Slice of Tech History
Game Theorem
TechStuff Daily was an interesting experiment, one we're sad to see ended so quickly. It may have been too much work for Jonathan to give tech info each day, or there may not have been enough tech news, but it was fun while it lasted. If you ever want to listen to a day-by-day breakdown of tech from October to December of 2017, here's your detailed slice of tech history.
Best Podcast
I love TechStuff, and now I can get an episode each day! This is perfect! Also, he is my favorite podcaster.
One of the best podcasters out there
He’s my second favorite podcaster, just barely behind stuff you should know. He’s very knowledgeable and does a great job of explaining complex topics in an easy to understand manner.
Awesome podcast because of an awesome podcaster
This guy knows what he’s doing - he’s a natural. He pucks good topics, researches ‘em well & presents ‘em even better
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