Wildlife Photographer Suzi Eszterhas - Girls Who Click
Published January 8, 2019
60 min
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    On today’s show I’m delighted to introduce you to wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas. I had such a blast talking to Suzi that I couldn’t even edit our conversation down, there are too many nuggets in there worth sharing.

    It was one of those chats where you wish you were sat down in person over a couple of beers.

    It’s a great interview but if you are a parent or caregiver of girls, this is definitely an interview you need to listen to!

    We talk about . . .

    How this sensitive tough girl who took on the bullies at school by learning to fight.

    How raising an orphan serval was one of the best experiences of her life and how being a photographer made her a better fur mum.

    How fostering empathy in young children might just be what we need to save our planet’s wildlife.

    The sexism she’s faced in a male dominated profession.

    Her experience of sexual harassment, her method for dealing with it and the anger she now feels about it happening to the young woman she mentors.

    How strong is the new pretty.

    The outrageous sexist comments that inspired her to create a not-for-profit, Girls Who
    Click, to mentor young women and the surprising effect being a mentor has had on her.

    How to deal with your own child wanting to go into an unreliable and tough industry.

    The importance of following your bliss.

    How hard it is to remain hopeful if you don’t have a strong spiritual framework within you.

    How we can cure so many of our mental problems with forest bathing.

    Her experience with poachers when out in the field and why she has sympathy for them.

    Why she supports small grass root organisations over larger ones and the suspicions she has about how much funding they actually put into conservation efforts.

    How the jungle is a bootcamp for the heart and soul.

    And of course her career as a wildlife photographer.
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