Best Podcast Ever!
This has been the most impactful podcast for my journey as a first time mom. I know that in 30 minutes I will have 3 practical steps to improving my life as a mom. Rachel is so down to earth and sweet. The topics are more in depth than your run of the mill mommy inspo.
My favorite podcast
Everything I’ve heard has been super helpful. You offer real solutions for our real life problems. I love hearing your insight and your own personal stories. Thank you!
Great Takeaways and a Good Length
Brilliant layout for a podcast- 30 minutes is an easy listen and 3 super do-able takeaways. I appreciate the experts Rachel brings in and the challenging topics she covers.
Must-Listen for Moms
So many good interviews on the 3 in 30 podcast for moms! Every single one is SO helpful and exactly what I need to hear!
Squeeze in self-help for busy moms
One of my favorite podcasts for moms and parents! Self-help in bite size pieces with actionable information. Thank you Rachel for breaking it down into something I can fit in my day!
GREAT podcast
Amazing podcasts for moms!!! There's an episode for ANY topic you could think of!
I love this podcast!
Rachel is an excellent podcaster and interviewer. Her voice is really pleasant and easy to listen to and she speaks clearly and succinctly. She does an excellent job highlighting useful and doable advice from various parenting experts that she interviews on her show. She summarizes everything at the end beautifully and selects a variety of unique topics related to parenting. Listening has made me a better mother.
Love this podcast!
Relevant information, love the topics and advice. One of my favorite podcasts to listen to!
Support for all Moms
This podcast has helped me in many ways but especially to realize that I’m the right mom for my children. The inner critic is awful about telling you otherwise! At any rate, go listen to this you won’t regret it.
Fave podcast for motherhood ❤️
I love listening to this podcast each week. It’s concise, which I appreciate so much. I’m always inspired and end the episode feeling more confident as I approach motherhood.
3 in 30 is my favorite podcast!
Rachel is such a great interviewer. She always has such great guests and the format of her show is perfection. I’ve learned so much from her podcast! I look forward to it every week and recommend it to my friends and family often!
I’ve appreciated listening to 3in30. Rachel talks about real subjects that are so applicable to daily life. I’ve yet to listen to one episode that I haven’t been able to take at least one take-away/insight from and apply personally.
Favorite Podcast
This is my favorite podcast! I love the simple, realistic, doable takeaways each week. Rachel is a wonderful host and provides great insight. So grateful for the encouragement this provides to all moms!
Essential for Moms and sooo good
tamar maerim
I am soooo grateful for this podcast it has brought so much peace and inspiration and concrete ways to make motherhood easier and oh sooo much more enjoyable! I can’t thank you enough from the bottom of my heart!
Best podcast ever
This has helped me as a mom, episode after episode. Thank you!
My Favorite Podcast!
Misty V.
This is my absolute favorite podcast right now! I really look forward to when I can listen and Rachel is so relatable, like she is truly talking WITH her audience, not AT her audience. The guests and topics are always inspiring and you can tell Rachel really cares about all of the details going into each episode.
Life changing!
Emily Cathryn
I discovered 3 in 30 shortly after becoming a mother of two and trying to figure out how to be a good mom while also working part time and going to school part time. 3 in 30 has so many valuable lessons that have helped me prioritize my children while also attending to my other responsibilities. I feel like I’m friends with Rachel and every one that she has been a guest on the show! It’s such a beautiful community filled with strong women who are changing the world for the better!
Love this podcast! Well worth the listen 👌🏻
Every episode leaves me feeling inspired to be a better mother and see the joy in raising my kids. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this podcast! It is a blessing in my life!
I love this podcast
Every episode inspires me to be a better mother, and helps me find the joy in motherhood. Thank you!
Thank YOU!
I am a new teen parent and I constantly feel like I am driving on a road with no map. It is so mentally exhausting and I often feel like I am failing. Listening to the teen episodes has been helpful and hopeful. I love the cellphone episode and look forward implementing the ideas shared. I am looking forward to more teen episodes!
Thank you for Teen month!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for focusing on teens this month! So many podcasts and blogs only focus on parenting young kids and it’s so hard to find ANYTHING on parenting teens. Looking forward to this month!
Can’t Miss Podcast
This is the one podcast I listen to every week. Even if the title is something that might not relate to me, I listen anyway. The way Rachel asks questions and the format of the show always lends to something that can help me as a mother, wife, and teacher. I’m incredibly grateful I found this podcast as a mom of a 3 year old and 1 year old.
Too Rich for blood! #87
I think this is for the top 1% moms
Love it but
The Louvre is in Paris.
It’s short and sweet! But I don’t want it to end
This podcast is full of good information that you can apply to your motherhood journey. I love that it’s short and to the point, but sometimes I want more!!!! I love this podcast and recommend it to all my mom friends!
Makes a run go quicker!
I have been listening to your podcast during my runs, and I have been so engaged in many of your episodes that it has made exercising easier, and seem faster!
I love 3 in 30. Every episode I’ve listened to is fantastic, so worthwhile, and real!!!!
Makes me a better mom
Rachel really understands how life is as a mom. She is honest about the hard stuff and makes motherhood feel doable with her small steps. So glad I found this podcast.
My favorite podcast
This is by far my favorite podcast I listen to. All of the topics are so helpful and encouraging!! Every time I’m feeling low about my parenting/marriage/home life I listen to one of these podcasts and am uplifted and encouraged. Thank you for doing this podcast!
This podcast is SO good!
I love this show. Rachel is so, so wonderful, kind, genuine, and relatable. I love her story and how she shares her heart with her listeners. The topics are relevant and important and so helpful for parents. I look forward to this show every week.
So uplifting!
I truly look forward to when these podcasts come out! After listening, I always feel so uplifted and ready to tackle on the hard things I’m facing in my life. Rachel is a relatable, nonjudgemental, and likable person. I’m so glad I discovered this podcast!
Love it
This is one of my favorite podcasts! Rachel is down to earth and I always come away from episodes with truly helpful ways to improve my experience with motherhood.
Love 3 in 30!!
I absolutely LOVE to listen to 3 in 30. I have learned so much from Rachel. I love the topics she chooses!
Has changed my mindset with only a few episodes
I love listening to Rachel! She is real and speaks about so many important topics. She gives me hope for the good that can come from social media and other platforms. I feel like my whole mindset has improved after listening to only a few episodes that struck a chord with me. I’m excited to keep listening!
A Must Listen To Podcast!!!
K C May
Rachel is an incredible podcast host. She is real, relatable, uplifting and funny! She has an incredible ability to provide examples that really tie into her interviewees’ points to clarify the content. I’m always inspired after listening to 3 in 30.!!
Love it
The one podcast I listen to ‘religiously’. Rachel is so good with words. She’s kind and real. I highly recommend this podcast. Thanks Rachel!!!
The Best!
I love 3 in 30 podcasts- it inspires me to be a better, mom, wife and person, not in a nagging way or a overwhelming way. The 3 takeaways are simple and, clear and I am amazed that I can recall them later that week. I have noticed a difference in my family and am so glad I came across this podcast. Rachel is awesomesauce!
Inspiring, practical insight in every episode
Mama Bear of 8 Cubs
I always come away from this podcast with uplifting, usable tips to apply in my own life. Each episode is full of little gems of wisdom that are so helpful. I love the 3 in 30 format!
My favorite podcast!
3 in 30 is my go-to podcast. It’s the one I recommend most to friends and family. I feel like Rachel and I are real friends! 😂 She’s so down-to-earth. So REAL. So funny. So helpful. It’s just SO awesome!
My favorite “mom” podcast!
I have been listening just over a year now and can’t tell you how much this podcast has helped me. I’ve changed my perspective on motherhood and found so much insight on how to live the life I want to for my family and I. Rachel has such a calm, inviting voice and gets to the point quickly. Thank you for all the time you put into the podcast, you truly have helped me and I will be patiently waiting to hear what you have to offer next!
Should be required for ALL moms
I am new to podcasts but my amazing sister in law kept bringing up yours when we would visit. She is a new mom of a one year old and I’m an older mom of teens. I decided to listen to one. It was right as your encore episodes were playing. I listened to about 3 in a row the first day and cried my eyes out while I did my house work. Every episode I would think, “I needed to hear this. This was meant just for me.” Now I’m telling all my friends they need to listen to you. I’m hooked and love that I can binge all the past episodes. The topics are perfect. The length of each podcast is perfect. The suggestions are do-able. Thank you for what you are doing to bring these other women and tips to our lives because who has time to read books on all these subjects? I already feel like I’m being more the mother I want to be. And I’m not feeling the guilt that it’s too late since my kids are teens. These things still apply and can still be achieved.
Insightful and meaningful!
I have been listening to 3 in 30 almost since the beginning and I leave every episode feeling so inspired and encouraged! Even when my family circumstances do not specifically match the guest’s, I always find the message so applicable and motivating in some form or another. It goes at the top of my list of favorite podcasts. Thank you for all the good work you’re doing!
I discovered this podcast recently and have loved listening to it and regiment to catch up. Whether I’m on my drive to or from work or if it’s after bedtime and I’m tidying up, this podcast puts a smile on my face and an optimistic outlook. Every episode I learn or am reminded of three ways to make life more enjoyable. Thank you Rachel! I truly love listening to your podcast and you have changed my family for the better!
Life changing skills being taught here
I love Rachel’s podcast. She is so raw and realistic but follows that right up with tools to improve your life. Her podcast is fantastically structured and always has wonderful guests or Rachel sharing her amazing wisdom solo (my favorites tbh). Thank you for your hard work and the time you put in. You are changing lives.
Relatable and Inspiring
Sometimes people steer away from anything that might fall under the category of “self-help” because they’re worried it will trigger anxiety over everything they feel that they aren’t. This is not one of those podcasts. Rachel is relatable, warm and sincere with her work. The podcast is a delight for my soul.
Listen to this podcast!
Rachel is authentic and inspiring. I have learned so much from this podcast that I can apply as I navigate motherhood. I feel like Rachel is right there, cheering me on. If you are a mom, this podcast is for you.
Motherhood Magic!
First time mom here! I found 3in30 when my daughter was first born/ next month she’s turning one, and this podcast has been God-sent in my first year of motherhood. I’ve turned to this podcast on some of my hardest and most defeated days and after only 30 min I’m always left feeling encouraged, strong, and ready to face my challenges. I love that the topics are for all stages of motherhood- whether hearing about struggles I’m currently dealing with or preparing me for success in the future. I tell every mom I can about it and always have them come back to me raving about loving 3in30. I will continue to listen to the podcast for years and years to come! THANK YOU 3in30!!!
Fun and inspirational way to spend 30 minutes
I love that I can listen to a whole episode in 30 minutes. Each one is jam packed with wisdom for moms. This is hands-down my favorite podcast to listen to.
So grateful for this podcast!
A friend of mine introduced me to Rachel’s podcast and I have thanked her several times for doing so! This podcast has moved me to tears, make me laugh, soothed my worried heart and very recently was a literal answer to a prayer. Thank you Rachel for providing uplifting, relevant content in small bites that I can digest and easily incorporate into my life. You are helping me to be a better mother, to be more present in my life and to have peace in the process. I look forward to Monday every week now because I know that I’ll get to spend 30 minutes listening to a friend tell me just what I need to hear.
Favorite podcast of all time
Rachel is the best podcast host I have found! She asks all the right questions and is sooo insightful. I look forward to a new episode release every single week. It is the highlight of my Monday. She interviews amazing women and covers real topics and offers real solutions. A breath of fresh air that leaves you feeling hopeful and uplifted! It is truly my favorite podcast of all time.
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