Finish a sentence!
I’m going to say three words then pause. I’m going to say three words then pause. I’m going to say three words then pause.
Love this podcast
I enjoy hearing about stories from famously haunted places. They are not the widely heard stories either.
Best parcast
cycloptimus prime
This is the best parcast ever and I’m very interested in stuff like this while I work at nite and it helps make the time go by faster
Love this podcast!!!!
Great Podcast
I absolutely love this podcast! Greg Polcyn’s voice is a great match for these stories. I love how he is able to bring the story to life in each episode. There is no mindless babble or opinions for ten minutes before the actual episode begins, it’s straight to the content. I have subscribed to most of the Parcast Netword podcasts but this is definitely my new favorite!
I am absolutely in love with the par cast network. I use to absolutely HATE podcasts! Literally hated them! I hated the voices of people just babbling on and on about stupid things. I couldn’t get into them! Then I was introduced to the Parcast whole world changed and I can’t go a DAY without listening to an episode! I don’t think I’ve listened to an episode that I DIDN’T enjoy! You guys do the episodes in such a way that makes it interesting and the music adds that touch that makes me feel like I’m just listening to an audio book almost! It would be awesome to hear a Haunted Places episode on The Horton Mine!
I was recommended to this podcast and feel in LOVE with it. Digging the Urban Legends. I would recommend to anyone! Plus I love how they warn younger podcast listeners if it is too gorey or grim. Thanks for that.
Good stories, but terribly inaccurate
I got about 3/4ths of the way through episode two going “this is not what I remember about Marie Laveau...” before googling it myself. Cross referenced with a reputable Tour company in New Orleans, and what the Podcast portrays is all mucked up. Unsubscribed.
Parcast never disappoints!
I love this podcast & many other parcast podcasts. Haunted places has to be my most favorite one out of all of them! I can literally recite the intro with no problem & Greg’s voice is perfect for telling such creepy stories!
I refuse to switch from iTunes
I subscribe to many of parcast network podcast, but not a fan how they want their members to switch to Spotify. If this continues I will unsubscribes from all their shows.
New favorite!
This is my new favorite podcast! I love the ambient noise/sound effects and music. The host has a great storyteller voice and way he tells each story of the haunted place and its history, is creepy yet captivating! If you ever need more material Fort Vancouver/Officers Row and Orchards Park in WA State are extremely haunted! Thanks making me happy to subscribe!
Like it
paul man 12435
It’s a good podcast.Not the best one I’ve ever heard but it is still good podcast for scary stories.
Loving It
The Lonley Ghost Girl
This series is awesome!!!! I don’t know why but I even listen to it before bed. My favorite episode so far is The New Amsterdam Theater one
Pronunciation is terrible
I understand not every story are from languages you speak, but it would be really really beneficial if you could consult a local about pronunciation. The japanese episodes in particular are so off you might as well not even say the names. It’s really distracting!
Great Stories binge listening
tigger 1014
I love this podcast. I listen before work. After work while driving home I listen intently. Greg has a great haunted stories voice.
There are no ghosts and no haunted places.
Love all Episodes!!
Love every episode!! Can’t wait for Thursday to come just for a new episode... some I’ve heard twice
Don’t forget New Mexico
I was surprised to see that you had nothing on New Mexico. The state has a history of paranormal events from the Kimo theatre to a historic orphanage where a young boy died.
Love love love Parcast
I enjoy your stories of hauntings, mythology, crime, and everything in between!!!!
Hard to find a good professional podcast but this is one.
Love, love, love
Absolutely love this podcast. I’ve listened to every one on here, mainly at work as it keeps me focused. Always looking forward to the next weeks episode.
Holy Crap where has this podcast been all of my life?!?! Im obsessed! So happy to have found this podcast!
Just listened to the Snowden House episode and it got me sitting at the edge of my seat. Their research and expert writing takes you on a deep journey into the subject matter. Thank you 🙏🏻
Awesome 🤗
I love the amount of research and effort that goes into each episode! All Parcast podcasts are fabulous! Plus, Greg’s voice is mesmerizing!
Great podcast
I'm new to this podcast and the paranormal being my favorite subject, I was instantly hooked to this awesome stories and paranormal information.. I definitely recommend this podcast to everybody , Keep up the great job , 👍
Such a great podcast to listen to love the history and information in each one!
Great podcast
What happened to the Jeffrey dahmer one
Creepy!!!! And Scarring!!!!! O-O
Please make more of these!!! The fatal hair-do scars me for life and I don’t think I will ever sleep again. R. I. P me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, my family finds this freaky and when I listen with my headphones on it sounds so Cool and Realistic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIVE STARS!!!!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!
Creepy pasta myths
If interested in another creepy pasta podcast please check out ❤️ CREEPY PASTA MYTHS by Andrew Borja A new kind of horror podcast Love this podcast! ❤️
Love the storytelling
Very interesting and eloquent.
Awesomely creepy podcast
I love the live action stories and the way you all tell the mysteries of all of these stories. Thanks for recording and keep up the great work!
Best podcast I’ve ever heard
The host club
This is an amazing podcast! It has the perfect amount of scary and suspense. The cliffhangers are to die for! Please upload more amazing stories.!
Creepily Great!
._. ._. ._. ._. ._.
This podcast is so creepy and interesting! I’d recommend it to anyone who likes a creepy story.
Best podcast ever!
My favorite podcast, I really love ghost stories:) I really like the narrators voice as wel
Try harder
James re 74
I wish this podcast was just a little bit better I think you need to host you just get bored listening to the same guy talk
Tt tc ts
You should do the haunted really big park in Los Angeles
Do better with your history note
If I could give - stars I would if you going to make a podcast on real haunting do that but please refrain from spreading false history. Voodoo is a religion and you can/have offended people who practice it.
If you like horror
This podcast was once my absolute favorite. But now it’s rare to get tot he haunted, spooky part. It’s mostly overshadowed by the gory, bloody disasters. The last few have been so caught up in back story that there wasn’t even a ghost story to go with it! It really should be called Tragic Places or Gruesome Places. Also, please stop describing vomit. That is unnecessary.
All the spoopy stories
Love this podcast! So glad I found it!!
Great show
Brownman 1048
Really like the show. Maybe look into rolling hills asylum in New York
A favorite go to for sleepless nights
I love the show! I have a suggestion, Northgate mall in Seattle; ghostly children and Ted Bundy
These are deliciously chilling stories enhanced by Greg’s wonderful voice!!
Loftus Hall
Fur child 3
I love listening to the story details of the paranormal and waiting for the next one.
5 stars!
Love this show! I’m hooked!
Love this podcast!
Absolutely the best! Greg has such a great voice and keeps me mesmerized. Awesome!
Too dramatic in the telling. Tone it down. I’m not a child at bedtime.
Huge Error
Been listening to this show off and on the past couple of weeks when I got to the Tower of London episode. The narrator refers to Henry I as the son of William II, when in fact they were both the sons of William the Conqueror and therefore brothers. That’s a pretty egregious error to make, and due to not being able to trust the researcher I will no longer be listening to this show.
Love Love Love
Absolutely obsessed with this podcast! It makes me feel like it’s the Halloween Season all year long! And Greg’s voice is perfection!
Urban legends was a fantastic podcast to get in the Halloween spirit
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