Dope podcast alert!
I am LOVING this podcast! I binged on like 6 episodes just today. D’Andre has a knack for selecting guests you may not have heard of but are so glad to find out about. They drop SO many gems. He also has episodes where he drops his knowledge and it is refreshing, genuine and so practical. I usually have a few select podcasts I listen to regularly, this one is going in the rotation for sure. Yo, as long as you keep recording, I’ll keep listening!
Inspiring and motivational
I love how you walk away literally feeling leveled up after listening! Or as I say dialed up! This is such a great podcast for motivation, inspiration, and to go to the next level in your life, whatever that is!! Love this podcast and love listening!
Synchronicity between male and female
What I took out from this incredible episode is that it’s not just males or females that cause cheating. There has to be accountability and work within oneself before we start dating, otherwise, we only hurt the other. Hurt people hurt people. It’s all about self value, morals, ethics, integrity and transparency as well authenticity. Communication, trust, self worth, self identity and principles play a massive role in any type of Relationships. Personal or business. I believe this episode touches those key points. Keep at it Cici boss and Mr Evan 🙏🏻💯🙌🏽🚀🔑🕺🏻🔥 — Brandon Coconut
Powerful and Effective Content to LEVEL UP!
Bohdi Sattva
There’s passion here and commitment to leveling-up the mindset and helping others to join the flow! Thoroughly enjoyed the episode with Dave Meltzer (hero entrepreneur & practical spiritual warrior) and how the dialog was precise and effective. Great positivity and precise take-aways! Thanks D’Andre for creating & sharing the wisdom on your platform!🙏
DeAndre's wisdom comes from the ancient's. Listen and learn.
the new nerd
Dual Podcasts
This podcast
I really enjoyed the Embrace Your Struggle Episode. Thanks for the encouragement! God bless!
This podcast is such an easy listen. The content is so diverse and can easily be applied to your life in different ways. Dre, keep doing your thing.
Level Up Daily
Keel Stewart
Level up is the perfect saying for the podcast I just listened to with Dave Melter. The introduction given to Dave sums is up in the best way. D’Andre digs deep into Daves path of success.. failure.. and rise to success again. Listen and be inspired.
Level up daily is a must listen to!!!!!
Great content 👍🏼
I’m loving the content on here. Raw, and real.. D’Andre keeps it a 100!
Pure Inspiration
Raw, Real and pure inspiration. It’s nice to inspire others but it’s nice to see someone you view as an inspiration really live what they speak !
Very Positive
This is my first time checking out a podcast and I must say that I’m glad I found this one. Keep up the great work! 😊
I love the upbeat vibe to this station. Very positive. #LevelUpDaily
Best podcast ever
Enlightening, fresh and a younger perspective to daily grinding.
S Hend
My favorite podcast
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