Quarantinis forever!!!
So witty, smart and suuuuuper informative. Makes learning super fun
Great content, vanilla hosts
These two sweet girls, whose feelings I don’t want to hurt, are full of great information. The delivery is just so boring and lack charisma and energy. I can barely hold a conversation in real life with anyone who speaks this way, no friggin way I’m listening to it.
Interesting and informative
I am a microbiologist so I find this podcast very fun and interesting to listen to. People seem to forget that science is interwoven with politics and race, it’s part of the history, so I don’t really understand why some reviews are deducting stars for those reasons alone. This is especially important when discussing the history of HIV. I guess you can’t please everyone 🤷🏼‍♀️ Great podcast from women who know how to read research material and give some great background and mini science lessons that make this a great podcast for non scientists to enjoy. I particularly enjoyed/appreciated the episodes on vaccines ❤️
My favorite podcast
I’ve been listening to this podcast since the beginning and absolutely love it. Erin and Erin are intelligent, funny, and are great at communicating science in a way that educates anyone listening, whether you have a background in science or not. Their use of first-person narratives and/or bringing in experts really helps to round out the show and remind you that the facts they are talking about are not only interesting, but also have had major effects on people’s lives, and thus should be taken seriously. The way they discuss science and are able to simultaneously have fun with the topic while still conveying its importance and seriousness is very impressive. I wish I could be friends with both of them 😊 I’m excited every time I find them in my feed.
Stay on topic
I want to love this podcast because the topic is fascinating to me. But injecting politics into it is a huge turn off. If I wanted to listen to a podcast about politics I would but I don’t. I wish the information could be presented in an unbiased manor without bringing politics into it.
Favorite Podcast of All Time!!
I look forward to every episode of this podcast! The Erins do an amazing job combining the biology and history of different diseases. An absolute joy to listen to, please never stop making this podcast. I’ve tried getting into other science podcasts, but there’s none better than TPWKY.
Eww... Yeah!
Great idea for a podcast! Friend recommended so I thought I’d try it out... four episodes in and I’m hooked!
This podcast is awesome, the topics are always interesting, and the information is presented in really engaging, fun ways, without being super watered down
Giggling Erins
Love the show and the important content. I often have the same responses as the Erins do. The giggling is a reaction to the joy of discovery but at times it gets in the way. Keep up the good work.
Well-informed hosts, and timely topics. I enjoyed this
Thank you for keeping me from eating my lunch!
This is one of the best podcasts I have ever listen to. Not only am I learning so much about diseases and history, but I’m being completely grossed out during my lunch hour to the point that I can no longer eat. Thank you for preventing me from overeating! Also, thanks for all the great info and incredibly detailed descriptions of death by horrible diseases. Can’t wait to hear more!!
The Erins make illness interesting!
Sarah - The Home Cook
Such an awesome podcast! I’m a total germaphobe and have a lot of trouble listening to or talking about germs/illness of any kind. I started listening to TPWKW partly because it’s a fascinating topic and partly as a way to desensitize myself.
I really enjoy listening to these!
I like to listen to these podcasts because I like microbiology and the study of infectious diseases. I’m 13 and I study it a lot because I like it, I want to be a Microbiologist in the CDC working in biohazard level 4 areas!! I really like the ones about Encephalitis Lethargica, Prions, Coronavirus, influenzas, tuberculosis, and the bubonic plague!! When I’m done listening I usually bombard my family and friends with information about what I learned- my mom gets annoyed sometimes because she doesn’t really find it interesting lol Thank u for making such informative but fun podcasts! These help me learn more, on my journey to becoming a scientist!! ~ Future Microbiologist
I wish suffering was as funny as they try to make it?
The Letter "B"
you talk about all the great things vaccinations have done, but you dont talk about the thousands of injured people. You dont mention all of the children in Africa used as guinea pigs and te thousands that have died. You dont mention the thousands of people dead or severaly injured from the HPV shot that their trying to make mandatory. Just becase you didnt have a bad vaccine reaction, doesnt mean that the next person wont. some people are allergic to Tylenal, what makes you think that all the countless chemicals in vaccines everyone can phycialy handle. its a drug! there are reactions to every drug! why dont you mention all the ingredients in the flu shot...Formaldehyde is one. Babies after 6 months are FORCED to take 3 doses a month apart if they wanna go to daycare. Formaldehyde is a cancer causing agent, why not mention that in your podcast? Why are so MANY kids suddenly dying from cancer? You make it seem like everyone that doesnt vaccinate is a crazy person. I was like you as were a number of my family members, until MY SON was vaccine injured, until I WAS vaccine injured, until my COUSIN WAS vaccine injured. Until my friends SON DIED THE NEXT DAY from his 2 month shots! Do a show on the thousands upon thousands of people who have DIED or INJURED from vaccines. Not all bodies are the same. There are POISONS in this vaccines, READ THE INGREDIENTS!
I love this podcast!
Informative and captivating!!
Makes me want to work for the CDC
If you loved Contagion or Outbreak, this is the podcast for you. Erin and Erin are delightful hosts who explain the biology and history of disease in easy to understand terms. I don’t feel as if they’re dumbing down the content, but instead sharing their expertise with me. I have learned so much and sometimes forgot that I am not an epidemiologist, but a high school English teacher.
Medina DM.
I’m completely geeking out. First true crime, and now, medical mysteries and illnesses? Yes, PLEASE! ♥️♥️♥️
Great show, jarring music
I love this show. The theme music, however, is always weirdly loud compared to the rest of the audio. To those complaining about their politics, public health is political. They can’t talk about public health without talking about politics, or they’d be leaving out huge pieces - especially on topics like HIV/AIDS, where terrible political decisions by the Reagan administration caused the epidemic to be far worse than it could have been. If you’re against public health and the policies that promote it, why are you here?
Of course!!
First of all, you ladies have excellent material and you present said material in a proper manner! What I don’t understand is that everything you present seems to be due to “racism”, “bigotry”, “xenophobia”, etc. That assumption is so lazy and discredits your position, in my opinion, of course. What an easy scapegoat to use. I completely understand that it’s “cool” to say those things and you will be rewarded with 5 stars and a pat on the back. Fortunately, not everyone takes the easy road and for that reason this podcast is a disappointment. I hope you continue putting out excellent material, but know that not everyone believes those foolish presumptions.
Could do without the giggling and politics
I learn a ton from these podcasts. But the silly jokes and giggling are a major turnoff. I also could do without the political commentary and snide comments about toxic masculinity or feminism or whatever. It can detract from the content of the podcast.
keep on giggling!
i always look forward to listening to erin and erin!
It’s ok
I like the content, but the voices are annoying.
I’ll listen but with some reservations
I agree with some of the other comments on how the hosts have this annoying giggling and shocked expression over anything remotely unpleasant. I’m an Immunology PhD student and love pathogens so I’ll listen but their presentation does get a little annoying. I won’t slam them on the star rating for my dislike of the presentation though so it’s still a 5 star for me... but with that said it could be improved...
Really great podcast except for the “oh my gods” and “no ways” the exclamations are a bit o er the top
Keep your political opinions to yourself!
So I love learning about a bunch of different diseases, I find it very interesting, but it’s too political. I’m here to learn about diseases, not hear anything about politics. I find it super annoying that both hosts feel the need to add that in there during EVERY episode.
so much fake laughter and cringe
it’s an interesting topic but i can’t listen to it all the time because the presenters are so annoying.
Great podcast
Southern Chicka
Keeps you well informed, all while not being boring. They are both a delight to listen too.
Absolutely amazing!
This Podcast Will Kill You is one of my favorite podcasts of all time, if not all the way at the top. Drs. Erin and Erin are hilarious, super smart, and (importantly) respectful of the diseases and patients. It feels like listening to a conversation between the coolest friends you have. The influenza episode hooked me, the rabies episode made me scream along with the Erins about just how bonkers a disease it is, and the HIV/AIDS episode almost made me cry at work. It’s just that good. TPWKY is a girl power podcast in the best way, in that it’s just two intelligent and accomplished women talking about what they love. It’s inspiring and I, a full 23 years old, want to be them when I grow up. If you have any interest in public health, or in science in general, or even just in smart and funny ladies, do yourself a favor and give it a listen, ideally with a quarantini.
Wow. Cool stuttering joke in your corona virus episode title.. 👎🏻
My boyfriend tells me I need to stop
what if world
I absolutely love this podcast. The Erins go into so much amazing detail and still present it in an easy to understand amazing way. My boyfriend isn’t as into gross medical stuff as I am (he gagged when I told him the pustules from the Black Death make noise) but we both enjoy learning about these amazing diseases every week.
More likely to keep you alive than kill you
Especially if you follow their admonishment to “Wash your hands, you filthy animals!”
the intro music makes my ears hurt
otherwise very informative!! but please you do not understand my hatred for the music it is very painful
Too political
Jerry from R&M
I was looking for a new podcast and your side comments about the current political climate in the US turned me off. I was looking for an interesting commentary on disease not an anti Trump rally based on false information. No one is sensorineural the news.
Thank you
I just discovered this podcast and the first episode I heard was covering HIV/AIDS. The sensitivity and intellect the topic was covered was really something amazing. I’m subscribing and look forward to catching up on all I’ve missed.
Language choices really overshadow the material
Dr. Welzy
It sounds like you’re playing a game of Mad-Libs but the only options available for adjectives are “crazy”, “weird”, “awesome”, or “amazing”. It really detracts from what can be an interesting subject and makes the podcast, at least for me, impossible to listen to.
imlove this podcast
I love this pod cast Me and my mom listen to this pod cast on the way to my grandmas house I ❤️ it I love learning about nurse stuff it’s so interesting 🤔 This is my all time favorite pod cast 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Fashion and Flux
Love love love this podcast. I’m not a medical professional but I have such an interest in disease, history of disease and the medical world in general... TPWKY is always well researched and explained in a way that anyone can learn and understand... You guys have GOT to talk about the Coronavirus! If love to hear your thoughts!
Podcast Gold
Wonderfully researched content shared by incredibly intelligent epidemiologists! The Erins take a common illness and make it an adventure through pathophysiology and history. I love everything about TPWKY! The few people rating at 1 star seem to really hate laughter and women’s voices. Who hurt you??
I love this podcast so much. Could you please do a Corona Virus episode once more information about the disease and what it is. If you read this thank you ❤️ keep making amazing podcasts
I love the Erins
I absolutely love this podcast. When I first got into ID doing some undergrad research, I searched for a podcast that was educational and entertaining. The Erins have brought information in and educational and in an entertaining way that makes you want to learn about the topic and engage. Both of the Erins are amazing as well as this podcast. I hope they can do a whole lot more episodes and I look forward to listening to them.
As someone who has a degree in epidemiology, I’ve always been a big fan of infectious disease. So nerding out about infectious disease + fun cocktail recipes = a perfect podcast! Keep it up!
I love this podcast! The unwieldy, dense information is brought into sharp focus for the listener without dumbing it down. Thank you!
This is the BEST podcast I’ve ever listened to. Like I could not be more happy with a podcast! From the quarantineies to disease ecology, two very hilarious hosts make this beyond great
I love this podcast!! Entertaining and educational! Highly recommend this podcast.
Everyone loves murder.
This podcast is great. Flows well. I love this for the grit and “community news podcast” with paul and Sasha for the lighter side of the grit and gossip that goes on in small towns. Both are the perfect pairing. Would love to hear them do a show together. Dark funny and absurdist funny.
Soooo hooked!
I love this podcast! Entertaining, educational & I love how the Erin’s get so engrossed in each topic. Fantastic work! Now go wash your hands...=}
Favorite podcast!
I’ve listened to every episode multiple times!
Fabulous podcast and great research!
I just learned about your podcast. I’m up to season 1, episode 8 and plan to listen to all of them. Great job! Thanks for presenting this information.
I didn’t know I needed this
I forking love this podcast!!!! I didn't realize how much I needed this in my life but I totally did and do and love it!!! I’m listening from the beginning and this is the best podcast ever I am on the edge of my seat listening my boyfriend thinks I’m gross but thank you for making this!!!!
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