Season 3 is awesome
Season 3 is such a good story choice. Also the host’s voice is beautiful. Keep it up.
ryan smith 12$
Good content but could do without the narrators political opinion.
Season 3
I really tried but not very compelling. Really interested in the final conclusion but not worth the work of listening.
Can’t Wait for Season 3!
Nick Name Unused
Seasons 1 and 2 were amazing looks into 2 presidencies that I was either too young to remember and not alive for. Overall a great deep dive into history. I am so excited for the Biggie and Tupac story choice for season 3.
Where’s the Biggie Content?
I’m a huge fan of season 1 and 2. This is incredibly well researched and I’m enjoying so far; however, the Biggie content is extremely lacking. Heavily focused on Tupac. Maybe just change it to “Who Shot Tupac” instead? Feels a little skewed to his story and there hasn’t been more than 5 minutes of information on Biggie...
Absolutely excellent
See Fuller
Love this Podcast. Episode lengths are just right, stories offer an interesting look into topics from angles the general public may not have known about. Wonderful.. It catches and grips me with two of my loves: Politics and Pop Culture. Season 3 is equally as awesome as seasons 1 and 2 so far. It may take lovers of the first two seasons a while to shift gears but season 3 is right up there with the previous ones. Excellently done guys.
Just give the facts
In the episodes they just recite facts without their opinion on them, it feels like I may actually be learning something. But then when they start spouting their political views, it feels manipulative. Tell the truth. Be a journalist, not a blogger.
Stellar show and Season 3 is just as important
I’ve been disappointed to read how negative other reviews have been about season 3. The first two seasons are phenomenal and the third is just as, if not more, urgent in subject matter than the first two. It is the story of two murdered pop culture juggernauts, yes, but it’s also an examination of how hip-hop was an important part of the political climate that bubbled over with the Rodney King race riots. It’s a history about tensions between people of color and law enforcement that continues today. Rap has been the platform and megaphone for people of color, especially at that time. Examining the legacy of Biggie and Tupac is just as important as delving into Watergate and the Clinton Impeachment. Fantastic show. I can’t wait to listen to the many more seasons to come.
More More More
Constanza from NY
Gripping and so relevant. I’m becoming a political addict. Love the writing.
Worth a listen!
I’ve always been fascinated by the Clinton affair scandal, so I was really excited to find a podcast that covered the story! There was so much I didn’t know about the scandal; I think this podcast provides excellent writing and storytelling. I’ve only listened to the Clinton season so far, but I’m excited to delve into the other seasons. Definitely recommend!
Season 3 lost all of the momentum of the previous seasons
Too bad, I really enjoyed Slow Burn but Season 3 seems rushed and piecemeal and like the editor just wanted sound bites.
Confusing if you don’t already know this story intimately
The first episode makes a lot of assumptions about the listeners level of knowledge about Tupac and lost me via confusion. I typically love Slate’s podcasts, but this one lost me early.
Apolitical Journalism?
This podcast has covered some very interesting topics. It would be more impactful if it were unbiased. Disappointed that there is clear bias as I feel the integrity of the investigations are undermined by it. It really became almost comical in season 2 compared to season 1. I have yet to listen to season 3 and may not bother at all.
Highly disrespectful to Tupac’s legacy
Pac Fan 7
This pod sounds like mainstream media without any new twist. There’s no one to speak on Tupac’s behalf. I wanted to like this so bad but sadly I don’t. And I’m 32 I remembered the Tupac era very vivid.
Excellent Watergate Examination
Listener FL
This review is strictly based on season one; being a former journalist now in my mid-50s, I very much lived through the Clinton scandal, and I’ve had my fill, and I really don’t care about a rivalry between two hip-hop stars, so you’re on your own regarding seasons two and three. I did think I knew a fair amount about Watergate, but then my knowledge was pretty much based on reading All The President’s Men and seeing the movie version. A lot of great information I wasn’t familiar with in this first season, particularly the episode on Martha Mitchell, an apparently bigger player in this scandal than I had realized. Watergate may seem like ancient history to millennials, but there are a lot of parallels between that scandal in the 1970s and what’s going on right now, so I certainly recommend season one for anyone who was not glued to the television set in 1973 and 74. Even if you were, there might learn about something in here you missed, especially given how complex and vast the scandal was.
SSN 3- where is the new artwork?
Update the art to match the season’s topic
Season 3 = Binge-worthy
I have little interest in season 1 or 2, but I stumbled upon season 3 of Slow Burn and am really enjoying it. As a 90s teen, the Tupac/Biggie story is one that I feel invested in. And revisiting the story now as an adult takes on an entirely new meaning since I can better appreciate the social and cultural undertones that were at play — race relations, police brutality, etc. I can’t wait for the next episode!
Slowwwww Burn.
Much slower tempo than the previous seasons. Feels dragged out like when you get stuck behind a old lady at the grocery store and you can’t get around her.
Tupac the Rapist
Norse hind
It’s amazing how a community is trying to portray a bunch of thugs as legend. They raped, dealt drugs, murdered. The production is too professional for too low level a subject matter. Comparable to a food critic eating a Happy Meal, it doesn’t make sense and is a waste of energy.
Stop listening to this podcast after season two!
Highly disappointed on the direction that podcast takes in season 3. This use to be one of my favorite podcast. I honestly have no idea why the podcast change its direction. Disappointed!
Excellent Journalism
Accidentally found the podcast while searching for information on the Nixon impeachment process. So glad I did, it’s become my favorite podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed seasons 1&2 and can’t wait for more of 3.
Loving Season 3 so far
As a child of the nineties and hip hop fan, I still remember the MTV special reports that told the world the Tupac and Biggie had been killed. The first episode was well done and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.
Journalism at its best
Blue wave surfer
First two seasons were incredible. Looking forward to season four.
Missed opportunity
Wanted to love season 3, but the way the first episode handled the sexual assault accusations was distasteful. Compared to the care with which season 2 handled accusations against Clinton, this episode relied on tired “ he said-she said” tropes and failed to give adequate weight to the seriousness of the event. Though Slow Burn picked an interesting subject, failing to examine past events with critical modern awareness shows poor judgement and a missed opportunity.
I am obsessed with all things past political. I can’t stop listening to this because it’s not just a podcast, but an actual story with a timeline. There is so much about Watergate that I didn’t know. It gives me chills. It is so informative and I honestly think everyone should listen!
I thought this was about political scandals?
Seasons 1 & 2, which explore Watergate and the Clinton scandal, respectively, are excellent and worth a listen. Season 3, however, is going to be about rap? I think this podcast is having an identity crisis. I’ll check back in for Season 4 (if there is a Season 4).
Must Listen
This is required listening for everyone right now. The in depth look at past scandals and impeachment proceedings provides important context and frame of reference for the current scandal and inquiry.
Slow Burn
Definitely a must listen to anyone interested in American Politics and how impeachment inquiries have been carried out for be corresponding presidents
A must listen!
For anyone interest in civics this is a must listen.
Excellent resource
Having lived through Watergate I thought I knew everything about it but this podcast opened up my eyes to even more information than I thought possible. Very well done and worthwhile listening to from beginning to end.
Fabulously well told story!
Rochester Voter
This is a fabulous podcast. One of the very best I have heard, and the best possible way to learn about a history I only vaguely remembered. Thank you! Thank you!
X Recon
Fascinating, grateful for this podcast to illuminate this story but I laughed out loud by episode 3 as the amount of “suicides” started piling up. C’mon, man.
Bogus advertisement for paid service
These podcasts are entertaining and informative, but the host CONSTANTLY reminds us that to get the full podcast content we have to become paid members of Slate Plus. He repeatedly tantalizes us with content & special episodes that non-Slate-Plus members are missing out on. Out of principle, I’m going to stop listening because the podcast is actually an advertisement for a paid service. I really parted ways when the host promised Slate Plus listeners an extra, members-only interview with key Watergate player John Dean. If that content’s not central to the narrative, then what is? I wish Slate the best of luck getting people to pay their $35 “introductory” rate, but I won’t be one of them. All the allusions to content non-members don’t get access to just infuriate me. Don’t turn your product itself into an advertisement for a more complete product.
Great and informative!
Excellent podcast, many parallels to the current troubles our country is in. The only bad thing is the same depressing ad about depression over and over again. Truly annoying.
This podcast is extremely interesting and relevant for our time in 2019. It provides important context and directly mirrors our current situation. I will definitely be recommending to everyone I know.
Really looking forward to Season 3
Hope you’re already working on it.
Interesting, well edited and informative.
Love it
I listened to all of them while driving . Sometimes I could not wait to get into my car to find out what happened next . Can’t wait for new episodes !
I thought it was going to be great
Started off as a really awesome show. Journalists political bias really started showing further in to the podcast. Stopped listening.
Slow Burn
Best explanation of the Clinton/Lewinsky affair I have ever heard.
Declined as the season went on
The reporters bias began to show more as the season went on. Trump is also an immoral president but it’s completely wrong to publicly doubt a women’s corroborated rape claim just because she voted differently than you.
Sometimes, you listen to a journalist, and you can’t tell their political affiliation. They are not bias, and are just looking into facts. In the very first episode of season 1, you know which way Leon leans. He didn’t even make it through the first episode without letting us know how bias his views are going to be. The parallel for the 2016 Democratic scandal wasn’t mentioned, (how it was always going to be Hillary, and Sanders was just there so she had an opponent,) but instead Trump administrators, Mueller investigation, and even Ivanka was mentioned? All in the first episode. Makes me think I won’t be able to trust his reporting of facts for the Clinton impeachment or investigation of his rape victims. Not sure he realizes that his reporting on the whole second season will not be credible anymore?
Almost Amazing
This podcast was almost amazing. It’s the sort of podcast you can’t stop listening to and it certainly gets into the nitty gritty of the Lewinsky scandal and all the other scandals that spiderwebbed around it. BUT the reporter’s own political bias really shines through at certain points and that taints what could have been great objective journalism.
Clinton body count
Too much emphasis on women’s lib rather than lying, cheating, and the moral vaccuum
This is well researched and fascinating until it morphs into women’s lib evolution. While it does a good job of illuminating the Clinton “scandals”, it spends far too much on women’s rights issues and far too little on the lack of moral compass, lack of integrity, and lawlessness of both Bill and Hillary. Those are what the story should be focusing on. In the time spent on this story those issues deserved deeper coverage. The women’s issues are indeed important but should have been expanded in a different story.
Great storytelling
But please ease up on promoting Slate Plus! I lived through these times and it’s interesting to revisit all of it.
Dangerous propaganda
Totally biased. The purpose of season 2 is to exonerate the Clinton’s instead of actually presenting facts. In 15 years there will be the same type of podcast defending Trump in all of his scandals and I will also give it 1 star.
Love it
I absolutely love the show but the ASMR style Michelob ads are disturbing.
Love Slow Burn
Love the history and stories featured here. Hoping another one is coming soon.
I started listening with the Watergate episodes and love it right away. Now I am listening to Clinton, an era I lved in and raised my kids, and I am learning so much about what was going on. I applauded everyone invovled in these important stories. I am going to subscribe even though it is difficult for me on my salary to do much of that and I am a supportor of PBS. I feel it is very important to keep these kinds of in-depth reporting alive.
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