Obnoxious Ad
I lovethis show-until recently when they decided to use that one odious meth-ladened ad. I can’t listen to this show during theday let alone during the nightdue to that obnoxious ad.
Love it!
It’s ridiculous history! Exactly as advertised! Informative and funny ❤️
Don’t waste your time
I listened to the Teddy Roosevelt episode. For anyone truly interested in history there are far better podcasts. If you’re into inane banter that goes nowhere with too many tangents by ‘hosts’ that like the sound of their own voices then this is for you. Calling their coverage of the topic superficial would be a compliment.
Very fun and informative but stop bringing on the quiz-ster!
I enjoy listening to their banter and the actual topics are always entertaining but I HATE when the quiz-ster segments start! I listened a few times and it was just really cringy. So now when I hear the hissing noise I shut it off. Also Casey is ok but maybe limit the law and order noise for Casey on the case because it gets old.
It’s a good podcast but one of them talks like a robot
Gaspee Affair
BF from Berkeley
Ok, you guys were high on this one.
complete nonsense
Good show entertaining
Willam M.
LOVE! Funny AND informative
Love the subject matter, and Matt, Noel and Casey P! Matt and Noel’s banter is part of the fun of the episodes, and they somehow always connect tangents back to the story. If anyone is confused about the Quiz-ster, it’s an every-so-often segment with a host from another show. He created a character to basically play “truth or lie” with Matt and Noel. Just lean into it 😉 Also Christopher! Love that you bring him on as a replacement host when M&N need time off. Keep it up guys!!! ❤️
This really should be in the comedy section 😂
Great Concept, Awful Execution
Great concept for a podcast, just like the other shows from this network. However, like those shows, this one suffers from hosts who are more interested in their personal opinions or making jokes rather than focus on what the show was about. These guys are SJWs who use their own bias to judge history and employ silly voices to belittle the people who made that history, rather than present the topic with facts and allow the listeners to think for themselves. It’s sad that this is the normal practice for media in today’s world. Just look up the topic for yourself as this is a waste of time.
Let’s see star fleet do any better
Idk why I wrote that title, but it’s a great show.
One of my favorites
I love this podcast and, unlike most, apparently, I think Ben and Noel’s excessive banter is kinda endearing, and I get a laugh out of it during a boring workday. The only thing I HATE is the Quiztor (?) segment. Every time I have to hear Jonathan Strickland say “it’s time, gentlemen!” In the stupid, not at all ominous voice, I lose a year of my life.
Great show!
I just finished the almost 200 episodes. On to Stuff they don’t want you to know. I’m in my car a lot.
Straight Seahorse Teeth
A Paper Bag
I love learning via podcast. I have recently gotten into darker more heady stuff but I always come back for the fun and ridiculous episodes. I have listened to every single episode and they have only gotten better with time. Keep up the shenanigans boys.
Love the Witty Banter
(Un)Characteristic Podcast
I like that this isn’t a droll podcast that’s just a facts barrage. The hosts have genuine chemistry, there are a running amount of in-jokes for long-time listeners, and recurring segments to shake things up. The Quizster (sp?) should make more appearances.
One of my favorites
Twitch 23
Great podcast!!! Every time I reply episodes I always catch new information or something I missed. For sure one of my favorite podcast and hosts..
One of my favorite podcasts
I as a history buff and love hearing ridiculous stories and facts love this podcast from the stories to the comedic banter and sound effects this is just a great podcast
They are great!
These guys are funny and fun to listen to. Unlike the prudes who get pissy when these guys go on tangents or utilize sound effects, I find it v amusing and also enlightening. I mean when ridiculous is part of the title you gotta know it’s time to lighten up. Sheesh.
I found out about this podcast because they were guests on a different podcast. Now I’m just binging on these episodes at work. And I definitely recommend it
Loyalty to death
This is embarrassing I feel for this guy but to kill himself, I think not
Love the silly
I Love the sarcasm, and the tangents. I really laughed at the guys reading the bad reviews mentioning tangents and too much sound effects, and continued to tangent and sound effect.
love it
Have been listening since day one and this podcast is always engaging, informative and highly enjoyable.
Great Show
I really enjoy this show. These guys are smart, funny, and talk about interesting facts that I hadn’t heard before. I appreciate all the work they have done to give listeners a great show. Thanks!
I love y’all
yall are good boys
Y’all have the most informative and funny podcast. Me and my family love y’all
Great show plus my son is named Casey so love hearing his name while listening. Haha
Great show!
The Geiger
Don’t listen to other ratings, this show is quirky and fun. They bring great topics to the table, and take us to places we have never been before. Thank you Ben and Nole, and Casey!
One of my favorites
jay spliffs
I’m glad you guys read your negative reviews on the podcast. After years of listening I finally decided to leave my first podcast review. You guys are great. Don’t change a thing!
Great show
Great show very little negative to say if I had one thing it would be the episodes are a little too short!
Noel & Ben discuss Funny History
Noel and Ben discuss the wacky side of history.
Weird town names
Only about an hour from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania- in Lancaster county’s Pennsylvania Dutch country three successive towns on Old Philly Pike are Intercourse, Bird in Hand, and Blue Ball
Totally worth fawning over!
Very entertaining and informative look at events in history that most would never hear about! The voice talent is very good but their super producer really makes the podcast a special treat!
It may be a really good podcast, I heard it plugged on Stuff you should know (which I love!), but the first episode I pulled up about hot air balloon bombs- the first 5 minutes are pure rants- including one about ‘complimenting Cheryl Crows bongos..?’ . Eh. I went back to Josh and Chuck.
Great in Flow
Some episodes start out slow or hit lulls when the hosts go off on loosely connected tangents, but that is my only complaint. When these guys get past the initial shooting of the breeze and into the history, they show a passion and enthusiasm that really brings the story to life, presenting facts in the context of the time while offering commentary that makes it relatable to contemporary audiences. The tangents can sometime test my patience, but that’s only because I’m so engrossed in their ability to tell a story.
Like Hanging Out with Old Friends
Noel and Ben (and Casey, too!) have really created something special with this podcast. You can tell that these guys all really like each other and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Their pervasive nerdiness (that’s a good thing in my book) and excellent sense of humor make me feel like I’m listening to good friends I’ve known a long time and I’m very fond of talk about things we learned in school. This podcast has the rare gift of being able to share the feelings of tomfoolery and genuine warmth that it creates. One of my favorites!
I love this podcast!
One of my favorite podcast! Always entertaining, always informative! Love This podcast!
Old local
This podcast is amazing. I love listening to Matt and Ben weave these historical yarns. Love the side comments. Keep it up! It reminds me of hanging out with my friends talking about history over a beer except there isn’t the annoyance of drunk one upsmanship here. I am envious of Bens encyclopedic knowledge. He truly has a remarkable mind. Noel radiates with charisma. The only criticism I will level is I’d like to see a different story on my home state Idahos truly ridiculous history . If I ever head east to Georgia I will surely look up their local watering hole.
These guys are the best. Download in mass then pick and choose. Can’t be beat!
Citrus Sunshine
Interesting bits of history. I love the sound effects and Casey on the Case. It makes the whole thing lighter without being comic or irreverent.
Great podcast
Overall, this is a really good, informative podcast and you shouldn’t let my complaints below discourage you from listening. The topics are usually interesting, I like everyone on the podcast, they have good banter, and they keep me interested. They keep an open mind about conspiracies, but they temper that by not blindly believing every conspiracy they encounter. I would describe it as a cautious belief of possibility. My only complaint is that sometimes it gets a little off track and I think sometimes it would be good to edit some irrelevant stuff out. It could tighten up a bit and I think it would be improved if that happened. Overall, well done!
Has potential
Good: interesting topics, research seems to go beyond the first page of google results, mostly upbeat tone. But: as others have mentioned, the hosts really need to tighten the delivery and rein in the non sequiturs. Lately they’ve even joked about knowing this is an issue, but... they do it anyway. I don’t know if they realize just how boring the personal anecdotes and inside jokes are. There is a lot of repetition because they lose their places so often. Most accidental 2-parters are due to a lack of editing, not an abundance of relevant content. I could also live without all the sound effects and fawning about producer Casey. We don’t know Casey! The hosts know him but listeners really don’t, apart from the occasional droll aside, and so the constant references to him don’t feel earned. It also gets old hearing how they can’t pronounce foreign words even though they looked them up, and oh fiddle-dee-dee, Casey is going to be so annoyed with us! Guess who else is annoyed: everyone! One more thing: I was shocked to hear one of the guys mention having a dream about Dave Matthews Band while in high school (or middle school?). I would’ve sworn they were early Gen X or older by the way they talk and their senses of humor, but apparently they’re older Millennials?! Go figure.
Always great banter and great info!
I love to play this and lay down. I always fall asleep to there thicc creamy voice
Great podcast that gets my through my shift !
Who dat
Who is that on the cover of the podcast I like to imagine it’s Ben because I don’t got time for @benbolin on Twitter
Parnassus Girl
Part 1 of the George Washington episode started off too slow! The hosts said absolutely nothing interesting during the first 15 minutes of the episode. Cut out the meaningless banter, guys!
Its ok
I am not my favorite podcast but it is not so bad
Double standard because some man showed his bare chest but women can’t? It’s not a double standard It is Common Western decency going out on TV. By the way I’m not a Troll. Just an old fashioned man who when I was young was considered liberal. But now I’m older I am a conservative. Question for you who call themselves historians. What or who’s quote did I get that from? I do love your show you young punch Hippies
Too much chatter
I’m already 30 minutes in. Between the morning zoo like chatter (and numerous commercials) all I’ve learned is that Washington ran a distillery. No wonder it took two episodes! Let’s tighten it up, boys.
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