Consistently funny and engaging
Just discovered the podcast and binging back episodes. Well-produced: good guests and pacing. So sweet and funny that it seems like I should be able to listen in the car w my small kids. But alas, that would be a major mistake! No one wants that phone call from the daycare director... the one where one small friend makes sexually explicit comments to another small friend. 😳
You rock!!
Krisd mill
Hey Nichole! I just want you to know, I’m unfamiliar with your comedy, but I’m a big fan of you as a person! Listening to you talk makes me feel like I’m hanging out with a fun over the top friend. Can’t wait to look you up in stand up. Keep going you stupendous you!!!
Oh, Nicole!
I have been a listener for many months now and have procrastinated writing this review, because I honestly have been trying to come up with a fun and clever way to hit on you, Nicole. But hitting on people is not my specialty, so I'm just going to be honest. You are beautiful inside and out and I adore you. I thoroughly enjoy your honest and hilarious podcast, crazy fun guests, and look forward to every episode. It's so much fun to listen to! We all need a way to escape and I escape by listening to "Why Won't You Date Me". CHEERS!
Very funny
Risky do listen to in an office workplace (even with headphones) as Nicole is naturally so funny and engages well with every guest. One time, I laughed so loud at work, everyone stared and I hid my face and cried. 5 stars.
Raunchy and hilarious. Insightful guests. Nicole Byer can do nothing wrong. If you love Byer on her show Loosely Exactly Nicole, how are you not already listening to this show? She's a sweet weirdo, and I love her.
Love it!!!
Snickers snappers
I wanna shrink down to the smallest size possible and climb that booty and it will be the greatest expedition known to man ( only on episode 16 so I don’t know if you still read these but I just wanted to leave one 😊😊)
Scored! Dating profile ideas!
Loved loved loved the hints and ideas for my dating profile. I avoid online dating simply because “it’s a tool and NOT a measure of my self worth”. I just don’t know how to use the tool! This episode provided visibility into that. I appreciate the perspectives and transparency!
My Morning Routine
Nicole you are officially the podcast I listen to in the morning to wake me up and make me laugh! Thank you for existing!!!
Tee hee hee
This podcast is the best! I recently started listening and I love how it’s different than a lot of the podcasts I usually listen to....and I would totally date you.
Love Nicole!
Elizabeth Alexander
Nailed it and this podcast r the bomb. Love this girl I wanna see her standup live :,)
Nicole I Adore You
I absolutely adore you Nicole. You always make me laugh. I’m straight bit I’d date you!
I ship it
If you like classic love stories, listen to all 100 episodes of this podcast. Nicole + Eastern European man forever 💖
Nicole, I might be straight for you...
Hi Nicole, I’m gay, like VERY gay. That said, your vibe though!!! Loving this podcast! “Why won’t I date you?” I’m gay. 🤗🦄 But... I’m seriously thinking your energy and openness might have me going straight for you?!?
Come to Columbus,Ohio
Just delightful
I like it
You know why...
I like Nicole, she’s a total Oreo. I keep wondering if her main question: Why won’t you date me? is meant to be rhetorical. She obviously knows why she is single. She’s black, fat, loud and unfortunately prefers to date white men. White men are never going to really interested. I listen closely to the guest and they are mostly insincere. When Will Hines asks if Nicole were open mined in whom she dated, he was communicating as much as a PC person would say. The only person that might be interested was Black guest Warren and of course Nicole shut him down and was not too nice to him. The shift in treatment or tone was subtle but obvious. Otherwise I enjoy the raunchy talk and insight into the Comedy world.
I love you nicole!
I would date you 💗💗💗
100th Episode
Tiera Berry
Oh wow I just listened to the 100th episode and Willam was so forthcoming and disarming! What a treat! A But I want to talk about how adorable “Malaysia” guy was. I’d love to see if other guys you date can answer your survey like this nice gentleman kinda did so listeners can gather data and get down to the bottom of why no suitor has come to his/her senses and locked you down! Ps: “Moo!” by DojaCat should be your theme song because you embody everything in that song! 🐄
Dead parent jokes
As a younger adult with a parent, it is so wonderful to have a comedian tell funny jokes about a really terrible life experience. Thank you so much.
Not a fan of making jokes about suicide.
Stop trying to be funny!!!
She so BOING I fell asleep!!!
A relatable, fresh, honest, say what’s on everyone’s mind show you’ll laugh to adore!
Can’t get enough of host Nicole Byer! Hilarious, honest, always up-to-date gal who is not only opinionated and comfortable in her own skin, but speaks just about what’s on everyone’s mind- with a comedic twist... This podcast is addicting! Always look forward to it every week!
madeline t b
I’ve been trying to find more things with Nicole and this is perfect and makes me laugh soooo hard!!!!!!!! 5 star material
Dave Ross
What a great conversation, and, ooof ....that voice 🔥
She’s funny af
Why Not Just Date Me
Harlene Quinnzel
Love the podcast(s) and your content! Last night I dreamt you organized a flash mob in like a Ross just so you could dose me with laced cookies and run away with me. I just wanna say that all that isn’t necessary cuz I would totally date you without cookie sedatives.
2020 will be your year
I got faith
The best
Up to now I only subscribe to podcasts about crime, then I found you and I am hooked, I love you in Nailed It and I love you more here. You are so real. I would date you but I’m gay (hi Mateo).
Scared a man out of my bed but still love it here
One night I had a man over, after we consummated our fling of mediocrity I rolled over on my phone and it hit play on my Spotify (sorry iTunes that is right everyone is listening to podcasts on Spotify, it’s 2019). When I hit play on my Spotify the theme song of the podcast blared on every Sonos in my apartment. As I fumbled to turn it off and the words registered in his lil brain, he hopped on out of bed and got dressed. He left and I never heard from him again. I had never thought of this as a tactic to see what men wanted to just bang me or actually date me but I am considering implementing it regularly. I will keep you updated lol.
Love this show!
She’s the best!
Gay to str8
So your hotttt I would so go str8 4 u maybe you can teach me a few thing might be homo-flexible
Always a good time
So entertaining.
Always funny and keeps me entertained and in a good mood.
Great pod sexy host
If you would like I would touch your butt and kiss your bobs.
lia hodson
What a treat what a dream!
Absolute Delight!
So good. Soo good and funny and honest.
Great! Especially problematic porn episode
I like that I get a different perspective on this show. I liked this one even more than when Nicole hosts other comedians- that can sometimes get too “inside Hollywood” for me. This touched on a ton of stuff - parenthood, marriage, feminism, culture etc and was still really funny
I started listening last week and I’ve been binge listening from the start and I think you are extremely funny, silly and super sassy, even sassier than a gay man (including myself) and I love you!
Love this podcast
Nicole is intelligent, witty and fun. Not only am I entertained. I always learn something.
You are really funny for human.
Hey sexy lady, you look well sexy; you want to see who can gobble the most dicks? I love this podcast. You are amazing. I wish I wasn’t super gay.
I like Nicole now 😂
I definitely didn’t like Nicole before but I love her now. She has taught me to be more open minded and more confident. She is hilarious and I can’t get Enough of it!
Why don’t you listen to this podcast?????
Seriously the best podcast out there (tied with Best Friends- Sasheer Zamata & Nicole).
Helping me working through my singleness one laugh at a time
I love this podcast. I wish Nicole would have me on so we could revel in our singleness together. I’m sorry I don’t have anything dirty to say, I’m not that creative and I’m quite shy. Love you Nicole! Thank you for this podcast! 💛
5 stars
Pretty funny. Makes my drive to work easier for sure.
The Best!
I’ve learned so much listening to this podcast. It is so insightful, thought provoking and hilarious. Everyone should listen and learn. WWYDM is more focused than Best Friends, and you should absolutely listen to both of them. Nicole is the best!
Your Vagina Will Laugh
I love this podcast for my morning commute; laughter is the best way to wake up. While the podcast focuses on dating, Nicole and her guests really touch on everything. Very sex positive. However, the ads are very long (usually 5-6 mins per episode) so be ready to hit the fast forward button... but you can’t be mad about using ads as a side hustle!
Put**Y Popper
Nicole, you are so irreverent and sexy! Brains.. eh not so much BUT YOUVE GOT SUCH A PRETTY FACE! if I liked ladies, I'd take you to red lobster, let you buy Js and Shoppa. Then eat it from the back like we are in a human centipede!
I love this very funny woman
Nicole - I’ve listened to every episode of this podcast, and all the episodes of Best Friends. I’ve watched and listened to your stand-up. I have consumed a lot of your content. AND YET, it took me until right now to realize that your website domain name is probably about how the website was taken, and not about how you were kidnapped and your dad, Liam Neeson, must come find you. I feel real dumb about it, so I hope this made you laugh! I just started doing stand-up, and I really look up to awesome women like you, Sasheer, Alice Wetterlund, and Beth Stelling (and obviously many more, but y’all are my faves). Your friend, Kylee
Super funny
Super funny and such a great person!
Ridiculously laugh out loud funny. I feel it maybe a leeeeeeetle too much.
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