Responsive and Receptive Host
The jingle perked me up one day and Maria’s upbeat persona kept me listening. As the show has bloomed, I came to appreciate Maria’s joy at learning from her listeners and responding to them. The engagement is fantastic. I feel like I’m growing with the show. Great listening on my commute to work.
Maria is so sweet!
I love listening to Maria and guests. It’s such a fun podcast. While it isn’t packed with tons of in-depth information, she includes so many links and resources from herself and guests. I am hooked, and this podcast helps me feed my newfound plant obsession. Thank you so much Maria!
Supporting beginner plant-people
I'm a beginner and deeply appreciate that someone is catering to people who are just starting out. Thanks for asking the questions that I would ask in trying to make my way through early planty days!
I absolutely love this!!
I can’t stop listening to this. It’s so educational and I’ve learned so much. I’m a new plant mom and this has been so helpful. It’s also super calming and makes me really happy. I 100% recommend!
I absolutely love everything about your show! Your podcast is playing during every free moment I have. Thanks for sharing such amazing content.
Love this!
This is exactly what the plant space needed! Even if you aren’t a beginner, the content is still enjoyable and always has great guests!
Plant newbie loving Maria and her podcast
As someone who has never taken the time to learn about plants, and a newer collector of them, this podcast is exactly what I was looking for! It's been a long time since I started a podcast from episode one, but I just started this one (and am now on episode 14), and it's so fantastic! Maria is likeable and real, her guests are knowledgeable, and I love the tips and tutorials. So good. Thank you, Maria!
Packed with sweet plant knowledge!
I love this podcast so much! I listen to it daily while at work and it helps me learn about plants in such a relaxing way! This podcast is great for any plant-lover, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro- Maria has all the deets thanks to the amazing people she interviews. I recommend this podcast so much, I could give it 10 stars!!
Excellent and Easy Listen
As someone who has been into plants for about 2 years, I am still loving and learning about my hobby on Maria’s podcast! She is so fun to listen to, brings on some seriously knowledgeable guests, as well as some just “normal people” that might not have a degree in botany, but have just been in the hobby for a while. This podcast is really relatable in that way! Great for all levels of experience and interest, as there are some wide ranges of topics, from neuroscience (Your Brain on Plants!) to basic plant care. Can’t wait to hear more of what Maria has in store! 🌿❤️
Finding this podcast has changed so many of my views about food, dieting and my body. Stephanie is both practical and scientific, making big changes like This manageable. She’s also my favorite kind of Christian: not too many church words and keepin it real and honest.
Like spending time with a sweet, planty friend
I recently became slightly obsessed with houseplants and stumbled across this podcast in an attempt to further my plantducation. I’m so glad I found Bloom and Grow! Maria is funny, she’s joyful, and she’s a fellow New York-dwelling, apartment-living plant mom who always has great information to share. I also enjoy her interviews. She finds the coolest people and asks the best questions to help you best understand the interviewee’s area of expertise. Sharing this podcast with friends! Thank you.
The Best!
Allergy momma1
This is my favorite podcast. Maria is fabulous as host. I’ve learned so much and her enthusiasm and energy is infectious. I love the questions she is not afraid to ask, her willingness to learn along with her listeners and to be vulnerable. She is also really great about summarizing key points along the way. Always terrific guests and topics. I’ve listened to nearly all and can’t wait to catch the next one each week. Thank you Bloom and Grow Radio.
Time for me to go home
I love this podcast. I have binge listened during the last few weeks while I’m at work. It makes me so excited to get off work and go home and check out what my urban jungle has done for the day! Thanks for the hard work.
Good but host needs work
Great guests and subject coverage and I always learn something. But the host needs to learn how to ask a question concisely. She goes on and on and on and on - I want to hear from the experts, not the host!!
Good info and interviews
I’m a hobby plant lover and her interviews are really helpful right now.
Great intention...falls short
I’ve listened to this podcast since Maria first started and I’ve gone back and forth with how I feel about this. She has good intentions in wanting to educate the plant community and learn more herself, BUT...some constructive feedback: -Please change the intro music. It’s honestly such a turnoff and sounds very childish. I feel like I’m about to listen to PBS Kids. -Research, research, research...the host (Maria) I feel falls short with the episodes being so so basic oftentimes. She gets these awesome guests to come on and then they talk about the most basic things like light sources and moss poles. I’m sorry Maria, but we can or already have Googled this stuff in advance. -Create more content around tricky topics like naming of species, veining, plant identification, stories behind plants and medicinal use, etc. Talk about farming and maybe some issues with plants and invasive species or climate zones. We want to learn more than a quick Google search. -Lastly, please stop interrupting the guest to restate an explanation they just finished talking about. It drags out the podcast and makes it sound like you weren’t understanding or paying much attention to begin with. You don’t have to dumb down topics for fear your followers can’t understand...there’s a rewind/scrub feature for a reason. I’ve decided to take a long break for now and hope on the future I see better change and creativity on the channel. For now it’s just too premature and basic. Google gives me the same answer and in less than 5min.
I listen to a lot of podcasts during work and this by far has impacted me more than almost all other podcasts. I’ve always loved greenery and house plants but have never been very successful with potted plants. But B&G radio has such a positive and easy to understand collection tips and information and since listening I’ve learned how to beat care for my plants in home and at the office!! It’s just a bright and cheerful positively planty day when a new episode airs 🥰🥰🥰
Best planty podcast!
I love bloom and grow radio! Maria provides meaningful, easy to follow, educational podcasts majorly about house plants. The care and detail in each episode is amazing. This podcast is totally blooming and growing in the growing online plant community.
Safe space for all plant lovers!
I am an experienced house plant collector and this podcast is absolutely INCREDIBLE. I know a lot... yes... but I don’t know everything. Maria does a good job asking basic, to complicated questions and really does a good job at “polishing” your skills and knowledge on your plants! And I just like to say, thank you Maria, from the bottom of my heart for making this not only an uplifting, positive space for us.. but for making this a safe LGBTQ+ environment for us. You are providing more than simple information, you’re also providing a short happy escape to bring a smile to our face! I’m going to be here for this podcast every step of the way ❤️
Love this podcast!!
Maria does an excellent job interviewing her guests. She always asks the questions I want answers to and is never afraid to ask about the most basic thing. I so appreciate the friendliness to beginners because there is so much to know! She keeps it open to beginners and doesn’t shy away from learning the more complicated stuff too!
Great show!
I love listening to this show for the info and the fact that the host (Maria) is so so sweet. Her enthusiasm for the topics gets me so excited to go home and care for my plants. And there’s always something new to learn, even on topics that I felt pretty solid on, I was still learning new pieces of information from the wide variety of guests, which I really enjoy! I sent this to all my plant-y friends and they’ve really enjoyed it too, whether beginner or advanced gardeners. I think what’s special about this show is that it’s easy enough to understand that beginners can listen to it (all difficult topics are explained so well), but advanced gardeners can still get great pieces of advice from Maria’s guests who are experts in their respective fields. In addition, hearing about these insta-famous urban jungles is really neat and gives me great inspiration for my next apartment garden project. I’m so happy I found this podcast and can’t wait to see what’s to come!
She is all of us!
As a plant parent and novice I have learned so much through bloom and grow!
Excellent information
I love this podcast. If you are a novice plant owner, this podcast is the one for you. Maria asks all the beginner questions you wish you could ask. Her guests are knowledgeable, interesting and a joy to listen too.
Fantastic and very informative!
This is the most wonderful podcast! The excitement that Maria has comes through and is contagious! She asks both very basic and beginner questions for the listeners that are newbies and more in-depth ones for those who may have more experience. That is the whole point of some of these episodes, beginners with limited knowledge finding out basics. She asks the questions we want or need to know! I look forward to a new episode popping up each week! Plus the plant friends IRL meet ups are AWESOME! She is just as friendly and knowledgeable in person as she is on the podcasts. Keep up the great work, you have a loyal subscriber and fan in Southern California!!!
Great podcast for all things plants
I recently found this podcast and I am really enjoying it. I have learned something on every episode I’ve listened too - the questions she asks are perfect for those of us new to the plant lifestyle. My favorite episode is #24 when she talks with Folia about starting a plant business.
A wonderful podcast for plant newbs and beyond!
I started listening to this podcast a few months ago when I did not know a thing about plants. At the time, I had one sad calathea, and decided to educate myself on plant care. I listened to one episode of this podcast and have never looked back. I am so thankful that Maria asks “basic” questions because I started with ZERO knowledge about plants. I didn’t realize how helpful and educational this podcast was until I attended a local plant parenting class and found myself confidently answering questions and fully immersing myself into plant conversations with the store owners. Taking care of plants and bringing a little piece of nature into my home has brought me so much joy, gratitude, and significantly improved my mental health. Thank you for helping me bloom and grow Maria 💚
Great for plant parents of all levels!
Christy Dilly
This is the first planty podcast I’ve ever listened to, and it’s been a great help to me as I’ve grown my houseplant collection! Maria asks her guests questions that I am always thinking but too afraid to ask - how do you combat pests? How do you know if your plant is experiencing root rot? How do you get air plants to thrive? I can’t recommend this podcast highly enough - if not for the plant knowledge alone, but also for Maria’s positive and joyous attitude about life and plants!
Great podcast
This podcast is great and Maria is lovely to listen to. A some of the information is things I already know but this podcast would be really helpful to people just starting out with houseplants. I still listen to it because I have learned some things from it and I enjoy hearing about plants, and I like how each podcast goes into detail about a subject with an expert so I can learn more. I also love the community around this podcast, including the Facebook group!
Positive and informative!
Love this podcast! The host makes information so accessible for every listener- I learn so much from every episode and guest she has on.
Wonderful podcast
Bloom and Grow radio has helped me so much in my care of plants. I love the variety of topics covered and the level of expertise of Maria’s guests.
Great Information
I am just starting to build my house plant collection and Bloom and Grow Radio is such a great place to get information. She has the absolute best guests. There is so much information out there on houseplants and it was getting to be a bit overwhelming. I quickly realized that I had the same questions as Maria and I am happy to get those answers all in one place. I have learned so much about how plants grow and what they need to thrive from this podcast. The only problem is that I can’t just listen to it in the background, now I have to sit down with my notepad and take notes because there is so much good information!
Love this podcast!
I love this podcast so much. I have learned so much more from listening to this podcast than any internet blog/article group I have come across. Not only that but I just love Maria’s enthusiasm and personality. Thank you for working hard to create such amazing content.
this podcast is the perfect mix of science & fun and informative plant happiness!
i’d consider myself a highly esteemed ‘plant mom’ and have been for a few years. i know a good amount and have soaked up many a plant fact from books and the like. what i love about bloom & grow radio is that she asks questions we have ALL thought at one time or another in our plant journeys. there’s a podcast for everyone. the format flows easily, is easy to pause and re-reference, it’s lighthearted and yet so informative! if you’re a botanist or an experienced horticulturist, you will likely know much of what you’re hearing, but the way it’s broken down, explained, analyzed and shared in her podcasts is fun, fresh and highly relevant! i personally have listened to her ‘how to start a plant shop’ podcast 4 times because it’s rich in info for what i personally am looking for. if you love plants, you love kindness, you want to learn more about a variety of topics from maria AND from some sweet gems in the plant community, on topics from grow lights to how to properly care for AND pronounce pilea peperomiodies, to plant latin 101 and natural light — this podcast is a sweet resource that leaves you feeling excited about plants and plants people! if you’re looking for a deep, boring, nitty-gritty science-full analysis of plants, then this *might* not be the podcast for you! but if you’re starting in plant love or you’re seasoned in your botanical bliss, this is a sweet gift for your ears and your plant-centric mind! 🌿♥ from: ig — @ohheyimkay ♥
THRILLED to have found this podcast!!! Obsessed is probably an understatement because I’m in love with the format of the podcast, Maria is the sweetest, and she brings on the most knowledgeable guests!!! I’ve not only learned so much, but this podcast just makes me happy and I feel peaceful when I listen to it. Thank you, keep blooming, and keep growing!!
The podcast is positive, unpretentious, approachable, and educational! I have a environmental biology degree, but still very much appreciate the topics and ease of listening. To the negative reviews about lack of science- sure some of the questions might be “simple” to some people, but this isn’t a college course you’re attending 3 times a week with a 4 hour lab, so lighten up and enjoy some plant talk with a fun host y’all!! Keep blooming and keep growing!
Loving new plant friends!
I just heard of this podcast a couple weeks ago and I’m so glad I did! Maria is so friendly and cheery, I feel like I’m listening to a friend! And on top of it I’ve actually learned a lot from her amazing and talented guests and their conversations! I have been taking care of plants for a long time, but I have still learned a lot of new information from this podcast :)
🌿 Best podcast for plant parents, new and experienced
I know one reviewer basically said that Maria, the host of Bloom & Grow Radio, asks dumb questions. Well, we don’t all have degrees in plant science, horticulture, or botany. But we all care about our plants—or want to start caring about them! Maria asks all sorts of questions, including the ones I might be too embarrassed to ask—even though I need the answer to them. In addition to that, Maria has an effervescent personality, a kind heart, and a wonderful laugh. She sings a catchy jingle, she curates fantastic guests for her show, and she provides ample resources so you can explore and learn on your own. Plus, Maria has created an awesome plant community for her listeners on Facebook and Instagram. She puts so much work into this show, and you can tell that she loves it. I’ve learned so much from the guests she’s had on—AND from the questions she asks. So if you have a masters degree in plant science or some similar field: that’s wonderful! And we’d love to learn from you. You might like this podcast or you might not. (Heck, you’d probably be qualified to be a guest on the show!) Regardless of your background or whether or not you know how photosynthesis works, Bloom & Grow Radio is a space for people who love plants and want to learn how to care for them better. I appreciate that it has a judgment-free, learn-along-with-me feel to it! I finish each episode feeling encouraged and more informed. Give it a listen for yourself! From a former plant killer (classic over-waterer) to a proud plant lady, this show has helped me and my houseplants to bloom and grow. 😉
Best Podcast Ever !!!
I just love this show. Maria is the kind, honest, respectful, caring and loving host, who invites you to travel side by side while she grows her own passion and knowledge for the houseplant world. The guests are all so nice and educated in the different subjects, so very well chosen, and Maria is so clear and straightforward with all those questions everyone wants to ask but maybe don’t have the opportunity to. From basic to more complex, if you’re looking for a place to learn about plant caring, to have fun, to grow, and to be part of an amazing community of plant lover people, THIS IS YOUR PODCAST!!!!
Love this podcast!
As someone with a science degree and a seasoned gardener - love how Maria asks all the right questions. Whenever I prepare a presentation, I provide background and set the stage for the discussion. I love the passion and pure curiosity Maria has for all things planty. I only wish my presentations were half as informative and entertaining as Maria’s discussions with her guests. I look forward to each and every Podcast! Keep blooming and growing!
Such a great resource!
Faith A.R. Potter
I stumbled upon this podcast when I began caring for plants after experiencing a trauma. While battling PTSD, I was overwhelmed and intimidated by my lack of knowledge about maintaining the plants I’d been given while at the hospital. This podcast was such a gift! It and the Bloom and Grow Garden Club group have been such a welcoming and safe space for me to engage with and learn. I have been SO thankful for her gracious way of inviting people into her own learning and for her lack of pretension! I have recommended this podcast to so many people who also want to learn how to care for plants but don’t know where to begin. I owe so much of my success in my healing gardening journey to this podcast.
Learn a lot & makes me happy
This podcast brings me so much joy and I learn so much!! She always asks the guest the right questions and her positivity is simply heartwarming.
Love love love!
I love this podcast, Maria is awesome and has helped me “grow” and learn a lot about plant care. Keep up the good work 💛
Great beginner guide to plants!
jess grows
This is a great podcast for anyone who is just starting out with their interest in plants and horticulture! Maria’s voice is SO soothing, her attitude is refreshing and honest, and she asks the questions we are all too embarrassed to say out loud. There are many guests on the show with a wealth of knowledge in this field that I would have never heard of before this podcast. Maria has also created a wonderful community of plant experts and beginners alike so we can all share knowledge with one another and connect over plants! Definitely a must listen podcast if you’re just starting out on plants or just don’t want to be a plant killer anymore.
Helping the newbies
Maria aims to answer the simple, yet vital, questions for all us plant parent newbies- from understanding the light in your home to how much humidity some of our plant friends need. Without her I wouldn’t know that my prized calathea collection (that I’ve bought just because theyre pretty) needs lots of humidity to stave off the brown crunchies. I can now identify plants like a pro and sound like a little scientist when talking about my collection to my friends! She also reminds us we’re not perfect but it’s okay because plants aren’t permanent!
Bloom and Grow Radio makes my heart happy!
I have been a listener since day one. As a newcomer to plant parenthood I have so appreciated the format of this show. Bloom and Grow makes botany and horticulture approachable and accessible to all. On a more personal note. Maria has lifted my spirits with her upbeat enthusiasm for plants in times when I have struggled with depression. She has encouraged me to find joy in a world with dirt under my nails. She has made me feel connected and healed through plants. Thank you Maria.
Perfect for a beginner like me
Great info, an easy listen, and just a joy every episode.
Favorite podcast!!
I was on the hunt for a fun but informative plant podcast, then I stumble upon Bloom and Grow Radio! I fell in love with the first episode I heard, from the theme song to Maria’s wonderful personality. There has not been an episode I didn’t love 🥰
Exactly what I was looking for in a plant podcast! 🌿
⋒ 𝐚 𝐥 𝐲 𝐬 𝐬 𝐚 ⋒
After making my first plant and garden purchases this past weekend, I started searching for a podcast that provided me with the education I needed to keep them growing, and also keep me entertained and interested- Maria provides exactly that! She asks the questions that I felt like I should already know but I don’t- she’s super authentic and real and that’s something I really appreciate!
Your awesome
Thank you for being you and help us grow our plants and navigate through our plant children! Because of you, you help me understand my monsteras, air plants. Succulents, etc. Showing me a way to grow them on my wall. More importantly not to be hard on myself through the process. Thank you Haters are going to hate
Growing with Bloom and Grow
I discovered this podcast right as I was beginning to get “serious” about houseplants and oh my goodness it has been perfect! Maria makes things so accessible to me as a baby gardener and I’m grateful to learn with her from the incredible guests on the show. This truly has opened up a whole new world to me.
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