Bonus: Podcasts of Ravnica Izzet League featuring DM Jen Vaughn
Published November 27, 2018
122 min
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    Surprise! During our off-week we wanted to share one of the other special one-shot adventures from Podcasts of Ravnica! The intrepid science lab of the Izzet League will titrate just the right solution for your storytelling problems. Join Kat Kruger (our DM), Jason Burrows (Adventure, They Wrote), Teo Acosta and more as they measure and adjust temperatures, boil and probably blow themselves up in Ravnica's Tenth District, guided by the cruel mind of DM Jen Vaughn (aka Riot from d20 Dames).

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    d20 Dames is a tabletop storytelling podcast powered by Dungeons & Dragons. Every other week a group of five daring ladies comes together to explore a fantastic realm, befriend (or behead) monsters, and punch creeps. Hosted by and starring Kat Kruger, Meris Mullaley, Jen Vaughn, and Jessica Ross. Produced by Brittni Liyanage.

    Art by Jen Vaughn Theme music by Middlescence

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    d20 Dames is a production of Misadventure Awaits.

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