Great positive challenges!
I love the encouraging, not guilt-ridden, challenges! Working on being Free to Focus! Thanks!
Insightful and human
Hyatt Fan
Lead to Win consistently probes meaningful subjects and delivers thoughtful ideas. Keep up the great work!
My lifeline!
Iterating my previous review: Lead to Win is my leadership lifeline. I listen to each episode twice, learn something new, and share that wisdom with others. I cannot imagine my leadership flourishing without it.
Excellent tangible advice
The Hyatt duo delivers! Appreciate the energy, expertise, and excellence of this podcast. I’m challenged weekly to raise my leadership game.
My Go-To Resource
Michael Hyatt and Co is one of my primary resources for productivity, leadership and life skills for my extremely busy life as mom and CEO/ business owner! Excellent and applicable content!
Outstanding advice
Excellent podcast for professionals eager to improve impact and productivity. Practical, smart, and abundantly useful. Five big stars
AMAZING! Life changing!
Gadget Medic
We all have “those days” at work and at life. Whenever I’m having one of those days I tend to go find the appropriate MHC podcast for what I am experiencing or struggling with. The content is so straightforward and refreshing. It’s TRUTH, guidance, life lessons and professional business coaching. The Lead To Win podcast is like having Michael, Megan and team personally coaching you. They have the uncanny ability to connect with people, keep their attention and most importantly DELIVER THE CONTENT effectively and efficiently. If you haven’t subscribed, I would encourage you to HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON so you can win at work and win at life! Thank you Michael and Megan, you are AWESOME!!!! #TeamMichaelHyatt John
Great information
Anna Z of GA
I love this podcast. As a woman in a leadership role I especially appreciate Megan’s insight about being a mom and a leader. I love the concrete examples and steps for implementation Megan and Michael give each week.
I LOVE the efficient and direct nature of this podcast. Megan and Michael are intelligent, empathetic, and thoughtful with their commentary yet they approach every topic with a no-nonsense attitude. So grateful for their insights.
Great Content
Michael and Megan care about helping you to be your best and their passion comes through in every episode.
Binge listener
I’m binge listening and loving every podcast. The option of focusing on topics has supported my need/desire to transform the organizational skills that have taken me this far.. but not enough for the future! Thank you, Michael & Megan!
Your Podcast #079 was an Answer to Pray
I was in difficult situation. In normal job I directly and indirectly supervise about 30 employees. However I did a temporary 3 week assignment and during this time I was being supervised by a much younger and inexperienced supervisor. She was highly controlling and very critical of my work. I listen to this podcast right before my final evaluation with her, and it was exactly what I needed. God answered my (and others) prayers, because I was able to listen without getting defensive. Though I did not agree with everything she said, most everything was constructive feedback. Thank you Michael and Megan for sharing your wisdom. I love listening to your podcasts.
Amazing Podcast
I love this podcast. I wish there were more episodes. The content is valuable and comes from humble and trustworthy people. I feel lthe Hyatts are the kind of people I would love to have over to my home for dinner and become family friends with. How amazing that you can learn valuable, practical lessons from these leaders for free while running.
My favorite productivity podcast
Paul from Janesville WI
As a small business owner, I find this podcast encouraging and enlightening. Keep up the great work!!!
Tuesday morning is the best weekday!
I look forward to Tuesday mornings because I know I will have a quality leadership podcast waiting for me. As a CEO of a financial institution I find the information extremely beneficial and share what I learn each week with my team. This is my favorite podcast and I have quite a few I listen to each week.
Making things practical!
As a stay at home mom with very young children I often feel like leadership material is just too impractical for my pace of life. Meghan and Micheal are different. They often take into consider that people are sometimes in different seasons of life and give alternative for those who might need them. I finally feel like I’ve found a resource that challenges me in practical ways. How empowering! Thanks guys 💛
Grow as a leader - it's like getting coached by Michael, Megan and their guests. The material itself is extremely useful and enjoyable. Probably the best and highest level of quality I have heard for any podcast.
Good, but way too many Re-Run episodes
As usual, Michael does a good job at delivering content, and the addition of Megan to the podcast was a good move. However, the high number of Encore/Re-Run episodes is disappointing. I’m still a Michael Hyatt fan, but his podcast has gone from my “Never Miss” list, to just the occasional listen. Personally, I preferred and found much more value his previous podcast “This Is Your Life.” I wish they would have kept those episode archives up.
MUST listen podcast for anyone in business
This podcast is made for anyone in business - no matter if you have a job, own a small business, a corporate executive or an entrepreneur leadership is the #1 SKILL to develop - the information shared by Michael and Megan are essential for success. It’s on my Big 3 everyday to frame out my day for success!
Best leadership podcast!
This is the best leadership podcast I have ever encountered - excellent, succinct, practical advice backed by research and expert interviews, and grounded in a holistic approach to living your best life across all fields of play. A must-have for busy executives (and working moms, of which I am one) who are dedicated to personal growth, high performance, self-awareness, and balance.
Awesome podcast with relevant information! Allows me to “lead from the front.” @k15_jku
The "Eye of the Tiger" for my commute
Maia Jarvis
I re-discovered Michael Hyatt several months ago, and Lead to Win is now part of my morning ritual. I have an hour-ish commute. Listening to this podcast and the books that Michael and Megan recommend during my commute instead of flipping through radio stations means that I get to work both calm AND energized - pumped and ready to tackle the day head on!
Individual focus and high performance
Mike Brooks 007
I am a true fan and practitioner and a solopreneur. Could you do some episodes geared toward individual high performance? Thanks, Mike
Wisdom Distilled
Oliver Evensen
Michael and Megan have incredible insights and I often feel their content is tailored just for me. I’d say about 90% of the content is applicable to me personally and the other 10% is still good information that may not be applicable now, but may be some day. Honestly it’s the only podcast that I’m eager to listen to each week. Subscribe now!!
So important
This episode really brought home for me the need to take a step back, evaluate where I am, and ask the question - where do I want to go? Such good insight and personal connection. Thank you!
Favorite CEO podcast
As CEO of a new company, this podcast is my absolute favorite for learning how to be a good, effective leader. Love this podcast!
Worth Every Minute!
This is such an excellent podcast. There is practical wisdom, sound advice, and great resources in every episode. I highly recommend if you want to be more productive and lead better.
Great topics and great content for leaders of all types.
Been listening since day one and have loved it! Really is great advice for any leader in work, home or church.
Active Duty Navy Listener
Even as a mid-level manager, I have been able to continually use the content offered through this podcast to become a better leader in the Navy.
My Favorite Podcast...I️ Never Miss It
I️ love the podcast, Lead to Win. First off, Michael Hyatt has so much great wisdom to share with his listeners, and so does his daughter, Megan. They have tackled so many great topics that impact everyone’s life, and the content is always well-researched. Every episode has practical tips and takeaways for listeners to then use to improve their own lives. It’s also fun to listen to the banter, and you can tell that everyone involved with this podcast enjoy doing it. It is professionally produced. This is my favorite podcast and the first one I️ recommend to people. I️’ve even listened to some episodes multiple times. Definitely check out this podcast if you haven’t already.
Excellent teaching, great communicators
This Lead to Win podcast has been instrumental in my development as a leader! The topics are on point, the advice helpful, and it's delivered in a professional yet down-to-earth way.
Great information
I love the this program, having Michael and Megan conduct them makes it great as they both have perspectives
A Must Listen for All Leaders
In this podcast Michael Hyatt and Company have given us a resource for every leader. The content is always thoughtful and practical. I am consistently amazed at how ways consistently present themselves to use the advice given in the podcast.
Always learn something
If you don't want to learn something this is not the podcast for you. I believe there is always more to learn and I am never disappointed with Michael Hyatt. He always over-delivers and the apples doesn't fall far from the tree with Megat Hyatt Miller. They make a great team. Add this one to your subscriptions today and get started. You can thank me later.
Always Has a Take-away
I love that I always get 3-5 bullet points from each episode that I can apply right away!!
Amazing podcast and company
Wow, talk about creating a company people are begging to join! Thanks for being a light in the business community and for making a great podcast!
Hyatt is a must for improvement in your life
Hyatt doesn't just give help with leadership improvement, but self improvement. Helps me focus on what matters in life, how to balance work and life to better enjoy both. I also recommend his books, especially his newest - Free to Focus.
Great topics, good insights
I am glad I started listening to this podcast. It has educated me on a lot of leadership topics. Also the production quality is super high - it is well-planned, well-executed and enjoyable to listen to.
What A Great Podcast
What makes this podcast such a treat is that it is practical, yet entertaining. Keep up the good work Michael!
My Go-To Leadership Guru
Governor Nance
Leadership is a journey, not just a quick shot in the arm to help you lead better. Michael Hyatt is the guide to all things practical and realistic in this self-help-for-business space.
Game changer
I have been searching for direction in my life. I came across this podcast and boy has it made a difference. These two folks received my attention from episode 1. I have not put it down since then. I have purchased the planner and have taken a few assessments. Excited to see where my journey goes from here.
Help for every aspect of life!
I have been listening to Michael Hyatt for the last 4 years and he and his team have helped me in every area of my life from marriage, family, and relationships to the time my family and I were church planting missionaries in Mexico to now as home service-based business owners! It hasn’t mattered where I have been in life - his podcasts have helped me get through so much! I have been brought to tears, I have had so many “YESS” moments that I can’t even count. I continue to listen to this day and it always has a profound impact. I could go on and on. GOD BLESS YOU Michael Hyatt and Company. I just love you!!!
Best Podcast On Leadership
This podcast is clean and well produced. Mr. Hyatt and his cohost are just the right balance of personable and professional that makes it easy to listen to them. The topics are relevant and interesting and I’ve found myself wanting to take notes constantly while listening to maybe don’t listen while driving. Thanks for the great leadership resource Michael and Megan! Keep it up!
Required Listening!
G L Tirebiter
Short, accessable, actionable, and entertaining information and tips on how to get closer to your full potential as a person, a professional, and as a leader in your organization, with just the right amount of anecdotal stories and humor mixed in. Required listening for me every month, ever since I discovered it. Thank you Michael and Megan!
Time Management at it's best!
Michael and his team are the gurus of making the most our of time and our businesses without creating complexity. I've watched Michael grow over the past years, and I love how he takes us on the journey of what is making him better and more efficient. This podcast is the seat next to him where Megan and Michael speak candidly about work, business, personal and personel. I really loved the episode on the "simple" office systems the entire team uses to keep things efficient. And having the E.A.'s in the house was so valuable. Thank you for leading so well! A huge fan!
These Two Do A Killer Job Together
So impressed with the way this duo has built up a great show. Michael was great on his own, but the pair makes it!
Best productivity and leadership podcast
I’ve been a fan of Michael Hyatt for years. When he started his podcast I immediately subscribed. Both he and Megan have such a great way of communicating how productivity has changed their leadership. I’m immensely thankful for their willingness to share this content.
Addicted! Start Up Culture Gets Values!
I love these two. I love that Megan is my age and AWESOME. I love that Michael is so candid and real - and progressive with his work culture beliefs. I listen to every episode several times over to get everything I can from it, on the way to the office! Thank you guys!!!
Just gets better and better
mpcorley iTunes
I continue to be impressed with the increasing quality of the content provided by Michael and Megan. Not only is the content helpful, it is framed in a manner to be immediately deployable. I have enjoyed the addition of Larry to the podcast. He is knowledgable, articulate and has a great voice. For me, this is a “don’t miss” podcast each week.
Used to be so much better!
I remember when this show added tremendous value. When Michael delivered a quality product. When it wasn't one huge commercial. It's now so stilted with Larry. It's clear Michael doesn't want to invest the time in this anymore. Which is a shame. Plus it's gotten to be a huge commercial for his service. It used to be about adding tremendous value to the listener.
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