My favorite mini so far.
I loved this!!! And was sad when it was over. Thank you for the thoughtful approach and the guests.
Thumbs Up
Good, but...
Enjoying the State of Conspiracy series, but sort yourselves out with the ads already. FIVE STRAIGHT MINUTES of advertising in one 30-minute episode? That's got to be a Crooked Media record. Also, Tommy and Favs hocking Third Love bras? No one wants to hear that. Just read the straight ad copy and keep the commentary to a minimum, and you'd probably cut the ad time in half - and annoy exactly that many fewer listeners in the process.
Tired Retread
Disappointingly trite rehash of previously reported views. Second episode traffics in generalities that are ultimately tiresome.
I want to here this.... but
JJ phatt
you profuse and over used connections to Trump is a consipiracy itself... to bad... I want to listen, i am just sick of both sides using each other...
Full Series
Very good podcast detailing the “small” corruptions that degrade our democracy one step at a time.
Rigging N.C.
think globally, act locally
Horrifying info well presented. Thank you.
Refresher course on voter suppression in NC
Boomer from CA
Most content is familiar if you’ve been paying attention but important to boost resolve to get out the vote for upcoming local (NC) and presidential elections.
Rigging North Carolina
Really informative 1st episode and looking forward to more - Thanks as always for helping my drive time
Insightful and Informative
I’m working my way through bouncing back and forth between new and old episodes. Keep the variety of hosts and guests.
Apparently only veterans know about patriotism
In a total of 3 episodes, only 1 person was interviewed who hadn’t been in the military? I’m tired of hearing that the military is the only and best way to be patriotic. What about someone fighting for civil rights? What about people volunteering to help children? Etc, etc, etc. Because I wasn’t in the military, and don’t support the idea that we should be fighting wars all over the world, I’m not patriotic? I was excited about this series, and it turned out to be a huge disappointment.
Thoughtful Interviews
I just started listening with host Ken Harbaugh, interviewing MSGT Washington and General McCrystal. Very evocative conversations.
More Ken please!
Ken’s insightful questions and commentary about patriotism and citizenship are just what this country needs right now. More Ken please!
Exploring thoughts on patriotism
Fantastically challenging conventional thoughts. Love it.
Love this episode on patriotism...
I hope we can continue it as a country..
Ohio shout-out!!
MrsVK Gifted
Ken Harbaugh inspired friends of mine while he ran for Congress in NE Ohio—folks who’d never been involved in activism. We all attended an event where he spoke, and Harbaugh completely impressed me, someone who has volunteered regularly since the Al Gore candidacy. I am so excited to hear this man’s important voice, and I appreciate Crooked Media’s wisdom in bringing Ken Harbaugh to a world-wide audience!
Could be improved
by some editing! Sound quality of guests especially. Compared to Tre'Vell they all sound like they're yelling. Their speaking tempos are all over the place too. It doesn't make for good pod, which is a shame.
Love this new addition to Crooked pods
Mzungu momma
Wow .. really loved this! Thank you at Crooked.. great new work and thank you!
List of References
I am listing to the Crooked Mini series episode 1, and I love it! I just wish I could get a list of all the movies, and tv shows that are being talked about!
Appreciate the Latinx series
I greatly enjoyed the series a few months ago about the Latinx community, and suggest a more in-depth historical series about the Chicano movement in the US. We need to fill in our heritage education gaps, especially for those whose heritage is regularly portrayed as a liability.
Too many ums
I was interested in the recent interview with Maya Rupert. One minute in and couldn’t deal with every third word (exaggeration I know but it seemed that way) Shows me she wasn’t present to how she was speaking. Sorry.
It's a conversation, people
AMC is doing a great job. Everyone who doesn't like it expects it to be a normal interview. Guess what, it's NOT. It's a conversation and both sides have valuable things to contribute! We love you Anna
Hit or Miss
I subscribe but I've found that I only listen to the topic if the description interests me.
Absolutely love
Always insightful and different. It’s always interesting to learn about so many different things that can influence us! Winter Brees inspires me daily and I love her and the ability to hold conversations!
Not up to Crooked Media Standards
I am a huge fan of Crooked Media. I think the topics discussed are interesting. I have two BIG issues. 1. The hosts don’t introduce themselves and barely introduce the guests. I can’t always read the description of the Pod when I’m listening. 2. The theme is absolutely horrible. Makes me want to skip the pod every time it comes up in my playlist. But if the first issue is fixed, I’ll over look the theme.
Mostly junk
Most of these episodes are superficial and ridiculously unaware of their flagrant bias. I’m a rabid progressive but many of these conversations ignore salient points that may be difficult or don’t fully square with the Crooked Bros Party Line. This is typically due to the experience and style of the Crooked Contributor. I will listen to Brittany or Symone, or Deray, or Ben Rhodes, or Tommy or Erin. I had to stop subscribing though because my feed was clogged with substandard faux intellectual drivel.
Love it!
I enjoy the deep dive into pertinent issues and the rotating hosts.
Julissa Arce and Grace Parma’s Latinx Series
I love Julissa and Grace’s Latinx 4-part series!! Give us more of these ladies! I have learned so much during this series and also laughed a lot with the levity and humor brought to the series. Julissa and Grace if you would like to hire a white lady to come on your next series to like, introduce you and then just listen, I volunteer! Keep up the excellent work and I look forward to reading and listening to both of you in the years to come!
Great Podcast!
I love the diversity of hosts, guests, and the topics discussed.
Well done, JF!
Coach 33 22
This podcast brought me some much needed hope! The Wilderness was well written and presented. I am sad I heard the last episode. I sure looked forward to my Monday trip outta The Wilderness. I will miss my Monday podcast date with this podcast! Bravo, Wilderness Team! Way to end on a great (#44) note! 👏🏼😀👏🏼
I love Pod Save the World! It’s absolutely fascinating. Tommy’s guests are great. Nothing like learning from well conducted interviews of experts in their field. Thanks!
This is for Grace and Julissa’s 1st Latinx episode. The poem at end rocked to the core. Holy smokes the whole episode was fantastic.
The worst of the crooked media canon
While I am a huge fan of the other Crooked podcasts, Crooked Conversations is the step shield of the group. The hosts come across as extremely amateur especially Julissa Arce and Grace Parra. Perhaps the other hosts ( Jon, Lovitt, Tommy, Ben ) can step in and save this mess, or just cancel it.
Fan of the Pod!
Thanks to Ben Rhodes and the Crooked team for this podcast. All of the shows have been great. I'm looking forward to reading Ben's book! Keep up the great and important work.
Love it!
This podcast is so thought provoking and insightful
More Brian B , please!!!
Both Brian and Elizabeth Warren were at their very best! Always enjoy any conversation with Senator Warren but I did realize what a thoughtful and insightful interviewer Brian could be!!! Just thought he was a very good column writer!!! Hope you will do more crooked conversations, Brian!!
Great podcast, very insightful and interesting topics.
Deeper dive
Fun to depart from the news cycle for a deeper dive into the issues. Any episode with Symone Sanders is a must listen!
Great debut!
Winter BreeAnne hit it out of the park with her first Crooked Conversation interview with Cecile Richards. I so hope Cecile will run for office as soon as possible. The bigger, the better!
Great job Winter!!!
fortnite dude2609
😃 😀 aye
The ultimate Benghazi conspiracy theory podcast
Okeefenokee Stokemefire
Must listen to the episode The World as it is: Was Benghazi the Beginning of Trump? If you have ever heard a Benghazi theory, this podcast will enlighten you!
Ben and Tommy
a slow ride into an explosion, actually feeling the frustrations of making the administration work during tragedy. bravo
dislike the nickname idea
The episode on Benghazi was great—really interesting to hear the real “inside” story
Rhodes does ad copy
Listening to Rhodes do ad copy is the delight of my day!!! Never better words spoken - long term munchies booty call. Oh, and the podcast is great, too.
Thr Importance of Education!
Mr. P-Body's Friend
Your clarify the need to include learning about how to distinguish all types of fake information in public schools!
These are great interviews! Everything Crooked media does is golden!
More Rhodes
Laser guy327
See above
Writing for Obama
I'm from Pennsylvania
This was my favorite episode yet! Hearing about the highs and lows was inspiring - makes me want to become a speech-writer! Keep up the great work, guys!
Thanks for the Ben Rhodes Series
So excited that you are doing a series with Ben Rhodes! 2/3 through his book and loving every second. Excited to hear more details for 4 episodes!
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