Squints Palladorous
Audio levels are garbage. CES is a misogynistic organization.
Please level the audio
Update: I can’t stand listening to this show anymore because of how poorly produced the audio is (see below). It literally hurts my ears to listen. Unsubscribed mid-episode. The content in the show is very interesting. But the inconsistency in levels between guests, and even with the host as he moves on and off axis on his mic, is a problem in nearly every episode. The volume goes up, it goes down, it goes up, …. This is basic production stuff on, ironically, a tech podcast. Please use The Levelator, Auphonic, or some other standardized leveling process to make this more listenable.
Love it
Thank you for all the expertises and interviews.
Yes Please
Good informative stuff. Worth a listen.
Agree with Level Audio Guy
It really does make it difficult to listen.
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