July 16, 2020
In this powerful and super fun episode, Jody Marquis joins Kris to take a deep dive into mind-blowing concepts such as important questions to ask both yourself and your team, tips for language and scripts when having difficult situations, and shifts we can do to get out of the Drama Triangle and into receiving abundance. Jody also explains the importance of doing self-work when working with kids and shares more on how the Chance for Change Institute works with leaders to transform themselves through their mindset, beliefs, and habits.   Key Takeaways: [6:28] The Chance for Change Institute in Vermont supports teachers and leaders in training so everyone comes to work happy and ready to do their best for the kids. One passion of Jody’s is working with diverse groups and helping them step into their best selves, no matter what cards life has previously handed them. [13:44] People are operating from their own belief systems. It can be powerful to shift from taking everything personally into asking people the right questions to find out where they are coming from, and what they are really looking to get out of life. The more we get clarity on our own limiting beliefs, the more we can move out of negativity and be present in our jobs and relationships. [17:00] Those that work with children have even more responsibility to manage their own energy and mindsets. One of Kris’s favorite phrases in leadership is “help me understand,” and that is also a concept that can be helpful in the classroom to defuse potential fights or bad behavior. [18:10] According to the research data, eight out of 10 people that come into the Early Childhood Care field carry limiting beliefs from their own childhood trauma. The first step is to have empathy and realize where people are coming from. [23:40] Now is the time for the child care industry to claim our rightful spot as a professional social service that can step up in the time of a pandemic. It is an opportunity to help in our communities and assist parents with navigating through this tough time. [27:16] Even during a pandemic we can still look for the beauty and focus on abundance, not lack. [28:30] Overcoming fear is being able to do specific things to move out of negative thought cycles and the Drama Triangle of blame, shame, and complaining. [48:12] The more we can get into the vibration of love, the more we set ourselves up to manifest and receive.   Quotes: “We can only give back to children what we have within ourselves.” “We all have the ability to be coaches for others.” “The definition of courage is when fear and love collide, and love wins.” — Jack Russell   Mentioned in This Episode: Kris Murray The Child Care Success Company Child Care Success Academy Child Care Success Summit — offering $1 ticket Grow Your Center Child Care Authority Child Care Exchange Bruce Lipton Brené Brown Happy for No Reason The Energy Codes Conscious Leadership Group Self-Sustaining Leadership Jody Marquis Facebook  
July 9, 2020
Alvin Ayusa is a true example of a Child Care Rockstar, immigrating from the Philippines and living separated from his family for ten years, to now owning two locations in California at 90% enrollment. Alvin shares how his background in systems and software automation helped him understand integral practices in marketing and enrollment, and how the Leadership Mastery class helped him develop a high-level culture. Alvin and Kris discuss some of the amazing action items Just 4 Kids took, including adjusting phone scripts and virtual tours, spreading community goodwill, and clear communication.   Key Takeaways: [6:33] Alvin has a background in software and analytics and lived apart from his family for ten years when he immigrated to the United States. Upon his wife coming to the United States, they thought about a daycare business, but it wasn’t her calling. He had a friend in Las Vegas who purchased a preschool, and it helped show him that it was a business step that may be worth it for him and his family. [11:33] Alvin’s first preschool was acquired in October 2018, and the second one was just over six months after. One is 190 capacity and the other is 36, with eighteen employees and two directors. Alvin and his wife both take a hands-on role, both working from home and going into the schools sometimes one to two times a month. [14:37] Fun fact: Alvin was very close to becoming a Catholic priest. Now with his wife and three kids, he is obviously meant to be doing what is on his path now! [17:48] Alvin was able to jump into a lot of the tech that helps schools and centers be more successful and combine it with the knowledge he previously had through his tech background. [22:24] Alvin took the COVID-19 news seriously from the start and took immediate action by sending a letter to parents and allocating his website space to become a landing page for parents to go and read real-time FAQs and all previous communication. [29:46] In addition to discounts and avoiding layoffs as much as possible, Alvin and his team did a goodwill series video campaign that connected the community and their competitors. With a 90% enrollment rate, Alvin and his hard-working team deserve a big kudos. [35:06] The pandemic was the first time they were able to implement their e-packet and created one specifically focused on COVID-19. [43:05] Alvin’s staff understood what they were going through and saw the value of themselves through the Leadership Mastery class. Everyone is on the same page and speaking the same language.   Quotes: “When you were talking about leads and funnels, this is my world!” — Alvin “I thought I would be leaving that world I love for the last seven years of my life, and now I’m able to do it in my own business, which is why it’s so thrilling for me.” — Alvin “With this crisis comes amazing innovation if you look for it and you implement it.” — Kris “When you empower them [your staff] to have their own skin in the game for their own leadership journey but you support them, it’s an amazing thing.” — Kris   Mentioned in This Episode: Kris Murray The Child Care Success Company Child Care Success Academy Child Care Success Summit — offering $1 ticket Grow Your Center Child Care Authority Child Care Exchange Just 4 Kids Preschool  
July 2, 2020
Tym the Trainer has been holding Early Childhood Education workshops and cruises for over ten years and leads his own school brand in Texas, with six locations. Tym joins the show to talk about innovation in school systems, conscious discipline, and navigating the new paradigm in our world to do things differently and innovate post-pandemic. Tym and Kris also discuss how we can think outside the box in the new normal and appreciate the pause button we’ve been given.   Key Takeaways: [10:34] Tym and his team started their programs with a focus on creating a unique environment that fostered self-regulation and social and emotional development for young children. Tym is a very busy guy with his hands in a lot of different pies. Half of his business is training and consulting, and the other half is operations.  They continue to build and acquire different properties along with a solid after-school program that provides support for children after their day at public school. [13:54] Great leaders play offense by mapping out what the future is going to look like as best they can, post-pandemic. People that approach their business with a spirit of innovation will have a better chance of succeeding and pivoting to what the market needs. [16:39] School leaders need to reach out to the media and send out press releases communicating that the industry is here to stay, we aren’t crumbling, and we don’t need reform. [20:18] Fun fact: Tym is as big of a Madonna fan as you can imagine. [24:41] We have to adapt to the new normal and think way outside the box to put together programs, clubs, and activities that will provide children the best education for the current times. [34:05] The after-school programs will be a huge opportunity to innovate and supplement the gaps typical schools may be missing. [36:16] Tym has found profound results using Conscious Discipline in his culture from everything regarding the way teachers manage their classrooms, staff turnover, and leadership. [41:53] One of the main things Conscious Discipline helped with was providing a skill set for adults and children to react appropriately and regulate emotions when things don’t go their way. [45:14] Tym shares a story of overcoming a challenge while acquiring two properties at the same time in 2013, which he will never do again! His advice from this situation was to not bite off more than you can chew, learn to say no, and be careful what you wish for because you might get it, times two. [49:29] Tym defines a Child Care Rockstar as someone who is proud, passionate, and purposeful about their work in early education.   Quotes: “Our main goal is to help get children and their families the skills they need when the world doesn’t go their way.” “I’m actually super excited for our industry and what’s ahead of us.” “We are going to take better care of the things that are most important to us moving forward, both personally and professionally.” “If you don’t adapt, you get left behind.”   Mentioned in This Episode: Kris Murray The Child Care Success Company Child Care Success Academy Child Care Success Summit — offering $1 ticket Grow Your Center Child Care Authority Child Care Exchange Tym the Trainer National Child Care Association Dr. Becky Bailey Frog Street Texas Licensed Childcare Association Madonna — “Truth or Dare” The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy, by Jon Gordon The Seed: Finding Purpose and Happiness in Life and Work, by Jon Gordon  
June 25, 2020
This week features a special working-happy-hour episode with beloved guest Vernon Mason. Vernon has been an early childhood administrator for over 20 years and also owned four centers with locations in North Carolina before selling them to a national buyer. Vernon and Kris talk about the future of early childhood and how quality ties in with profitability. Vernon also shares his love for visiting schools on professional development day, and how we can stay connected to our staff and culture while we adjust to getting back to school in the pandemic.   Key Takeaways: This is a special happy-hour celebratory episode because your fearless leader Kris is newly engaged! Vernon is a consultant, trainer, and keynote speaker. He is loved for his authentic and inspiring way of delivering speeches, and always injects humor and a fresh perspective in his talks. In 2015, Vernon launched Directors Leadership Solutions to help directors on their path to success. He helps leaders with everything, including having difficult conversations, smoothing out clear communication, how to handle parent complaints, and developing a culture that stays loyal and engaged. You can’t shoulder the stress of keeping your school alive and vibrant on your own. Three pieces of financial advice to survive and thrive during this time: use your EDD wisely, take a good look at your payroll to see if it’s too high, don’t apologize or feel guilty for going up on your rates in the fall. Even if you don’t know exactly all the answers, parents appreciate the communication of just touching base to let them know what you are working on, and what is, at least, coming next. Your team needs to know how important enrollment is, and leaders can communicate that in a sensitive yet clear way. The better you treat your employees, the better they treat the children.   Quotes: “If you are tired of being a victim, take action.” “Without connection, there is suffering.” — Brene Brown “The fuller the program, the better the quality will be.” “Treat your employees as well as you want the kids treated.”   Mentioned in This Episode: Kris Murray The Child Care Success Company Child Care Success Academy Child Care Success Summit — offering $1 ticket Grow Your Center Child Care Authority Child Care Exchange Directors Leadership Solutions Vernon Mason, Jr Bari Baumgardner Palm Beach Preschool  
June 18, 2020
Ron Spreeuwenberg, CEO of Co-Founder of HiMama and host of The Preschool Podcast, joins Kris on the show this week. Ron talks about how HiMama is providing answers and support in the COVID-19 crisis, the surprising results from their survey, and what five things your school can do to come out of the crisis the most successfully and financially viable as possible.
June 11, 2020
This week, Kris talks with another international guest, Gary Peirce, who is the owner of Hopes & Dreams Nursery in the Isle of Man, a tiny island between Ireland and the UK. Gary gets opens up and gets vulnerable on what it’s really like to run the school together as a husband and wife duo, with his wife Laura leading the charge on the school curriculum. Gary also talks about the mindset change that occurred as he grew from being an owner to a leader and the detailed story of amazing core value development that has happened within their business. Finally, Gary and Kris talk about the tangible positive results that occur when your team feels supported, aligned, and appreciated even during a challenging time.   Key Takeaways: [8:53] Gary and his wife Laura own Hopes & Dreams Nursery, located on an island called the Isle of Man, which is the size of a small town. They have six settings on the Island, and since the island is self-governing, they can adapt their curriculum and even include extra cool opportunities such as outdoor exploration and nature-based learning. [15:11] Gary and Laura are constantly pushing themselves and their team to discover ways to make learning fun and effective. [20:59] With five kids, Gary has got himself a very own real-life version of the Brady Bunch. [26:05] Hopes & Dreams Nursery has very strong core values, and their mission is to inspire the youth to become the best citizens they can be in the island community for generations to come. [27:55] No matter what their role or rank, everyone at Hopes & Dreams takes their job seriously and understands how fundamentally important they are in the organization. It is also up to everyone to lead the best they can in their individual roles. [30:36] Gary took his team all the way to Las Vegas, where he set up a field trip to Zappos to show them what great management and culture looked like. [41:22] You can look at your failures as a stepping stone to success, and Gary is very vulnerable and open about how he turned his mindset around while transitioning from an owner to a leader. [42:39] Gary took his core values and launched them into his culture by creating a workbook that could provide congruence across the team. As a testament to his great leadership, his team voluntarily took a pay cut during the pandemic to save money.   Mentioned in This Episode: Kris Murray The Child Care Success Company Child Care Success Academy Child Care Success Summit — offering $1 ticket Grow Your Center Child Care Authority Child Care Exchange Zappos Hopes & Dreams The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny, by Robin Sharma The Leader Without a Title: A Modern Fable on Real Success in Business and in Life, by Robin Sharma Life’s Golden Ticket: A Story about Second Chances, by Brendon Burchard  
June 4, 2020
This week, Kris is joined by Ryan Hawk, author, speaker, thought leader, and host of The Learning Leader Show, a podcast that has millions of listeners and much industry acclaim. Ryan talks about his rising role as an NFL Quarterback, and how he pivoted to creating a show that allows him to have deep and thoughtful conversations with top leaders from all over the world. Ryan gives us a glimpse into what the world of leadership holds for early learning leaders, and practical lessons to provide to your business and beyond. He also shares a few of his favorite guests from The Learning Leader Show, and life-changing takeaways that came out of their episode.   Key Takeaways: [6:42] Ryan played football at two colleges and even pursued a path to the NFL. The experience taught him a lot and he still draws from the lessons he learned as an athlete. [9:26] Ryan created The Learning Leader Show podcast as a way to show his continuing education as a leader, and start a public conversation between leaders all around the world. [12:42] Ryan’s wife and daughters are his ultimate “why” to inspire and lead, to show them it is possible to create your own life by following your own intellectual curiosity and vigor. [14:37] There are four commonalities that Ryan has found in the best coaches and leaders in his life. First being, they aggressively pursue their curiosity to learn more and strive to get better. [19:27] Great leaders over-deliver on a consistent basis, and they look for ways to make an impact and a significant difference. [24:40] Leaders should understand just how powerful they are; this will help them use their power for good. [28:48] It is important for owners to be engaged in the actual school management, to show up and meet parents on school tours. You can still work on the business, but show up as a leader at the integral times to communicate your mission and your vision. [31:10] Books are a magical thing, and it doesn’t cost a lot to acquire knowledge through the power of books. [37:28] An effective leader does all three consistently every day: manage, lead, and coach. [43:22] Two of the most important attributes and habits Kris has found from interviewing so many leaders are 1.) fast action and 2.) constant working on mindset.   Quotes: “One of the coolest aspects of hosting is a show is that you have the opportunity to build real relationships with your heroes.” “The bad bosses or coaches were the ones who knew it all and had it all figured out. They knew all the answers.” “Part of leadership is showing up. Your presence is required.”   Mentioned in This Episode: Kris Murray The Child Care Success Company Child Care Success Academy Child Care Success Summit — offering $1 ticket Grow Your Center Child Care Authority Child Care Exchange The Learning Leader Show Welcome to Management: How to Grow From Top Performer to Excellent Leader, by Ryan Hawk Miami University Todd Wagner John Maxwell Admiral Lloyd Mustin Stan McChrystal Les Brown Tony Robbins Tim Ferriss Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, by Robert B. Cialdini Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success, by Adam Grant The Wright Brothers, by David McCullough Simon Sinek Dan Sullivan  
May 30, 2020
The state of the world presently is placing an emphasis on schools upping their game in many ways, with the quality of health and safety being at the forefront of importance. Martin Bing joins the show this week to talk about how his company, 1Place Childcare, provides a tool for leaders and schools to feel secure about their compliance, training, processes, and procedures. 1Place can make sure your plans are well executed and that staff is well trained to ensure a consistently high level of health and safety. Martin and Kris also talk about what new protocols they are seeing in response to COVID-19, how 1Place can visually demonstrate success, and the importance of creating checklists in this time of a new landscape.   Key Takeaways: [10:33] Martin has a background in both IT and accounting, and is a self-described process nerd, just like Kris. His interest in entrepreneurialism led to his founding 1Place when he identified a need for an online tool to measure processes and easily share information and solve problems. [12:48] 1Place provides a way for owners and leaders to streamline processes, use checklists for training and documentation, and have oversight over multiple locations. This is extra relevant to the times now, where schools must show extra compliance for health and safety issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic. [14:42] Fun Facts: Martin is a third-generation New Zealander. His wife, Wing Wei Chan, is also a published author of the book Lizard’s Tale. [19:10] A few of the new Health and Safety protocols in response to COVID-19 include upped hygiene measures, temperature screenings, and creating systems for social distancing. [24:09] 1Place provides a sophisticated answer for a workflow that allows issues and problems to be dealt with as close to real-time as possible. Instead of seeing an issue and needing to write it down to deal with later, users can contact the maintenance team right away to fix the problem. [30:50] Showing videos and photos really do tell the story of how your school is stepping up, and people will remember and choose you because of that. Once you get your checklist down, you can do videos to demonstrate your school’s compliance to help comfort parents and show that you take measures seriously. [36:18] 1Place is also a tool that can provide the answers for why a certain pattern of issues keeps popping up, whether it’s a broken process, training, or in the leadership. [44:25] Creating checklists can give us a sense of control, and helps us deal with stress.   Quotes: “Our system is all about continuous improvement.” Quality in health and safety is going to be one of the key things that will differentiate your centers from other centers.” “Part of being a happy human is having work that fulfills you.”   Mentioned in This Episode: Kris Murray The Child Care Success Company Child Care Success Academy Child Care Success Summit — offering $1 ticket Grow Your Center Child Care Authority Child Care Exchange Grow Your Center Health and Safety Checklists 1Place Lizard’s Tale Ep 4: Evan Goldman Martin Bing The Lean Start-Up The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God's Work  
May 19, 2020
Bruce Spurr, Co-Founder of Grow Your Center, joins the show today. Kris and Bruce talk about what sets Grow Your Center apart as the only world-class digital marketing agency serving the early childhood industry exclusively. Bruce shares what advertising and marketing trends he is seeing that are working in the child care industry, how schools can add value in their advertising while they are still closed. He also explains the importance of producing goodwill content and how the Three H's of social media will help you build rapport and stay top of mind with families in the future.   Key Takeaways: [3:48] It is a great time to advertise your message for a very low cost, producing a phenomenal return on investment.  [7:12] Parents are noticing what schools are helping and supporting their community now, and some are even wondering why they haven’t heard from their current preschool. It is up to your leadership team to figure out ways to reach out and spread goodwill in the community. [14:33] Your ad needs to add value in some way, and follow the strategy of Goodwill Hunting. You are building rapport in the marketplace by producing Goodwill content, and Build rapport in your marketplace by producing Goodwill content and then hunt (or harvest) your newly engaged families and parents to tour your school.  [19:05] Consistently is key when creating brand recognition and trust.  [22:02] Bruce recommends having advertising and content that includes the Three H’s: content that is humorous, helpful, and heartfelt. [27:51] “Did You Know” and “How To” videos can be a fun and compelling way to engage families and show just how much knowledge early educators have. [41:42] By currently advertising what are you doing currently in terms of goodwill and helping the community, you will be more likely to be top-of-mind to parents when it's time to return back to "normal" and they will feel more confident about enrolling when schools do open back up. [46:23] One of the biggest mistakes people make is forgetting to put a call to action in their advertising. Make sure all your ads and media include ways for people to connect with you and get in touch with you. Bruce recommends making all your phone numbers textable, and provide an easy avenue for someone to call you (and have you answer).   Quotes: “If you are not being proactive with your families and showing you love them, you are missing the boat.” “This is a time for goodwill, as well as a time for innovation.” “It’s amazing the things that early educators, that the general public does not know.”   Mentioned in This Episode: Kris Murray The Child Care Success Company Child Care Success Academy Child Care Success Summit — offering $1 ticket Grow Your Center Child Care Authority Child Care Exchange Grow Your Center
May 7, 2020
This week, Kris is joined by friend and seasoned veteran of the early learning industry, Donna Thorton-Roberts. Donna shares some of her knowledge about being effective, prepared, and proactive during this time, along with some wisdom she personally has gained from going through some tough times in her career, which included going from three to nineteen schools in six years. Donna and Kris also talk about the importance of hiring the right people, offering services to the community, and developing a plan to hit the ground running when society opens back up.   Key Takeaways: [1:15] Donna started her career in 1976, so she has seen some scary times and knows it is just a season we will come out of. It’s important for leaders to show others hope and strength, and to also know about important resources that can help their business and organization. [5:58] Donna is in the beautiful mountain area of Virginia, and loves all things leadership and developing leaders. For fun, she loves sharpening her own saw and is going for a Ph.D. in leadership.  She loves doing a lot of reading, writing, and keeping busy with her 13 grandchildren. [11:34] The two most important things Donna did while growing from three to nineteen schools was to fine-tune the process of growth, enrollment, and consistent leadership, and to hire the right people. [24:32] Donna currently has seven schools and made sure each of them will be prepared with a written plan for when school does return. It’s important to have a written plan for marketing, enrollment, marketing, and social media along with maintaining a connection with the community as a source of help. [29:47] Leaders should get to know their applicants on a personal level, and not just their culture and vision, but also their heart. Asking them who impacted their life as a teacher and why gives a glimpse into what kind of teacher they may be. [33:42] When you are leading and serving the community within your own values, you are less likely to care if someone doesn’t like you and you understand it’s impossible to be everyone’s cup of tea. [38:45] Learn from Donna’s experience — take action and be decisive. For her, it was the decision to close a school and open back up as a rebranded new school.   Quotes: ● “We need to instill some hope and excitement about our future because we are going to come through this.” ● “The key to our quality is reflected by the people we hire.” ● “Don’t sit back and wait. We need to take action on the things we can do.”   Mentioned in This Episode: Kris Murray The Child Care Success Company Child Care Success Academy Child Care Success Summit — offering $1 ticket Grow Your Center Child Care Authority Child Care Exchange SBA Loans Trent Sheldon Will Bowen
April 23, 2020
Lori Semke is the Executive Director at Mis Amigos Spanish Immersion Preschool in Minnesota. She joins the show to share her game-changing strategies on weathering the storm as a team during tough times, why dedication and intention in enrollment really do make the difference, and what it is like working as a part of a Visionary/Integrator team with her schools owner and previous guest Dawn Uribe. Lori also shares her experience taking home the Director of the Year Award this past October at The Child Care Success Summit™ and how that honor has inspired her mission even further.  Key Takeaways: [1:09] Mis Amigos is a Spanish Immersion Preschool and currently has three locations in Minnesota. [2:44] Lori has been the Executive Director at Mis Amigos since 2012 and worked before in the legal field as a litigator along with three years at the non-profit Children’s Law Center of Minnesota. While at the non-profit, it was apparent that she had a passion for both helping children and using her law background, which she gets to do plenty of both in her position at Mis Amigos.  [5:07] Lori won the Director of the Year 2019 Award at The Child Care Success Summit™ this past October. Judging by the nominations that came flooding into Kris’s inbox, Lori is very well-loved by her team. [8:11] Lori wears many hats as the Executive Director, including enrollment, working with vendors and HR, and carrying out the visions for growth and expansion. She has to be focused both on the day-to-day and the larger picture. [12:53] It really moves the needle when you have one person focused on enrollment. Whether it’s an Enrollment Director or Specialist, they can make sure every step is well-thought-out and executed. [19:02] Families need to feel that they are wanted and that their enrollment is appreciated and welcomed. This is where a great leader needs to communicate with the team from the top down so they know exactly how to provide that concierge-type experience. [30:48] No matter how strong a team is, they will go through some challenging times together. This is where communication is key, so everyone can know what the plan is and their individual roles in keeping things balanced and healthy. [36:18] The team at Mis Amigos has greatly benefited from sharing their guidance as leaders and acting as mentors to help one another. [43:02] To Lori, a child care rockstar is someone that has overcome challenges despite obstacles, and remains to have a large passion for what they do. They are motivated to grow and love creating incredible experiences for those along their path.   Mentioned in This Episode: Kris Murray The Child Care Success Company Child Care Success Academy Child Care Success Summit — offering $1 ticket Grow Your Center Mis Amigos Spanish Immersion Preschool Mis Amigos Facebook Ep 34: “Giving Children the World with Dawn Uribe”
April 8, 2020
Despite the challenging times, Kris reminds us that there are ways we can use our time productively and even shift from feeling powerless to powerful. She uses this episode to give tips and strategies to create awareness about our money situation and our mindset, including more information about the Paycheck Protection Program, using a cash forecasting sheet, and successful companies that used innovation to thrive in similar times in history.
March 25, 2020
Ron McGuckin has gained a national reputation as the “Child Care lawyer,” and trains thousands of child care professionals on a variety of issues including personal, administration, management, and legal issues. He joins the show to talk about how he got into child care and came to own Ronald McGuckin And Associates Law Firm, and what kinds of processes people should have in place for managing employee behavior. He also addresses the new issues that arise dealing with COVID-19.
March 12, 2020
Leslie Shriver, empire member and owner of Small Wonders Discovery and Learning Center in Ohio, joins the show about how they stand out from the competition in a rural area, getting freedom in the day-to-day of your business, and her strategy to expand from one to five locations.
February 26, 2020
Veronica Nelson of Child Time, Inc. schools in Salt Lake City joins the show to talk about leading through example, what benefits she has experienced as a Child Care Success Academy Empire member, and what happens when owners have to step back in the day-to-day business. Ronnie and Kris also have a vulnerable and authentic conversation about how to know when it’s time to let a staff member go, and how to build a strong environment that encourages honesty and loyalty.
February 11, 2020
Karla McCurry and her husband Doug own Palm Beach Preschools in Florida, now with three bustling and successful locations. Karla joins the show to talk with Kris about the lessons she learned after deciding to become a preschool owner, and how their school focuses on social-emotional learning in a play-based environment. Karla shares how she hires and trains based upon Palm Beach Preschool’s core values, and how managing people well is one of the biggest components to success.
January 29, 2020
Danielle Page opened Academic Explorers in Roosevelt, New York, and has built the business to a place where she is at 95% full capacity, and able to work remotely with an extremely capable and dedicated team. She joins the show to talk about the systems and leadership components she put into place that really made a difference, and how she is able to successfully run her school from Philadelphia.
January 16, 2020
Neydary Zambrano won Owner of the Year at this year’s Summit, and this week she shares her wisdom on growing enrollment, marketing, staff happiness, and culture. Neydary talks about the metamorphosis her school, Magic Memories, has gone through in 2019, now with nine locations throughout Pennsylvania. She and Kris also talk about the responsibility of a true childcare rockstar, how CRM has helped her track and understand data, and the importance of empowering directors and teachers.
January 2, 2020
Jane Hulbert of The Jane Group joins the show to talk about her crisis communication firm, and how she landed working in education. Jane shares her background working at companies like McDonald’s, and how it prepared her for helping owners and leaders put together a plan of action for times of crisis. Jane discusses the importance of doing the right thing, the events that shifted crisis communication in schools, and the main steps leaders and their team should take in times of crisis.
December 18, 2019
Victoria Lynch and her team at First Discovery Children’s Academy in Virginia are having what she feels is the best year yet, and she explains what exactly her process has been for all of the expansion, growth, and most importantly — fun. Victoria and Kris talk about why she had success in hiring an Executive Director, how she delegates, and what she has done in marketing and enrollment that has made the biggest difference.
December 5, 2019
Nina Lemon, Owner and Founder of the Lemon Tree Academy in Georgia, has the enthusiasm and commitment to action and implementation of a true Child Care Rockstar. She talks with Kris about how she went from a Pediatric Nurse to a businesswoman with two full locations, the biggest challenges she faced as she scaled up and out, and how her love of HGTV plays into making her centers a welcoming environment for children and their families.
November 19, 2019
This week, Kris is thrilled to chat with Judy Bradby, winner of the 2019 Child Care Rockstar Award. As a Pediatric Nurse with over 30 years of experience, Judy saw a need for a place for children who had no other place to go to learn and grow. She opened up LeaRN Lily Child Development Center and through much trial and error and overcoming adversity, now has tripled her enrollment in just 8 months.
November 6, 2019
Kris starts this week off with a big announcement — her new book, Rockstar Stories, is out and available! She then dives into the three important principles of one of the most important success strategy books out there today, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. These three principles and their associated action items are the foundation for manifesting your dream life and creating a space where the universe rewards you with what it is you actually seek.
October 8, 2019
Lisa Giancarli is the Executive Director and Owner of Over the Rainbow Child Development Center, located in Bordentown, New Jersey. Lisa followed her passion to own her own business and fell in love with childcare after acquiring the center in 2011.
September 24, 2019
This week, Jason Russell, former police officer, Secret Service agent and current founder of Secure Education Consultants, talks to us about the important subject of school security. Jason merged his experience in security and crisis communication with his wife’s knowledge of child care centers and early education to bring a unique service to the market.
September 11, 2019
Marcia St. Hilaire Finn, Managing Owner and Director of Bright Star Early Care and Preschool, lights up wherever she is with her enthusiasm, energy, and positive attitude. She joins the show to talk about her start in Dominica and how she ended up in Washington D.C., her advice on setting smart goals, and shares her logistics on her teacher engagement and culture of fun and dedication.
August 27, 2019
This week, Kris gives a bunch of updates on the newly rebranded Child Care Success Company, and how it can provide a specific road map that will perform for you, over and over again, in the lifetime of your business. She reflects on the last decade of running the company and celebrates all the new prosperity, success, and fun ahead. She talks about how you can model the Kris Murray Method on your own brand, the different levels and assets of the method, and the importance of using automation when you can.
August 13, 2019
Lety and Raoul of Springview Academy in Florida join the show today to talk about working as a married couple, the cute story of how they met and became a partnership, and spotting teacher burnout. They are both highly focused on professional development, active leadership and creating a culture that serves children and their families yet also provides the staff with a healthy amount of freedom and autonomy.
July 30, 2019
Bobby Franzo, Co-Founder and team lead of pb&j TV, joins the show this week. One of the best practices that we would like to see utilized as a tool to help reduce risk and have full enrollment is to have cameras in the classroom. Bobby and the pb&j team is leading the charge of this industry, using state of the art technology and cutting edge services.
July 17, 2019
One of the busiest character actors in Hollywood today, Glenn Morshower, joins the show to talk with Kris. Glenn has appeared in over 200 film and television projects in a career spanning four decades including the FOX hit series 24. Glenn talks about discovering his love for theatre at a young age, and some career highlights that catapulted him forward.
July 2, 2019
Mike Garatoni of Growing Kids Learning Centers in Indiana joins the show to talk about scaling up, growing, and advice for schools of any size to grow and expand even more. He and his wife Beth found high-quality care quite limited as parents themselves and knew they wanted to help be part of the solution. Mike and Kris talk about the importance of starting from the end goal and working back, delegation, how he empowers his directors, and challenges they faced in the early scale-up phases.
June 27, 2019
Many of you saw Les Brown speak live at the Child Care Success Summit in Dallas, and saw first-hand how his words can be life-changing and bring you to both laughter and tears. Today he joins the show to talk with Kris about the influences on his own life and path, his tenets for quality and joy in our lives, and why embracing and sharing our story is critical to really shape the lives of children and their families.
June 5, 2019
In this inspirational episode, we hear from Kris’s very first client Alison Pfeister and her daughter Alexandra Kroon. Their school, the TLC Academy for Young Children in Hudson, Ohio is a family owned business, founded by Alison and her husband in 1989 after the birth of Alexandra, who now serves as the director. Alison shares the story of how TLC continues to be successful after many years and provides resources and inspiration for building a culture of play, respect, and transparency.
May 23, 2019
This episode we are joined by Leann and Jake Chamberlain, husband and wife team that run Brighton Montessori in Brighton, Michigan. Leann was the recent winner of the Child Care Rockstar contest, and her vulnerable and authentic approach won the hearts of everyone there.
May 6, 2019
Eric Lofholm is President and CEO of Eric Lofholm International, an organization he founded to professionally train people on the art and science of selling. Eric has used his own successful sales background to help anyone dramatically improve in all areas, including income and happiness. He joins the show today to talk about enrollment building and how his system can apply to a classroom setting. He also discusses the influence of silence, selling equaling service, and pre-framing the sale.
April 23, 2019
Jennifer Vazquez, Owner of A Sunny Start Preschool,  joins the show today. She talks about the culture of caring, how she sets herself apart from the competition in her three full locations in the Miami area, attracting great employees, and marketing techniques that have made the biggest changes in her enrollment growth.
April 10, 2019
Troy Howard, with the customer reviews and referrals system SoTellUs, joins the show to talk about his passion for combining technology and marketing and how it led him to become an entrepreneur and industry disruptor in the online review space. He and Kris talk about creating social proof, why reviews are so important to us in marketing, reviews and referrals, how to handle negative reviews, and the most powerful elements inside a review.
March 26, 2019
Knowing what insurance policies to have and making sure your coverage is the highest quality is of the utmost importance for a child care business owner. Today, Kris talks with Samantha Phillips of Aleaf Insurance about the three top biggest insurance mistakes she sees in the child care field that are common or very concerning in insurance policies and how we can best address them.
March 13, 2019
Michelle Smith-Lank has been in the Child Care Success Academy for several years and a true definition of a Child Care Rockstar. She talks about how she got into the field and came to open Kids World Learning Center and the lessons in growth, marketing, and expansion she has learned throughout her career.
February 27, 2019
In this week’s episode, we flip the podcast and replay the conversation Kris recently had with Ron Spreeuwenburg from The Preschool Podcast. They discuss why marketing strategies are important for child care, the change in the landscape of how people should market, and the two main buckets to be sure your strategy is covering. Kris also discusses how to build trust and rapport with potential and existing parents, and why it’s okay to show the whole world how cool and innovative your work is.
February 12, 2019
Ann Roads joins the show to discuss her extremely important and successful careers at Southwest Airlines and JetBlue, and shares more about the extraordinary service she and her team at People Ink provide for leaders looking to shape and define their culture. A highly sought-after speaker and author behind the book Built on Values, she provides inspiration and strategic direction for many companies around the world.
January 29, 2019
Jennifer is the Vice President of Operations at Magic Memories Child Development Centers. She has been working with children and entrepreneurial since she started her own business at age 11, “Best Babysitter.” Today, she discusses her path from starting as Director to growing with the company in the now three locations.
January 15, 2019
Dawn Uribe, the owner of Mis Amigos Spanish Immersion Preschool, joins Kris today to talk about her vast expansion mode and how she came to the vision of owning a Spanish immersion school. Dawn is a game changer in her marketplace and she has some great golden nuggets on how to drive your vision forward with a system for freedom, why it’s necessary to schedule in time to focus on goals, how to finance your expansion, delegate to your team, and break through fear.
January 2, 2019
This week, Kris shares a tried and true roadmap for exactly how she sets and achieves goals. If you are looking to make 2019 the best year yet, listen in, as you will get concrete examples to apply to your personal and professional life. Kris gives great insight on how to get traction towards actually accomplishing your goals, the importance of a tribe, and ways to stay accountable once things are in motion.
December 19, 2018
Entrepreneur and early learning veteran Tony D’Agostino joins us today to talk about understanding margins and your numbers, his ‘near-death’ experience in the childcare business, how to deal with a crisis, and toxic employees. Tony and Kris also discuss how to develop a culture where everyone on the team is accountable with shared values and the challenges currently in hiring and retention in the child care business field.
December 6, 2018
Do you have people that show up inspired by your vision? Questions to ask yourself as you build a business and a legacy that stands for excellence in the field. Kris welcomes the Director of Marketing and Child Care Extraordinaire Sindye Alexander, who started out as a client and then grew her center in Michigan from the beginning of doing home daycare.
November 21, 2018
Stuart Robinson is a brilliant yet heart-centered entrepreneur and business coach. Today, Stuart talks with Kris about forming his tech company at the age of 27, selling it in 2015 and his new path as an EOS Professional Implementer. He first had experience with EOS as a business owner before he made it his full-time passion.
November 8, 2018
Arike Aiyetigbo, Founder and Director of Fountain Montessori Preschool, joins the show from her office and home of the school in London, England. Originally, from Nigeria, Arike is a passionate educator whose mission is to grow her influence by partnering with like-minded parents. She shares her journey how she got into the business of nurseries as a mom herself and saw a gap in what she needed, how she has expanded and grown in the business over the past 11 years, and what she would do differently.
October 25, 2018
Charlie Marcotty and Marcy Lee, co-owners of the First Circle Learning Center in Lexington, Mass, join the show today to discuss the key lessons they have learned from over 21 years in early childhood expertise. They bring the excitement, enthusiasm, and partnership in everything they do, and have gone from a school with artificial plants hanging from the ceiling to a school with full enrollment and a waitlist.
October 11, 2018
Today’s episode is a complete game changer. Kris brings in Chanie Wilschanski from DiscoverEd Consulting to talk about innovative ways of getting unstuck out of ‘overwhelm,’ and focus on your superpowers, ultimately to lead you to excellence and abundance. Chanie discusses her own passion and values, the important steps in decision making, how to navigate distracts, why it’s okay to eliminate some ‘to do’s’ and some of the great side effects that come with increased productivity.
September 27, 2018
Andrea Wortman is all about doing things from a non-traditional and slow but steady approach. She runs an after-school program in the Portland, Oregon area with 11 locations, and has worked with the school systems to forge a relationship where she is contracted to take space and run her after-school programs out of the schools.
September 13, 2018
You may think of it as a dirty word, but really, it can be the key to peace of mind, freedom, and clarity in your business. It’s Math. Today, Kris will inspire you to get started tracking so you can live a lifestyle of abundance and make your teachers happier by giving them more benefits, which in turn equals happy kids and happy parents.
August 30, 2018
Today’s guest is Josh Visser, a proponent of education and play within an active learning environment. Josh and Kris talk about his school, De Kinderen Huis, and its mission to provide growth through movement and play-based discovery. He also talks about his cool hobbies including his impressive Rubik’s Cube and school bus renovating skills, his process for getting inspired and inspiring his team around him, and how he saw and decided to pursue a child-care opportunity.
August 16, 2018
Joe and Lucy, owners and founders of Little Sprouts in Wisconsin, have an intentionality in everything they do, whether it’s their international flavor, their passion for staying mindful for eco-consciousness, or how they develop their team to show consistent leadership and cohesive culture. They talk with Kris today about working together successfully as a married couple, challenges they have faced and overcome as entrepreneurs, and what’s next on the horizon for their team.
August 2, 2018
Lucy Cook, Co-Owner of Amaze Education Group, calls in from Australia as the special first international Child Care Rockstar Radio guest. Lucy talks about how she stays sane in running and growing her business to nine locations, the creative way her team communicates with the families, what her corporate office looks like, and the importance of a rock star team and a strong staff culture to keep you going.
July 19, 2018
In today’s episode, Digital Marketing Expert and real-life Rocket Scientist Bruce Spurr joins Kris for a talk on how to win the digital marketing game using Facebook ads, Google Maps, and Google Search. They touch upon how to get your school to stand out, even above the “big boys” of advertising, ways to leverage your ad no matter how small your budget, what consists of a great ad, and how to use digital marketing to keep your enrollment high or fill the empty spaces.
July 5, 2018
Don Alley is the owner of Center Stage Preschool in Ashburn, VA, and is an example of the results that unfold when you focus and dream big. Don has 30 years of experience in martial arts and has been running his three karate schools successfully for the last twenty years. He built his preschool from scratch in 2016 and quickly filled his location.
June 22, 2018
Sharon Foster, owner and operator of Bells Ferry Learning Center, joins Kris today for a conversation on how to build positive parent relationships, customer service, and how owners and staff can protect themselves during bad reviews or negative social media comments. They discuss strategies on enforcing policies, the proper mindset regarding payment, and when it’s okay to respond to a negative review, and tips of what to say so you stay responsive and professional, yet firm in your own values and vision.
June 7, 2018
Steve Lloyd, visionary and co-owner of Busy Little Hands Learning Center, is a model of growing by leaps and bounds when you apply the right mindset, practices, and leadership in your school. Steve talks with Kris about his unconventional journey into child care, and how he and his mother Jessica have morphed and expanded Busy Little Hands with the help of some amazing and highly engaged staff.
May 24, 2018
Nan Rikard, owner and founder of Big Blue Marble Academy, is an incredible powerhouse with an instinct for good business and a big, giving heart. She talks with Kris about her journey of over 30 years in the EEC industry, her passion on giving back in her own family, how she grew to 24 childcare locations in just a few years and assembled such a strong team with a bonded mission and vision in making a positive impact on the world.
May 10, 2018
Julie Roy joins Kris today to share her experience of how she started as an educator in Canada and went on to own nine centers of the Montessori Educational Centers in Omaha, Nebraska. They talk about concrete strategies for how to grow your business, as Julie’s now has a waiting list and is looking to expand into even more locations in the upcoming years.
April 5, 2018
Today’s episode features a great talk with Ben Poswalk, Executive Director of Paradise Place Preschool. Ben came to Kris as her only local client in Crested Butte, Colorado, with some challenges in the enrollment, marketing, and staffing departments. Once Ben got rolling he not only doubled his enrollment and increased his income by 70%, but won Marketer of the Year and now is making a huge impact in the lives of his children, his staff, and school.
March 22, 2018
In today’s episode, Kris features Ron Spreeuwenberg. Ron is the co-founder and CEO of HiMama, an app for daycares that allows parents to better connect with their children during the day. Ron is a heart-centered leader serving the early childhood education industry with technology and interconnecting his community.
March 1, 2018
Today, Kris and special guest, Jennifer Connor from AppleTree Kids, uncover the secret sauce on how to manage your preschools from the beach, or wherever your dream life may take you. They give the inside scoop how to delegate appropriately, grow from within, empower your teams and have backup systems in place so that you can have the freedom to grow your business and just work on the things that you love.
February 15, 2018
Today, Kris has the pleasure of talking with Tameenah Adams, owner and leader of Happy Faces Early Learning Academy. Tameenah is a true rock star and shares her core values, vision, and how she has become a transparent and empowered leader that people want to follow. Between her family at Happy Faces and her own seven children, Tameenah plays with some game-changing strategies, high values and a vision that is open to adapt to her environment.
February 1, 2018
Kris is joined by very special guest, friend, skiing buddy, and founder of ChildCare CRM software, Chuck Gibbs. Kris and Chuck have much in common. They both started their businesses around early 2010 and are here eight years later, still great friends with a love for Colorado, working hand-in-hand on impacting the childcare industry and helping others toward their goals and dreams.
January 18, 2018
Kris opens up today’s episode with a thank you to all of her past guests and a fun recap of the amazing conversations over the past nine episodes. Next, she gives tips and keys on how to financially protect yourself and become recession proof. Then, she gives the top two essential tips on how to have a full house, and why you need to get started today. Finally, an exciting new announcement regarding the Enrollment Bootcamp Challenge!
December 28, 2017
Kris is joined with one of her favorite friends in the industry, Vernon Mason. Vernon has over 25 years of experience in early childhood. He shares with us his journey of how he started and some of the key points that allowed him to grow from a school of 30 into now five locations. Vernon is an inspiration as a leader and rockstar!
December 21, 2017
We talk with Brian and Carol Duprey about their very inspiring mindset and attitude, overcoming challenges along the way of becoming business leaders, strategies they use when hiring great teachers, and how after all these years of working together they still end each night holding hands! Success and a winning attitude are woven into everything they do, and it is their mission to help others and inspire them to live the best life possible.
December 7, 2017
Kym Pomares has blossomed into an amazing force as the owner of Courthouse Academy in Virginia Beach. She is an inspiration, always combining work and play and is now leading her school as a culture of excellence and doing great things.
November 23, 2017
I am thrilled to bring you Holly Elissa Bruno on today’s episode. She has a huge heart and has seven decades of wisdom to bring to you in times of change. She is an expert in legal issues as a “recovering attorney,” and has great advice on how to run a business with clear policies that protect you. We talk to Holly about persistence through challenges, the curved line of our paths, how knowing the law manages our expectations, trends and innovation within the industry, and being of support to the unique and authentic leaders making a difference in our future.   Key Takeaways: [8:13] Holly began in education and discovered that she would love to work with children while they are still open and forming their attitudes in early childhood. Along the way, she became a professor, attorney, and taught a course called “The Human Side of Management.” She had a great blessing of meeting and networking with early childhood leaders and felt inspired to continue on the path of changing lives. [13:37] Holly feels most passionate and inspired when working with leaders that work with children. Even though the work is so powerful, a lot of times we are seen as glorified babysitters, caregivers, or lucky to get paid to work with children. [18:41] Holly’s intention is to keep learning always and she has a fascination with life, travel and education. [21:49] One of the things she did to change her life immensely was to take her experience with law and travel and bring it into co-writing her book Managing Legal Risks in Early Childhood Programs. [29:07] Holly gives examples of when the law can be facilitative rather than restrictive, and how certain policies can help get an honest reference for a potential employee. [39:51] Children should get outdoors and have a free and fun environment. We don’t recommend eating dirt but there is something fun to making a mud pie or splashing in a puddle. [43:10] Holly defines herself as a recovering work addict. She is much less focused now on her accomplishments and to do list and more on being present. [45:57] It’s about the four L’s: living, loving, learning and laughing. Holly pulls it into one practice each day by asking “How much today was my life touched by love, and how much did I open my heart?” [52:16] If a child doesn’t feel safe the child can’t relax enough to learn. Until a child feels safe he/she can’t feel love and absorb any type of education. [56:03] Holly defines a rockstar as someone that is so true to themselves that they can use all of their unique and authentic self to make a difference.   Mentioned in This Episode: Kris Murray Child Care Marketing Solutions Child Care Success Academy Holly Elissa Bruno ChildCareExchange —  Articles are titled “Hold the Phone” / “Hold Harmless for Babysitting” Julie Bartkus   Quotes: “I saw that if I wanted to make a difference on earth, early childhood was the place to be.” “You change a child’s life — you change the world.” “We are a field of wisdom and a field of building relationships.” “When you are present with a child, there is something beautiful that comes about.”   More About Holly Elissa Bruno: Holly Elissa Bruno, MA, JD, is an award-winning, best-selling author, international keynote speaker, ground-breaking radio host, and seasoned team builder. She served as Assistant Attorney General for the state of Maine and Assistant Dean at the University of Maine School of Law. While working as Associate Professor and Dean of Faculty at the University of Maine-Augusta, Holly Elissa was selected “Outstanding Professor.” An alumna of Harvard University’s Institute for Educational Management, she taught leadership courses for The McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership and Wheelock College. iTunes has ranked Holly Elissa’s radio programs in its top 200 K-12 podcasts. Tune in to Holly Elissa’s online radio program, Heart to Heart Conversations on Leadership: Your guide to making a difference at
November 9, 2017
My guest today is an early childhood business powerhouse, whom I have yet to meet in person but who has inspired me and many others in the field. Marnie Forestieri is Chief Learning Officer and Co-Founder at Amazing Explorers Academy in Florida, which she helped build from the ground up and now has two busy and thriving locations. She tells us about her journey, how STEM folds into her mission of innovation and problem-solving in early childhood, and the group approach and empowerment process of hiring new teachers, all the way up to the onboarding process. Marnie brought her professional expertise outside of early childhood and embraced it to start her own game and ultimately change some of the rules. I love how Marnie promotes from within and helps groom her own for more leadership and success.   Key Takeaways: [3:02] Marnie moved to the United States 10 years ago as an investor, and first purchased a franchise for almost a decade. She found three things that told her she had a different calling: the need to innovate, to introduce STEM toys, and the opportunity to bridge a gap between the educators and business people. [5:34] Her first step to opening Amazing Explorers Academy was a lot of research and travel to try to come up with comparisons in other countries. She knew it had to be tailored to the needs and standards of our countries. Her reporter background helped in creating the framework of what needed to be done. [13:18] STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is becoming the new trend in education. By the time children are in third grade, one-third of the boys and girls have lost their interest in these topics. [16:09] They are opening nine more schools this year. Marnie shares how their innovative and group approach to the interview process and intensive training for new hires makes sure they are empowered and held accountable. [24:07] Every part of what Amazing Explorers Academy does needs to have accountability, children’s assessments, or a KPI. [30:46] Marnie believes in leading by example and that their biggest asset is the people that make up the business. [34:32] Amazing Explorers Academy has a bright future and is on the path to growing into new states and markets. They are opening their first prototype in Lake Nona, Florida, which is an area known for innovation. [37:45] According to Marnie, teachers are rockstars. Anyone that spends a whole day with a bunch of two-year-olds knows it’s not an easy job!   Mentioned in This Episode: Kris Murray Child Care Marketing Solutions Child Care Success Academy Amazing Explorers Academy The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon, by Brad Stone STEM Play: Integrating Inquiry into Learning Centers, by Deirdre Sheridan Englehart, EdD Debby Mitchell, Junie Albers-Biddle, Kelly Jennings-Towle, and  Marnie Forestieri Growing Up Wild Dale Carnegie     More About Marnie: Marnie is an entrepreneur with a passion for education and innovation with an ability to translate market trends into successful business models and innovations. Marnie and the education team have been recognized nationally and collaborated to design a line of STEM toys for Kaplan Early Learning and write books for Gryphon House. Marnie has been recognized in the industry nationally, including finalist of the award “Director of the Year” and the winner of the “Center of the Year” award by FACCM. Prior to starting her career in education, she was a reporter for CNN Spanish and later became the VP of marketing of a telecommunications company. Marnie holds a BS in business administration, a Director’s credential, CDA (Child Development Associate) and is a graduate of Stanford University Latino Entrepreneurs Leaders Program.
October 26, 2017
Our episode this week is chock full of industry insights, innovative ideas, and nuggets of wisdom that you can plug right into your child care or preschool business! We are joined by the amazing Evan Goldman from Early Education Group. Evan is a true veteran in the industry and his take on the growth and change in the landscape is truly inspiring. He shares his family’s impressive background in high-quality early education and then he and Kris do a deep dive on several topics related to the business of early learning. Tune in to hear Evan’s advice on how to find your unique messaging in such a competitive field, an insider view on how funding and regulations could be improved and what a true rock star is to him. We think Evan is a rock star himself, and maybe we'll even have him as a return guest one day as he and Kris hike up Machu Picchu!   Key Takeaways: [1:02] Kris gives a wrapup of a very successful Child Care Success Summit 2017 Conference in Chicago. Thank you to everyone that helped make this transformative and amazing event a success. [6:43] Evan was influenced by his parents at a young age to make a difference in the education world. His parents were educational entrepreneurs and pioneers in the industry for over 40 years. His father was the provost of all the graduate education at Nova Southeastern University. His mother was a second-grade teacher and really valued early childhood education. Together they started a large chain in the early 80’s called Another Generation Preschool. Evan learned from the ground up and learned all aspects of the industry, including education, funding, organization, etc. [8:07] During Evan’s time at Kaplan he identified partnerships and funding streams and helped organizations meet their highest needs. [9:33] Evan lists a few of the changes he has seen in the industry over his many years of expertise and experience: massive consolidation and growth, state-funded Pre-K and subsidized child care, quality improvement systems, rating scales, and blended funding. It’s a much more competitive landscape with many more choices. [12:17] Evan is very tied to both Florida to North Carolina. He loves extreme travel and shares some of his recent amazing trips! [15:18] Evan’s current venture that he has been doing for the last decade is the Early Education Group. He shares his mission, clients and partners he works closely within all different industries. It is clear he is passionate about developing relationships with companies that have a mission to better education. [20:47] Strategic and high-quality messaging is something very important to both Evan and Kris. [28:33] Kris and Evan take a look at funding streams and how the model has changed over the past decades, with new challenges in both politics and technology. [36:59]  Evan shares his thoughts on common misconceptions within education and the value and experience of smaller neighborhood-based environments. [43:24] Evan describes the qualities a true rockstar has for him, using his experience of over three decades in the industry. [48:38] Evan gives the resources he would recommend people should get into right away to educate and inform yourself.   Mentioned in This Episode: Kris Murray Child Care Marketing Solutions Child Care Success Academy Holly Elissa Bruno Evan Goldman Kaplan Amazing Explorers Academy Zero to Three Childcare Aware How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character, by Paul Tough Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...And Others Don’t, by Jim Collins     About Evan: Evan Goldman is an early childhood business development consultant with twenty years of experience at the national, regional, state, and local levels. His strengths include a vast network of business relationships among federal, state, and local policymakers, in-depth knowledge of federal and state early childhood initiatives and funding streams, and an abundance of successes in negotiating and implementing important partnerships and collaborations at all levels. Mr. Goldman developed his own company in 2007, The Early Education Group, specializing in identifying and linking partners across public and private businesses, organizations, and governing bodies. Since its inception, The Early Education Group has brokered relationships for national e-learning, publishing, non-profit, and for-profit companies, as well as developed partnerships for higher education, state governments, and private foundations.
September 29, 2017
In today’s episode we are joined by child care rockstar Donna Jensen, owner of the Learning Station. Donna’s passion for creating an enriching, safe, and supportive environment is inspiring and the reason why she is always full with a long waiting list of potential families.
September 29, 2017
This week’s episode features Child Care Rockstar Radio’s first guest interview — the awesome Summer Picha and Katie Wagoner, Peaceful Valley Montessori!
September 29, 2017
Welcome to our very first episode of Childcare Rockstar Radio! Your host is Kris Murray, President of Child Care Marketing Solutions and founder and leader of the Childcare Success Academy.
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