Dude. I love stuff you should know so I have been listening to this as well. And I have to say I like it, when you actually stick to the movie at hand. You could also cut the intros in half so I don’t have to skip a minute forward. Other than that I’m still listening.
Great podcast to binge
It’s a great podcast if you want to hear good people talking about movies and other stuff. If you’re one of the jerks who thinks every podcast should “get to the point,” maybe don’t pick this one.. but if you like movies and feeling like part of the conversation, this is a great podcast!!
I’ve listened since inception bc I want to give my SYSK friends some support. After Tig Nataro I wanted more! Now it’s just Chuck’s local college buddies. Yawn. Discussions need to be around new movies. Discussions around movies from the 90’s put me to sleep. I expect more. But I still listen each week... weird me.
They barely know what they’re talking about
They barely know what they’re talking about yet supposedly being working in film. It makes this podcast annoying to listen to because of it. It seems like they’ve never seen a movie they are taking about and Casey knows more than the hosts always. They also think Adam Sandler isn’t weird for wanting to do nothing but make lots of money. I’ve been a long time listener but in recent time I have realized these guys are just annoying white people who thought Adam Sandler would get an Oscar not realizing that Uncut Gems isn’t the Safdies best film. Ugh.....
I enjoy Filmspotting a lot more to hear educated and prepared conversation that entertains but also teaches me something new about film every time. I just kinda feel empty handed after each episode of Movie Crush.
No thank you.
If you want to hear a guy give you an almost constant stream of wrong information that could be cleared up just by googling, this is the podcast for you. If you like factual correctness, go elsewhere. By the way Chuck, MLK’s assassination in Memphis is marked by the national civil rights museum. So easy for you to have looked that up and not made it seem as if the city didn’t do anything.
Love It!
One of the best Podcasts out there.
A Disappointment
Marie Antoinette is one of my favorite historical figures. I downloaded the episode on Sofia Coppola’s movie adaptation, based off the excellent biography, The Journey, by Antonia Fraser. The hosts of this podcast did not do their due diligence in research prior to this episode. For example, they referred to the depiction of Marie Antoinette by Fraser and Coppola as “sympathetic” when many historians who’ve written about the Queen would instead describe it as “accurate.” While I have misgivings about this film in general (aka how it ends), Sofia Coppola not only accurately depicted Marie Antoinette, but she was also given exclusive access to Versailles for this film. If your looking for a good podcast to hear this movie reviewed.... keep looking. This podcast was a waste of my time.
I’m confused?
Followed u from SUSK to MC, and was initially all in. However, In the last 6 months give or take, your scheduling is so off, I am at a loss. Guests are now mostly friends and crew and your episode release dates have not jived with what’s been going on in real time. And what happened to Oscars coverage? No Emily and Chuck or mention of? This is no longer feeling like an up to the moment film podcast. ☹️
Could not love it more.
hannah k. garden
This podcast is so charming and chummy, I could listen to Chuck have a ball with Noel and all the awesome guests all day. A real mood booster.
Too many ads and took too long to get to the point. Had some ok episodes but unsubscribing to clean up my feed of active podcasts.
So Great
I can’t say enough about Chuck and the show and the format. This is truly entertaining for anyone into movies or podcasts with excellent notable guests. Also, hands down best quote ever coming from Christopher Walken referring to the show: “My question is um, people... people listen to this?” Keep Chuckin, Chuck!
Love this show!
This show is a must for movie lovers, Chuck is a great host and keeps every episode really enjoyable and fun. I especially love the Mini Crush episodes where Chuck and co-host Noel have a more casual conversation about movies while also interacting a lot with their audience.
I love Chuck but Noel
Noel, stop trying so hard!!!!!
Really Good Movie Podcast
S. T. Coleridge
I really enjoy the discussions of the movies on Movie Crush. As a big fan of all things film related, I especially appreciate their recommendations.
Love It All
Found Chuck through Stuff You Should Know. I’ve been trying to really get into movies lately and when he mentioned he had a movie podcast I jumped in with both feet and downloaded every episode of movies I’ve seen and every Mini Crush. I think I’m more of a fan of the Mini Crushes too be honest, but episodes like Casey in Kubrick and the Eternal Sunshine episode are just so dang fantastic. My suggestion would be to do more recent movies in the traditional Movie Crush style, not every new movie should be limited to a Crush to Judgement. Maybe have fan favorite guests come back and do their favorite *recent* movie. Just something to keep us younger folk in mind that haven’t seen all the classics.
Great Podcast
Love listening to the show because it is very entertaining and gives me plenty of ideas of what I should be watching and re-watching.
I do like movies
Sir Paulie Brow Boy
Very enjoyable. The hosts are well versed in the business of making movies. They cover a wide variety of genres. A must for any film fan.
Just started listening. Won’t stop soon!
Truly. I have only listened to two podcasts so far and totally makes me want to go back and watch all these movies they are talking about... even though the title names only one movie, chuck and guest name so many other movies and pieces and parts of other movies. Oy. Thank you Chuck!
You won't even read this review
I've enjoyed listening to movie crush over the last 8-9 months but Im blown away by Nole's (spelling) lack of movie experience...he hasn't seen Risky Business? It's no award winner but why is he on a podcast about movies when he can't comment on 60% of the movies/actors that Chuck brings up? Not necessarily a criticism but just an observation. Thanks guys.
Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood
Bunches of Funches
I loved this episode so much. The whole podcast is great. I moved recently and lost my group of movie viewing/discussion crowd and Movie Crush is a great substitute.
Casey needs a podcast
Please just give Casey his own podcast, he always has the most interesting things to say and offers the most insight into movies. Chuck and Noel’s opinions are just pretty bland and don’t often go deeper than “I just didn’t get it man.” Then they just run that circle for another half an hour until the episode is done.
Loved loved loved Election!
Emilie and Chuck are my dream couple! Thanks for the great content guys. I truly enjoyed listening and chiming in as if I was there in conversation with you guys.
Had to quit
When the podcast started I really enjoyed it. I liked how it was structured around movies, so even when the guest was someone I was unfamiliar with, I could still enjoy the show. Eventually it became your standard celebrity talk show and the movie became less and less of the focus, despite the title. Hour and half podcasts spent 15-30 minutes talking about movies on a movie podcast. Chuck is not a good enough interviewer for the chat show format to work. I hung in until Chuck felt the need to insult Childfree people in the Parenthood podcast. I turned it off and haven’t listened to it since, and haven’t missed it all.
Chuck Bryant: King of Podcasts
Andy Lobb
I could listen to Chuck talk all day. About anything. Anytime. I don’t even care that I don’t agree with his politics, at least Chuck is fair, likeable and agreeable. Noel’s great too. The show has changed a lot over time, doesn’t seem like there are any noteworthy guests anymore, but I think it’s for the best as the deep dives with Casey Pegram are far more enjoyable than Dax Shepherd per se. Hope this one keeps going and going.
Not What I Expected
I expected a podcast that had an in-depth discussion about a different movie every episode, but what I got were in-depth interviews with different people involved in the movie industry. The interviews are insightful and interesting, but they were not what I came for.
Candid and Genuine
I absolutely love the interviews. The host, Chuck Bryant, uses his deep knowledge of movies to ask really insightful questions. His genuine and good natured personality draws out incredibly candid and fresh perspectives from his guests. I strongly recommend the Christopher Walken interview.
Great potential
Great concept but editing is desperately needed. Chuck has a charming personality, but tends to mirror the guest’s viewpoint. This is a missed opportunity to add depth to the discussion with differing perspectives. Podcast as a whole seems very unstructured. Does this podcast focus on little known facts and background on movies, an overall summary of a film, or how the host and guest feel about about the movie? Too much time is spent discussing how the hosts feel about it rather than what it actually is. A shorter, more condensed review would have a much deeper impact. Also, the excessive cursing seems forced. Otherwise, it has great potential to be an entertaining and insightful podcast.
ron burgundy8
The fact that Christopher Walken ended up hating the movie he chose was great. You should have asked him if he did all his own moves in the Fatboy Slim Weapon of Choice music video. I definitely laughed through this entire episode because of how bizarre it was, I don’t think there will be another episode quite like this one. Also I don’t think I realized that celebrities had legitimate disguises when they went out in public.
Love this
Chuck is awesome & lovable. Great podcast for movie lovers! Only complaint is Howard the Duck is an awesome movie!!!
Skip the first 30 minutes
belle's muskett
For anyone wanting to try this out, you will have to regularly skip the first 30 minutes (at least) to get to the movie parts. When they get there, it’s great.
Great trend
Nice upswing in recent months. Really like the “body of work” approach to a single director with one guest coming back. Looking forward to Alexander Payne series.
I love Movie Crush
Bobbi from Bloomington
I love Chuck and Noel/Nowell (?sorry). I listen to them at night with ear buds and it is hilarious when the guys make me giggle or laugh out loud. My hubby must think I’m having fun dreams. I realize some may think this is nutty but I really like Chuck and Noel’s voices - they are very soothing. Anyhoo, love all the banter and insights into the industry. Thanks guys, appreciate the time you spend to keep us entertained.
I bought it hook line and sinker..
Kudos must be given to the planning and execution of the perfect April fools prank. Kevin Pollak was so incredibly deadpan and underplayed Walken perfectly that I was completely fooled, was a bit miffed at first when I found out but it was just too funny not to just laugh and go with the flow. Pollak is a master at his craft and Movie crush, well you crushed me with this prank. Well done boys, well done.
Christopher Walken
Christopher MF’ing Walken Good one!!! Enough said.
Omg! I laughed all the way through this episode! Highly uncomfortable as it seemed it was so entertaining!
One of the worst Christopher Walken impressions I’ve ever heard
Kayak Fly Fisher
Walken! WOW! That was amazing! Totally different from the normal show, which I enjoy, but MAN O MAN, What a TREAT!
Christopher Walken episode
Tales of al
I wanna start out by saying I love this show and listen to every episode when it comes out. I just finished listening to the Christopher Walken episode and thought it was hilarious. Mr. Walken just saying how ridicoulous and ham fisted Foot lose is even though it was his movie pick, had me cracking up. Maybe I just have a weird sense of humor.
Walken !!!! 👍
U High 5ing MF
Wow! Great, funny interview with Chris Walken!!! For as nervous as you were, who wouldn’t! You did a great job!!! Love going back to some of these reviewed movies and hear others assessments!! Keep up the good work!
These guys are the best
Always looking forward to my Monday evening commute when I can crush out with Chuck and Noel
Some folks seem to take themselves too seriously
I was surprised to see a number of comments on low star reviews complaining about how the podcast is structured. I think it was apparent from the start that these were meant to be friendly, casual discussions about movies the guests love, not scholarly criticism. As a movie lover I enjoy this podcast thoroughly, and find fascinating the insights of guests in the “business” regarding how movies are made. I hope this has a long run!
Why so much hate, love this
Not sure why it has less than 4 stars?! This is a good show and I love their mini chrushes and the guests ones are great too!! Doesn’t bother me that he can get “Star struck” or veer off. It’s a great podcast to listen to!
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Listen to SYSK and love it. Chuck is knowledgeable and entertaining. But- and this a huge but, the Movie Crush is IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy with the co-host saying “yeah, yeah, yeah” literally every 2 minutes. So wanted to listen to your show on Kubrick. I got about 5 minutes into it and had to turn it off. Its like he has some strange form of Tourette’s. Chuck- Listen to it and do the right thing.
Could have been good
Jaber C
It had potential but Chuck’s white guilt and anti-Christian smirking have made this unlistenable. Plus, there’s only about 10 minutes of movie discussion. The rest of the episode is him pandering to the wannabe Hollywood elite. I still have hope for SYSK but it seems it’s going in that direction too.
A new favorite
Love this show, I am not a huge movie buff, so this show gives me an excuse to watch new things, and also makes it easier to choose something to watch! Fun, upbeat and thoughtful!
Just a good, natural feeling podcast. I listen to 100’s of hours of podcasts a year becomes of my job. This a good one. Love SYSK. So this is just an extension of everything awesome about that.
As far as fangirling/fanboying podcasts go, I typically sidestep them. However, this one is worth the listen, especially given the longer industry-insider narratives that poke through in some of the longer pre-review interview sections. Well done.
I love chuckers
Chuck has a great voice and is a reliable dude. Chucks chuckles are contagious
Mini Crush makes me happy!
I really enjoy the Mini Crush episodes. I love hearing the back and forth between Chuck and Noel. They both get so very excited about the movies they love.
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