January 18, 2020
She makes fantastic, creative and artistic backgrounds, with Neocolor II, pastels, acrylic paint, and lately, even oil paint.  In this episode you´ll meat Irini Malliora (@irini.arts on Instagram), from Greece, who love to experiment with backgrounds in the coloring books. We talk about how it started, how she have become so good, what "Stars coloring team" is, how she change the pictures from the books before she´s starting a new page and a lot more! Happy listening! / Isabell
December 4, 2019
Meet the illustrator behind the coloring books "The Buns", Penelope´s Garden" and "Everyday magic". She once was a editorial make up artist, but wanted to do something else, so she could be home more with her family, and she has always loved to draw.
October 30, 2019
I can now send LIVE on Podbean, which I might test some time. This was my first test today, and if you missed it you can listen to the upload, and maybe you will be able to join live next time!
October 16, 2019
The art helped her through a depression, some years ago, and today she makes coloring pages for other people, mainly for her club members in Creative Happy Life Club.  In this episode you´ll meet Kim White, from Bristol in UK. We talk about why drawing is so important to her, how she uses her I-pad when she creates, how important it is with self care, the "comparison trap", the Creepy Colouring Collaboration and a lot more!
October 16, 2019
Johanna Basford is back with a new book, and a new mission: To make more people dare to draw their own pictures.  In this episode we talk about her new book, "How to draw inky wonderlands", her upcoming drawing school, her 6 month social media sabbatical, her favourite podcasts and a story about how a teacher almost destroyed her drawing hapiness ones upon a time.
October 10, 2019
She lives in Melbourn, Australia, works as a graphic designer, and have a big passion for coloring books.  In this episode you´ll meet Kristen Lambert-Bedelis, and get to know some of the techniques she is using, when she creates her beautiful colorings in Johanna Basford´s books.  We are talking about shading, pointalism, who she gets inspired by, and a lot more!
October 4, 2019
Meet the multi-talented, and extremely creative, colorist Karen Zaback, maybe more known under the name Zucchinikitty.  She is a master of using Distress Ink, and other kind of inks, in the coloring books, and in this episode she gives us a lot of great tips if we also want to try to use ink in our books.
July 9, 2019
Meet the professional artist, and educator, Jennifer Zimmerman (@moderncoloring), known for her coloring and tuturial-books.  Hear about her art background, how she first got in contact with the coloring community, and get a lot of great tips and tricks for how to evolve as colorist (for example why it´s so good to use markers as a base layer, before adding colored pencils on top, what you can learn from a color wheel, and why toned papers are so good).  We also talk about her coloring books, Bella Futura and Glamourista, and her two tuturial-books: The secrets of coloring 1 & 2.
June 12, 2019
She loves to color faces and hair, and to help illustrators to promote their new books. In this episode you´ll meet Selina (@coloured_by_me), and get to know more about her and her fantastic coloring-teqniques. We are talking about pencil pressure, toned paper versus the books, bokeh backgrounds, gold, fur and hair. And why she doesn´t have a Youtube-channel. She also talks about her new project: A coloring book, with portraits, where some of the money will go to charity.
June 8, 2019
Meet the skilled colorista, Betty Hung (@colorartbybettyhung), from Canada, and learn her best tips when it comes to fur, cats eyes , bokeh backgrounds and blending.  We also talk about how she choose colors, why she didn´t become a professional artist and how she ended up in Susan Carlson´s coloring team.
May 31, 2019
She is FILLED with ideas, all the time, and she loves to come up with ideas that brings the coloring community together. Meet Becci, known under the name Becci´z Color Escape, on Youtube and Instagram, and hear about how it all started, why she has such big cup of coffee# and how she color skin.  And of course we talk a lot about her latest idea - the BIG community project: #theHK5project - with the goal to finish five of Hanna Karlzon´s books, together, in june and july. (A project I´m also involved in!)
May 22, 2019
In this episode I welcome back Maria Trolle, to talk about her latest coloring book, Flora. In this book we can find the girl Flora, and her sister, and a lot of plants and flowers, but also magical and mythological figures, like fairies and trolls and Näcken (a Swedish mythological lake-man) We also talk about her garden and her cat, Lotus, who you can find on many pages in this new book.  You also get to know if she's planning more coloring books in the future.
May 18, 2019
Meet Sofie (@coloringsofie) from Sweden, who makes magical things in Hanna Karlzon´s coloring books, with just a few pencils on every page. Prismacolor is the brand she uses and you can follow her process on her new Youtubechannel, where she uploads speed-coloring-videos.  We are talking a lot about two of her favourite pages so far: The lynx-page and the chameleon-page in Hanna Karlzon´s latest coloring book, Själsfränder. She explaines how she picks colors for a page, how she creates light and contrasts and harmony. And you will get some of her favourite color-combos with Prismacolor. And a lot more!
May 1, 2019
Meet the illustrator behind"A million cats", "A million dogs", "A million bears"and "A million owls" coloring books. Lulu Mayo lives in London, and have made six coloring books (A million sloths and A million unicorns are finished, but not released yet).  In this episode she talks about how it started, why she like chubby animals, especially cats, and what she is working on right now.
April 25, 2019
Meet Susan Carlson, the creator of coloring books, art journals and other things, under the name Ruby Charm Colors.  She did a lot of different things in her life before she decided to do her first coloring book. She finds inspiration in the nature, and are working on a coloring book with bugs, that soon will be released. She also recently did two art journals and a planner,  that is a bit different from a regular coloring book.  In this episode she talks about her books, her background, her coloring team and gives her best coloring tips (for example how she likes to use the Irojiten pencils on the pages).
April 19, 2019
Meet Belinda, more known as Color with faithfulgirl1978. She has a big youtubechannel, and a popular Facebook-Group, and are actually coloring for a living.  In this episode you get to know more about her, and how it all started some years ago. She also gives her best tips on how to use alcohol markers, how to color hair and how to approach a greyscale picture. And a lot more of course!'
March 29, 2019
Meet the amazing colorista Anja (@anja.netzkatze on Instagram), who was creative already as a kid, but thought children´s coloring books were to childish. So when the adult coloring books became a thing, she bought her first book, and felt in love immediately.  In this episode we talk about her passion for the coloring, how she does her georgeous pages, why she calls herself a "lazy colorista", and why Polychromos and Neocolor 2 are her favourites.
March 15, 2019
Masja van den Berg is the illustrator of "From Holland with love" and "Masja´s mandalas" and is doing adult coloring books for a living.  In this episode we talk about how it started, where she find inspiration, what the mandalas means to her, and a lot more.
March 3, 2019
She is very romantic, and creative, and is known for her Fairytales and Sagor och sägner coloring books. Especially the last, became very popular, and was reprinted in december 2018.  In this episode you get to know the illustrator Emelie Lidehäll Öberg, from Söråker in Sweden. She is talking about why she started to do coloring books, why 2018 was a really tough year for her, what she is doing right now and if there´s gonna be another coloring book in the future. And a lot more if course! Happy listening!
December 21, 2018
This CHRISTMAS SPECIAL is filled with beautiful messages to the Coloring community! Merry christmas everyone!
December 10, 2018
Jen, from @readingwithpugs is a coloring book reiewer, and knows a lot about what books we can expect in 2019! I this episode we talk about favourites from 2018, and about exciting news for next year! Happy New Year!
December 9, 2018
She lives in Norway, have a house full of kids, animals, and coloring supplies. In this episode you get to know May Brox (also known as "May mei") a bit more, and hear her best coloring tips: Like how you can create a glitter-effect, without using actual glitter, and what to think about when you use water mediums in the books that don´t have water color paper. And why she likes the Misfits coloring books so much. And of course the story about how one of her colorings will be the cover for a new coloring book, that soon will be released.
November 27, 2018
Matilda Furness convinced me that it was a good idea to make an episode about ME. So here it is, our talk about me and my coloring story. And about this podcast, of course.
November 24, 2018
Peta Hewitt has one of the biggest coloring-book-channels on Youtube, and we are a lot of people that have learned a LOT from watching her videos.  In this episode you get to know Peta Hewitt a bit more: Why she started to color, and making videos on Youtube, what her husband does with the videos, why Cream is her shortest pencil and why she has not been able to color, and make videos, as much as before.
November 23, 2018
Episode 32: PETA HEWITT Peta Hewitt has one of the biggest coloring-book-channels on Youtube, and we are a lot of people that have learned a LOT from watching her videos. In this episode you get to know Peta Hewitt a bit more: Why she started to color, and making videos on Youtube, what her husband does with the videos, why Cream is her shortest pencil and why she has not been able to color, and make videos, as much as before.
November 18, 2018
At their first anniversery as couple, Matheus bought a coloring book to Michel. They both realized that they loved to color together, and now they have over 500 coloring books and a huge collection of coloring supplies. In this episode you get to know Matheus and Michel, more known as @math_michel on Instagram, from Brasil.  We talk about some of their beautiful colorings, and where they find inspiration for them. Like the lama, they met on a trip to Machu Pichu, that they named Joseff, and then colored in a book when they came home.  Every day they color two hours together, while talking and listening to music. And they are never afraid of making mistakes in the books, because the experimenting is the thing they like most, no matter what the result will be.
November 10, 2018
Caroline (@wik_coloring on Instagram), has colored in Hanna Karlzon´s books since 2015, and actually finished Daydreams some time ago. Her dream is to finish all of Hanna´s books someday, and she likes to color the pages in order.  In this episode we talk about Polychromos, Neocolor and black Posca, and Caroline talks about some of her experiments in the books. And why she likes to color gold so much.  (TO MY PATRONS: Just for information, this episode doesn´t have any extra-material!)
November 3, 2018
Emily Laughlin is a illustrator, and colorista, known for her delicate and beautiful versions of Johanna Basford´s art.  In this episode you get to know her, and what it is about Johanna´s books, fineliners and Ergosoft pencils, that she likes so much.  We also talk about her "rule of three", and how she achieves balance in her pictures.  And of course, what she, and Johanna Basford, talked about, when they met in person, earlier this year!
October 27, 2018
She has a big youtubechannel, and a popular Facebookgroup, and love to color, her pugs, and reading.  In this episode you get to know Jen, more known as "Reading with pugs", and hear her coloring story. We talk about how it started, why she loves to color Halloween- and Christmas-pictures, why the coloring helps her with her pain, and why she loves glitter so much!
October 20, 2018
She works as tattooer, in Warsaw, Poland, and has made three coloring books: Po Drugiej Stronie Snu, Ticket to dreams, and Imaginary friends, that just was released.  In this episode you get to know Karolina Kubikowska, and find out more about her coloring books, and why they are a bit darker than most other coloring books.
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