Podcast for everyone in medicine!
many take aways here! All the hosts clearly love what they’re doing and make me feel a love for medicine after listening
Amazing from a non-medical professional
I am in a non-medical professional that often gets confused when listening and reading various health outlets. Shreya and Marty do a great job of logically explaining topics that effect us all! Keep up the great work guys!
Great for pharmacists too
I am a pharmacist and learn a lot from them. All segments are vey well done. Thank you for the free interprofessional education!
Great podcast!
Easy to digest and great sound quality!
Great learning resource
Very well produced. I learn a lot each time.
This is so helpful!! Very well done and thought out
Good content, but.....
I like the content, I dislike the script. Jokes are way too corny and actually deter from the learning. It sounds too scripted and does not flow well. The content and education is awesome and that keeps me wanting to continue to listen, but the script and the corny jokes or puns really make it hard to listen to at times. I would tell the hosts to just let loose, be normal, and let the discussion guide your script and leave out some of the really bad scripted jokes and puns. Keep it coming ladies and gents, it is otherwise good stuff
Alexis Vien
Such a valuable podcast! The Mind the Gap segment always delves into interesting topics I've always wondered about, but don't know the evidence behind. 5 Pearls provides practice changing knowledge in a memorable format. Hoofbeats has taught me many practical tips to improve my clinical reasoning. Highly recommend!
True continuing education from the comfort of your phone
Lauren Kuwik, MD
I love Core IM podcast. It’s a very enjoyable listen and acts as a grand rounds/noon-time conference for me even as I am out of academics. I especially like 5 Pearls and Hoofbeats. 5 Pearls doles out the information in a way that solidifies learning. Hoofbeats is an interesting case presentation with pauses for you to try to solve. Thank you for continuing to put out this quality educational content.
All the teaching points distilled down is so helpful. Must take a lot of work. Thank you for the free education!
Excellent podcast
Great podcast! Lots of interesting cases and great pearls.
Nothing clever
MMartin, MD
I just saw Varo89's pithy review, but I have nothing clever to say on the spur of the moment. I have only listened to a few episodes so far, but I like the format: a focused topic, useful information, likeable cast. I will keep listening.
great additional resource
NYC listener2
Medicine needs frequent reinforcing and this podcast is a great addition to continued education. Short enough to listen while commuting. Great, relevant topics, love the script, and discussion. Continue the good work!!
Five stars, five words.
Relevant. Practical. Memorable. Manageable. Funny.
The 5 pearls are clear, short and concise with great show notes, pearls and references! Very well done! Just wished that I can get CME credits for these awesome podcasts.
Really really good. Don't line the human x project thing tho.
Very digestible
This podcast is great in delivering high yield clinical information in a digestible way!
Really well done podcasts! highly recommended
I’m an Anesthesiology resident— I love this podcast!! Even though a lot of your content doesn’t directly relate to my field, I think it helps me better understand my patients’ medical problems and makes me a more well-rounded physician.
Top notch!
What a find! All the segments have their unique spin on clinical medicine and very consistent in their approaches to each. The topics are very relevant and have changed my practice often because of these podcasts!
High quality!
Listening to these podcasts has been useful for clinical practice. All the work put in for these segments are appreciated!
Perfect podcast for busy medical professionals
Andrew Sill
I listen to this podcast while driving to and from work and it offers some great information! Interesting topics and discussions. As a busy intern, my time is limited. This podcast allows me to efficiently and effectively learn something while driving and helps me stay on top of studying during this busy intern year.
Great podcast!
I’m an M2 in Texas and find this podcast very helpful to understand common clinical questions! I would love to see more frequent episodes!
Great work
I can only imagine how much effort goes into these. I am an hospitalist and primary care attending and learn so much from these.
Case presentation
Great presentation.
Life changer
I love this! Wish I knew how awesome podcasts can be. Now I can cook and paint my nails and also gain more knowledge. Gonna stunt on rounds 😎
Excellent! But guys pls! Try to avoid side talks and jokes, if possible, straight to the point, I don’t have the time and my attention span is VERY SHORT!! Thanks
Digestible concise enjoyable knowledge
Listen to enjoyable conversation about pertinent clinical knowledge in short concise sound bites
excellent find
As a new grad with an insatiable need to learn- this podcast is an excellent find. The Hoofbeats episodes have been particularly helpful. They are all short and concise, I sometimes listen twice!
So helpful!
Short, relevant reviews. Evidence-based and definitely practical for an IM, ED, or Family Medicine Doc. And enjoyable!
A podcast that teaches to all levels of medical training! Love all the segments, esp hoofbeats - it engages a thought process you can't learn from reading. Plus the episodes that challenge normalized practices by asking 'why' have taught me to be more purposeful. I also appreciate the 10 sec mental breaks during the jokes to digest the information. Very excited for more episodes
Needs improvement
Unfortunately they just tell nerdy jokes and babble on and on, and then once they start talking about relevant information, they cite numerous studies which just leaves the listener confused and lost as to what current studies say. They should be staying bullet points for learning each episode and then reiterating they at the end of each episode.
Anthony V
I am OBSESSED. I am about to start intern year and I listen to these during my hour commute with my current job of teaching medical students. I’ve learned so much already by their easily digestible format and take home points. Only thing I’d say is to work on volume control. Sometimes it’s not very clear with what’s being said and the volume goes in and out. With that said, more hoofbeats please!
Great listens on my train ride
The content being put out is great and I really enjoy the varied IM topics and pathophysiology refreshers. Definitely some nice clinical pearls! If I had any criticisms at all it would be on the production end (there are some harsh “S” and “pop” sounds, erratic volumes at times). Still, these are docs, not sound engineers so they, of course, get a pass.
LOVE the hoofbeats segment
This podcast is great! I hope you stick with the Hoofbeats / case reasoning and review. Great work!
Great stuff
Great stuff. I always feel empowered after listening to these.
The best High-yield IM podcast
Core IM is amazing at distilling high-yield topics into easily digestible teaching points and is focused on and dedicated to delivering these tidbits in a way that sticks. Highly recommended for anyone who works caring for medicine patients.
Good stuff
Love the chunks of knowledge here!
Super informative and to the point
Great internal medicine podcast. Informative points in a succinct but entertaining format. Really liked the first hoofbeats episode. Excited to see what’s coming down the road!
awesome tool for med education
i'm a med student and listen carefully to core IM for really hihg-yield and comprehensive reviews. the hosts do a great job finding ways to cement the knowledge in your head. you just sit back and listen!
Great topic reviews but exaggerated humor
I love the different reviews and pearls. But I can’t help but cringe hard at the scripted jokes/humor. It would perhaps sound more natural with less? But anyhow I’m grateful for all the effort put in while making these episodes so definitely 5 stars from me.
I look forward to this on Wednesdays!! Very thoughtful and well-delivered
Great FOAM
Love the concrete learning pearls and tackling common IM topics!
Great job guys! Succinct, high yield, and evidence based!
makes my morning commute more fun!
Very informative!
Great content, clearly presented, with lots of good details!
high yield!
finally, a podcast that is succinct, evidence based, and made for internal medicine providers!
I am hooked!!
High yield, quick pace!
Excited for more to come out soon! :)
sam dannunzio
Great job guys!!! Nyu resident alum!
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