One of
They one of the greatest of all time.
Love it
I discovered this podcast a while ago and it has become one of my favorites. I love Disney and these guys are funny and knowledgeable which makes for good listening. People who go into the nuance of Disney parks just get me. A lot of the discussion of older/defunct rides brings me back to being a kid in the 90s. I think it’s especially funny when they end up on a random tangents because that’s how most conversations go, but they always bring it back to the topic at hand. I wish I’d thought of this podcast idea first!
The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be
The “good boys” are the 3 most entertaining hosts in talk entertainment. They joke there way through 60min-2hours of the most random and exciting amusement park attractions:themed experiences. If you want a new favorite podcast this is the show for you.
These boys give me energy
This is the funniest podcast I’ve ever heard! These guys are around my age so when they talk about stuff from their childhoods it’s nice to relate. Love the Alien Encounter episode and Rockin Roller Coaster episode my 2 fave rides !
So good.
Rufus the RPG
This is one of those things that sounds like it shouldn’t work. But it works. So good.
Everything I personally want in a podcast
Dave da fan
The eminently likable "good boys"--Michael, Jason and Scott--converse with a dry wit over multi-hour episodes about the minutia of theme parks (rides, food, parking garages, adjacent shopping centers, etc). I don't know the majority of these theme parks, and it doesn't matter. I actually laugh out loud listening to this silliness.
Obsessed. Theme parks, comedy, and niche entertainment references, what could be better? Makes me feel like I’m sharing inside jokes with good friends every time I listen.
Needs MORE Bugsy Malone
Updated: Pretty damned good.
Good, but needs to stay on topic
I like this podcast, but I want to love it. I was particularly excited to listen to several hours of chat about The Haunted Mansion. The moments of on topic conversation are great, but half of the time is spent discussing off topic tangents.It makes it a bit difficult to listen to at times.
One of my favorites
Koko Dish Ware
It admittedly took a couple episodes to get what the show was, but once I did, I was locked in 100%. It has become one of my favorite podcasts that I listen to every week. Love the show and the chemistry between Mike, Scott, and Jason. To me, the tangents and bits of silliness actually make the show even better. Serious ride talk critiques the whole time would make the podcast a little boring after a while. Jason’s laugh is a medicine that should be used regularly in children’s hospitals. Bugsy turning into Hugsy was an emotional experience.
This is the podcast of my dreams!! Funny entertaining guys talking about rides (mainly Disney) and not taking themselves super seriously. They can laugh at each other and themselves. Finding this has definitely brightened my days and helps fill the void between Disneyland visits.
Perfect podcast?
As a Disney focused, childless man in my 30s, this podcast is everything I have ever wanted in my ears during my commute. Thank you for normalizing my own obsessions and reminding me there are people out there who take this stuff just as seriously (or not seriously) as I do. A++ would ride again.
Love this show - it’s equal parts nerdy details, funny commentary and good information for theme park and ride enthusiasts
Great Show!!
The CityWalk Saga alone has made my year. I spend my lunch hours laughing hysterically listening to you guys. Keep it going! You have to do ValleyFair or Mall of America soon (I’m from MN) :)
New to the show
Stevil Dead
I just started listening to this about 4 days ago and I am already up to episode 13. This show is great so far. I grew up loving these crazy rides and parks much like the hosts so it is fun to hear impassioned and funny conversations about Disney and the like. Personal stories with a good amount of comedy and a dash of research seems like the perfect recipe for Podcast The Ride.
Needs major editing
This podcast is way too long. They go off on too many tangents and never stick to the topic. Sometimes they don’t really know what they are talking about. Their banter can be nails on a chalkboard at times when you are just waiting to hear about the topic.
Good Boys/Best Podcast.
Force Ghost
Funniest 👏 Theme 👏 Park 👏 Podcast
I listened to every episode of the City Walk saga and I can’t get the theme song out of my head. But the theme song is so amazing I ain’t even mad. I need another verse!
This Podcast Is So Much Fun
I was turned on to this podcast through the Matt Gourley episode and am so glad I found it. I had previously looked for a theme park podcast but the ones I'd found were either poor audio quality or just didn't discuss what I wanted to hear. These guys cover a great spectrum of rides and parks, plus they go off on tangents which are always fun. The hosts have excellent chemistry and always make me laugh. I've been going through their back catalogue and downloaded 17 episodes I'm looking forward to checking out. I'm currently listening to the Tokyo Top 10 episode which is relatable as I was at Tokyo Disney Sea during Easter as well! Cannot recommend this podcast enough.
Comedians you are not!
30mins of actual subject, 3.5hrs of them laughing at their own “jokes.”
Love listening to the good boys
This podcast is a pure joy. If you love theme parks this is the perfect podcast. Feels like hanging out with three of your dorkiest (in the best way) theme park friends. Always entertaining and hilarious. Love this podcast.
Enthusiasm, Knowledge, and Humor
Enrico Palozzo
Jason, Scott, and Mike are fantastic. I always look forward to new episodes on Fridays. If you’re looking for a jumping on point, check out any of the episodes with Jenny Nicholson as a guest.
This podcast is more shocking than the ice bucket challenge!
Shocking in the sense that I’m shocked about all the awesome new theme park info I’ve learned!
Enjoy It
Mat More
YOU 👏🏽 DON'T 👏🏽 HAVE 👏🏽 TO 👏🏽 LOVE 👏🏽 THEME PARKS 👏🏽 I'm not the biggest theme park fan, but I have grown to appreciate them much more thanks to the research, love, and humor these boys put into the podcast. Perfect for the casual or rapid enthusiast alike. Give it a whirl.
Breck Eisner
One of the better theme park shows out there. Genuinely funny, informative, and perfect for those of us with too much shame to publicly indulge in our theme park/Disney nerdness. These guys riff off each other like seasoned comedy vets. I’d like to see them reach for bigger guests in the future, but they usually bring on interesting and funny people as it is. My only complaint is how the show occasionally veers into politics, and condemning all non-PC tropes that existed in virtually all of pop culture pre-2016. Shame that virtually anyone involved in show business these days (particularly comediens) pretends to act like they were deeply disturbed/offended by such things, and feel the need to point or call out every infraction that comes to mind. Anyways, I really enjoy the show and relate to these guys tongue-in-cheek nerdiness, as opposed to the mostly straight laced Disney community out there.
Perfect for Me
Travis Seminara
Gives 👏🏻 me 👏🏻 strength 👏🏻
If I have to make a telephone call...
I 👏 USE 👏 THE 👏 DEN 👏
4 👏 days 👏 at 👏 Tokyo 👏 Disney 👏
Very good podcast with excellent advice about the correct amount of days to spend at Tokyo Disney.
They 👏 are 👏 the 👏 best 👏 boys.
Nick Ronan
Jason 👏 is 👏 a 👏 short 👏 king 👏
Funniest Theme Park Show: Adjusted for Inflation
This 👏 Show👏 Is👏 Great👏 This show straddles the line of brilliance and lunacy. Enjoy the show! Enjoy the Ride! Enjoy the podcast!
um wow
I did not know what I was getting into when I got the recommendation from a friend to listen to this podcast. I knew I was a pretty big fan of Disney attractions but I had no idea this was a level that existed. I feel much stronger in my park knowledge now. The sector keeper gives me strength
This is the Theme Park podcast you’re looking for.
RMT Photography
No just kidding no one is really looking for a theme park podcast... but if you are like I was, this is the best one out there. You know why? It’s not some G rated butt kissing discussion about how great every new thing is at Disney in an attempt to get free stuff and media previews. No, these Good Boys are the real deal and tell you how it is. It’s fun, entertaining and hilarious. Also don’t skip the episodes in stuff you haven’t been to (like I did) because you have no idea how many things they talk to. If you thought your favorite podcast went off topic sometimes you ain’t seen nothing yet (yes that’s a quote from the Great Movie Ride which is a quote from a classic film). These boys can’t ever stay on topic and it’s PERFECT.
The Good Boys of Theme Parks
I don't think it was until this podcast came around that I truly understood how much I really really am into theme parks and themed attractions. Having been an adolescent when my family owned annual passes to Disneyland around the mid to late 2000s, maybe I just took it for granted but looking back I realize just how into theme parks I really am. Hell a bunch of vacations I've taken have included visits to theme parks (Disney parks, Hershey Park, Canada's Wonderland, etc.) and this podcast is a joy to listen to for the theme park love. But even if you aren't into theme parks, Scott, Mike, and Jason are 3 hilarious hosts that can riff on just about anyything and make it hilarious. I've since seen this podcast live in LA for their 100th episode and continue to make it a weekly feature in my podcast routine. As a fan since the early days of the podcast this review is a long time coming but it's well worth taking the time to write it. If you have ever been to a theme park or just want something hilariuos to listen to, please subscribe and listen to Podcast: The Ride
I love this ride
I love these guys
Funny and informative
These are good boys. Great pod!
Always a A Disneyland churro
Best way to spend my Friday morning commute!
When you wish upon a (5) star (rating)
After listening to the 100th podcast, I believe that this podcast is more magical than a day at Disneyland. It gives me such strength!
This podcast is FANTASTIC. I’m a huge Disney fan and I’m sad it took me this long to find. Perfect mix of comedy and theme park nerds.
Life Improver; gives me strength
Kevin Tully
No joke, this podcast has made my life better. The perfect cross section between my devoted theme park fandom and legitimately great comedy. These guys are cut from the same cloth as I am, and they’ve made me feel more comfy expressing the theme park side of my personality which, for real, I wrote off as being unspeakably nerdy for the past 15-20 years. I love Podcast: The Ride!!!
Best way to start my morning.
I look forward to my long drives to work thanks to these guys. Always have me cracking up and put me in a great mood to start the day. In other words, they give me strength.
Have nearly crashed my car from laughing
Chinese Gordon
Easily the most binge-able and entertaining theme park podcast out there. Great guests, great insight, and the improv-influenced bit are amazing. Also love that they're not worried about show length and are happy to ramble away, go off on tangents and riff like crazy. Boys ... you give me strength.
Absolute Delight
I discovered this show about two months ago and since then I’ve listened and caught up on every show and every second gate episode as well. I love it and hope it continues on forever. City Walk Florida has to happen because I need the Sector Keeper back in my life ASAP.
A good podcast for good theme park boys
I have been listening to Mike, Scott, and Jason since they talked about the great movie ride. And I haven’t missed a Friday since then. This show is part of my weekly routine and each of the boys bring genuine humor into each episode. This podcast never deserved the 3 star rating it got and I’m here to offset that. Loved the fake rock final four episode. Keep up the good work boys. I hope to one day survive podcast the ride!
This Pod gives me strength.
My cartoon necktie would be a dark tie like the ones worn by Tin Machine. I’m sure if the Sales boys collaborate with McGruff the Crime Dog the good boys will be the first to tell me. Also, Nick Mundy is a bad man.
I like it.
B - Zub
These guys are fun to listen too, they can get a little ridiculous sometimes but don’t we all. Talk about more then just theme parks and that keeps it interesting.
Like driving on Gumbo Gardens road. Nothing better!
Updated and Up-Rated!
Early on, I docked this review a star because of too many tangents. While the episodes have somehow gotten even longer, tangents have greatly decreased in number and length (and no more Bugsy, thank God). I always look forward to listening to this podcast (even through the CityWalk saga!) and I’m glad it has survived. Can’t wait for more history, more guests, and more rides. (P.S. You should bring Austin Carroll from FastPass to the Past onto the podcast as a guest!)
Jamaica Mistaica Motorway
Cheeseburger Crossing
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