May 30, 2020
This week, the Mikes on Mics talk about covid crowds, plexiglass, JR losing touch, and Adam Coles future! NXT and AEW post increases for viewer ship and 1.5 million people watched wrestling Wednesday night. That good for EVERYONE! Twitter: @drivebypod
May 24, 2020
Here we GO! Late recording, late episode. Better late then never! This week, the Mikes on Mics dive into tragic week in wrestling. The Mikes try to find the positive in the weekly empty arena shows and also try to make sense of two industry loses. The Wednesday night war this week is highlighted and a game of "protection" is played. OH, and the return of WHO SAID SOMETHING DUMB?! Twitter: @drivebypod
May 16, 2020
This weeks, the Mikes on Mics dive head first into the WWE cinematic universe. While this seems to be their strong point, the outcome of the fan favorite MITB match is very polarizing. Also, NXT continues to be strong and logical while AEW can sometimes be head scratching. IG/Twitter @drivebypod
May 9, 2020
This week, the Mikes on Mics get into some Money in the bank! It will be super interesting to see the wrestlecrap that will go down this year. Even if its bad, it's going to be good. NXT and AEW continue to delver in this odd crowd-less wrestling environment. At this point, it doesn't matter who "wins." It's just to be entertained for almost an entire show! twitter/IG @drivebypod
May 2, 2020
The Mikes on Mics are back at full strength and ready to talk quarantine wrestling! There are some crazy rumors about the future of WWE and it seems they may just be the confused rambling of an old, not THAT old man. On Wednesdays, we get to enjoy some of the best product the current wrestling landscape has to offer. No matter which you prefer, NXT or AEW, we got you covered. The War Rages on! Twitter/IG @drivebypod
April 25, 2020
Times, they are a changing. One half of the Mikes on Mics is joined by the Near Fall Networks very own High Fivin Mother Fucker!! Mike J and AJ talk all things NXT and AEW from this odd week of the continued lock down. NXT still shines, and AEW has some really high points, and also some slightly confusing ones. Now that AEW has decided to run live shows again, will they face the WWE type of bakclash. Probably not. IG/Twitter: @drivebypod
April 18, 2020
It's been a tough week for WWE and the pro wrestling world in general. The Mikes on Mics talk about all the things that went down leading to the worst black Wednesday in WWE history. Also, NXT pull in another win while AEW put on possible the worst show of 2020. Twitter/IG: @drivebypod
April 11, 2020
While the world we live in keeps getting weirder and weirder, wrestling is trying to give us some normalcy. Wrestlemania 36 was this past weekend, and the WWE did all it could to take out minds off the world situation. They even went outside their normal box in a big way that seemed to really work for a majority of fans. Also, NXT got a "win" in the Wednesday night wars, and Shawn Spears is doing stuff. IG/Twitter:@drivebypod
April 4, 2020
THIS VIRUS MAKES EVERYTHING SUCK! But hopefully, this podcast doesn't. This week, the Mikes on Mics do their best to TRY and be excited for the crowd-less Wrestlemania. Also, NXT and AEW both provide a good distraction from this odd world situation. IG/Twitter:@drivebypod
March 28, 2020
Well...the's changing. But, we still have wrestling. Right? The Mike talk more empty shows, and what the end game might be for WWE and Wresltemania! Also, Shawn Spears updates! IG/Twitter @drivebypod
March 21, 2020
It's been an odd week. And it looks like its going to keep getting stranger. The Mikes talk this week about the weird happening in the world. How it has effected them personally and how it has hurt pro wrestling. Get ready for a 2 day, crowd free Wrestlemania..... twitter/IG@drivebypod
March 15, 2020
BROOOOO! This week, the Mikes on Mics talk about the chance that we don't get Wrestlemania because of a DAMN VIRUS!! Also, the Mikes dip there toes back into the Wednesday night wars. Just remember kids, if you are a part of AEW, you automatically get a Canadian Destroyer! twitter/IG @drivebypod
March 7, 2020
Welcome, Welcome! The Mikes on Mics are back and fired up! This week, the Mikes talk about WWE burials, why they may be overblown, and why fans need to chill...or not! Also, the Mike take a look at the Dave Meltzer Awards, for cool people.... twitter/IG: @drivebypod
February 22, 2020
This week, the guys talk a good bit of wrestling and a good bit of conspiracy! NXT takeover Portland ruled, and we got our first ever cage match in AEW! Also, Chris Jericho seemed to become a careless podcast host, letting his wacko guest spew their beliefs freely on his major platform! IG/Twitter @Drivebypod
February 15, 2020
We got a banger for you all! This week, the Mikes om mics get back in the saddle and tackle some BIG topics. From the 10 lashes Cody took to the REAL reason Nyla Rose is the new AEW women's Champion. Also, is Shayna Baszler a vampire? And the Debut of a new segment, where the Mike's explore what exactly Shawn Spears is doing! Twitter/IG @drivebypod
February 1, 2020
This week, the Mikes on Mics talk about a great Royal Rumble. How Brock made his opponents better, and how it really was a tale of two rumbles. Drew had a Big WIN and we all witnessed a massive return!
January 25, 2020
It' the best time of the year! WWE is about to kick of Wrestlemania season and we are READY for it. This week, the Mikes on Mics talk a bit about the NXT and AEW Title Changes and then it is all about the Royal Rumble. The card is reviewed and some hopes and thoughts are tossed out for you all to enjoy. Twitter/IG @drivebypod
January 18, 2020
This week....It's balls out time! 2020 is shaping up to an unbelievable crazy year in wrestling! And the Mikes on Mics are going hard! So many stories broke, mostly bad or ridiculous, that the Mikes can't just let them pass you all by. So buckle up with ear muffs...its gonna be a wild one. POOP! IG/Twitter: @drivebypod
January 12, 2020
It's a new year, but the Mikes on Mics are still grinding! This week, the Mikes take a look at New Japan's Wreslte Kingdom. They also talk about Brock entering the Royal Rumble and what that could mean. Plus, AEW's hits and Misses are wrap up the first New Show of the New Year! IG/Twitter: @drivebypod
January 5, 2020
Happy New Year From Drive By! So, the prediction episode didn't sound exactly as it should have. We will just blame it on Christmas eve editing and to much egg nog! This week, in order to make good, the team at Drive By/Near Fall Network, decided to give you their hot takes on who IS the best wrestlers of the decade. And then follow up with a freshly re-edited version of the Mikes on Mics 2020 predictions! IG/Twitter @Drivebypod
December 28, 2019
It's that time of year again! The Mike's on Mics review their predictions from 2019 and give brand new ones for 2020. Hear how right and how wrong the 2019 predictions were and see what the Mike think the future of pro wrestling holds! twitter/IG @drivebypod
December 22, 2019
As we gear up for this Christmas season, buckle up and settle in with a nice Drive by. This week, the guys tackle TLC, and some of the odd fan backlash it received. And in the continuation of the Wednesday night wars, The Mikes on Mics give praise where it is due, and really struggle with possibly the worst episode of AEW. IG/Twitter:@Drivebypod
December 14, 2019
It's been a rough week for our heroes. The Mikes on Mics come to you this week fighting through holiday work schedules and seasonal sicknesses. This week the main focus is on AEW Dynamite, and why it just has not lived up to its potential. Also, a super brief look at big moves from last weeks Smackdown and Sunday's TLC. twitter/IG: @drivebypod
December 8, 2019
Better late then never! This week, the Mikes on Mics defend the $6500 price tag for the Fiend title belt, and talk about how there is kind of too much wrestling to keep up with. The guys also return to the Wednesday night debate. AEW squeaked out another win, but there are still Major glaring problems that MUST be addressed. twitter/IG: @drivebypod
November 30, 2019
WHAT A WEEK IN WRESTLING! The Mikes on Mics take another week off from the AEW war and focus on what was a huge week for all three brands of WWE! NXT came out the big winner, and well, the Mikes have some thoughts. Plus, the winners of the Drive By Pick Em weekend! Twitter/IG @Drivebypod
November 23, 2019
What a huge WEEK for wrestling! This week, we take a break from the Wednesday night wars to focus on this major battle for Brand Supremacy! War Games and Survivor Series are set to create memories and stories to move us into the Wrestlemania season: and the Mike's on mics are ready for it all! Twitter/IG: @drivebypod
November 16, 2019
Welcome welcome. This week, the Mikes on Mics take half a look at AEW FULL GEAR! They talk about the 2 main events. Why Mox and Omega don't need to do that trash style match, and if the booking in the title match worked. Also, CM Punk is back. No big deal. And AS Always, its time for Wednesday Night War talk Bay Bay! twitter/IG: @Drivebypod
November 9, 2019
Welcome Welcome. This week, the Mikes on mics talk about some of the misfortunes that occurred in Saudi and how it made for a pretty amazing week of WWE TV. Of course they get into the Wednesday Night Wars. A Surprise worst women's match of the week is named, and FAT masked guy FMK is questioned. Twitter/IG:@drivebypod
November 2, 2019
Holy Sh*t, Holy Sh*t, Holy Sh*t! What a week for us wrestling fans. The Mikes on Mics get right into some hot topics from the beginning of the week such as: Low Smackdown ratings on FS1, woman wrestling in KSA, and some possible questionable choices by AEW. Then, Mike J is joined by a special guest to talk about the Wednesday night wars and the Crazy real life fallout from travel issue that gave us (unknowingly at the time of recording) the best episode of Smackdown in 10 years! Twitter/IG: @Drivebypod
October 26, 2019
This week, the Mikes on Mics continues the newish format. The show starts with some Smackdown/Raw talk and leads to a show thread about fan hypocrisy. Of course, the Wednesday Night Wars are once again our hot topic. The Mike's discover what maybe be the biggest negative to the AEW structure, and why it won't do them any favors. Oh, and Finn Balor is a bad guy now! Twitter/IG: @drivebypod
October 19, 2019
This Week, the War rages on and Seth is Burning it down FOR REAL. The Mike's on Mics take a look at the overall draft. They talk about the renewed battle between Seth Rollins and the Fiend Bray Wyatt. Does Bray have good fire insurance? And of course, they break down week 3 of AEW vs NXT! Twitter/IG @drivebypod
October 12, 2019
This week, we find our heroes deeply intrench in the stench of Hell in a Cell fallout! One Mike didn't mind the Fiendish finish, while the other Mike....well, you know. Smackdown had a huge debut on October 4th, and week number 2 of the Wednesday night wars is in the books. The Mikes, like the way the Kool-Aid smells, but have not chugged the fruity goodness just yet! twitter/IG:@drivebypod
October 5, 2019
THIS is a HUGE episode. The most historic week in wrestling is upon us, and the Mikes on Mics talk about almost all of it! While still trying to figure out the best way to fit Smackdown Live into this pod, the guy watch Raw, NXT, and the debut episode of AEW! It truly is the best time to be a wrestling fan. If you want an honeslt look at AEW's first show...this the podcast for you! twitter/IG: @drivebypod
September 28, 2019
This week, the Mikes on Mics decide to prepare for the upcoming craziness in pro wrestling and do something fun. A fantasy draft for Raw and Smackdown. As the new era of WWE approaches, new rosters will be created. Who better then the Mikes to shake things up? Also, Boris and Bart stop by and address a big change on the WWE announce teams! IG/Twitter @drivebypod
September 21, 2019
Halloween is creeping up on us and so is THE FIEND! This week, the Mikes on Mics discuss the Fiend dominated episode of WWE RAW! Did you notice the up side down graphics? Also, Smackdown is telling solid storys. Oh, and NXT debuted on big deal. Twitter/IG @drivebypod
September 14, 2019
It's that time of the year again. WWE Clash of Champions is leading us into possibly the biggest week in pro wrestling history! Wrestling is changing and before it all goes down EVERY title WILL be defended! The biggest questions involve WWE's women's main event scene. Will we get a new "power couple"? The Mikes on Mics take their picks for Clash of Champions, and Talk all about the week that was WWE in MSG! twitter/IG @drivebypod
September 7, 2019
What a week it has been in pro wrestling/sports entertainment! The Mikes on mics dive into the deep end. Raw and Smackdown continue to improve, and are telling compelling stories. The Mikes talk the BAD ASS Erik Rowan, Bayley's heel turn, and Fire fly Funhouse. Then, AEW ALL OUT is examined, with a cross examination of the hypocrisy of wrestling fans when it comes to choosing sides. twitter/IG:@drivebypod
August 31, 2019
This weekend is shaping up to be historic for pro wrestling! Join the Mike's on Mics as they talk AEW All Out, and NXT UK Takeover. Also, the guys discus the on going "who done it" Roman Reigns angle, and rumors about our beloved fiend. And to finish things off, the Mikes play yet another uncomfortable game of FMK...Brother! twitter/IG: @drivebypod
August 24, 2019
This week, the Mikes on Mic start off by hitting the hot topics from what seemed like another successful tv week for WWE. Also, a war is brewing as WWE announces NXT is expanding to two hours and moving to the USA network. Boris and Bart stop by to give us some stellar updates, and as part of G-Code Nutrition's weightsmania week, they released a top 50 wrestlers of all time list. The Mikes break it down and give their tops! IG/Twitter @drivebypod
August 17, 2019
Yowie Wowie! What a week it has been for Pro Wrestling! More specifically WWE! This week, the Mikes on Mics dive into the 2019 Summer Slam weekend. With NXT, the Main Summer Slam card, and crazy good episodes of Raw and Smackdown, it feels like the big boys are back on track. Plus, G1 results and big developing stories in NJPW! Oh, and did we mention that THE FIEND gave us major wrestling boners! Cause did! #BLUECHEW twitter/IG @drivebypod
August 10, 2019
This week, the Mikes on Mics take a look at the huge weekend in front of us! NXT Takeover never disappoints, and Summer Slam has a pretty decent build going on. The Mikes take a look at both cards and give their thoughts on what might just happen. Plus Boris and Bart stop by to try and give us all their favorite summer slam memories. twitter/IG: @drivebypod
August 3, 2019
This week, the Mikes on Mic take a slightly different approach to Drive By. The guy kick back, format free, and try to solve the current issues in the sport/entertainment they love. Is Social media mostly to blame? The WWE show have been good, but one Mike isn't feeling them. Also, Boris and Bart stop in for the Super Short Report, and Boris gets his creep on! twitter/IG @drivebypod
July 27, 2019
This week, the Mikes on Mics open the show with a little bit of everything. From AEW to SummerSlam, there is certainly a lot to discus. Also, expanding on last weeks show, the Mikes take a deeper look into the champions of WWE and why the babyfaces become hated, once they grab that brass ring. The show wraps up with some super nerdy SDCC talk. twitter/IG:@drivebypod
July 20, 2019
This week, the Mikes on mics take on some more hot topics. Extreme rules continued the trend of being a solid WWE ppv. The Beast in the Bank had a Brock Party, and Bethlollins suffered the consequences. The Mikes also take a look at the main champion's title runs since WM35. Have then really been all that they could be? And Finally, the Mikes on Mic get to talk about what we all have been waiting for...THE FIEND is HERE! IG/Twitter: @drivebypod
July 13, 2019
The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about fight club...BUT the Mikes on Mics do talk about AEW! And maybe a fight breaks out between our favorite Duo. Maybe they just talk about the fight between AEW and WWE/NXT/Evovle. Maybe the fist fight each other over the podcast airwaves just for fun!!! Longs story short, Mike M doesn't like the Fyter Feast pre show and Mike F defends it. They talk AEW viewership and how it could look when TV hits on the fall. AND...the guys get EXTREME with a preview of WWE's big show. Boris and Bart from @supersmartmark drop in AND, AND, AND!!! A surprise interview with ENZO regarding his recent antics. IG/Twitter @drivebypod
July 6, 2019
This week, the Mikes on Mics dive deep into AEW's special: Fyter Fest.! Did it live up to hope? Did it fall short? The Mikes give you their opinion as they break it down. Also, RAW was so good this week. The Mikes talk about all the small improvements that WWE have been making and wonder where it all will go.Oh, and good friends of the show, Boris and Bart stop by to talk Beth Rollins!!!! Twitter/IG @drivebypod
June 29, 2019
2019 is BANANAS! Ok, the Mikes on Mic start this week of by talking a little WWE Stomping Grounds and just a tiny bit more about WWE tv. But then, it's on to the real talk of this week. Wrestling twitter and the Pro wrestling land scape is like the Wild Wild West! Seth Rollins is taking a stand and planting his WWE flag. WWE is spot lighting an indy promotion and Kenny Omega has a problem with it. Oh, and Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff are back in the fold to "run" creative for Raw and Smackdown! AND FINALLY, Boris and Bart have COME BACK to DRIVE BY! IG/Twitter @drivebypod
June 22, 2019
This week, the Mikes on Mics have TONS to dive into. There is of course a ppv, and with a name like Stomping Grounds, who could forget? Bray Wyatt has been floating around the fun house, making everyone uncomfortable! We just have to ask...when, where, and how? Also, the boys catch up on last weeks episode when they with compare their thought on AEW ticket sales! How big is it for AEW to have sold out #allout? Listen and learn! twitter/IG: @drivebypod
June 15, 2019
This week, the Mikes on Mics go hard against the WWE wild card rule. What is it? Why is it? It's watering down the product in a BIG way and has to go...or at least be tweaked. Also, Shane Mcmahon is the BEST IN THE WORLD and he is showing it. What exactly is the end game for this story and who is going to benefit the most from it? AEW All Out was ALL OUT of tickets in 20 mins... but is it really a good thing? IG/Twitter:@drivebypod
June 8, 2019
Man, Wrestling is getting weird! But don't worry...the Mikes on Mics are here to help you understand. It totally makes sense to have an +A Takeover, in between 2 weeks of anti WWE shoot interviews. AEW guys are winning titles they can't use in AEW! And yes, that was a Vince McMahon devil puppet you saw on Raw...and it was AWESOME! But why oh why does Goldust hate the one place he shined. 2019 is interesting. sit back and go ALL IN with Drive By!
June 1, 2019
What a time it is to be a Wrestling fan. This week, the Mikes on mics give there thoughts on AEW's first ever PPV event Double or Nothing. @SuperSmartMark gives their takes on DON as well. Speaking of AEW, former WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose transformed into Moxley and made his way to the starting line up for All Elite. Mox made a stop at TIJ and the podcast had been the talk in the wrestling community. So, of course the Mikes try their best to break it down. Whats that you say, you want MORE wrestling? Well its your lucky week, because NXT 25 is this weekend, and the Drive By crew goes #ALLIN on predictions! twiiter/IG: @drivebypod
May 25, 2019
This week, the Mikes on Mics have numerous topics to choose from. MITB was a stellar show that deserves some talking points, but did it need Brock? AEW is having its first ever wrestling PPV. The Mikes take this time to talk about all the things they don't like about this week in AEW news and moves! And Finally, WWE unveiled a new title. The Mikes tell you why, you should like it! Twitter/IG: @drivebypod
May 18, 2019
This week, the Mikes on mics talk a little bit about AEW. We final have a home station for the elite, and Double or Nothing cost how much?! Also, the Mikes love Bray Wyatt joining Slipknot! And of course we have our 2019 MITB predictions! twitter/IG : @drivebypod
May 11, 2019
This week, the Mikes on Mics dig into the current State of WWE. Is it really as bad as the online perception is? What is this wild card thing all about? Is Daniel Bryan going to save the tag team division? Why are there always so many question? The guys also talk AEW. Are they responsible for the WWE hate, and would you pay $50 buck for Double or Nothing? The Mikes will answer at least half of these! Also , @SuperSmartMark is being sneaky! Twitter/IG: @drivebypod
May 4, 2019
Hang on tight, cause this week the Mikes on Mics go around a few curves! Of course they talk wrestling, it's what they do. But this week, over half the episode (the back half, don't worry) is dedicated to ENDGAME! Get some background on the Firefly Fun House, so hypotheticals with Dean/Mox, and a SPOILER FILLED RECAP of Avengers Endgame! It gets emotional, it's always fun. This is Drive By! twitter/ig @drivebypod
April 27, 2019
What a week in wrestling it has been. This week, the Mikes on Mics take a look at WWE and how they may actually listening to fans. Look at the Champs, and look at PEE WEE...Bray Wyatt! What exactly was the Fire Fly Funhouse? It's anyone's guess. But, WE LOVE IT! Also, the guys round out the show with a little AEW talk. Markus thinks the light may never really turn on, and Forrest is tossing gas on that fire, like he does best. Oh, and @supersmartmark Boris and Bart talk all about Jazz hands Sami! twitter/IG @drivebypod
April 20, 2019
It's Superstar shake up time! And oh what a time it was! This week, the Mikes on Mics talk all about the talent swaps from Raw, Smackdown, 205Live, and NXT! Some really good moves were made. Also, to protect the innocent, some names were changed. What exactly is a Viking Experience? The Mikes close out the show talking about the hottest topic since the Raw after Mania, Sasha Banks. @SuperSmartMark stops by to give us their take on the shakeup and some exclusive news from the desk of Vince McMahon!! Twitter/IG:@drivebypod
April 13, 2019
In what should have been a HUGE show, the Mikes on mics open with Wrestlemania 35 and NXT Takeover talk. They reveal who won the Pick em's sheets, and go over their favorite parts of the weekend that was! .The Mikes then start to break down some of the positive and negative fan reaction. Unfortunately, that's where this Drive by Ends. Equipment failure made the last topic segment unlistenable. But have No fear!!! Boris and Bart (@supersmartmark) swoop in to save the Day! Twitter/IG: @drivebypod
April 5, 2019
It is the greatest time of the year and Wrestlemania is HERE! We are dropping this episode early so you can get your fill and hear our picks and opinions for both the NXT takeover card and Wrestlemania 35! Hang in with us as we take you through some of the twist and turns that were the road to Mania. Also, we have a live interview with none other that @supersmartmark Boris and Bart! Let us get you ready for the best weekend in Sports Entertainment! (Pro Wrestling) Don't forget to check our facebook page to get in on our pick em sheets as well! twitter/IG: @drivebypod
March 30, 2019
We are creeping ever so close to Wrestlemania 35 and we want to break it down! The Mikes on Mics take this episode to talk the build of some of the main stories leading to the Show of Shows! Also, the Mikes talk Asuka losing the Smackdown Women's Championship and what it really does for everyone involved. The guys round out the episode commenting on the absurd comments Superstar Billy Graham made about Kofi. And of course, it wouldn't be Drive By with out a run in from our good friends Boris and Bart @supersmartmark?! twitter/IG @drivebypod
March 23, 2019
This Week, the Mikes on Mics take a look at all the little things. Everything WWE does, they do for a reason. They may not be the best reasons, they may not ever continue with those reasons, but they have their own reasons "why." Ronda's husband, showed up for a reason. Kofi is still on the out side, for a reason. Kurt is retiring against Baron Corbin, for a reason. Even the hint of a Samoa Joe muscle buster had its place and reason on WWE television this week, and Drive By is here to explain it all! Also, @supersmartmark and @BorisZakoff stop in with their super short report for the year 1986! twitter/IG @drivebypod
March 16, 2019
Welcome Welcome! This week, the Mikes on Mics have a ton of cleaning up to do! Fastlane went down, and stories are continuing to build! The Mikes talk about WWE Fastlane fallout, and the amazing week WWE had building matches using mostly promos! Also, Dave Meltzer's Observer Awards are out. The Mike take a look and debate some of the choices. Is there a bias? What do you think? Special thanks to @SuperSmartMark Follow us on Twitter/IG @Drivebypod
March 9, 2019
Buckle up kids! Drive By Wrestling podcast is here with it's 100's episode! The Mikes on Mics hit a few hot topics going coming out of this weekend. Then, they dig in giving their WWE Fastlane predictions and potential Wrestlemania fallout that all most every match has! Come celebrate 100 episodes of the best fan driven wrestling podcast out there! Twitter/IG:@drivebypod
March 2, 2019
The sky isn't falling and we promise, this isn't the end of your wrestling world! We are on the road to Wrestlemania and STORIES are being told! The Mikes on Mics praise WWE for the fantastic episodes of both RAW and Smackdown this week. They take a look at the ratings, and try to unwrap all that is going down. Becky, Vince, Kofi, KO, Batista..they could go on and on. Things are getting interesting for sure. Also, our new friends Boris and Bart stop by for a Super Short Report interview with the Steel City's Own Lord Bolton! Twitter/IG: @drivebypod Special thanks to @SuperSmartMark
February 23, 2019
As the Mikes transition to a slightly new format and a realigned social media presence, they still have to put on good shows each week.That in mind, the guys talk all about the crazy week that was WWE. Elimination chamber, Random NXT call ups, and a Russian is trying to talk over the podcast!! Special thanks to @SuperSmartMark Twitter: @drivebypod IG:@nearfallnetwork
February 16, 2019
Love is in the air, and for all the hate that WWE and Charlotte Flair are receiving for a STORY LINE, the guys are here to explain why loving it, is the only option. But First, the Mikes go back to last week and make a few corrections and clarifications on AEW. They want a healthy wrestling business but have hard line expectations for the elite. Also, the guys talk WWE Elimination Chamber and the Road to Wrestlemania! Twitter/IG @nearfallnetwork
February 9, 2019
This week, The Mikes on Mics travel back in time for some corrections, then slightly touch on the Road to Wrestlemania. But todays main event is #AllIN with AEW. First, the Mikes put fanboys on their place. Explaining how important WWE is to the wrestling eco system. The Mikes then talk about the Double or Nothing press conference and some concern they have moving forward. Also, they give reasons why all the names being suggested for an AEW jump, might not work. Twitter/IG @nearfallnetwork
February 2, 2019
This week, the Mikes on Mics talk all about WWE post Royal Rumble and heading down the road to Wrestlemania! Will Becky get her match with Ronda one on one? Will Seth finally slay the beast? Will RVD show up and smoke the NEW Daniel Bryans title? Plus, who will be left to work WM35 when the entire roster leave with Dean Ambrose and heads to AEW? All this and more, this week, on Drive By!
January 26, 2019
This week, its all about the Royal Rumble. And of course that includes NXT Takeover. The Mikes on Mics toss around a bunch of predictions, theories, and hopes for this years mega event. Some things seem super clear, yet one shift could make the waters as murky as Brat Wyatts pond! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Mikes picking their pick and each others brains! IG/Twitter
January 19, 2019
Welcome Welcome! This week, the Mikes on Mics try to be the voice of reason for wrestling fans. First they break down Chris Jericho's reasons for going ALLIN with AEW. Then, the guys talk about why WWE has gotten better, why we need to calm down about some of the "risqué" segments, and that we shouldn't believe or put stock in every little thing we see on the interwebs. Buckle up...this one goes off road! IG/Twitter @nearfallnetwork
January 12, 2019
It has been a huge week in the world of pro wrestling! This week, the Mikes on Mics, take an deep dive into all that is AEW! While some questions were answered in the All Elite Wrestling press confrnce, some new ones came about. The guys break down the good, bad, and uncertain that all comes with AEW. Also, Road Warrior Animal just doesn't get it......and the Mikes have to put him in his place once again!
January 5, 2019
It is a new year and it is time to start fresh. And that's exactly what NJPW did at Wrestling Kingdom 13! The King breaks down all the happenings from Japan's biggests night! The guys talk about what it all means, and why this is basically a reset. Then, the Mikes get set to give everyone their picks for BEST OF 2018! IG/Twitter:@nearfallnetwork
December 29, 2018
Well, it had to happen sooner or later. Just in time for the last pod of 2018, someone said so many dumb things that the Mikes on Mic had to dedicate a whole show to it. So sit back, relax, and enjoy as the guys dissect each and every word from Road Warrior Animals podcast "What a Rush." And stay tuned after for the King of Nerds filling us in on all the happenings over seas, preparing us all for WRESTLE KINGDOM! IG/Twitter @nearfallnetwork
December 22, 2018
Merry Christmas to ALL our listeners! This week, the Mikes on Mics jump right into the "McMahon Shake up." The guys break down what went down, and what they hope for from this in the long run. Also, 2018 is coming to an end, and we have to special treats for you. First, Shooter goes back in time and reviews his predictions for 2018. How right/wrong was he...the guys take a look. Then, both guys pull out their balls, of the crystal variety, and make some bold predictions for 2019! IG/Twitter @nearfallnetwork
December 15, 2018
This week, the Mikes on Mics dive deep into the state of Monday Night RAW! Was Seth Rollins promo a good idea? Could it have been handled any other way? Did Vince just admit flaws? Rounding out this topic. The guys discus and break down a column by fellow podcaster, Rey Ca$h. Are we really even fans anymore? (check the link below for the full article) And of course, TLC is Sunday, and the Mikes are giving their predictions! Are We Really Even Fans Anymore? IG/Twitter @nearfallnetwork
December 8, 2018
The Mikes on Mics are firing on all cylinders this week. The guys pick up right where they left off last episode. Could all this AEW talk be a red herring? What could it all mean? The guys also talk about the best part of WWE right now...The woman of the revolution are doing the best work in the entire company. The Mikes break it down and talk about what it working, and what could use some more work. Speaking of improvement...The Mikes, then discus what changes they would make to Universe as a whole, in order to improve the product! buckle up....its a beautiful ride!
December 1, 2018
We apologize in advanced for the scratchy mic. We were already 30 mins deep when it become noticeable on our end. That said, we have a great show for you! This week, the Mikes on Mics, talk about the poor showing for RAW, and what might be the reason. They break down the attitude era, and explain why it will never and should never come back, and finally, they discus the Vendetta that Ringside News has for Lars Sullivan! IG/Twitter: @nearfallnetwork
November 24, 2018
This week, the Mikes on MICS talk all about WWE Survivor Series weekend! NXT Wargames and the main roster Clashes. Also, a rumor has had more fuel added to the fire. The Mikes give their two cents on what All Elite Wresting could be and mean for pro wrestling. And, its the time of year we should all reflect and be thankful. The Mikes talk what they are thankful for in Pro Wrestling! Twitter/IG @nearfallnetwork
November 17, 2018
This week, the Mikes on Mic talk about what was possibly the craziest week in WWE's recent history. The Man, Becky Lynch becomes a legend, then the payoff gets taken away. We also have a new HEEL WWE Champion in Daniel Bryan! Survivor Series looks completely different from a week ago! Oh, and by the way, NXT War Games II is Sunday, and the King of Nerds talks Stan Lee! IG/Twitter: @neatfallnetwork
November 10, 2018
This week, the Mikes on Mic dip into the deep end on all the negative fall out having to do with the "PPV that shall not be named." While the guys stuck to their guns with the Crown Jewel boycott (well, mostly), its kinda their job to give opinions on pro wrestling happenings. So, World Cup, Triple H's torn Pec, and the return of a no show Champion are all on deck. Also, its getting close to WWE HOF season, and the King wants to know...Will Vincent Kennedy McMahon ever take a place in his own Hall of Fame? And what about some other HOF outliers? Buckle up, its gonna get bumpy. Twitter/IG: @nearfallnetwork
November 3, 2018
This week, Mike and Mike are PUMPED to talk about no only Evolution, but also THE MAN, BECKY LYNCH! the guys will break down the mostly highs of the first ever all female WWE PPV and then break down the amazing time in the career of our favorite pirate hooker! But before they go, of course they have to touch on John Cena and Daniel Bryan opting out of the controversial Crown Jewel event!
October 27, 2018
This week, Mike and Mike are joined by none other than the High Fivin, Bigfoot loving, AJ! That's right, they saved him from the woods and the three of them take this weeks show to talk all things Roman Reigns, Crown Jewel, and controversy! The go on about the Ambrose heel turn, why it worked or why it was tasteless! And since WWE didn't feel the need...the guy talk about and predict the HISTORIC first ever all Women's PPV Evolution! Twitter/IG: @nearfallnetwork
October 20, 2018
This week, Mike and Mike get real. They look at an issue way bigger then professional wrestling. Should the WWE go forward with the Crown Jewel event in light of the apparent murder of an American journalist ordered by the Saudi crown? Also Smackdown 1000 happened, and although the King was underwhelmed, it did have some pretty cool spots. Finally, the show wraps with the guys talking about there favorite topic...dumb people talking and writing about wrestling on social media! Twitter/IG @nearfallnetwork
October 13, 2018
Welcome Welcome...This week, the guys take the side of the Divas. The Mikes explain why the legends and divas of the past, totally deserve the spots they are getting for WWE's first ever ALL Women's PPV, Evolution! The guys then play a game of Push or Cut. Because they are such professionals, they play it twice 2 different ways! And finally, the guys wrap with another amazing list from and also touch on some of the new controversy to WWE's relationship and planned shows for the KSA! IG/Twitter: @nearfallnetwork
October 6, 2018
This week, the guys talk about the falling TV ratings for WWE Raw, and why none of it matters. The times, they are a changing. Cody Rhodes is a double Champ, Jericho may consider an Impact run, and Neville returned to wrestling at...Dragon Gate? The Mikes discus Big fish in little pounds and what it all really means. Finally, the guys take the WWE top ten faction list to task. IG/Twitter: @nearfallnetwork
September 29, 2018
With lots to cover this week, the guy don't fiddle around. Mike and Mike jump right into their predictions and hopes for WWE's Super Showdown. After that, the guys tackle the much talked about "botch" that Brie Bella made this week on RAW. And Finally, the guys take on some of this weeks ground breaking stories in pro wreslting, including a list of wrestling rumor we are hoping is true...and also we are hoping are not true! Sportster has those must read articles! IG/Twitter @nearfallnetwork
September 22, 2018
This week the guys are fired up! We start with a real life story from the King of Nerds...lets call it, "Home Improvement Hell!" Eventually, the guys decided they should talk wrestling, and boy is there a lot to talk about. First, the guys talk a little bit about HIAC fallout. What they liked, and how amazing this "B" PPV really was. The guys then tackle the glut of product WWE is producing for the network in the next few weeks. They touch on the Second Saudi show and how the IWC has a huge problem with it (especially when it is right after Evolution)! And Finally, they discussion HBK's possible return, and the rumored return feud for WWE legend Rey Mysterio! Twitter/IG @nearfallnetwork
September 15, 2018
This week, Mike and Mike, talk this weekends WWE Hell In A Cell! The guys go over the major feuds and then give there picks! Over course the show rounds out with a bit light house work. That's right, it is dirt sweeping time!
September 8, 2018
This week, Drive By goes #ALLIN! Settle in as Mike & Mike (Shooter & King of Nerds) talk all about this amazing gift that Cody and the Young Bucks blessed pro wrestling fan with. Topics include the guys favorite matches, who shined the brightest, what worked for them and what didn't. Also, Chris Freaking Jericho and why he is unquestionably the GOAT! Finally, the show wraps with a quick sweep of the dirt! Twitter/IG @nearfallnetwork
September 1, 2018
Hold on tight every one. Another early morning recording session leads to another phenomenal conversation between, Mike and Mike! This week, Shooter and KON talk about ALL IN. Next the tackle a big debate in wrestling this week, in the "Braun Strowman Heel Turn!" And finally, the guy take a look at click bait headline from around the social media dirt sheet wanna be's! Plus, learn exactly why The King of Nerds is on this planet! IG/Twitter:@nearfallnetwork
August 24, 2018
Say Hello to the BALD GUY! Did you miss me? Shooter is live from the maternity ward and back together with his partner in crime, King of Nerds! This Makes Mike officially the second wrestling podcaster to podcast from a nursey! (Suck it Sam Roberts) The guys talk about all things WWE SummerSlam! From the Becky Lynch heel turn to the fantastic AJ/Joe program, the guys break down and explain all the god that WWE achieved in this past week! IG/Twitter @nearfallnetwork
August 11, 2018
Mother Nature can be a real bitch...and she tagged along this week with the Mikes on mic! But the only Monsoon that could have stood in our way is Gorilla! SO, settle in as the guys talk about the NXT Takeover main even that has been drastically changed, ALL IN pricing, and possibly the GREATEST Wrestling promo/interview ever recorded! IG/Twitter @nearfallnetwork
August 4, 2018
Buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride! This week, the HFMFer himself make a special guest appearance. The Fiver and Shooter talk some of the big matches building for WWE SummerSlam! Later Shooter is joined by his twin brother from a different mother, King of Nerds in order to talk a look at Social Media mistakes and how we should look at certain things people may tweet. It's a loaded show you don't wanna miss! IG/Twitter: @nearfallnetwork
July 28, 2018
Welcome, Welcome...say hello to the bald guy, and bow down to the king! This week, Mike and Mike go ALL IN on the state of Pro wrestling. Is this the healthiest time the industry has ever seen? WWE made history this week announcing it's first ever ALL WOMEN'S PPV called EVOLUTION! The Mikes on Mic will break down the announcement and how WWE has changed it's view of women's wrestling over the years. Also, they address the IWC's hate for Stephanie McMahon, Nakamura's future, and the NXT title change! IG/Twitter @nearfallnetwork
June 2, 2018
In this week's blockbuster, Mike and Mike are once again joined by the one and only High Fivin MF'er himself...AJ! As you know, when the three of them get together, all the rules go out the window. The guys first touch on Daniel Bryan's future in WWE and then continue to stroke the "ego" of one Seth FREAKIN' Rollins. Then, in s special extended edition of #whosaidsomethingdumb, Shooter, KON, and HFMFer dissect Enzo Amore's Rap video and lyrics. Spoiler: If you have seen Marvel already know what to do! IG/Twitter: @nearfallnetwork
May 19, 2018
OUR MOST NSFW episode yet. This is what happens when all 3 members of the Near Fall Network Elitists get together! Topics include: Enzo's future, and other career paths. Rousey as Champ, and lf course...who said something dumb...BRO!
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