Funniest Part of my Week!
I love Tuesdays because that means a new episode comes out. It is the best part of my whole week and I look forward to the laughs and the encouragement that these hilarious ladies provide every week. Episode 126 just might be my favorite one so far. Hilarious!!!
So happy I found this podcast
So here’s the thing, this podcast is awesome! It’s entertaining, insightful, and something I always look forward to listening to.
They are so real!
Davi Black
This funny and informative podcast is one I look forward to as a bright spot in my week.
Parents Best Tool
I’m so happy I came across your podcasts. A friend recommended you and I couldn’t be happier. The tips to building better relationships with your kids and how to implement are so impactful. I’m so thankful for your podcast and how it changed me.
My favorite podcast
I stumbled across this podcast last year, and I’m so glad I did! Besides the fact that these women are hilarious, they help me to feel like I’m not the only mom struggling through the trenches of motherhood. I’m so grateful for the content they share. They’ve given me tools to be a better person!
Awesome podcast!
I always know I will be entertained and educated during every episode! I love how real these ladies are and how they can make me laugh about all of the crazy that motherhood brings. Not only that, the topics and guests they have are always relevant and helpful. This has become my favorite go-to podcast. I love it!
My #1 podcast
My most recommend podcast to my friends!
So funny and real
I listen to a lot of parenting podcasts, but these ladies are my favorite! They are the perfect balance of purely entertaining me plus encouraging me with new ideas and topics to think about regarding motherhood. One recommendation, maybe don’t listen while you’re huffing and puffing on the gym treadmill, there are too many laugh out loud moments, I can hardly breath as it is, plus, the stares of my fellow gym goers. ;)
I love Mondays
This podcast is awesome, real and hilarious. I learn a new tip or hear a new perspective when I listen. As trite as it may sound, I feel like I have gained three new long distance friends who get the mom thing. Thanks again!
All-time favorite podcast
I love listening to Family Looking Up. Beth, Camille, and Andrea are so real. These are experienced moms who say it like it is - the good, the bad, and the ugly. And let’s face it, there is more bad and ugly than good in day to day family life. They have fantastic guests on a wide range of topics, but my favorite part is their discussions amongst themselves. It is like being in a conversation with a great friend, who accepts you as you are, validates that parenting is a rough journey, helps you recognize the good that you are doing, and makes you laugh a ton. Well done, ladies!
My absolute favorite!
I love this Bold New Mom
I love everything about this podcast. I learn so much every time I listen to it. I love these ladies. Their humor, kindness, compassion, and just real ness safe contagious. I feel like I have three new true friends who get me and my life. They’ve made me a better person. Thank you for doing this, Camille, Andrea and Beth. I love you ladies!
Love this podcast
I tell everyone I know to listen to this podcast. I seriously laugh every time I listen. The information is so relevant and presented in a fun way. I love that these ladies are real. Being a mom is hard, but we’re all in this together. Thank you for helping me realize I’m not the only one having mom fails.
Can’t get enough
I am SO glad that I stumbled across this podcast. I have “binge listened” to so many of the episodes and still can’t get enough. I often catch myself laughing along silently with my headphones on all. The. Time..... weird that my neighbors seem to be coming around less often now. Hmm! These three hilarious women feel like my new besties. They are smart, funny, inspiring, and get such fantastic guests. Thank you guys SO much for making me feel like I’m doing ok, and for making me relax and enjoy motherhood. Please keep doing what you’re doing!
Love Love Love
I love this podcast. I found it a year ago. I never miss one!
For every family!!
mom of 6*
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Andrea, Camille and Beth and the guests they have on. I have six kids, 7 and under I love getting my weekly dose of laughter and so uplifting!!! My favorite podcast!
Great info and hilarious
I can’t get enough of Andrea, Camille and Beth! They make you laugh and cry all in the same episode. The guests they have had on have been incredible! The content is very practical and easy to apply to parenting. So thankful for women with big hearts and share their friendship with the world!!!
Absolutely the best!!
I wait every Tuesday for the next episode! I feel like I’m right at the table with these ladies every week, laughing and crying and everything in between! They love being moms but know that not everyday is perfect but they are willing to keep trying day after day! There is so much to love about motherhood and they bring out the best and reality of what mom life is all about! Keep it up ladies!! You inspire me to try to be a little better everyday! ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you!
Super grateful to have found this podcast! It feels comfortable, you all are beyond relatable and your guests are effective and practical! Thanks for making parenting real!
You ladies are the best.
Thank you for being such an entertaining group of friends. I love your honest tell it like it is approach to raising a family. Keep up the amazing work.
Love this podcast!
Ellie AKJ
It’s like hanging out with your girlfriends while getting dishes or laundry done at the same time, in the middle of the day while kiddos are napping! You guys are so fun & hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh!
The struggle is real
I’m new to your podcast. I really loved episode 95 and the positive perspective and attitude she had on being a mother and Dayton’s different abilities. Her struggles are different than mine and mine are no where as hard but it’s important for me to remember that it’ll all be okay. My struggles are only temporary. Thank you for your podcast, you always make me laugh. -Whitney
Excellent discovery
Just discovered this - these ladies are kind, warm, funny, and facilitate interesting and helpful conversations with their guests. Love, love!!
They are like the best friends that you’ve always dreamed about!
I am a mom of two girls, 6 and 3, and every podcast has helped my life with me and my kids. They are like the best friends that you’ve always dreamed about! Their banter is hilarious and it’s always applicable to my life. It’s not preachy, it’s totally relatable and I listen to it every time i go running.
Love, love, love it!
Amanda Johnson 1985
These ladies are so fun, uplifting, and just plain awesome! I love to listen to them!
Love this podcast!
I have really enjoyed the episodes I’ve listened to so far, especially the 7 Ways to be Miserable and Hank Smith ones. These ladies make me laugh out loud, and I’ve learned a lot. I wouldn’t mind if the intro was changed though— starting with that whine makes me cringe every time— but then I get past that and love it all!
Real moms!
Love these ladies so much! I just found this podcast last week and have enjoyed listening to several episodes already. They are genuine and real and always make me laugh.
Funny and real!
This is my favorite podcast to listen to as a mom because these ladies are SO real and down to earth! I laugh during every single episode, which really is the best medicine for me. Thank you ladies for being so funny and having great guests!
Giving, Learning, and Lifting
That’s what these ladies do every single week. They give me tons of laughter, and tons of new ideas to try, and a new perspective on life to keep going and lift others in the process. Thank you Camille, Beth, and Andrea!
Favorite Podcast
Love this podcast so much!! I love the interviews and learning so many new things. I love the variety of topics discussed. Definitely my favorite podcast! It has such a positive impact on my life and has lead to new opportunities as well as giving me knowledge that was such a blessing for the life experiences I’ve had since starting to listen to this podcast
Best Podcast Ever!
I get excited every Tuesday morning waiting for the new podcast of the week! These ladies are so fun to listen to, and I've loved all the people they've interviewed so far :) So much great advice for moms. Plus I love that they highlight mom fails, because we all know we have lots of those, and if we know others do to, it helps 😆
Loads of Love
I did not know when a friend recommended this podcast, that I would get so many laughs out of it! You are a one of a kind group of women sharing the best of insights, lots of laughs, and loads of love with those who are in need of a little extra boost in their day!
Laughter makes my day
I am so happy I found your podcast! Listening to your opening commentary is the best way to start the day. You have real life experiences you openly share and it makes me feel “normal” that they happen to me as well. The guest you have on the podcast have taught me many valuable things. When I listen I feel like I am sitting with good friends who make me giggle! Thank you and keep them coming! Xoxo
Love listening!
I finally wanted to take the time and leave a review. I am so uplifted after I listen to your episodes. I find myself leaning towards your show everytime I have a moment to listen to a podcast! You gals are so funny and inspire me to want to be a better mom. I have 3 young kids and I love hearing wisdom from mothers a little further down the road. You guys do a great job with picking content and having awesome quests! If anything though, I would love to have more solo casts of just you 3 ladies too! Thank you again and keep up the great work!
LOVE these gals!
These three ladies are gold!! They create such practical episodes that help me along my path of motherhood. The best part is that they’re funny—like cracking up with your best friends over some yummy dessert funny. I feel like I’m just sitting on my couch overhearing their conversations and am part of it all. Honestly, I can’t get enough—please keep going, girls, because you have something special going on.
Guys. This podcast is the best! These ladies are real, relatable, and very fun to listen to. The topics are for real and their guests are amazing people with very realistic ideas. I love it!!
Great Podcast
Love the Family Looking Up podcast. They always have wonderful guests and it is always motivating and inspiring to make life a little better and enjoy my family a little more.
Love this podcast
Love this podcast!!!!! These ladies are hilarious. I love the topics they talk about. I always learn a lot and feel uplifted when listening.
Great for families
I love listening to the Family Looking Up podcast! They interview guests that speak on topics that are relevant for every family. They also include a wide wide range of topics, including traditions, mental health, grandparents, parenting and taking care of ourselves, and so many others. Also, Camille, Andrea and Beth are hilarious and the time flies. I laugh out loud every episode.
This podcast has everything. These three ladies make me laugh out loud each week and interview great people that have such wonderful insights on parenting, motherhood and just life. I look forward to their new episodes each week.
Genuine and Real
So many great nuggets of information in this podcast! Great guests, great humor, great fun. Favorite podcast! I can’t get enough!! I share nuggets of info as often as I can from this podcast!!
Funny, Entertaining, and Enlightening!
I never really listened to many podcasts until this one. As a mom of 3 and one on the way, I look forward to listening to a new Family Looking Up podcast every week to help inspire me to be a better wife and mother, and to help me get through the everyday demands of motherhood. These ladies are witty, down to earth and relatable! I love what they stand for and for their dedication to helping to support women and moms of all stages!
I wish we were best friends!!
5 humans call me Mom
I love these girls. They make me laugh, they make me cry, they motivate me to be a better mom and a better person!! If you want something to brighten up your day......LISTEN to the podcast!! Camille, Beth, and Andrea....I wish we could be best friends.
I disagree...
Silly/Sane mom of 4!
only with their choice of drink 😜 These ladies brighten my days. I appreciate their sense of humor and how real they are. Motherhood is incredibly challenging and wonderful and this podcast helps me feel not so alone. Keep ‘em coming, the world needs more of this goodness!!
My first ever review goes to FLU!
I am an avid podcast listener and there are so many I enjoy. However none has made me laugh harder, love better, and take myself less seriously than the amazing women on Family Looking Up. THANK YOU! My first ever review on iTunes goes to YOU! I never wanted to spend the time to figure out how to leave a review😂, until you ladies came into my life! Keep the love, laughter, real mom fails and inspirational advice comin’!
Recent lover but forever comrade
I think I was invited to listen in from the very beginning, but I just wouldn’t dive in. I made up excuses to not tune in and listen, but finally I asked myself a very important question, “what do I have to lose? Especially if I listen while cleaning?” And truth is, nothing. I only had things to gain. I listened to episode 59 first, and it sang to my soul, because I had a brother with special needs, and all the truth bombs from the guest speaker were just going off and singing to my soul. I was hooked. The real life bits in the beginning and end of every episode have me rolling laughing. In my mind, Beth is my person- even though I’ve never actually talked to her. She says all the things I think about and she has me laughing. I get so many mom takeaways from the speakers and truth bombs for my life, and then I get validated from Beth, Camille and Andrea, that I’m not alone in this mom life struggle, and it’s literally the best. If you have not subscribed and listened yet, do it!!! You’re missing out and you shouldn’t be.
Love love love
This podcast brightens my day especially on those hard days when the mom-guilt is kicking my butt. The mom fails and stories they tell help me to know I’m not alone. And these ladies are hilarious.
Y’all make me LAUGH OUT LOUD
You ladies provide so much laughter to my life! I can’t tell you how many times i find myself replaying your intros to each show because you had me cracking up!! Thank you for your “real-ness”, honesty, & stories!! Y’all are all rockstar mommas & make a great team! Your encouragement & ideas are so helpful in this journey of mommy-hood!! Thank you for doing you!! 💗
These are my people
Us moms need a tribe to get through this mothering gig. Beth, Andrea & Camille are part of my tribe. If I knew them in real life, we’d be best friends, I know it. They get it. They value motherhood and understand how hard it really is. They have me laugh-crying almost every episode. This last episode (#64), was an absolute answer to prayer. I woke up at 2am, my usual wake up call when I’m wrestling with something. I prayed to know what God needed to tell me and then turned to this podcast to help me fall back to sleep. This specific podcast went along perfectly to what God was trying to tell me. Thank you ladies for the sacrifices you make to produce this podcast. You’re making a difference and I really appreciate your efforts.
Useful and hilarious
I love listening to these women. They make me laugh at their epic mom fails but also see ways that I can improve and have more joy in my role as a mother.
Thank You
Just listened to episode 60 and it might be my new favorite. Great job and all your episodes. For anyone out there wanting some good stuff to listen to you should for sure go binge listen to all the episodes. Keep up the good work ladies! Thank you for all the amazing episodes that give such awesome information, help, and support.
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