ITunes
Original and lighthearted takes on movies that are always a fun listen.
Fun from Australia
I really like the short but funny format. They aren't too harsh on the movies, just trashing movies to trash them but are appropriately critical.
Short, Sweet, and Awesome!
This is a perfect podcast. Seriously, under 30 minutes with helpful info, fun content, and great accents, you can't beat 'We Watched A Thing'! Before I go see a movie, I am going to listen and see what Billy and Topher have to say first! Keep up the Great work guys!
Great and Funny!
Nowhere Nerd
Love this podcast! Billy and Topher are just hilarious. Do yourself a favor and listen to this. If you're disapointed I'll refund all of your money. It was free right?
One of my favorite film casts
Brook Reading Pod
I love you guys. You make me laugh all the time and I love hearing about new movies that I need to add to my must-watch list.
Almost TOO much charisma...
Big Brother B
...and that’s a good thing! Billy and Topher are so entertaining! Definitely worth subscribing.
Redemption for not watching Shawshank Redemption
Christopher List
Love me a good movie chat. They should do these live like MST3K style. Anways, great chemistry with the hosts and their overall sense of what makes up a good film goes really well wither their takes. Its pretty astonishing a couple of film lovers haven't seen Shawshank but hey......................................nope, nevermind, no hey. Shame on you guys.
A must-listen for movie lovers
I love this podcast because it's apparent the hosts know their stuff. Billy and Topher each have natural charisma and they play off each other in delightful ways. I enjoyed the Oscars recap episode imensely - like you, I also thought Lady Bird was shafted!
Film guys would love
Manny G Funk
If you love movies and have a sense of humor, this is your podcast. Great audio and great chemistry. Everything is great when you call your friend “mate” (unintentional rhyming).
We listened to a Thing
Listened to the Infinity War episode!! I absolutely love this podcast!! We've actually spoken about them on our own podcast many times, and listen to their episodes on a regular basis. Nothing but good things to say about the awesome hosts!!
I Like A Thing!
Decanted Washington Wine
Aside from the fact that I love listening to Billy and Topher’s voices, they have great chemistry, humor and thoughtful opinions. I don’t watch every movie that comes out so I enjoyed listening to their banter on ones I don’t plan on seeing. And I can tell they are in the industry—talking about sound design, world building for example, so I appreciated the educated criticisms. And lastly, the length of their shows hit the sweet spot for me.
Almost got me.
Great podcast fun listen. These guys almost had me go watch blockers. Thankfully Beth made some sense.
Funny Hosts!
I checked out the Die Hard episode because it's one of my favorite films and loved energy these guys brought. One host hadn't seen the film so it was fun to see his take on the 80s action fixture. Subscribed and eager to hear more!
Hilarious and charming
First of all, their accepts are fantastic, and I could listen to them talk all day. I listened to the episode about Ready Player One, which I wasn't really that interested in prior to this episode, but they really made it come alive for me. This is a great length of review and kept me engaged the whole time. Billy and Topher obviously know a ton about movies, and they're able to make connections in pop culture and with the book that were so helpful to me in understanding this film and who might like it and why. The audio on this podcast is alsot top notch!
These guys breakdown movies very well. As man times as I've heard reviews on Black Panther, these two were able to bring up an arguement that I've never heard. Very unique review podcast. Definitely worth checking out.
Cool Podcast
David Kamphuis
Two guys talk about a movie that they saw, it's like having a conversation with your friends about a movie. I did learn something new about A Quit Place and sign langauge from this podcast.
Great fun!
Movie Goat J
These guys are obviously great friends and it shows. The jokes are there but some go over my head being an American and all. Movie knowledge is great and the topics are in line with what’s current with cinema. Great job ya kangaroo lovers.
I Want To "Watch a Thing" with These Two
So I started with the Tomb Raider / Annihilation episode because I’ve seen those two movies. I wish both Billy and Topher had seen the two movies, but they made it clear that was uncommon and made a fun joke out of it anyway. It's obvious that these two have an immense knowledge and passion for movies, which just makes me want to consume more (SO MANY MOVIES! SO MANY THINGS!). The camaraderie of these two is delightful, and it makes the podcast that much more entertaining to listen to. I did also appreciate the fact that they mention the upcoming things they're covering on the show too. That's helpful, and allows the listener to play along. Oh, and yes, lighthouses are indeed the jam.
A great listen
I listen to this when I am browsing my streaming services, updating my playlists. A good listen for sure!
You Can't Handle the Truth! ;-)
The Kim Sutton
I LOVE hearing the facts and stories behind the movies I watch! You guys are lining up a whole bunch of movies I haven't seen, though, which I thank you for! I look forward to watching new movies and listening to more episodes! Can't wait to hear your discussion of Top Gun when it comes out!
Right Up My Alley
Thinking Outside the Longbox
So I love me some pop culture podcasts, and this is right up my alley. These two guys have a great chemistry and they seem to have fairly similar taste in movies to me! Really liking the show, I can't wait to watch more.
Great show for movies and pop culture commentary!!
Love this show! The guys have a great rapport with one another, and their commentaries are lively and entertaining. They bring an expertise so that listeners can learn new things by listening to them, while keeping things relatable and interesting.
Funny and smart
Really enjoy this podcast! Also love hearing them talk about some films that I really enjoy, it’s like having a conversation with friends who also know what they’re talking about.
Currently Bingeing the Back Catalouge
Just started listening to this podcast and currently love it! It's the perfect length and both of the hosts are super entertaining. The episodes are fairly short and perfect for my walk to work. Highly reccomend to anyone looking for a new movie review podcast!
Get your reviews right here!
MC Variety Hour
Ever wondered about whether or not you should watch something? Your friends say ITS THE BEST EVER but your coworker said TERRIBLE! We Watched A Thing is a great place to really get your information. Billy and Topher do a wonderful job both in reviews and in audio quality, you have found the right podcast so stop looing and just subscribe!
Fun and Insightful
Film Roast Podcast
Love this pod! In a world full of average movie podcasts, WWAT stands out with their fun commentary and great chemistry! These two guys bring movies knowledge and laughs to the forefront. They’ve become one of my go-to’s for new releases and I’m so happy to have found them!
So fun!
I'm not the biggest movie person (I gravitate more toward TV), but am trying to change that and this podcast is a big reason why. I want to have more context around what these Aussies are discussing! Both Billy and Topher work in the industry, and know their stuff. They have a great rapport with each other, and it's fun to listen in on their conversations. Keep it up, fellas! Katie
Fun to Listen!
This podcast is a blast to listen to. I've only listened to a few episodes and they've all been really enjoyable, kept me entertained. The hosts have a great raport and are really engaging.
Great Show, Simple, Relatable, and Well Rounded 👍🏼
jamesw :)
I first listened to you guys a couple months ago and I was looking for a podcast about films and reviews on them etc. but basically every podcast out there is 3 hours long just discussing the mise en scene of the first act haha. But i fell in love with your podcast because you guys speak your minds, give honest reviews from educated backgrounds, and I love the small trivia you put in there. Keep it up!
Top Notch!
Just gave this one a shot tonight With Oscars 2018 Recap and I thoroughly enjoying it! Topher and Billy are really fun to listen to! The editing is sharp, and the audio quality is stellar. Good stuff guys! You've got a new listener in me! - Dan From The Dan & Kody Podcast!
Great podcast
Love the name, and the show was pretty funny. Recommended!
Enjoy listening right before I go to sleep! Very entertaining thank you guys!
Best podcast ever
One of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard
Love the show
This show has great and insightful reviews
Loved the oscars episode, good quality and enjoyable pace.
Solid show
Really great insider insights from both of the hosts. I really liked the insight that they bring to the table as well as their ability to educate the audience
Well balanced, thoughtful dialogue on film. Really well done and absolutely worth the listen!
Great sound!
Sound matters! This Podcast makes everything sound great and crisp!
Super fun podcast!
Scatterbrains Podcast
These two guys bounce off of each other super well! It makes listening really fun and engaging! Definitely recommended! 🖤🖤🖤 -Scatterbrains Podcast
This show sounds great
Ian Tomlinson
The content is interesting and their takes on any given film are hilarious and insightful... but can we just give them a big thanks for sounding great?!
Fun show
Tip T.I. Harris
I love review shows and this one is short and sweet!
Great podcast!
Great hosts. Great content. Great personalities. Great show! You can't go wrong with listening to this show. I love it!!!
So fun
These bears have great chemistry and are so natural together! Excellent movie choices and banter, all-around well-produced content!
Great information presented very well.
Aðal Ragnar
These guys are very well informed and well spoken. I'm subscribed and will be plowing through these episodes at work.
Clear, Knowledgable, and Entertaining!
Loved The Shape of Water episode. I am definitely subscribing to more episodes. I enjoy hearing the hosts speak—their accents are awesome and they seem to really enjoy the cinema.
Fun and Easy to Listen to
Their voices are just so delightfully melodious and it makes all their observations feel enjoyable. Even when I disagree, I understand why their opinions are as they are, and appreciate the perspective and background information they provide.
Top Shelf Show!
Sound quality is great, love the energy and chemistry between the hosts. Huge fan of the accents! I listened to the Shape of Water analysis and took away some profound insights I hadn’t thought about before. Thanks guys, keep it up!
Real opinions shared
This podcast reviews movies with real opinions, good and bad. The guys have a great interaction and it is very enjoyable.
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