Perfect creepy podcast.
It's what I've been looking for! This and Unexplained, I think, truly scratch my itch for a creepy, well-researched story.
The narrative & story line always make the information so much easier to digest. I enjoy adding to my places I want to visit from this podcast almost every time. Thank you for what you do!
Just so so
I enjoy hearing the history of the places, but the stories they create to “draw you in” just do the opposite for me. They’re mostly cliches and the narrator tries way too hard to sell it.
I wish they had stuck with telling true crime stories. I’m tired of hearing their political views.
Awesome 🤗
I love the amount of research and effort that goes into each episode! All Parcast podcasts are fabulous! Plus, Greg’s voice is the most mesmerizing on any of the podcasts anywhere!! I just love love love this podcast!
Favorite Podcast
This has quickly become my favorite podcasts. I really enjoy the combination of facts and rumors, as well as real life encounters.
Most of these are just the worst case scenario that he doesn’t have proof even happened.
Every single human live matters, regardless of skin color. Love everyone and be nice. Stop pushing your Marxist ideology.
Another one jumping on the bandwagon and bringing political/social views into an otherwise good podcast. I don't support anyone do this and am unsubscribing. If you want to be political/social, have a seperate podcast for that.
My favorite
Out of all the podcasts that are on Parcast, Haunted Places is my absolute favorite!!!! Love the stories! Keep up the awesome story telling!
Love this podcast, I have been listening for over a year now, but I am disappointed that parcast is trying to force you to get Spotify. I would love to subscribe to more Parcast channels but they are only available in Spotify now 😡🤬
Great Storytelling
I found this through the Supernatural with Ashley Flowers podcast and it’s great! I am only a few episodes in but I love the way he tells the stories. And honestly his “dramatization” totally draws me in! I love that I have so many to look forward to!
The best love it ❤️
Pod cast
Is their a preview to hear before subscribing to any of these fascinating stories ?
Perfect storyteller
I listened to other Parcast shows with Greg and was surprised when I first heard this. I had chills when I first listened. He wraps you in the story. So good!
Karlova Street
Fssss for some reason the idea of a ghost with a knife is so funny to me 5/5
A favorite podcast
One of my favorite podcasts!! So excited to see Emily’s Bridge on a podcast. I grew up in Central Vt and all the locals love Emily’s Bridge during Halloween. Thank you so much. Keep up the great work!
Love it
I wanted something entertaining to listen to while working at my office job everyday and this podcast is exactly what I was looking for! Spooky stories with a dramatic flair. I actively look forward to settling in to work everyday just so I can listen to these. Would recommend!
Greg is the perfect narrator for this. He’s so dramatic and just great for this show. These are ghost stories. They’re SUPPOSED to be dramatic. That’s what makes them memorable. This podcast is great.
Idiotic Negative Reviewers
To the “theatre kid” who complained about his voice being too dramatic, in theatre there’s no such thing as “too dramatic.” When you are on a stage you exaggerate your makeup and expressions so the entire audience can see. When people can only hear your voice, you exaggerate your voice to draw the audience in. Please don’t pretend to be something you’re not. On a lighter note, great podcast! Love the research put into this.
Missing an episode
Found this podcast a few months ago and I’ve loved the stories coming out of it. Narration is good if a bit dramatic at times since I’m starting with older episodes. My only problem is what happened to podcast #2 for the 3 part podcasts for Jeffrey Dahmer? Couldn’t find it anywhere and no explanation was given as to why it wasn’t in the list of podcasts. Only #1 and #3 are available to listen to. What happened? Anyways, will continue to listen. Good stories!!
Love this podcast and also..
Lily Danger!
The negative reviews I find to be honestly quite hilarious. I really get into the stories because of the dramatic voice and the extra stories that are essentially making you imagine what would happen if YOU were the one to visit the place! So some rare few facts get crossed... so what? That’s how history tends to be.. it’s like the telephone game.. some bits of the story can change with time. I love this podcast because of how excited it makes me get to want to go and actually visit all of these places. So very cool. The detail is very important, and I enjoy all the work y’all put into every episode. Thank you!!
Waverly Hills
I just started these stories. I really enjoy them until I came to the waverly hills episode. Being from Ky every ghost fanatic knows the stories about the TB hospital. I was very disappointed when I heard the very beginning. You talked about a little girl with a ball. It’s a little boy names Timmy and he has a red ball. If you roll it he will play with you.
Omg my husband and I find this podcast delightful because of the overdramatized descriptions! I’m not sure if it’s intentional, but they’re so over-the-top that we can’t help but laugh.
Sooooo Dramatic
This is SOOOO great and SOOOO dramatic ❤️
This show rocks
Love for Podcast
Love listening to this podcast while at work. Would definitely recommend to friends!
Yeehaw Yall
Hey greg,,, you’re a cool dude,,, just PLEASE CALM DOWN ON THE DRAMATIZATIONS. as a theatre kid your voice is painful to listen to. talk normally. please. otherwise, (despite NUMEROUS factual and chronological errors), it’s a pretty good podcast.
I have a hard time finding a podcast that I can listen to without getting bored. This one has got to be one of my favorites!!
Thanks for the Edisto Story!
I love this show and listen every week. I was so excited to hear the story of Julia LeGare on Edisto Island. Edisto has been my family’s vacation spot/second home for over 40 years and I’ve visited the LeGare tomb many times. The island has several ghost stories and legends and this is on of the best. So much history on Edisto and I love to hear it recognized!
Based on the past
This show since day one has been phenomenal, BUT even before Corona they had started making episodes shorter and seemed to be phoning it in content wise. They had introduced me to haunted places I was unfamiliar with, and I never missed an episode as soon as it came on stitcher or apple. I’m sure success has made all them busy but please don’t turn into Dan and Dave from GOT. The only thing that can knock y’all from the number one spot is you. Even at 50% y’all are still far better than 95% of the others.
I love these people, they know some really deep ...dark truths that no one talks about. At first it seems a bit cheesy but the dude speaking is incredible at story telling and I could put a picture in my mind for every story!! Keep them coming! More stories on Colorado & New Mexico please 😻
Best podcast!
One of the best podcasts ever! My ultimate favorite to listen to everyday! Thank you for making these stories come to life!
Love it!
Love everything horror!
Finish a sentence!
I’m going to say three words then pause. I’m going to say three words then pause. I’m going to say three words then pause.
Love this podcast
I enjoy hearing about stories from famously haunted places. They are not the widely heard stories either.
Best parcast
cycloptimus prime
This is the best parcast ever and I’m very interested in stuff like this while I work at nite and it helps make the time go by faster
Love this podcast!!!!
Great Podcast
I absolutely love this podcast! Greg Polcyn’s voice is a great match for these stories. I love how he is able to bring the story to life in each episode. There is no mindless babble or opinions for ten minutes before the actual episode begins, it’s straight to the content. I have subscribed to most of the Parcast Netword podcasts but this is definitely my new favorite!
I am absolutely in love with the par cast network. I use to absolutely HATE podcasts! Literally hated them! I hated the voices of people just babbling on and on about stupid things. I couldn’t get into them! Then I was introduced to the Parcast whole world changed and I can’t go a DAY without listening to an episode! I don’t think I’ve listened to an episode that I DIDN’T enjoy! You guys do the episodes in such a way that makes it interesting and the music adds that touch that makes me feel like I’m just listening to an audio book almost! It would be awesome to hear a Haunted Places episode on The Horton Mine!
I was recommended to this podcast and feel in LOVE with it. Digging the Urban Legends. I would recommend to anyone! Plus I love how they warn younger podcast listeners if it is too gorey or grim. Thanks for that.
Good stories, but terribly inaccurate
I got about 3/4ths of the way through episode two going “this is not what I remember about Marie Laveau...” before googling it myself. Cross referenced with a reputable Tour company in New Orleans, and what the Podcast portrays is all mucked up. Unsubscribed.
Parcast never disappoints!
I love this podcast & many other parcast podcasts. Haunted places has to be my most favorite one out of all of them! I can literally recite the intro with no problem & Greg’s voice is perfect for telling such creepy stories!
I refuse to switch from iTunes
I subscribe to many of parcast network podcast, but not a fan how they want their members to switch to Spotify. If this continues I will unsubscribes from all their shows.
New favorite!
This is my new favorite podcast! I love the ambient noise/sound effects and music. The host has a great storyteller voice and way he tells each story of the haunted place and its history, is creepy yet captivating! If you ever need more material Fort Vancouver/Officers Row and Orchards Park in WA State are extremely haunted! Thanks making me happy to subscribe!
Like it
paul man 12435
It’s a good podcast.Not the best one I’ve ever heard but it is still good podcast for scary stories.
Loving It
The Lonley Ghost Girl
This series is awesome!!!! I don’t know why but I even listen to it before bed. My favorite episode so far is The New Amsterdam Theater one
Pronunciation is terrible
I understand not every story are from languages you speak, but it would be really really beneficial if you could consult a local about pronunciation. The japanese episodes in particular are so off you might as well not even say the names. It’s really distracting!
Great Stories binge listening
tigger 1014
I love this podcast. I listen before work. After work while driving home I listen intently. Greg has a great haunted stories voice.
There are no ghosts and no haunted places.
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