Next covid19 Ep? Love this podcast!
Soooo interested for your next one about COVID19 with these new spikes in cases here in FL and other parts of the US. Thanks for all you do!
Awesome but tragically flawed
Great content ! but they spend way too much time gasping"wow", "that's so interesting" , "fascinating" etc. Show me don't tell me, Erins!
Love the subject matter, but I question the credibility of the host that constantly mispronounces “et cetera”.
Great Teachers
I have learned so much from these girls! They make these very complex, scientific topics so relatable and do an amazing job explaining them. They’re also funny and feel like girls you’d love to have over for drinks and dinner. They have been an absolute Godsend during the COVID-19 pandemic and have been my go-to resource for accurate information.
Historical perspective- jaw dropping
It is an excellent podcast to provide the hidden information on how pathogens have emerged and switched hosts in an everlasting battle to control not only political but the survival of species. I never knew the role of rinderpest in almost elimination of certain species and shaping the modern day world. Who knows what killed dinosaurs- it might be some freak pathogens.
Number of Cucumbers needed to cover a bull in cucumber slices
Aidan Borer
Love this show! In the Rinderpest episode, you asked how many cucumber slices it would take to cover a cow that is suffering from Rinderpest, and I have an answer! The average cowhide is 55 square feet, and if we assume we are making quarter inch thick slices of cucumbers that are two inches in diameter and the cucumbers are 10 inches long, it would take just under 5 cucumbers to cover the cow! Not as many as I expected, tbh.
Such a great podcast. Informative and so down to earth. I stop whatever podcast I’m listening to to listen to this one when a new episode comes out! Thank you so much Erins!
Educational and entertaining.
Scotty Mc58
Love the discussion and presention of information. And the recipes! Highly recommend for this period of COVID-19.
This podcast is so informative. I want to major in medicine, so this is so helpful. They make learning about diseases fun and entertaining. Keep up the amazing work!
This podcast will annoy you
I signed up to learn about the intriguing topics in the titles of the episodes, not listen to the hosts lick each others’ a**es. While the topics seem to be well researched and are explained somewhat effectively, the narrative is disorganized and constantly interrupted with insipid comments like “Oh my gracious, that is sooooooo INTERESTING!”, or name dropping their circle of friends, or complimenting their own brilliance. I enjoy banter as much as the next person, but only if it’s witty and adds to the material, which their giggles, gasps, and “quarintinis” totally fail to do. Tip: if it’s not interesting or relevant, have the editorial sensibilities to cut it and spare the listener 20-30 minutes of these overlong episodes. The podcast has an excellent premise and the scholarship is commendable; I hope the hosts will actually learn the craft of podcasting someday. My hopes aren’t high, though, because the pandering to hipsters and dumbing down the material has apparently paid off. Time for my own quarantini!
Haters Gonna Hate
Podcasts are amazing!
I love this podcast so much! Lots of people say that it is too political and that they are too giggly, but I think that if it was serious then it would just be depressing. Also, disease is very political! There is no disease without politics! My mom is a doctor and she listened to a few episodes with me and thought that they were amazing. She is also lactose intolerant and loved that episode. Coronavirus is a very political thing, and the current administration is not doing a good job with it right now. I love listening so much! Thank you!
It’s cool
I will admit that the giggles are a bit annoying. Maybe it’s an anxiety thing 🤷🏾‍♀️. But definitely weird while discussing AIDS. It’s cool to listen to educated women discuss these topics, however. If you don’t have a medical background (I do not) it can be a bit difficult to follow. Overall it’s AIGHT. Not bad to listen to while at work.
Awkward breathy pauses and insufferable pre-written “banter”
While the content is very interesting, I cannot get passed how many breathy, badly placed pauses there are where both hosts awkwardly laugh and breathe for what feels like an eternity. Coupled with obviously pre-written “banter” that is meant to be endearing, but comes across as scripted improv that is cringy to listen to. My advice: acting classes will greatly improve the delivery, pacing, and structure of the show.
No title will sufficiently convey my love for this podcast
A family member introduced this podcast to me recently, and I binged every episode in a short span of time. Always fantastically researched and presented, unafraid of getting political when necessary, and I couldn’t ask for better hosts. I’ve been just bursting with enthusiasm about this podcast to the point that I’m annoying the people around me.
I love this.
I’m a big history buff and have heard of a lot of the diseases the Erins discuss; however, I never took the time to delve into each disease. This show does that for me! I love how relaxed they are but still informative. I work in healthcare and can appreciate all the gnarly descriptions! For the people who call them ‘annoying’ and ‘giggly’ - you realize they are doing this for fun???? Keep it up ladies.
Great quality podcast
The Erin’s are fun together and very smart! I love learning and they do an amazing job presenting all their information in a way that is enjoyable. I highly recommend this podcast!
Love this podcast so much! I started listening to the COVID episodes, but then decided to start from the beginning! I’ve learned about a lot of these disease states, but the history adds so much and I always learn something new about the disease!
Love this Podcast
terribly disappointed&90
Wish I found it in January before i started my pathological microbiology class. And I just finished the class two weeks ago! But I loved the class and I love this podcast!!! Probably one of the best out there!
This podcast is a delight. I learn SO much and always come away with a well rounded perspective. I love the format of the regular episodes and the COVID chapters have helped keep me grounded in fact and science in this crazy world. Keep laughing ladies, the sincerity of your excitement about learning and discovering things during your research for these episodes is contagious!
I love everything about this podcast! You’re both so smart, funny and wonderful! Never stop giggling!
Do Ligma
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Educational but annoying
I love the content but the near constant giggling is fairly annoying. I understand you’re having fun but simmer down a notch.
Love this podcast hate the haters
Anna le Vivisectrix
Such fascinating information. I love listening. Such important information too, especially understanding how terrible vaccine preventable illnesses are. I LOVE how much fun the two Erins have with each podcast and how excited they are. Their personality is one of the high points of the podcast. I have actually been disappointed when other podcasts don’t live up to their fun loving personalities. I think anyone who hates on their joy and happiness, giggling included, must be a miserable sad dried up person. I feel bad for them and the lack of joy in their life. Love you Erins!
Funny & Educational
This podcast is wonderful! Very educational and the ladies make tough subjects extremely understandable without talking down to their listeners. One of the good ones! Always quality content and always well researched!
Fabulous podcast! Erin and Erin have created a high yield and very entertaining show! I look forward to listening to every new episode!
I love this podcast but they are passing over really important disease like scarlet fever and typhoid for much less relavent things like triple e love this podcast though
Eeeeek 😍
You two are such a delight to listen to! You sound like such, unpretentious kind ladies. It’s clear that you know what you’re talking about, and you talk about things in terms that us non-scientists/doctors can understand! I don’t think I’ve ever been excited to talk about disease, but I am now! And I love learning about the ecology and history of them from you! You should be teachers (coming from a teacher)!
My daughter’s science teacher recommended this podcast. So happy I gave it a try. You deliver science in such a fun easy to understand way.
Not Listening to this podcast will kill you
Found this podcast about a month ago while searching for information on Coronaviruses in general and COVID-19 in particular. What a great find! Each subject is researched, analyzed and broken down between the two hosts. I am more fond of the history of each subject because that’s my particular background so it’s fascinating to hear how history is changed by disease. I’m sharing the Vaccine two-parter with everyone! Keep it up, Erins!!
Great podcast with accessible information
Hello to the Erins - thank you for breaking this information down for us and bringing such interesting content. I started listening from Episode one, but then eventually had to skip ahead to the COVID episodes just to help myself keep sane during these crazy days. I’m so glad to see this type of information being given out to the general public. People need to become more aware of infectious diseases. It’s essential that people have at least a working knowledge of how their behaviors can have a drastic impact on public health - and there’s no better time to learn than the present.
My favorite podcast!
I listen to the Erins every night before bed and they never fail to teach me new things every time. Thank you for your hard work.
Terrible ddddd
I absolutely adore this podcast. The Erins approach each disease with fascination and curiosity, and their enthusiasm is infectious (no pun intended). As someone who works in biomedical research, I love nerding out alongside them! This podcast has also led me to so many outside sources and an ever growing reading list. Also anyone reading this please get your flu shot and stop taking antibiotics when you have a cold :)
Best Podcast Ever
The Erins are fantastic. All my biologist friends and I listen and love this podcast. As a physiologist myself, I still find something new and interesting to learn in every episode. Their friendship is fun too, it makes me feel like I’m just enjoying happy hour with some friends. Thanks, Erins. Keep it up.
Approachable and interesting
I get excited when they post new episodes because I always learn something new! You can tell how passionate the Erins are.
Must add to list!
I love this podcast! Both women are incredibly knowledgeable and thorough with their information. You can tell that their formal technical background is also supplemented with thorough and credible research. I listen to the episodes as “lighter” supplemental information for nursing classes. It makes studying more enjoyable!
Great work!
The women in this podcast are very educated and seem like the sweetest! I love this podcast and the topics they cover are so interesting and they present it in such an entertaining way!
Make Science Accessible
The misogyny in this comment section is real. The Erins do a great job of making information about disease, their effects, and treatments accessible. You know, the key point in the kind of scientific education that Bill Nye popularized?
Makes the scary things a little less scary
This is one of the best and most educational podcasts I have ever listened, and it is so fun. Fun sounds like a weird when learning about disease, but it makes it all easy to understand. I have sent this to so many friends and will continue to keep listening and recommending!
Art Sherry
i found the title of the podcast to be true everything else felt like fear propaganda. telling me about a quarantini alcoholic recipe and how they like ordering pizza on their app. recommending i tell my government to enforce social distancing. no mention of healing modalities and they keep repeating ‘this is exactly right’. did you listen to all 10 eps? how do people stomach this nonsense? do they think we are sheep?
Science rules
Harvesty International
Thanks for making everything understandable! This world is a little less scary from understanding these diseases
Love the content, hate the hosts
These women infuriate me. Why do they think they have to act like ninnies?? The giggling and goofiness undercuts any knowledge or expertise. Tee hee, buboes — hahaha. One and done for me.
Good listening
Making zoonoses fun!
Love hearing about diseases from a human medicine and epidemiological standpoint as someone in the veterinary community!
I Want to Love this Podcast
The first season was absolutely AMAZING! ....and yet, is that political bias I detect? What was a great disease/pathogen/toxin podcast has become more and more inundated with SJW/virtue signaling as the seasons progress. Please stop! I just want the science and facts... I love the science, history, and facts you both share. After a recent episode that referenced Egypt (okay so most of the episodes do) I was speaking to my husband who is Egyptian and he laughed when I told him what was said about the colonization of Egypt. It was a protectorate by the way and many Egyptians don’t see themselves as having been victims of colonization like the podcasters seem to want to portray. It almost comes across as ignorant to ignore what a people truly experienced and just view it through your own personal lense of wanting to see victimhood everywhere you look. Lately they don’t even try to hide their political biases... I’m still listening, but if this keeps going the way it is going, they’re going to lose at least one listener.
Disease junkies look no further!
Here’s my quarantini recipe: Combine one scintillating topic with copious amounts of research. Add several juicy tidbits of information and mix well with two pleasant, if disembodied, voices. This podcast is as entertaining as it is educational, plus it’s F-bomb free, thank you. How did I miss this one for so long???
Amazing and NEVER boring‼️
Always a good listen...a great, great, great commuter podcast. I am often disappointed when I get to my destination because I have to stop The hosts are well informed, it’s pretty obvious that they do their research, a plethora of information given, leaving the listener never bored!
Amazing Podcast!
Wish I had listened to your podcast while taking my microbiology class. It’s so informative, full of scientific facts about diseases as well as their cool history and background! Recommended for anyone who is ready to learn more about epidemiology!
Would have made med school so much easier
linda quilter
Wish you existed when I was in med school, or in residency, or in practice! You both have such a bright future! Keep up the great work and down to earth explanations that show you really deeply understand the topics. Linda Walker M. D.
I love how detailed you all are! I’m no science guru but I love listening because I always learn something new. You guys rock!
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