Such funny girls!
Jenni-Wives' Tales Cohost
I love their spooky topics, how they incorporate movies, creepy pastas, and some hilarious banter in their podcast! And the British accents are the best! I feel like I should be your Texas bestie! Keep up the creepy work y’all! 😘
Fun and spooky
Mike Jolitz
So enjoyed the ladies talk about spooky stuff! They’re great hosts, funny and immediately endearing to my ears. Must be cuz they’re Brits. All that aside they do a really good show. Check them out. Mike Jolitz
There is nothing hotter than girls talking about spooky stuff
Verywell done podcst with very engaging hosts. Very funny and well done. Highly recommend.
Quite Fun and Entertaining
These gals ar so much fun. I love how they talk not only about the legends, but other aspects of the subject. The humor is great. Great job, keep it up!!
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