Helping the world
You two women and support folks are doing more good than you know. It’s incredibly valuable to listen to people with actual knowledge. I’d also recommend ‘El Dollop’ for everyone bored. I’m trying to brush up on my Spanish and I think listening to that podcast was a great decision today. Gracias!
Best food for my hypochondria
I love!! Please do C. diff.
I am a biologist and I love diseases. I also love how they always address how science, disease, and social justice are intricately linked. *note for prospective listeners: some of the music contains high or off-key tones that can be hard on auditory sensitivities
Informative, occasionally gross, oddly relaxing
Great informative podcast that doesn’t dumb things down at all while providing interesting historical stories and the right amount of humor for a fun listen. Thanks to the Erin’s!
This Podcast Will Kill You - 1st episode
Revisited 1st episode-1918 flu epidemic in midst of a pandemic. That pandemic disappeared from collective memories. This episode should be required listening for every citizen - it’s scary prescient. A deadlier virus (H5N1) has been on the radar. Trump admin. cuts & messaging left us critically unprepared for a much less lethal virus. Imagine - this could be much worse. The Erins are my heroes - cheers ladies - stay safe & was yer hands🤲🏻🍸🍀
If you love MFM, you may just love this more...
Don’t get me wrong, I love MFM, but Erin and Erin are so great. I love that they do deep research and speak with so much clarity and charm! This is hands down my favorite podcast and I get so excited when new episodes drop! also... LOVE ME SOME QUARANTINIS! Update: 6 episodes about Covid19! In one day! Thanks for your hard work!!!
I am so grateful for these women!
Catherine 🍎
Not only have I learned more about history and diseases, their cross overs about plants have opened up my casual listening and learning so much!! Now, for the real reason I'm rating. The Covid-19 episodes I just came home made my heart sing! Finally knowledge coming from a spurce that isn't politicized!! Thank you so much!!! You have no idea how much your voice on the matter has eased my worry and help me ease my partner's anxieties through this pandemic. Thank you!!
Positive and informative
I enjoy this show. It is well researched. Furthermore the hosts are Enthusiastic and passionate about the topics. Worth a listen.
Informative and entertaining
Ty Blakeney
I love this podcast. It’s so informative but also keeps me laughing. Their recent coverage of covid 19 is super useful, but their old episodes are also worth a listen for some historical context.
Epidemiology for everyone
Erin & Erin make epidemiology accessible and interesting. They convey the seriousness of the issues they cover without giving into fear mongering. Their episodes are sometimes scary but also comforting as they discuss how much progress we’ve made on so many diseases. They are also very compassionate towards the victims of the conditions they cover while also remaining light hearted and humorous
Sorry you’re too dumb for technology
I normally don’t leave reviews for podcasts but after seeing the guy complain about lactose fart episode, i decided to leave a rating. These gals deserve five stars for the research, guests, and info that they provide. If you can’t figure out technology, don't blame someone else for your lacking. And you should listen to that episode, it’s very informative. But by your review, it seems you lack a lot.
Covington 19 chap 1
Enjoyed the info until the guest went political. She apparently is against the current administration which came through loud and clear. iF that is the direction this podcast is going in I’ll be listening elsewhere. You ladies can get kinda silly and giddy which I can overlook or skip through but if you’re going political them I’m out!
Informative, Intriguing, impressive.
This podcast is a must listen if you’re itching to learn more about a vast array of diseases. Currently, their 6 part series on COVID-19 is extremely helpful in taking away all of the false information about the disease and sharing true information.
COVID information
I’ve been a long time listener of this podcast as a biochem and future neuropharmacologist. I love their information style, delivery and relatability for me as a woman in a STEM field. A reviewer mentioned they were disappointed in a lack of “corona related” podcasts, however they somehow failed to miss the whole mini series you ladies put together on it, as well as other relevant episodes on similar viruses and that family in particular, released prior to this current pandemic. Thank you both for the “free” additional education, the dedication to putting out unique podcasts that aren’t just the frenzied topic of the week and take your time to dive deep. Also, another hell yeah for women in science being top notch educators even for free!
Laura Charlene
Thank you for doing an entire series on this pandemic! You guys rock!
Their enthusiasm is contagious
Informative, casual, just a joy to listen to.
Unique, clever, informative
Recently discovered among COVID-19, it’s calm and real information - or at least what little info is available is gathered and shared on this podcast.
Nerd Alert - In a Good Way
As someone with a science degree who doesn’t work in science, this podcast ticks ask my boxes. Thank you for providing quality science material in an entertaining format. The Erins are awesome! I look forward to every time they drop a new episode and listen that day!
Interesting information and wonderfully terrible jokes, with a dash of realness
The Erin’s never fail to deliver fascinating facts but also bring with them great humor, humbleness, and they always add that human touch to the numbers that make it feel real and personal. The only downside is that my bar will never be that well stocked 😔
Amazing and Informative
meep moop 12
The Erins are great at making what would usually be boring Interesting.
Poop podcasts during pandemic?
Came looking for COVID-19 content and found this podcast. The current podcast is about lactose intolerance marketed as “never trust a fart”. FFS.
Entertaining and educational
The Erins are so wonderful at making this topic entertaining even with the grim topics that are discussed. I believe that people who work on these diseases and even research them have to distance themselves somehow whether it be through humor or withdrawal. Keep up the great work!!!
Slimy yet satisfying
Absolutely love this podcast. It covers everything you’d ever want to know (and more) about the history and mechanisms of human illness. Especially during the current pandemic, it has allowed me to learn more about what’s going on in general and how to effectively communicate it to my peers. 10/10!!!
Okay, I’m used to only listening to MFM. Since I was 15, that’s the only podcast I’ve listened too. But you ladies are so fun to listen to! I love it! Fantastic job!!!
Love it, can you plies see list the recommended books in the show description
The show is informative, well researched and thoughtfully presented. Great job!
Smart and fun!
Love the podcast. They make it very fun to learn about the various diseases and disorders. I am disappointed in the people who have rated one star and shamed the girls for covering these topics the way they do. Why do people have to be such hateful trolls? Keep it up girls!
One of my top favorites
Ruth in Elko
Fun, informative, and never boring. Thank you, Erin and Erin. I turn the sound down on my tv and listen to this while I’m doing my aerobics. Perfect!
This podcast explains very complicated medical topics in ways that I can understand. I love feeling more knowledgeable about a field that I know nothing about.
Love it
So informative!
Love this !
As we are in the midst of a world wide pandemic known as COVID-19 this podcast is full of so much information on all things contagious. And who doesn’t love a good cocktail to go with it.
Unnecessary podcast. Unnecessary people and hosts. Unnecessary you reader!
Bombalurina the brave!
Fantastic, keep up the great work ladies!
I have been with y’all from the beginning, and love your work. If you want a factual, well researched, and cited podcast with ladies who use their plethora of knowledge to actually try and help people understand diseases that can plague our world, this is for you! If you are an anti-vaxxer, don’t believe in science, or don’t believe in medicine, you will hate it. If you are naive enough to think that medicine and politics are not inherently intertwined, you will also hate it. They present FACTS from reputable sources, if you don’t like it, find another podcast. 💁‍♀️ Keep up the good work ladies, keep calling out inhumane studies, no matter how “famous” or “groundbreaking” they are, and keep highlighting the shortcomings of the US public health system, we need it now more than ever. ❤️
I’m hooked. Seeing the people get all upset bc of the lightheartedness clearly have never worked in anything related to infectious disease. Y’all are mistaking being careless with passion. These ladies live for epidemiology, and I totally relate to how they behave. It’s a great show, I love how long the episodes are.
It’s not a class, people.
IZ UmmYummy
I’ve been a longtime listener and while I sometimes find the voice of one host a wee bit grating, the information is extremely informative for the medically uninitiated. The crossover podcast are great, and I am occasionally filled with joy when information intersects my line of work teaching World Religions (hey Wade Davis 🧟‍♀️) and Humanities (💋💄👀 I see you, Belladonna and your idea of beauty). I choose to listen because I enjoy learning. Also, some folks need to learn that support of women does not mean hatred of men. And punctuation would be good, too. 💯❗️ Keep it up, Ladies. Even the squeaky one. 😉
Informative and entertaining
They are great and make the subject matter entertaining. They know their stuff and give the information in a way that I remember it in the future.
Everything you wanted to know about Infectious diseases in a digestible, understandable way. These ladies get their facts straight without letting it become boring. It’s high level enough for a healthcare professional to enjoy buy I can point my non-healthcare friends to it and they will get a lot out of it without being bored to tears. Those who give it poor ratings because the presenters laugh are just uptight. Give it a try if you like science AND have a sense of humor!
One of my favorite podcasts!
Great, digestible science content for people of all backgrounds. It doesn’t sound like a lecture, but more of a conversation. It’s easy to be sucked into the darkness and bleakness of some of these diseases, given that the medical field certainly has a troubled past, but Erin and Erin do a fantastic job of admitting the problems without dwelling on them—because that’s not the focus of this podcast. They also do a great job of admitting that they too are not experts and are always learning; it just makes the podcast that much more accessible. I am a scientist, though not one in the field of epidemiology, and this podcast makes me want to learn more about public health, to the point where I am highly considering pursuing it in graduate school! Thanks TPWKY!
It’s for fun!
Learning can be fun
Fun and informative! The Erins know their stuff, and peak my interest in things I could have never imagined otherwise.
Fun and interesting
Learning so much from these two. Very good conversations and information. Thank you for putting in all the work to research and prepare such great content!!
Contagious (ahem) Thrill for the Subject at (washed) Hand
The Erins are dedicated to their field of epidemiology. They provide informative episodes on the biology, history, and current states of deadly pathogens with the cool eyes of science and facts, leavened with the thrill they get from their knowledge as well as a dose of humor in the face of the grim, cold, hard, statistics of death on historic proportions. They do their best to provide a sense of what the massive death rates of pandemics of the past are like for events like the Black Death, the 1918 Influenza pandemic, or the ongoing (since 1961!) Cholera pandemic. If you like to learn basic knowledge about the effects and spread of particular diseases and like a level of spritely engagement to keep your interest, then this is the podcast for you! Bonus: they have a custom drink recipe they call the quarantini for each episode (my favorite name so far, Rice Water Stool after the telltale symptom of cholera) and one of the Erins’s younger brother does background music under the moniker Bloodmobile. Truly charming in the face of a very grim field of knowledge. Fascinating!
Love it
I love all of them my faves were smallpox and dancing plague
Top notch
Really well done - the women stay on topic and do their due diligence. Great stuff
Erin and Erin are the best teachers ever
I cannot recommend this podcast enough. Each episode focuses on an infectious disease and includes: a firsthand account, the progression of the illness, the history of the illness, cultural impact, treatment, the disease today, and “how scared should we be” section. It shows how other pandemics have played out (some lessons there) and helps easily understand some complex concepts like virulence, replication, shift and drift and R0/R-naught. Hosted by two epidemiologists, one getting her MD, who also make a specialty cocktail in honor of each disease. Sincerely- a public health professional.
A law guy 8796478953267
This Podcast Will Kill You is a great listen for the casual epidemiologist hobbier. Erin and Erin do a great job explaining each topic starting with a first hand account, the biology, the history, then what the affect is on the modern world. They are funny without trying too hard and provide a very human account everything out there trying to kill us. Everything, of course, was caused by the Black Plague.
Funny and informative
dxchjb ccc wsdt
I love women in science! This podcast is funny (yet serious), informative (yet light) and respectfully irreverent. Please keep it up, Erins!
we stan 2erin
this podcast is so inferesting! i love the flow and choice of disease, especially as an aspiring nursing student, and it’s really nice to see how far you guys have come.
Just as fascinating as serial killers.
I’m a Last Podcast on the Left super fan. It’s hard for me to listen to other podcasts that don’t feature my three favorite hosts. But This Podcast Will Kill You is easily my second favorite podcast to listen to. I have always had a fascination with infectious diseases ever since I learned about the Bubonic Plague back in the 3rd grade. These ladies give me all the info I want to hear- statistics, symptoms, personal accounts of those infected, even drink recipes! With our current pandemic, I have been recommending them to everyone to better illustrate why quarantine measures are so important. They even convinced me to always get my flu shot yearly after their first episode. You won’t be disappointed to give them a listen.
They laugh about horrible diseases
They laugh about horrible diseases that kill people. And for some reason hate men 🤷🏼‍♂️ do yourself a favor fine a podcast where the person actually cares about the victims
I expected better from two “doctors” but found the delivery reminiscent of high school productions. Data reviews are pedestrian but acceptable but the comments and asides are juvenile. Great n listening to more episodes I find it more politically biased that earlier shows. TPWK is acceptable as entertainment but due to political biases it is short of educational.
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