Someone who remembers...
Eric sir sclap
I am listening to episode 96. What encourages me is that Lindsie has a great friend in Kail and a fighting spirit. She also has strength to put her marriage on solid ground. I applaud her for that. However I am horrified and hope that the first time Lindsie heard of her brother was not in that Instagram photo. No matter what happens that is her brother. I would also like to think that she will give Grayson a chance to stand on his own in a relationship with her. Keep the lines of communication open with your gram. Some advice.. make peace with all of this. Recognize the emotions and loss. Once you really do that you will realize you don’t have to justify yourself to anyone. Good luck!
Absolutely love this podcast ! I have listened to every episode probably 4 times now! I always was on the fence for how to feel about Kail because of how MTV portrays her. But listening to this podcast has given me a whole new perspective on her, and I absolutely love her! The dynamic between her and Lindsie is amazing, they’re so funny and so opposite! Anyone who gives anything less than a 5 Star probably took something they said completely out of context and got boo boo butt hurt! Love these ladies, love this podcast, forever listener right here!
Love the podcast but as a pet owner with a dog in an older age I think a warning before talking about these types of topics is necessary
My favorite podcast 💜🖤💜
kentucky girl becky....
I absolutely love this podcast because I can relate to both girls. Lindsey, I understand you whenever it comes to your dad because I don’t have a relationship with mine and he just like Todd because he doesn’t care about anything but his self and then his wife and my half brother. He talks so bad about me and I just don’t understand how a parent can talk about their child just to try and make their self look better. I used to watch Chrisley knows Best but after hearing how he talks about you I don’t want to watch or listen to their podcast anymore. When it comes to growing up Chrisley I can’t watch it because Shavanna acts like a spoiled brat and who wants to bet that her and nick will not last more than six months after they get married because she tries to change him and she is a spoiled brat. Then she acts like she’s not had anything done to her face besides a nose job, yeah okay I don’t believe that at all. I mean why do that when you’re that young, she’s going to end up looking like Farrah from teen mom. Lol Kail you’ve always been my favorite mom and I also like Leah, you girls are real. Anyway girls keep your head up and Lindsey I’m praying for you and that this passes fast for you. God Bless xoxoxo
The guest
Lindsey I’m having a very hard time believing you! I think that you were very jealous and didn’t except any one of your other siblings do you want it to be all about you and I’m sorry but what you are doing to your dad right now is so messed up and in my opinion unforgivable but everyone loves their children and they will always forgive so stop please!!
I just love you both. Started listening because I’ve been following Kail’s (and the other moms) story for the whole 10 years of Teen Mom! Y’all need to release one episode a day! 😂 I would love if you guys filmed the recordings and put them on YouTube cause I would love to be able to see these conversations! ♥️ never stop this podcast.
Look forward to it every week
Love this podcast so much, I’ve been listening since they started it. Kail and Lindsie work so well together and I love hearing their stories and topics each week. I love the episodes where they talk on the phone vs the in person ones they do that are pre-recorded because I like when the topics they discuss are up to date. Please do more bonus episodes I need more of your episodes!!!
Thanks for a great podcast! Love it love it love it.
Good Podcast, Bad Language.
Quit with the F bomb
I like the podcast. I love the context and the dynamic that Kail and Lindsey have. I do not like the fact that Kail uses the “F” word every sentence. It’s really off putting and takes the podcast from great to kind of trashy.
Keeping me company...
I started Coffee Convos way late in the game. I was never really into podcasts and didn’t think I ever would be to be honest. One day I decided to turn this on because I absolutely love Kail and Lindsie from their shows, and I was not disappointed. I drive a minimum of 2 and a half hours a day, so it’s been so great to have all of these episodes to catch up on. I couldn’t tell you the last time I listened to the radio! These two have a way of making you feel like they’re your friends, and are great at keeping me company in my long car rides to and from school every day. I’ll be so upset when I’m caught up and can only hear from them once a week!
Loved this episode!
This was the best episode ever! I was waiting to hear from Lindsie and I’m so glad she is handling this situation like a Boss and I was sad to hear about Bear. It’s so weird that the friendship between Lindsie and Kail comes thru over the podcast. Please keep the episodes coming.
Podcast is better when it’s Kail and a guest host
I cannot stand it when someone says ‘expecially’ instead of especially or ‘dearing’ instead of during —PHEWFFFFFFF it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me!
Can’t get enough
I absolutely love their podcast and wish they had more weekly casts. Love love love it
Love it!
By far my favorite episode.
Oh look , Lindsie playing victim again. I don’t listen to anything she says, especially all the hate towards her parents. Why are you so miserable that you have to make up lies?
Coffee Convos is My Favorite Part About Thursday’s!
Taylor Plumstead
I loved following along with both Kail and Linside ever since I started watching Teen Mom and Chrisley Knows Best, and Coffee Convos is no different! They know how to have interesting and fun discussions about things that interest every type of mom (stay at home, work from home, traditional working moms, etc.) in a funny and respectful way. I love hearing their advice, mom stories and honesty! They’re just normal moms like us and this podcast proves that!❤️ I always cant wait to listen each Thursday!
I listen every Thursday
Kail and Lindsay discuss real mom topics and are incredibly relatable. They are funny and down to earth. I listen every Thursday.
Life is lit!
SC: Welcome2Macyss
Gurllllllllllllll Macy “Not department store” Williams here! Kail babe and Lindsie boo keep it cookin, pushin, and grinding. Your podcast gives me the life my full time job, husband, and 2 kids (8 and 2) can’t and it’s lit, fire, drama, scandalous, thrilling, praise Jesus and the the creators of Coffee Convos and all that and some mutha freakin more! Don’t stop the vibes you give me girls, I love it, I want it. I need it! And yes... This is a thing!
Follow this lol
Ok so yesterday I was playing reruns and I just heard for the first time ( yes we all re hear or see different things when we watch a movie again lol ) about you taking about a show called follow this well I'm watching it and it's really neat thank you for mentioning it and also have you got to check it out yet ? Short episodes but really neat . Keep up the good work girls I love listening to you . And I agree with one statement where lind you mentioned teen Mom protraits kail as someone different 30 I've watched teen Mom for a hot min now . I also gave my son up in 2006. Like Caitlin's story ..
Thumbs Up
Fun podcast! I enjoy listening. Wish it was released more than once a week.
Get your facts straight
Kail, I love you! Followed and cheered for you since teen mom came out. But what you said about the El Paso shooting is ridiculous! An AR is not a military style gun. If we sent our troops to war with AR’s they would all die so fast because it fires one shot at a time. Did you hear about the shooting in Washington? No! Because it didn’t happen because a bystander with a gun stopped the individual. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens will only cause more shooting and no one able to protect themselves. Chicago have 8 shootings a day and has one of the stickiest gun laws. I am sad to see you guys talk about this this way. Say the facts and leave it at that. I will never listen to you guys again and no longer follow you.
Finally caught up!
I’ve been listening to coffee convos for a couple of months now. But just today I finally listened to them all and now don’t have anything to listen to in the car! 😫 I’m just here finally listening to Lindsey and searched for the purple podcast app and leaving a review. Much love from San Antonio Texas 💕
Y’all are my fav.
Kendra Michal
I recently started listening to podcasts this past August,and I fell in love with y’all! I listen throughout my job and when I’m cleaning. I like that y’all are honest and go through everything in the real world. ❤️❤️❤️
So real and relatable! Kail and Lindsey are great!
I love you guys and this podcast. However, on the most recent episode y’all mentioned how cats should be adopted because there’s so many. Well, the same goes for dogs. There are SO many dogs in shelters and rescue organizations, but Kail still purchased a dog from a BREEDER when I guarantee you there are cane corso rescues out there if she wanted a specific breed. So disappointing.
This podcast gets me through my commute and work day, haha. I love the realness of Kail and Lindsie. They touch up on topics that hit close to home and they are completely relatable.
I love y’all so much! I’ve been listening since the very first. Episode. This is the only podcast I listen to and wait for every week! Keep up the great work love u guys!
This podcast..
ROCKS! I love you ladies! Keep being yourselves and don’t read too much into the negative comments 😘
Always excited to listen!
I am always excited to listen to new episodes each week! I just don’t like now how they are pre recorded a month or more in advance so when they talk about things that are happening in the Media, they talk about it just happening but when we listen to the podcast, it happened a month ago like the El Paso shooting. I want to hear them talk about more current things that are happening in the media and their lives like the passing of Kails dog, the kids starting school recently, etc.
Mice & snakes
I feed my snake live mice because she doesn't like frozen mice AT ALL also she only likes white mice haha I was told that was a thing before getting my snake and I did not believe it haha but it’s freakin true she‘s scared if it has any color on them. It’s crazy!! Haha also I LOVE listening to ya’ll podcast.. I’m always waiting for thursdays to listen ahhh love it!!
My favorite day of the week!
I literally wake up early every Thursday morning to get my ears on this podcast! Love it!
My favorite podcast ever!!!
Kail I have the same issues with nickel or lead in my ears, if your wanting to find some cheaper earrings you can wear find you a paparazzi person. I’m obsessed they have such cute stuff it’s all lead and nickle free and the best part is everything they have is just $5 dollars a piece 😁 the person I buy from has a Facebook page the name is bling it beautiful vip check it out...this consultant is amazing very friendly very helpful
Started this a couple weeks ago. I have an hour drive to and from work so I listen on my way to work and on my way home trying to catch up! Enjoy this podcast so much.
Love it but have some constructive criticism
I really like the podcast and I know it’s technically still new and you guys are still learning and growing etc so I don’t want to be too critical, but I hope you use this as constructive criticism. I absolutely love when you have different guests on, I love when you talk about Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, I loved the episode with Tyler and Catelyn because you really got into that stuff about addiction and forgiveness and I found that all to be really helpful and interesting. I have really enjoyed most of the guests you’ve had on. But - when it’s just the two of you talking - sometimes I find the show to be a little boring. Lindsey’s stories can be a little on the boring side and she tends to go on too long. I feel like she’s just looking for things to talk about and rambles on pointless stories. I seriously feel so bad saying that but I’m just hoping to give you some constructive criticism. But I do love you guys and will continue to listen!
lovin podcasts
So fun listening to you guys. Very uplifting. Shows who you are and not someone trying to be fake. Loved this podcast and all the others.
Favorite podcast ❤️
Been listening to this podcast since the beginning, the first & only podcast I eagerly await the next one to listen to. Just listened to latest with Becky, whom I adore. I love the dynamic between Kail & Becky, you can tell she is truly your best friend. Looking forward to hearing when she’s on with Lindsey too. You always make me feel like I’m chatting with my gf’s just talking about life. Keep up the amazing job ❤️ love you ladies
The Realness is Refreshing
The ladies are so real and up front. Love having someone to relate to with life, love, motherhood, and other crap we all deal with but don’t always talk about. Thank you!
Absolutely LOVE this podcast and how relatable and real Lindsey and Kail are!!!!
This is great
I freaking love you guys together, reminds me a lot of my friendships with my closest day 1s
Lily & Lucy's mom
I love listening to this podcast. I wish there were more than one a week. I the dynamic between Kail and Lindsey is great. I always laugh so hard listening.
Great Topics
Love the topics! Bring Becky on more!
Would be a better podcast if Kail found a different cohost. Lindsie is too monotone, I literally cringe listening.
Not tuning in anymore
I find it hard to listen now after what pretend goodie two shoes did to her family. How about address your cheating and come out and say how sorry you are to your poor husband and son? I would be less concerned about the food he’s eating rather the example you are setting. Your fake image is gone and so am I as a listener.
Here for Kail!
Kail is makes the podcast and I enjoy the episodes with Just her and other guests! She’s so much more interesting to listen too! I hate to say it but I can’t stand lindsie- she always makes the conversation about herself and I can’t stand the way she talks and says because!!! It’s like a nails on a chalk board. She brings nothing to this pod cast! Bring Becky on more episodes!
Have Becky all the time!!
The episode with Becky is the best by far. Kail and Becky’s dynamic is amazing!!!
Most recent episode
Loved the episode with Becky!! Can’t wait for you to have her again. She is hilarious 🤣
A plus ladies
This one with Becky had my laughing out loud literally. Can’t wait till Becky makes Lindsie question herself 😂😂😂😂
Podcast Newbie
Just started listening to Podcast and you both are absolutely amazing!!!! I love both of y’all. I love how much I can relate to the topics that are discussed. Keep up the good work 😁
This would be a 5-star...
If it were Becky and Kail instead of Kail and Lindsay. Lindsay doesn’t support women and nobody should support her. Also, she’s just the worst in general.
My favorite thing to listen to
It makes me so happy to hear this podcast, I love that I can identify with the things they say!
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