Best podcast ever you’ll get your health back
Thank you to Dr Fung and dr. Ramos you guys change my life !! I’m pain free plus I had lost 25 pounds in 3 months with all your advice this podcast had keep me motivated and keep me going ! Please keep up the amazing work. Thank you all very much.
Please allow more downloads!!!!
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I binge listened to all of theObesity Code podcasts but sadly did not save them all at the time- now it says they are all Unavailable. Please allow us to save more episodes!!!! I just told 2 of my friends about this Podcast today before I realized that the episodes are unavailable. This is one of the best health podcasts I have ever listened to.
Well Done
These podcasts are so well done and the topics are clearly explained. Dr. Fung is such a great educator, he describes complex physiologic processes in a way that the lay person can understand. I also like that they mix in a patient story and interview with each podcast. Great job everyone! Keep them coming!
Great stories
bad boy senior
Dr. Fung is the best! His book”The Obesity Code” has changed my life. He is the first Doctor that shows that our weight gain is not our fault, and how we can overcome it. This pod cast gives me hope, when I hear stories from people that have overcome I know I can do it too.
Live Q&A with Megan Ramos
Chap out
The last question was not completely answered. Why don’t some people lose weight on OMAD? She started and then got into measuring medibolic rate
Great info
The information is great, but the music is rough. Makes it sound like an infomercial. The format seems outdated. Other than that, I love this podcast and am currently binge listening!
Would love to get a weekly dose of this podcast
More please!
I love these podcasts, please make more!!!!
I discovered this podcast 1/2019. Invaluable resource! Please, please, please produce more episodes!
Where did you go?
Anna from Rhody
What happened to this podcast? I really enjoy it and hope you come back.
Great podcast covering great topics. I highly recommend this podcast to patients. It’s true that most of us doctors know little about nutrition. Very few of us have gone on to study it independently. Those who have, know it helps us to care for our patients more comprehensively. Like Dr. Fung, I have also had patients reverse their diabetes and get off of medications using intermittent fasting and a ketogenic diet - Eric Madrid MD, host of Heal Thyself Radio
It sounds too much like a infomercial
Atlanta Sales guy
It sounds likes its all edited sound bites and there is no real conversation. Jimmy Moore can be alittle annoying but like the fasting talk format much more.
This is really great content on the Keto lifestyle, fasting, and many other issues related to health and wellness. I wish they would make more!!
Miss you
I always looked forward to this podcast. I miss you.
Life Changing
I binge listened to every available episode in this series as I began my low carb - intermittent fasting journey. It kept me on track and helped me make informed decisions about adjusting my program. This is terrific.
Well produced and lots of great information!
Can’t wait to hear more. Love learning from the IDM experts and the 2 keto dudes’ spin on things. Always happy when a new episode shows up. Thanks for putting this information out here!
This will saves lives
Even if you are not obese or overweight, everyone needs to listen to this podcast, and read The Obesity Code. They say diabetes is a silent killer disease. I’d like to revise that to say too high insulin is the silent killer. You will learn all about that in this podcast, and in a very engaging story-telling style. Subscribe, listen to all the episodes, and save and extend your life. And the music is on Fleek. 👏👏👏
The best!
My favorite podcast- especially when fasting-I can listen over and over but I hope they continue producing new episodes for a long time! I'm sure there are plenty of success stories to produce and share!!
Best health podcast
I have learned so much from listening to these Podcasts and 2Keto dudes! I have read Obesity Code and gifted Diabetes Code to a family member because it’s the best education I have found! Dr. Fung and Megan are amazing people with a passion to help people! Thank you!
Love the info
Great info, it would be nice if there podcast was a bit more upbeat. Also, the music from Carl Isn’t great, sorry Carl your talented, but it’s so annoying.
Pleasantly surprised at the production quality
NYC puzzler
I expected to hear audio recorded from a garage. The production quality is quite good here! From smooth jazz interludes to editing out the hmms and maintaining level audio quality when shifting between speakers. The interviewer did a great job keeping the conversation interesting. Subscribed!
Excellent format for easy listening and great info
This is a very well-produced podcast. These guys are experienced podcasters, but this is by far their best work. The podcasts are amazingly informative, but, more importantly, are a pleasure to listen to. Multiple experts chime in as the individual tells their story providing important scientific background information in a way that does not break the flow of the story, but aids it. Well done.
I binged all the episodes in 4 days
Which is ironic because I’ve recently taken up intermittent fasting. :) The stories are unbelievable and so motivating. Very well done.
i love u Justin!
I thought the content was excellent in this podcast. But the background music is HORRIBLE! I had to stop listening, I couldn’t stand it. Is there a way I can listen without that playing?
Loved the Q&A episode with Megan Ramos
I really enjoyed the episode where Megan Ramos just answered people’s questions. The content was spot on. I’m really interested in fasting and ketosis and how they can help improve health - improved mental and physical performance, prevent cancer, autophagy, etc. I wouldn’t mind more episodes like that.
My favorite podcast
Keto Fan
Very educational. Learn from each podcast. Love the format and Dr Fung comments are the icing on the cake, so to speak.
Life changing
Mrs Abba Zabba
Dr Fung’s book, The Obesity Code was life changing for me! I find this podcast full of information and immensely motivating!!
Such a helpful resource!
L&L Properties
I’ve been following a Ketogenic way of eating since March 2017. I’ve read countless books on Keto and Intermittent Fasting and I belong to a few social networks that provide positive reinforcement. But finding this podcast was so helpful! It’s easy to forget all of the elements that contribute to weight loss or gain and to accidentally forget some of the “tools” you have in your toolbox. Hearing other people’s stories mixed with clinical references from Dr Fung and others also provides a sanity check for what otherwise might seem anecdotal information. It’s been incredibly helpful and I find I’m constantly encouraging other people to tune in!
This podcast is changing my life.
The information shared on the podcast is critical for health and well-being. I had already listened to a ton of podcasts and read many books about LCHF, keto, etc. But the way that this podcast is produced - where people's real journeys are shared - has really taken me to the next level. Thanks to this podcast, I don't feel like I'm alone as I work on improving my health habits (which can be super challenging, especially when everyone around you is saying you're not doing it right). There is something about the way that this podcast is narrated - and the way that the voices of people who are going through their own journey toward better health - that engages me on a really deep level. I cannot say enough good things about The Obesity Code podcast. You won't find a more expertly researched or produced podcast anywhere.
Awesome podcast
Really happy I found this podcast. Very informative, super interesting and the perfect tool to keep me focused on my Intermittent fasting journey.UPDATE: Whilst the info is great and the podcast is professionally produced, I feel that repeating of episodes of a relatively new podcast is a bit weak.
Simply the best
Hands down the best keto and intermittent fasting podcast out there. This is my favorite of all the podcasts I listen to. It keeps me motivated and on track!
Inspirational & Informative
I am new to the Keto lifestyle and Intermittent Fasting. This podcast, along with Two Keto Dudes are two of the best produced, most informative health podcasts around. I love listening to the stories and learning from others. This is a great accompaniment to The Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung. He is so straight to the point and pragmatic- I love listening to him and I wish that he could be my doctor! He and Megan rock! Their advice and knowledge about how to overcome obesity and diabetes should not be missed if you suffer from these conditions.
Game changer
Love the format of the show. Very engaging and informative. Missing link for how to fast safely and lose weight effectively. Love it!!!!
Very informative!
Love this podcast! Full of information and very heart warming and inspirational accounts!
Best of the best
Cat Condon
Can I choose 10 Stars? Professional start to finish. Learn the right way to Keto and Fast. And buy his. Pond too!!!! Curing diabetes and saving toes, eyes and kidneys.
Gold Standard for Fasting & Keto - The Science Makes Sense
Brilliant guidance, clearly explained with detailed science, and a wealth of information provided by experts and produced by a top notch podcaster. It's so motivating to hear stories from patients with their individual challenges, and how each has succeeded in improving their health. I am one of those fortunate patients. Dr. Fung & Megan Ramos changed my life under their care. And Carl Franklin is such an excellent host and producer. This team of passionate and generous pros inspire me to want to learn more every day...I never miss listening to them because there are always kernels of health wisdom being shared. This podcast is an excellent source for education and inspiration.
Over produced
Dr. Fung and Megan Ramos deserve 5 stars. Unfortunately the production style, with the music playing while the guests are speaking, only deserves 2. The general pace of the show is too slow, with too much time wasted on the tragedies in the guests' past. Everyone has a story; but what's important (and interesting) is how they've used fasting as a solution. The best episode to date, was the Jan 20th Q&A. Very little music, great pace, and lots of great information.
Great Podcast!
keto listener
A breathe of fresh air -such a difference from 98% of podcasts. Informative and insightful, while entertaining.
I am a fan of both of Dr. Fung's books and this podcast is a fantastic addition to those resources. This podcast is well produced and enjoyable. But most importantly it is full of actionalble advice and knowledge.
I wish I liked this
I was so excited to find this podcast, because I really liked their podcast Fasting Talk with Jimmy Moore, which was lively and exciting. But this one is boring and the music is distracting. I listed to half of the first episode, tried a few others and the unsubscribed. So sad.
The one about John and his kidney - tears!
I haven’t listened to this podcast much due to the slower pace, ( I like the q and a podcasts where we get straight to the valuable info), but I really enjoy listening to Dr. Fung and Ms. Ramos. They are so knowledgeable and passionate! I could do without the loud music and theatrics. We just want answers and info! It’s very well done and produced, but like I said, I just want the meat ( I am keto after all :)) Overall, I cant complain. Wonderful source of info. Thanks guys!
Lacks enthusiasm
Great information. However, the delivery is stale, boring. It sounds like each person is prerecorded, so they generally lack energy when speaking.
Love the pace and content!
I am digging Carl’s and Richard’s musical and explanatory interjections between the discussions by the IDM folks and interviewees. It gives a listener the opportunity to process what’s been said before introducing more content. Of course, if you don’t like that, just click the 15 second forward button, but I really like it. I’m so glad that Dr. Fung and Ms. Ramos are back in the podcasting space in a format that fully respects their talents. Thanks 2 Keto Dudes!
Fasting is good for us!
Trucker Rich
Constant eating is not healthy. But what about not eating anything? Turns out it is rather healthy to skip meals daily and even for several days! This podcast is a great guideline to health through fasting.
Love at first listen
Love hearing Dr Fung and Megan again. I really like hearing the real life stories because there’s a little piece of me in each story. Thanks for all you do in the Keto and health community
This podcast almost puts me to sleep. I love Dr. Fung, but the old podcast he and Megan did with Jimmy Moore was better, more lively. There is good info on this new podcast too; it is just more boring.
Extremely Informative
Facebook and Favorites
I love the information, especially when Dr. Fung or Megan Ramos speak. They know just the right thing to see. What I don't like is the background music. The music is the type played when you are getting a massage, so I find I'm having to force myself to stay focused on the podcast. Spa music doesn't belong with a message the podcasters want the listeners to pay attention. Please change the music and it will be a perfect format for learning.
Comprehensive Keto Podcast
A good blend of science, personal stories, and practical advice from warm and interesting individuals and experts.
Absolutely love IDM’s new approach to podcasting
Well edited! Very focused on the information! Very professional layout! I even like the music, but that’s just me :) ! The health conditions addressed in this podcast thus far (Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS, Cancer, etc.) can be very critical and debilitating, and Dr. Fung and Megan Ramos are curing hundreds of these ailments every day! So I really appreciate the polished tone of the this podcast. Also, kudos to the host for giving all the interviewees their time to shine as they tell us their story or provide for us a great wealth of information.
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