Not for people who dislike “like” overuse
Pecos Bill
One of the hosts says “like” to death. And, it overall just has a middle school girl feel. Not my thing but there are scars who won’t mind and I hope they enjoy as the concept is great
Favorite podcast ever
The Verge / The Goods have lots of podcasts on their own about various topics, but if I could only pick one to listen to for the rest of my life, it'd be this one. The topics are admittedly slight, but that sort of builds into the charm of listening to Kaitlyn and Ashley go back-and-forth about their lives and how much cultural subtext can be built into a small piece of technology. It's way too much fun. Haters can have their TED talks, I'll be over here listening to podcast gold.
This Podcast.
M. Wizard
This podcast is Gucci.
Terribly executed
I cannot help but hate this podcast. Every episode feels terribly long -- around 40 minutes, on just ONE topic. It contains so much redundant and meaningless gibberish that each episode just goes on and on for like forever and I have to turn it off after a few minutes. I can tell that the hosts obviously lack background in tech details and tech history, and as a result, they just avoid talking about them and instead discuss the most trivial, vague things plus their personal feelings about that topic, which almost makes me sick. If NPR were to do this podcast, they would make each episode 20 minutes and still cover as much information. TL;DR there is no beef in the podcast and you'd better spend your time elsewhere.
Interesting and easy talks
It’s really entertaining to see how the hosts can take a really mundane thing and talk about it for quite a lot of time. Also the interviews with people are just brilliant, you never can tell that a person next to you is putting so much thoughts into their emails
Like, like, like…
Smart Replies episode. “We are chatting with a linguist…” and and everything she says is smattered with like, like, like.
One of my favorite casual listens
Honestly, their voices are so soothing that I don't even care what they're talking about, it's relaxing. For the most part, the topics have been interesting and relatable.
Favorite tech podcast
Love it since episode 1. I wish they could make more episodes per season.
Why you push the one-day shipping buy button?
Hi ladies, can you do an episode on why people push the same-day or one-day shipping button on amazon? Do these options make us more impulsive and impatient with other things outside of shopping? How do we feel when these options are not available outside of Amazon. Thank you! Mike
Absolutely mind-numbing podcast
Jessie Nk
These airheads will give you the sensation of having a lobotomy.
casual and fun
sarah uwu
anyone giving a one-star for the hosts' voices and speaking skills just hates women. it's a fun, conversational podcast, not an intense journalistic deep dive. and it's enjoyable!
Funny and interesting
Great podcast that makes me think about social media from a different perspective. It is well produced, the length of each episode is just right and the cold opens are actually insightful. Oh yeah, and Kaitlyn is covertly hysterical and super witty.
The Nightprowler
Egregious use of the word like. The opposite of journalism.
I’ve been hooked since episode 1, and they keep getting better.
Love these Ladies!
I love these ladies and everything about this podcast. Such a fresh take on tech and tech in our lives!!
Can’t stand listening to it
I’m sorry I wanted to like it since I like the topics discussed, but I can’t find anything of essence listening to this.
A chatter without explaining the merit
Mega junk, looks like 80s
It's like having 60 minute discussion about smoke and completely ignoring the underlying fire... Sorry I literally had to stop my car and turn the podcast off and unsubscribe...
Smug “Like” Millennials
These people are so annoying to listen -replete with the new (asinine) lingo of the land, Valley-girl talk replete with “oh my gosh’s” and “like, like, like” ad infitum. Mind numbingly superficial with banal commentary on technology by people who are so heartachingly bereft of gravitas or analytical prowess.
Intereresting Topics
I enjoy this and The Vergecast. I like the topics that are covered and the interviews also, it shows insight in to things I usually don't realize or think about. Keep it up
Needs Direction
This podcast has potential, but most episodes come across as two grown women acting like teenager girls. Also the vocal fry is out of control.
I love this show!
I appreciate everything about this show and look forward to season 4!
How is this a podcast?
I just came here to say how awful it is that I even have to hear the commercials for this show on the podcasts I enjoy listening to. If you find these valley girls talking about their tweets interesting and waste your time listening to it, I feel bad for you. That is all.
Not really what it says it is
I’m pretty new here, but I really have enjoyed the episodes I have heard. It’s not necessarily what is advertised. More of a quippy discussion than an in depth tech explanation, but it is a fun podcast if you like a personal chat about the tech in our lives.
Technology is more than stalking your ex
At first I really like this podcast, i thought the idea and topics were interesting but oh my god the longer it went on the dumber and dumber the hosts got. This has become an entry level app podcast focused on petty breakups and valley girl instagram addiction. I’d really like if they got new hosts...
Listened to two episodes
So like I like listened to like the like episode of like the memes. Did I like it? Like yeah no. Mostly the attorney who came across as a valley girl, although a guy, with the word "like" being roughly 1/3rd of the words that like came like out of like his mouth. Podcasts comes off a a couple of valley girls trying to justify their decisions in their life.
Relatedable, Interesting, Great!
I love this podcast. It's a fascinating series of topics. I always find myself coming away with something new to think about or something new that I've learned. I like how approachable and easy it is to listen to. It feels like a conversation with friends!
1 Star Girl talk
Just some girl talk
The coolest topic, can’t stop talking about it
Love: - the interviews - the hosts - the topics Hate: - I binged it all - I don’t know what a thirst trap is - I asked my friends, family, coworkers what a thirst trap is - I needed to urban dictionary thirst trap - I needed to tell my friends, family, coworkers what a thirst trap is
Good Banter, Interesting Tech Stories
Disrupting the Lasagna game
Vapid millennial valley girl podcast.
I've enjoyed previous seasons of this podcast. While I found many of the epsiodes trended towards a younger audience, I felt I got some "youth" understanding/perspective on some of the social media issues of the day. However this current season is vapid. The constant discussion of the snaps, grids, follows/ers, like, trendsetters, style makers, activations ... such meaningless first world nonsense. 'Like, OMG, ur Insta grid is way too orange. Orange was like, sooo last week. Blue is all the new hotness'. Hoping they return to more meaningful topics soon.
great show
I love it all! So good. Editing is not too distracting since it’s centered around hosts’ conversation.
Impossible to listen to
It does seem like they try to push their view too much, however the worst is listening to the uptalk and constant bombardment of the word “like”. Which makes the subject of Likes vs. Super Likes the worst subject to discuss, when they already use the word several times per sentence in lieu of pauses.
Great podcast!!
More podcasts need to take a listen to this one on how to execute a great show. Interesting topics, the interviews usually teach me something new, and the sound quality is perfect that I can listen to it with headphones without feeling annoyed.
Like *giggle* like
I like don’t like like this podcast like *giggle* it just sounds like lol like Gossipy and like that they say like like too much ❤️
Fantastic podcast!
Great show
Awesome show Ashley and Kaitlyn are fantastic hosts of a fantastic show. Really interesting subjects and makes you think about some of the smaller decisions you make!
Interesting But, Like, Annoying
The show has some interesting topics, but Kaitlyn has some serious issues with the word "like", which is, like, incredibly annoying. If you're going to have a podcast, it just makes sense to make sure your hosts are well-spoken and can hold a thoughtful conversation without, like, just totally, like, ruining it by, like, saying "like", like, between every four words....
I love this podcast! Please please please start season 3 soon!
I like it but...
I really like this podcast and I think the topics are so fun! I wish they weren’t so heteronormative though and interviewed more queer people.
Not a fan
After listening to a few episodes their knowledge of subjects seems very anecdotal and lack research or substantiation. The hosts also didn’t ingratiate me. When one mentioned being aghast at a restaurant for having strict scheduling, not caring about her friend having to go get his wallet and not having an item despite her having a late reservation it made me roll my eyes at the privilege expected of them
Not impressed
Seems like I should be the target audience since I work for an app company and am a 27yo male that lives for tech. Listen to the Vergecast weekly. First off the topics picked are outstanding and hardly coverd in our times and each episode (i've listened to 6 now) does have 1 or 2 good takeaways that get me thinking but I usually want to scream in my head when I hear the podcasts advice on a topic. However, most feedback seemshighly opinionated and I'm hard pressed to remember any stastistics mentioned. Seemes like a very one sided conversation and even the people they talk to seem to be close to the individuals or have the same opinions. Why not talk to the other side of the group? How about people that arn't wishy washy in all their decisions and our confident and can tell you why they decided to rate or do a certain action? Most conversations seem very "girl talk" with little thought to the male aspect of any of these conversations. I don't mind people going off topic but I'm just not engaged by the humor.
Lan Jams
I am a non-social 28 year old American man who expatriated to a non-western country six years ago. I enjoy listening to this podcast as a long-distance window into current mainstream culture among my peer group back in the States. The topics are fascinating and foreign to me, and the personalities of Ashley and Kaitlyn are both very winning.
Why did you rate that podcast?
Because they told me so :) #Onestar #girltalk
Season 3 PLEASE!
There better be a third season! Listening to WYPTB with Ash & Tiff is like sitting at your favorite cafe, over some matcha lattes, talking the goss about everything tech with pals. Informative, hilarious, thought provoking - I can go on and on. Keeping me in the loop, all the way down in Australia!
one star girl talk FTW
This show is fantastic
My favorite podcast!
I love this podcast! Ashley and Kaitlyn are great hosts. They’re entertaining and funny but they both know a lot of tech and social media. I love that they bring in both regular people and experts to discuss different issues. Technology is now an integral part of our day to day life and this podcast does a great job at illuminating the little ways technology has changed our culture. Well done!
Excellent podcast - start to finish
First off, screw the “one star girl talk” jerk reviewers. This is an interesting and compelling show that makes me think almost every week “Oh my god! I do that too!”(Although, I guess I’m a standard deviation or two away from most people since I have saved 99.5% of all my text messages since I first got an iPhone in 2007.) Many of the ways in which I interact with technology I thought I was alone in but only because no one has bothered to talk about it or really even stop to consider it before - to our detriment, clearly. I’m entertained every week and I will not be surprised when they ultimately supplant the Vergecast as the flagship podcast of the Vox Media empire. And yeah, it happens to be hosted by two women.
I Pushed The Button
I agree that while you SOUND like just a bunch of girls talking, it's actual and intelligent, thorough conversation. Great job, guys! Happy to still be a faithful listener! - 04/12/18 I am one of your genuine fans so I will stay with you until season 2. You ask questions about things we do but never really asked why we do it. I have NO idea why I save my texts and I didn’t think that was weird or funny until now. Great job, guys! - 12/13/17
Girl talk!
Really enjoy the show, like all The Verge. Thanks!
Not for tech people (but tech people can listen also), but for normal people who use tech in their everyday lives.
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