I love you guys 😍😍🥰🥰🥰😘😍😍😍🥰🤩
Pull up a chair
Nc Rich Strickland
This is one of the great ones. I don't miss an episode. Love the work you guys put into this podcast. Thank You!
You guys rock!
I love listening to you guys! Funny, informative, and you guys have great chemistry. I also love that you incorporate all of the different stories from different places with so much research. Glad my sister in law introduced me to your podcast. I binged listened everyday and now I think I will relisten again. Lol
Love it!!
PitBull Mommie
I just found this pod cast, and I love it. The guys are fun to listen to. Keep up the dad jokes!!!
Matt and Adam are awesome! You can really feel their passion for what they do. It shows in their research of each story. I have learned so much from listening to these two. They also encourage the listener to form their own opinion about the topics they discuss. I love that. No one has scared me more in the middle of the day than Graveyard Tales. Love you guys, keep rocking!!
Love it!
I really enjoy listening! Have listened to every episode! Keep it up you guys are great!!!!
Exceeded expectations
First time ever leaving a review for a podcast. This show is super entertaining and easy-going. The hosts genuinely enjoy the topics. Their enthusiasm comes across as authentic rather than a performance. Looking forward to listening to more
Noob chicken
Awesome podcast !!!
Hard to enjoy this podcast now
When they first started, the blueprint for their episodes was exactly what I’d been looking for… Two people talking about paranormal stuff. They kept it simple. As the show has grown in popularly, I think the success has gone to their heads. The podcast is less about the stories they tell, and more about themselves. Now they start every episode with dad jokes, and laugh robustly at their lame wisecracks. I don’t understand why they think people want to listen to their 10 minutes of meaningless chitchat to start each episode. I rarely listen anymore for this reason alone.
Halloween 2019
Mrs. Lauren H
I enjoy listening to all of the different tales from around the world and listening to the two of these gentlemen discussing their opinions and thoughts about each topic. I just want to say thank you for doing Lizzy Borden on Halloween! I am from the area of Massachusetts that the Borden were from and as I child I, of course, sang the rhythm with my friends on the playground. It was wonderful waking up this morning and listen to a tale that I had knowledge about and I even decided to take a detour and drive by the house on my way to work this morning as I continued to listen.
Amazing podcast paranormal, ghosts, unexplained, and a little occultish things
I found the podcast while searching for "paranormal." I looked at episode titles, and saw things like: the pharoah's curse | elementals | the fae | shadow people | the dybbuk and its box | skinwalkers | that voodoo that yoodoo And I knew that it was something I needed to listen to. There were tons of other topics that I had cursory knowledge of, or no knowledge of at all. After listening to the topics that I had an inherent interest in, and hearing their painstaking research and openmindedness on the topics presented, I understood that I needed to listen to all of their episodes, even if I knew nothing about them. Every episode is presented with lightheartedness, open mindedness, and well researched from multiple sources (books, websites, firsthand accounts). Even with lightheartedness, every episode is approached with diligent research, and allows listeners to decide if they would like to pursue further research into any given topic. I am by no means an expert on any of the topics presented, but nothing that they have presented has come into conflict with my limited personal research and experiences. These two southern boys have a clear passion for presenting creepy and unexplained stuff in an unbiased, intelligent, and educated manner. And they can be humorous. Sometimes. With dad jokes. And awesome Kermit the Frog impressions. I just made this doggone itunes account just to make this review. I hope you're happy!! I love you guys!
Love this show
I love this show! Found it this week and already knocked out 4 episodes, I really love the vibe and informative edge it gives. I would love to talk with y’all and have conversation with some of these findings as that I have spoke with many people from all over the world and have some stories of my own to share.
I’m a huge fan of the show. I have already listened to your catalog once and I’m starting it over again. I look forward to hearing what is coming out next. The darker and creepier the better.
Entertaining and Informative
The Dews
I just recently found your podcast and I’m quickly moving through the episodes. Adam and Matt, the dynamic between you two is so entertaining to listen to. The stories are great and the detail you put into each episode is enjoyable. I love the dad jokes and that I can get spooked by the content but still enjoy a good laugh throughout the episodes as well. You guys are great! One of my favorites!
Feels like I’m kicking back with them drinking beer around a campfire. Endlessly engaged and entertaining.
Love these guys
Entertaining and great info on paranormal subjects.
Love it
All I can say is u guys be having me weak when I’m delivering mail on my route but also have me watching my back from being scared. Thanks for being great u make my day go by a lot faster while delivering the mail.
Y’all are awesome!!
5 star review, I’ve watched almost every episode in the last 3 weeks or so at work and it’s the best podcast I’ve heard so far.
I love these guys
I really enjoy the subject matter of this podcast. That combined with their chill personalities has made this one of my favorite shows to listen to. Also, the fact that it’s safe for work is a bonus.
One of the Best
JST Crookedjaw
If you’re interested in anything Fortean such as ghosts, cryptozoology, psychic powers, UFO’s, etc. then Matt and Adam are not only very knowledgeable on all manner of paranormal research but also highly entertaining. Lighthearted and funny, these guys will fill any void for topics off the beaten path. Give them a listen. You won’t regret it.
Always Entertaining
Beer Tractor
Well read and fun to listen to
Only Show I Support on Patreon... That Good
I love these guys!! They are hilarious, tell a great story, and have a friendship so it’s like a natural conversation. Great research and they have an awesome logo! Wide variety of spooky, creepy, paranormal topics as well!! 💀🖤💀
Hey, Matt!
It’s Kelly Mayo, former coworker. I was excited to hear about your podcast as I’m a podcast junkie, and you guys have done a great job so far covering some of the paranormal/creepy things I enjoy. Looking forward to more episodes.
You won’t be disappointed!
It’s like hanging out with your friends discussing the paranormal. I was expecting the dark ominous tone like other podcasts I had listened to and was a little hesitant about listening, HOWEVER, once I listened to their first podcast in its entirety...I was hooked! I highly recommend Grave Yard Tales, pull up a gravestone and give them a listen!
Bronx X
You guys are awesome, I enjoy your programs and I am entertained each and everytime. Keep them coming guys.
Love the show
I have listened to about ten episodes and have loved each one. I find the host great and they are the reason I will keep coming back.
Good show, but......
I enjoy this show and the interaction between Adam and Matt. Their topics are well researched and I enjoy it more than most paranormal podcasts. However I’m getting REAL tired of the shows on psychic abilities shows. Today’s marks 3 in a row and I’m not gonna listen to it. Please go back to the regular stuff fellas.
Absolutely love!
I seen a recommendation about 5 months ago for graveyard tales podcast. At that moment I decided to deep dive into there episodes and let me tell you lady’s and gentleman, that was the best dang thing I ever did! I look forward to each new one! I even got my family to become listeners and they aren’t big podcast people! Adam and Matt make my day with the jokes and all the great information they give! Oh and if you haven’t check out there Facebook group: Graveyard tales group! You won’t be disappointed! There are so many active people plus Matt and Adam are very active in the group and love to hear our stories, and our personal stories on things they talk about! I highly highly recommend! Come to the graveyard 👻
Awesome topics!
Love the variety of spooky subjects!
Awesome show listen every week, have binge listened from very beginning, great stories and fun jokes!!!
Love these guys
So much fun to listen to. Glad to be a patron as well
I can't say I understand the hype about what and how you both talk! Really! Having lived mostly in the South I understand your natural cadence and wording. I've also lived in Southern California for many years. I must say I carried my way of speech with me. I think it's part of who I am. Best of luck to both of you! I love this podcast! I really appreciate all the hard work y'all put into each episode!
I just love love love this show, fun and very entertaining, I enjoy the friendship you guys have ....I would love to donate but too many dark weeks. Thank you Fran
Joe I. ( :
Love it, but please limit the “Ya know”. I start counting them sometimes. 😜
Funny & Entertaining
I’ve been listening to Adam and Matt for a few months and I’ve found them to be one of the top podcasts. They do their research for each episode and relay the information in a humorous, yet educational, manner. They definitely keep me engaged and interested in each episode, including a few chuckles. Way to go Adam and Matt...keep up the great work and I look forward to more episodes!
Highly Entertaining
Love this show and the great sense of humor from Matt and Adam. The show topics are always interesting.
Talk normal lol
Idk if you think it sounds spooky or what. But the way you speak is SUPER annoying bro.
Leah now in ELY, MN
Love you two!!
Great podcast............I’m from Southern California but enjoy listening to the southern drawl. This podcast is to me by far one of the most informative and well explained on the paranormal and fringe subjects. Keep up the Good work 👍🏼
Love these guys
I just recently discovered Adam and Matt. They have me laughing with them, I have a similar sense of humor. There voices are soothing and easy to listen too. They do there homework
Great show
Love the humor
Love this show!!
The topics are always interesting, and these guys always manage to put some humorous banter in while sticking to the subject. I love the dad jokes in the beginning of each episode!
Always fun & entertaining!
These guys always make me smile. Thanks Matt & Adam!
Great content
I love this show!!
These boys make me giggle
I love you Adam and Matt. It’s fun to hear two southern-drawls early in the morning on my way to work. I steal Adam’s dad jokes and tell them to my kids. Matt’s laugh always makes me smile. You boys make scary fun!
Graveyard Tales
Is there a rating higher than five stars? Cause that’s what this is
Always good
Diller Farmz
Great paranormal podcast and every show is very interesting.
Best one ever.
Sunny Stillwater
Just listen. So much fun. Great info. Hilarious. Everything you could ask for.
My favorite podcast!
Amy Nicole S. 1977
After I found them on ITunes, I finished all their podcasts within a month, and continue to promote to other like minded friends. Matt and Adam are hilarious and great storytellers! I like the fact that every episode is a discussion and how it is delivered. The way they talk about these topics gives me an open mind and makes the audience think. Y’all feel like family as I could talk about these stories with you guys for days!
Great stuff
Love the show
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