October 13, 2019
Gene and Randall present a Paracast favorite, author and researcher Kevin D. Randle. During this episode, he discusses Calvin Parker and the 1973 Pascagoula UFO abduction, and how his memories might have been altered through the misapplication of hypnotic regression. Kevin goes on to talk about his efforts to "chase the footnotes" and take a new look at some of the key evidence for the Roswell UFO crash. Kevin has written more than 80 fact and fiction books, including a recent work, "Encounter in the Desert: The Case for Alien Contact at Socorro," which recounts the classic 1964 sighting. He also served for years in the military, which included deployments during the Vietnam War and the second Gulf War. He retired from the Iowa National Guard as a lieutenant colonel in 2009.
October 6, 2019
Gene and Randall present a return visit by UFO abductee Calvin Parker, one of the two men who claim to have been abducted by a UFO in Pascagoula, Mississippi on the evening of October 11, 1973. Parker and a friend, Charles Hickson, claimed that they were “conscious but paralyzed” while three “creatures” took them aboard an oval-shaped craft and subjected them to an examination before releasing them. Parker has written two books about the encounter, the first “Pascagoula — The Closest Encounter: My Story,” and the second, “Pascagoula – The Story Continues: New Evidence & New Witnesses.” Both are published by Philip Mantle. The second book also includes transcripts of hypnotic regressions of Parker that were conducted by Budd Hopkins and Kathleen Marden.
September 29, 2019
Coming September 29 to The Paracast ( Gene and Randall present Mack Maloney, a prolific author of military fiction with a long-time interest in UFOs and the paranormal. He has, so far, written three fact books on these subjects, including “UFOs in Wartime” and “Beyond Area 51.” In addition to his books, Mack was also a columnist for Turner Broadcasting’s Conspiratorium website, 2012-2015, worked as a consultant to the U.S. government on anti-terrorist programs and is a member of the rock band, Sky Club. Mack is a native of Dorchester, Mass. and a graduate of Emerson College.
September 22, 2019
Gene and Randall present a fascinating visit with George P. Hansen, author of a trendsetting work, “The Trickster and the Paranormal." George was professionally employed in parapsychology laboratories for eight years — three at the Rhine Research Center in Durham, North Carolina, and five at Psychophysical Research Laboratories in Princeton, New Jersey. His experiments included remote viewing, card guessing, ganzfeld, electronic random number generators, séance phenomena, and ghosts. He has been active in a number of psychic, UFO, and New Age organizations, and he helped found a skeptics group. His papers in scientific journals cover mathematical statistics, fraud and deception, the skeptics movement, conjurors in parapsychology, and exposés of hoaxes. He is also member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. With such a wide range of potential topics, this is a show you won't want to miss!
September 15, 2019
After 12 years, Gene and Randall present the return of Jeff Belanger, an author, adventurer, and considered one of the most visible paranormal researchers today. He’s the Emmy-nominated host, writer, and producer of the New England Legends series which debuted on PBS in October of 2013, and the weekly New England Legends Podcast. Since 1997, Jeff has interviewed thousands of eyewitnesses to paranormal occurrences, and has written a number of books on these subjects, including such best-sellers as The World’s Most Haunted Places. His beat includes ghosts, Bigfoot, UFOs and other strange phenomena. Jeff is considered the ultimate insider and knows how to connect with people from all walks of life when it comes to the unexplained.
September 8, 2019
Gene and Randall presents paranormal investigator John Olsen, who says he grew up in a haunted house! John has spent the last 25 years interviewing and documenting first-hand accounts of those who have witnessed all kinds of strange and unusual phenomena in the western United States. The Stranger Bridgerland series, currently consisting of three books, contains firsthand accounts of everything from ghosts, monsters and hauntings, to glitches in the matrix, Sasquatch and UFOs. But just hearing about the personal paranormal encounters of John and his family may be quite enough to demonstrate that something really strange is going on.
September 1, 2019
How does a teenage UFO investigator from the '60s mature into a professor of religious studies specializing in the traditions of heavenly ascent? You'll find out as Gene and Randall present David Halperin. According to David, the UFO phenomenon is about us–our hopes, our longings, our terrors. Some of it is emerging … With messages for us? Perhaps, if we just need to learn to decode them. David taught Jewish history in the Religious Studies Department at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill from 1976 through 2000. His perspective on UFOs is that like religion, they are a human construct that has nothing to do with space travel or life on other planets. According to David, they are alien, but instead of coming from space, they come from within our own minds, our own souls, where there’s enough alienness to fill a universe. During this episode, David will offer insights into both sightings and abductions, including former Beatle John Lennon's sighting of a UFO over New York City in 1974.
August 25, 2019
Gene and Randall present abduction researcher Kathleen Marden, who will be discussing her fifth book, "Extraterrestrial Contact: What to Do When You've Been Abducted," which serves as a handbook to advise experiences and their families on how to cope with such encounters. Kathleen earned a BA degree in social work and worked as an educator and education services coordinator while attending graduate school. She is also a Master level practitioner of The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Her interest in UFOs and contact began in 1961, when her aunt and uncle, Betty and Barney Hill, had a close encounter and subsequent abduction in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. She serves as MUFON’s Director of Experiencer Research. and is on the Board of Directors of the Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters (FREE).
August 18, 2019
Gene and Randall present Bryan Bonner, a skeptical paranormal investigator, from the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society. But he’s not a debunker, just a clear thinker who tries to take a realistic approach in his studies of the strange and unknown. In his work, Brian uses a collection of equipment and the most important tool, critical thinking. He employs stage magic, mentalism and science to seek the evidence to solve the mysteries, and close the cases. His work has earned the respect of believers and skeptics alike; and earned the fear of fraudsters and charlatans. In some hilarious encounters, he outwits the con-artists. He is an expert at exposing houses, pranks and scams, and creating some to prove a point.
August 11, 2019
Gene and Randall present author and UFO investigator Preston Dennett, who discusses his current book, “Schoolyard UFO Encounters.” For the past 170 years, schools across the United States and the world have been targeted and visited by UFOs. And they are not simple fly-overs. Preston believes that the ETs are here, and they are coming for our children. He began investigating UFOs and the paranormal in 1986 when he discovered that his family, friends and co-workers were having dramatic unexplained encounters. Since then, he has interviewed hundreds of witnesses and investigated a wide variety of paranormal phenomena. He’s a field investigator for MUFON, and the author of a number of articles in various UFO and paranormal publications.
August 4, 2019
Gene and Randall present futurist speaker and author Christian Kromme. Christian is an expert in disruptive technologies and the author of the Amazon best-selling book “Humanification – Go Digital, Stay Human.” In this book, which you can download free of charge from his site, he focuses on the fascinating parallels between biology and technology. He maintains that the waves of technological innovations that follow each other in rapid rate are, in fact, no coincidence. His book helps the business world anticipate and navigate in an extremely rapidly changing world and benefit from the latest technological changes. He challenges organizations to think like a surfer, so they know how to surf the next great wave of technological change. Are we ready to face the future? Is the rise of machines a curse or a blessing?
July 28, 2019
Gene and Randall welcome Jason Gleaves, author of “UFO Photo: Computer Analysis of Worldwide Ufo Images Through the Decades,” and “Ufology Umbrella.” In his books, Jason covers a variety of detailed computer images that are analyzed and enhanced using up-to-date processing techniques of Unidentified Flying Objects and anomalies through the decades, revisiting some well-known documented cases from the past to more recent times, including the Paul Trent sighting from 1950 and the “Battle over Los Angeles” in 1942. The book also features unseen and unheard firsthand accounts of his own personal UFO sighting at RAF Cosford Air Force Base U.K. in 1993.
July 21, 2019
After 72 years of ridicule, UFOs are being taken more and more seriously in the mainstream media. So Gene and Randall presents UFO lobbyist Stephen Bassett, executive director of the Paradigm Research Group. The group was founded in 1996 to end what he regards as a government imposed embargo on the truth behind the UFO phenomenon. Stephen has spoken to audiences around the world about the implications of formal disclosure by world governments of what he believes to be an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. He has given over 1,000 radio and television interviews, and PRG’s advocacy work has been extensively covered by national and international media. In 2013, PRG produced a “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.
July 14, 2019
Gene and Randall present the ever-prolific Fortean author, Nick Redfern, to discuss his very latest book, ” Flying Saucers from the Kremlin: UFOs, Russian Meddling, Soviet Spies & Cold War Secrets.” The book presents a compelling case for deep Russian involvement in the UFO field, which may have included recruiting those infamous contactees of the 1950s to become spies, fabricating the MJ-12 documents, feeding faux claims of alien visitation and more. Is it possible that, in addition with meddling with U.S. elections, the Russians are still involved in spreading UFO disinformation? Nick Redfern is the author of more than 40 books covering UFOs and other paranormal events. He’s been featured on a number of radio and TV shows, and is a frequent guest on The Paracast.
July 7, 2019
Gene and Randall present a return visit by Paul Eno, senior member of the world-famous father and son team Paul and Ben Eno of Behind The Paranormal. Paul and Ben — who makes a cameo appearance during the first part of the episode — have investigated hundreds of paranormal cases all over the world, and they have lectured throughout America and in Europe. Paul began his paranormal quest in the early 1970s, while he was studying for the priesthood. His early mentors included parapsychology pioneer Dr. Louisa Rhine, Fr. John J. Nicola S.J. (technical advisor for the film "The Exorcist") and legendary (though very controversial), first-generation "grandparents of ghost hunting" Ed and Lorraine Warren.
June 30, 2019
Gene and Randall present author and anthropologist Dr. Michael P. Masters, author of "Identified Flying Objects: A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon. The book presents a challenging theory that at least some of those strange objects may actually be time travelers from the future. Dr. Masters received a Ph.D. in Anthropology from  Ohio State University in 2009, where he specialized in hominid evolutionary anatomy, archaeology, and biomedicine. His background, education, and current research program combine to offer a unique perspective, and a novel approach to addressing unanswered questions pertaining to a widely recognized, yet poorly understood aspect of modern global culture.
June 16, 2019
Gene and Randall present researcher MJ Banias, author of "The UFO People: A Curious Culture." This book focuses primarily on the UFO culture rather than the sightings. MJ is an educator, writer and blogger,  a former field investigator with the Mutual UFO Network, and has been featured on multiple podcasts and radio shows. He contributes to Mysterious Universe, RoguePlanet, and his work has been included in Vice, Fortean Times, FATE Magazine, and the book, "UFOs: Reframing the Debate." MJ lives in Canada with his wife, two children, and a massive cat.
June 9, 2019
Gene is joined by special guest host Mark Jackson as we present MUFON’s Executive Director, Jan C. Harzan. This wide-ranging discussion focuses on possible UFO disclosure, whether it’s already in progress, the recent controversy over the credentials of alleged government whistleblower Luis Elizondo, the future of UFO research, advanced propulsion systems and other fascinating topics. There will also be a brief segment about Jan’s friendship with the late Santon T. Friedman. Jan is a 37-year veteran at IBM, and holds a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering. He has headed MUFON since 2013.
June 2, 2019
Once again, Gene and Randall present the irrepressible Don Ecker. As usual Don takes us on a wild and wooly journey into UFOs and related fields. He discusses the MJ-12 documents, his observations about the Roswell, NM case, possible advanced ancient civilizations, and even lunar mysteries. Don Ecker is a Vietnam vet and a medically retired law enforcement officer. In addition to hosting “Dark Matters” twice a week, he has appeared on a number of radio and TV shows that include documentaries on the History and Discovery channels. As of this episode, Don has made over two dozen appearances on The Paracast.
May 26, 2019
Gene and Randall welcome paranormal writer and researcher Louis Proud. His latest book is “Borderland Phenomena: Spontaneous Combustion, Poltergeistry and Anomalous Lights.” The Paracast has not featured discussions on the first topic, more specifically spontaneous human combustion, since the early days of the show, and the topic can, obviously, seem a little grisly. Louis’s articles have appeared in New Dawn, Paranormal, FATE, and Nexus magazines, and he has been interviewed on such programs as VERITAS Radio, Paranormal Realms, and Whitley Strieber’s “Dreamland.” He currently lives in Burnie, Tasmania.
May 19, 2019
Former CNN correspondent, writer and producer Bryce Zabel returns to The Paracast to speak of his friendship with the late Stanton T. Friedman, who died on May 13, 2019 on his way home from a UFO lecture. Bryce will also discuss his plans for a film featuring Friedman as one of the main characters, along with some fascinating anecdotes about one of the UFO field's most interesting public figures. Bryce's book "A.D. After Disclosure" with Richard Dolan is considered a classic of UFO literature, and he talks about his feeling that some sort of disclosure may already be at hand, even if the revelations come slowly.
May 12, 2019
Gene and  Randall present Greg Lawson, the Paranormal Detective. Greg has traveled to over 40 countries visiting some of Earth's strangest sites to conduct his own investigation into their paranormal history. He's a 26-year law enforcement officer, professional investigator, police academy instructor, college educator, and former expert witness for investigative procedures. He also researches and investigates human paranormal experience and locations known for spiritual or unusual activity. He has authored two books on the subject and specializes in providing alternative perspectives to explain human experience. His forthcoming book is "How to Be a Paranormal Detective."
May 5, 2019
Gene and guest cohost Mark Jackson present author and lecturer Brooks A. Agnew, an internationally acclaimed lecturer on energy, manufacturing, and more; as well as the host of X-Squared Radio. Brooks is a proponent of the very real science that supports a Hollow Earth and he plans to mount an expedition through uncharted Arctic territory to prove once and for all that these legends are real. Since Mark is a geologist, the implications of this theory will be discussed in detail. Agnew’s background includes a stint in the Air Force and a Ph.D. in Physics.
April 28, 2019
Gene and Randall present Tim R. Swartz, an Emmy-Award winning television producer/videographer, who is the author of a number of popular books on the paranormal that include “The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla,” “America’s Strange and Supernatural History,” “Time Travel: Fact Not Fiction!,” “Men of Mystery: Nikola Tesla and Otis T. Carr,” and “Admiral Byrd’s Secret Journey Beyond the Poles.” Tim is the writer and editor of the online newsletter Conspiracy Journal, a free, weekly e-mail newsletter, considered essential reading by paranormal researchers worldwide. This will be a wide-ranging discussion that explores UFOs, legends of the hollow Earth, and the frontiers of reality.
April 21, 2019
Gene and Randall present a return visit from Irena Scott Ph.D., who brings us inside information including real documents, not the typical stories and legends. Her book Sacred Corridors includes hidden studies, leaked information, photographs, documents, and interviews with researchers and informants that show UFOs really exist. She also talks about a possible new Roswell witness, Memory Metal and Elroy John Center, the Cordell Hull report, and evidence that an alloy company had received a debris sample to analyze. She also discusses her own amazing UFO sightings over the years. Irena has worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency, Battelle Memorial Institute, and attended conferences at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
April 14, 2019
Gene and Randall focus on hard science and nuts and bolts UFO research with atmospheric scientist and researcher William Puckett. William worked as a meteorologist for the National Weather Service for three years and the Environmental Protection Agency for 27 years. He has also been a consultant for the “UFO Hunters” series on the History Channel and also appeared on two of the episodes. He is also a research associate with NARCAP, a Director of Montana’s branch of MUFON, and continues his work as an independent investigator and reporting on his “UFOs Northwest” site. William has also performed both meteorological and radar analysis for the November 7, 2006 UFO Incident at O’Hare Airport in Chicago.
April 7, 2019
Gene and Randall explore the frontiers of our  paranormal reality with Morgan Knudsen. Morgan has been involved in the world of paranormal phenomenon for over 18 years. She is the founder of Entityseeker Paranormal Research & Teachings (the evolution of The Association for Psychical Research in Canada, 1918 ) as well as the world-renowned Teaching the Living program for clients, She is the author of "Teaching the Living; From Heartbreak to Happiness in a Haunted Home." Her radio and TV credits include "Haunted Hospitals" and "Paranormal 9-1-1."
March 31, 2019
Gene and Randall feature Richard Hoffman, who has been investigating the UFO phenomena for over 52 years. He first got involved in UFO researcher as a teenager when he was assigned a school paper on the subject. His curiosity resulted in a lifelong pursuit of the truth behind the mystery. Over the years, Rich has explored a number of fascinating UFO cases, some of which he’ll describe on this episode. A former State Director and researcher for MUFON, he continues UFO investigations on his own and as an Executive Board Member for the Scientific Coalition for Ufology (SCU).
March 24, 2019
Gene and Randall introduce author John Potash, who explores covert government attacks against famous entertainment figures and artists in his most recent book, Drugs as Weapons Against Us: The CIA’s Murderous Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac and other Activists. He published his first book, The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders, in 2007, which described more efforts to stifle dissent. Were any of these acts part of the infamous MKUltra project, dedicated to developing mind control schemes? In his personal life, John has worked as a counselor of people with mental health problems and addictions for over 25 years.
March 17, 2019
Gene and Randall present author/investigator Adele Casales Rocha, author of the 2019 book “Portal, A Lifetime of Paranormal Experiences.” This book shares stories from witnesses from all walks of life which include the little-explored area of the Philippines. In particular, the first half of the book delves into uncanny and terrifying experiences previously uncovered in other books about Asian countries, focusing on one family’s struggles with a haunted home and the tragedies that followed. Ms. Rocha’s background includes a stint as a MUFON field investigator in Pennsylvania, another hotbed of paranormal encounters.
March 10, 2019
Gene and Randall are joined by long-time paranormal researcher Stephen Erdmann, someone who has active in these fields since the 1960s. He brings along a lifetime of studies of our strange world with a major focus on UFOs and possible conspiracy theories. In some respects, it's a "blast from the past," as Stephen explores older cases and provides informed commentaries on the state of UFO research, and the possible meaning behind such events. He has also taken a special interest in possible government surveillance of individuals involved in UFO research, and alleged ongoing efforts to observe and control the populace.
March 3, 2019
Gene and Randall present folklorist Kevin Ian Beegle, who takes us on a fascinating journey covering amazing experiences through the ages involving strange beings, strange flying ships and more. You'll also hear about Kevin's lifetime of personal encounters. Kevin Ian Beegle is an Irish-American folklorist who lectures on paranormal experiences and the correlation to ancient stories and legends.  Holding a Master’s Degree in Education, Kevin’s thesis was focused on Native American Educational Outcomes and using Folklore and legends to show common human experiences. A contributor to several books on history and Bigfoot. He weaves together personal experience, ancient culture and current paranormal research into a presentation that takes both quantum physics and shamanistic explanations to allow the participate to come to their own conclusion or give additional areas to personally research.
February 24, 2019
Gene and Randall introduce paranormal author/researcher Michael Grosso. During this episode, he’ll focus on a variety of strange experiences including levitation and ghosts. He is affiliated with the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia, is on the Board of Directors of the American Philosophical Practitioner’s Association, and is a past editor of the journal for that association. His published books include “The Final Choice: Playing the Survival Game” (1985); “Frontiers of the Soul: Exploring Psychic Evolution” (1992), “The Millennium Myth: Love and Death at the End of Time” (1995), “Soulmaking: Uncommon Paths to Self-Understandin”g (1997), and “Experiencing the Next World Now” (2004).
February 17, 2019
Gene and special guest cohost Mark Jackson, The Deep Space Resident, present long time Fortean researcher Stan Gordon, who returns to present more amazing reports detailing sightings of UFOs and strange creatures in and around Pennsylvania. Are such phenomena related in some way? What about reports of sudden appearances and disappearances and does such behavior provide the clue to the solution to these mysteries? Stan has been researching UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters, and other mysterious events in Pennsylvania since 1959. Since then, he has been involved with the investigation of thousands of unusual incidents. He is the primary investigator of the 1965 UFO crash incident that occurred near Kecksburg, PA.
February 10, 2019
Gene and Randall present UFO researcher Alejandro Rojas, who returns to The Paracast to talk about such matters as the controversial claims of Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb that our solar system has been visited by an alien ship. The ins and outs of the History channel's "Project Blue Book," and its mixed reception in the UFO field, are also discussed. And what about using hypnotic regression to help unearth hidden memories from possible UFO abductees? Alejandro is well known in the Ufology community for his longstanding positive contribution to the field including his many media and conference appearances. His most visible contributions are with OpenMinds TV.
February 3, 2019
Gene and Randall present a return appearance from author/researcher Kevin D. Randle. This week, he talks about the controversy surrounding the History channel's drama, "Project Blue Book" and how it depicts the work of Dr. J. Allen Hynek. Does it stay too far from the truth to satisfy people seriously interested in UFOs? Kevin will also talk about his ongoing "Chasing Footnotes" work to unearth possible solutions to older cases. There is also a brief discussion about his study of hypnotic regression and possible past-life memories. In addition to has many books, he is a military veteran who served in the United States Army during both the Vietnam War and the Second Gulf War.
January 27, 2019
Gene and Randall are visited by Jason Offutt, author of fact and fiction books on a variety of subjects, with a special focus on the paranormal. Jason grew up on a farm near the little town of Orrick, Missouri where he’s been a farm hand, journalist, photographer, bartender, and mayor! Jason teaches journalism at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, and keeps the world safe from the forces of evil. As a kid he looked for Sasquatch footprints in the yard, UFOs over our farmhouse, and one night his whole family saw something that shouldn’t – couldn’t – have been in the sky. One afternoon, while alone, he saw a full-bodied apparition.
January 20, 2019
Gene and Randall present the return of folklorist Linda Godfrey, to talk about monsters and other strange beasts, including her own experiences over the years. In her current book, "Monsters Among Us," Linda explores the mystical, legendary, and scientific aspects of these creatures and the surprising secret portals and doorways some may use to enter our  world. An author, investigator and artist, she is the author of 18 books on strange creatures, phenomena and people. She’s also a frequent guest on national TV and radio shows, and lives in the Kettle Moraine area of SE Wisconsin with her husband and monster dog, Grendel.
January 13, 2019
Gene and Randall present a return appearance by scientist Mark Jackson (TDSR in our forums). During this episode, Mark brings us up to date on his ongoing UFO research, and his plans for the future, which include a podcast focusing on newcomers to the field, a place where they can spread their wings. A resident of Austin TX,  Mark began working in the environmental engineering sector in early 2000s. He spent 10 years developing and applying emerging technologies and advanced electrical field systems which were developed under the SDI program and brought to the commercial environmental sector. He is currently a senior systems analyst for the energy sector.
January 6, 2019
Gene and Randall introduce Yovav Gad A.K.A. “The Web Machine,” who established the site in September, 2016. Yovav created the web portal as a front stage for UFO enthusiasts, authors and whistle-blowers to post articles, opinions, theories, sightings and real life experiences to help reveal the truth about unidentified flying objects and visitations from extra-terrestrial origins. During this episode, you'll learn about Yovav's views about UFOs and whether he believes they are alien visitors. You'll also discover something surprising about him, something your humble Paracast hosts did not expect.
December 30, 2018
For the final episode of 2018, Gene and Randall present a return appearance from Jan Harzan, Executive Director of MUFON. With the organization's 50th anniversary coming in 2019, Jan catches up on its history, how and why it was founded originally as the Midwest UFO Network, as Gene expands upon his own related experiences in the early days. Jan also engages in a discussion about various theories about UFO reality. He is a 37-year veteran at IBM, and holds a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering. He's been Executive Director of MUFON since 2013.
December 23, 2018
Gene and Randall present prolific Fortean author Nick Redfern, who returns to talk about his recent books, including “The Black Diary: M.I.B, Women in Black, Black-Eyed Children, and Dangerous Books” and his forthcoming title, “Area 51: The Revealing Truth of UFOs, Secret Aircraft, Cover-Ups & Conspiracies.” Just these two books lead to a fascinating discussion about Men In Black, UFO disinformation, and the possible goings-on at Area 51. Is it, as some claim, the locale of crashed spaceships, or is it largely a place where secret aircraft and weaponry are tested and perfected? And have we tried to spook the Russians about UFOs? Did they influence some of the early flying saucer contactees?
December 16, 2018
Gene and Randle present UFO researcher and columnist Cheryl Costa, author of the “New York Skies” column published weekly at She’ll cover the UFO mystery from a nuts and bolts perspective. Cheryl saw her first UFO at age 12. A military veteran, she’s a retired information security professional from the aerospace Industry. She’s been a speaker at the International UFO Congress and at the MUFON Symposium. Besides being a journalist, she’s also a published playwright who holds a bachelor of arts degree from the State University of New York at Empire State College in entertainment writing. She is also co-author of “UFO Sightings Desk Reference: United States of America 2001-2015.”
December 9, 2018
Gene and Randall present long-time forum regular Mark Jackson (who uses the name TDSR) in a listener roundtable, where he talks about his exploration of scientific UFO research and his views on the possibility that we are being visited by extraterrestrials. A resident of Austin TX, Mark began working in the environmental engineering sector in early 2000s. He spent 10 years developing and applying emerging technologies and advanced electrical field systems which were developed under the SDI program and brought to the commercial environmental sector. He is currently a senior systems analyst for the energy sector.
December 2, 2018
Gene and Randall present Suzanne Hansen, Founding Director of UFOCUS NZ. She has lectured nationally and internationally about New Zealand UFO sightings plus her own alien contact encounters and interaction experiences, as well as related spiritual and metaphysical topics. She has also been featured in internet interviews, radio, TV, and newspaper/magazine interviews, and taken part in a number of international UFO documentaries. This interview focuses on both sightings and alien encounters, and whether there is some sort of plan afoot by extraterrestrial visitors to present a message of peace and brotherhood to the thousands of humans who have allegedly been taken aboard their spacecraft.
November 25, 2018
Gene and Randall present paranormal researcher/author Preston Dennett, who began investigating the unknown when he discovered that his family, friends and co-workers were having dramatic unexplained encounters. Since then, he has interviewed hundreds of witnesses and investigated a wide variety of paranormal phenomena. He is a field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a ghost hunter, a paranormal researcher, and the author of 22 books and more than 100 articles about UFOs and the paranormal. His articles have appeared in numerous magazines including Fate, Atlantis Rising, MUFON UFO Journal, Nexus, Paranormal Magazine, UFO Magazine, Mysteries Magazine, Ufologist and others.
November 18, 2018
Gene and Randall present long-time UFO researcher and author Jerome Clark, who will discuss the third edition of his multivolume magnum opus, "The UFO Encyclopedia." You'll learn about the new material, the conclusions that were altered as the result of new research, particularly the Roswell UFO crash and how the case stands after all these years. Indeed, is any reported UFO crash credible? Randall and Jerry also debate the "experience anomaly," and its impact on certain cases, such as abductions. Are all UFOs physical craft, or are other forces at work here? Jerry is also a songwriter whose music has been recorded or performed by musicians such as Emmylou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Tom T. Hall.
November 11, 2018
Gene and Randall revisit a theory that combines parapsychology and sociology with UFOs as we present Eric Ouellet, author of “Illuminations: The UFO Experience as a Parapsychological Event.” In this book, Ouellet’s book provides a thought-provoking reassessment of several well-known UFO cases, including the Washington, D.C. UFO wave of 1952, the Betty and Barney Hill abduction of 1961, the Rendlesham UFO incident of 1980, and the Belgian UFO wave of 1989-1991. Ouellet is a professor of Defense Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada, and at the Canadian Forces College (Canada’s Joint Staff and War College). He has a Ph.D. in sociology from York University (Toronto, Canada).
November 4, 2018
Gene and Randall take a virtual tour of Haunted Knoxville with “Paranormal Historian” J. Adam Smith, who holds such titles as Holistic Energy Therapist / Medical Intuitive, Certified Paranormal Investigator, and Certified Reiki II Practitioner. He is also a member of the American Association of Psychics and the Edgar Cayce Institute (A.R.E.). In his “other life,” J. is a professional electric violinist and teacher. He also leads workshops on developing intuition, connecting to your Angels, and lecturing on the evolution of the Spirit and having discussions with other contemplatives about life’s mysteries, and more. Indeed this episode may be the closest thing to a “real” magical mystery tour.
October 28, 2018
Gene and Randall present Canadian Fortean researcher Chris Rutkowski. Since the mid-1970s, he’s written about his investigations and research on UFOs, for which he is best known. He has been involved in writing and media projects for more than 30 years, including TV specials ("The Monster of Lake Manitoba," 1996), planetarium shows ("Moonlight Serenade," 1983, and "Amateur Nights," 1989) and newspaper columns ("Strange Tales," in the Northern Times, Thompson, Manitoba, 1984 to 1985). Chris has also written nine books on UFOs and related issues, a collection of short stories and has contributed to many other volumes, both fiction and non-fiction. This episode will offer news of his latest work, plus a dose of pop culture as Chris and Gene talk briefly about super heroes in the movies and on TV.
October 21, 2018
Gene and Randall present a return visit from the one and only Red Pill Junkie (Miguel Romero). On this episode, RPJ will discuss his recent article, "Man Overboard: One Year After Its Launch, To the Stars Academy's Financial Situation Remains Stuck on the Ground," which appeared in the Daily Grail. In late 2017, we learned of a Pentagon UFO study, covered by the likes of The New York Times and the Washington Post. There was great hope that the subject would finally be taken seriously by the mainstream media and science. But has the effort, spearheaded by rock and roller Tom DeLonge,  stalled after the initial onrush of publicity? RPJ explores this and other paranormal research topics.
October 14, 2018
Gene and Randall present a double header, first featuring Alejandro Rojas of for a UFO update. He presents an update on the status of the James Fox UFO documentary formerly known as “701: The Movie,” plus the latest developments in UFO research that has garnered more attention by the mainstream media, along with plans for the 2019 International UFO Congress to be held near Scottsdale, AZ. You’ll also hear about the fascinating UFO culture from researcher Curtis Collins, who also covers the recently-formed Scientific Coalition for Ufology (SCU) of which Alejandro is a board member. Curt also expands the discussion about the participation of scientists in UFO research, which leads into this weekend’s episode of After The Paracast, an exclusive feature of The Paracast+.
October 7, 2018
Gene and Randall present Paul Kingsbury is a Professor of Geography at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. In 2015 Paul succeeded in winning a four-year SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) Insight Grant for a project called: "Situating the Growth of Paranormal Investigation Cultures: A Critical Study of the Lived Spaces of Organizations and Conferences.” That's right folks, a bona fide University professor who thinks the cultural aspects of the paranormal are worthy of serious academic study. During this interview, you'll learn how Paul became immersed in a number of areas of paranormal research, including crop circles, Bigfoot, UFOs and more.
September 30, 2018
Gene and Randall present Sharon A. Hill, who researches paranormal topics, pseudoscience, and natural anomalies with a special scholarly interest in how paranormal investigators use science and interact with the public. She has written Scientifical Americans: The Culture of Amateur Paranormal Researchers, published in 2017, the only comprehensive study of modern ghost investigators, cryptozoologists and Ufologists that assesses claims of the paranormal. A trained geologist with a Masters in Education, she has written for Skeptical Inquirer and Fortean Times, and created and ran the popular weird news website Doubtful News for many years, as well as producing a related podcast, 15 Credibility Street.
September 23, 2018
Gene and Randall present paranormal investigator Clarissa Vazquez, founder of the Colorado Coalition of Paranormal Investigators (CCPI). Its purpose is to provide genuine help to those frightened by a potential paranormal experience. Since its inception, the CCPI has grown to include dedicated members that conduct thorough and professional investigations. Known simply as “Fearless Leader” to the CCPI team, Clarissa takes a scientific and refreshingly skeptical approach to her research and created the popular “Phantom Hitchhiker Project.” She is also the author of six books covering a wide range of paranormal subjects that include “Debunking Common Paranormal Myths: Exploring Psychosomatic Pareidolia.”
September 16, 2018
Gene and Randall present Bryan Bonner of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society. For over two decades Bryan, with a healthy dose of skepticism, has examined a wide range of reported paranormal phenomena, including ghosts, poltergeists, psychics, UFOs, conspiracy theories, urban legends, and much more. Unlike others in the field, Bryan has made sure not to run around cemeteries, screaming and scaring the group with over-active imaginations.  From the field to the lab, he tests bizarre beliefs and practices, conducts experiments and on-site investigations, and recreates unusual events. He has confronted hauntings, Ouija board activity, levitation, psychic readings, alien abductions, and telephones that try to talk to the dead.
September 9, 2018
Gene and Randall present a return appearance by UFO researcher and Biblical scholar David Halperin. His perspective on UFOs is that like religion, they are a human phenomenon. They have nothing to do with space travel or life on other planets. They’re about us–our hopes, our longings, our terrors. Particularly the greatest terror of all: the end of our existence. Are they alien visitors? Yes; but not in the sense of coming from outer space. Inside our own minds, our own souls, there’s enough alienness to fill a universe. Some of it is emerging … With messages for us? Perhaps. We just need to learn to decode them. From 1976 through 2000, David taught Jewish history in the Religious Studies Department at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
September 2, 2018
On the evening of October 11, 1973, co-workers 42-year-old Charles Hickson and 19-year-old Calvin Parker told the Jackson County, Mississippi Sheriff's office they were fishing off a pier on the west bank of the Pascagoula River in Mississippi when they heard a whirring/whizzing sound, and saw two flashing blue lights and an oval shaped object 30–40 feet across and 8–10 feet high. Parker and Hickson claimed that they were "conscious but paralyzed" while three "creatures" took them aboard the object and subjected them to an examination before releasing them. Gene and Randall present Calvin Parker to discuss this experience and another, 20 years later, as told in his book, "Pascagoula — The Closest Encounter: My Story."
August 26, 2018
Gene and cohost J. Randall Murphy introduce vampire expert Douglas Robinson. Douglas is a critically acclaimed author who penned the “Silently Series” which currently consists of three books about real vampire lifestyles in a dramatic-fiction style. Robinson is also an educator who helps inspiring authors pursue their writing aspirations to a finished product. He’s the founder and CEO of Silently Publishing. During this interview, Robinson will explain why he believes that the vampires he writes about represent a genuine subculture or secret society that truly exists.
August 19, 2018
Coming August 19 on The Paracast ( Gene and weekly cohost J. Randall Murphy present Nigel Watson, who has researched and investigated historical and contemporary reports of UFO sightings since the 1970s. He is the author of such books as "Portraits of Alien Encounters" (VALIS, 1990), "Phantom Aerial Flaps and Waves" (VALIS, 1990), "Supernatural Spielberg" (with Darren Slade, VALIS, 1992), editor/writer of "The Scareship Mystery: A Survey of Phantom Airship Scares, 1909-1918" (DOMRA, 2000) "The UFO Investigations Manual" (Haynes, 2013), and "UFOs of the First World War" (The History Press, 2015). He has also written for numerous books, publications and websites, including Magonia, Paranormal Magazine, Fortean Times, Wired, Flipside, How It Works, All About Space, Fate, Strange Magazine, Beyond, History Today, Aquila, Alien Worlds, UniLad, The Unexplained, Flying Saucer Review, UFO Magazine India and UFO Magazine (USA).
August 12, 2018
Gene and weekly cohost J. Randall Murphy present Dr. Richard Bonenfant, a retired medical research scientist who’s career specialized in the study of birth defects in newborn children. He has been a research associate with the Albany Medical Center Hospital in Albany, New York, a medical epidemiologist with the New York State Birth Defects Institute, and a research scientist with the Division of Environment Epidemiology at the New York State Department of Health. Richard has also authored four books and participated in interviews where he has talked about the darker aspects of unexplained phenomena: animal mutilations where there are no traces of a perpetrator. Some reports documenting these strange events date back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and were reported by legendary anomalist, Charles Fort. He has also written a paper on NDEs.
August 5, 2018
Gene and weekly cohost J. Randall Murphy present former national security officer Walter Bosley with more details of his military background, and what he knew about fellow intelligence officer Rick Doty. You'll hear about breakaway civilizations, secret spacecraft and lots more, including Bosley's UFO sighting. He is the author of the "Secret Missions" series and, with Richard B. Spence on the first volume, the "Empire of the Wheel" trilogy currently being developed for television. He speaks at various events and has appeared on "Ancient Aliens."
July 29, 2018
Gene and weekly cohost J. Randall Murphy present Australia's Paul Dean. Paul specializes in the acquisition, assessment and archiving of official UFO records which have been generated for 80 years by myriad government agencies. He has been instrumental in obtaining never-before-seen UFO case files, military doctrine, and other important documents that will shape our understanding of the UFO issue for years to come. He also works with files that were first obtained by others, but thought long lost, and engage with the likes of archivists Barry Greenwood, Jan Aldrich and Francis Ridge. Working from more of a historical perspective than a field investigator or UFO cult personality, Paul attempts to assess which areas of governmental UFO history are lacking significant documentation, and he then focuses on those areas with Freedom of Information Act requests, Mandatory Declassification Review submissions, and other correspondence regimes.
July 22, 2018
Gene and weekly cohost J. Randall Murphy present Nick Redfern, prolific author of all things paranormal. Nick will focus on the third book of his MIB trilogy, "The Black Diary: M.I.B, Women in Black, Black-Eyed Children, and Dangerous Books." Highlights include: dozens of never-before-seen stories of encounters with these creatures; Nick’s own sighting of an MIB; the ability of these multi-dimensional entities to invade our space in hostile fashion; and how and why writing, reading and even thinking about them can be hazardous. Nick Redfern is the author of more than forty books mainly focusing on the strange and the unknown.
July 15, 2018
Gene and guest cohost J. Randall Murphy present the one and only Allen Greenfield, Allen is a published author on Masonic rites, UFOs, esoteric spirituality and psychic phenomena. Having done considerable field research and lab work in all of these areas, he subscribes to the "Many Worlds" interpretation of Quantum Theory, and thinks that the explanation for phenomena as diverse as ghosts, Near Death Experiences, spontaneous cases of the reincarnation type, Men In Black, shadow people, cryptids etc. is in the overlap among so called "branes" (that's b-r-a-n-e-s) or alternate worlds impinging upon our consciousness, a concept he has advocated since the late 1960s. Gene and Allen have been close friends for well over five decades.
July 8, 2018
Gene and guest cohost J. Randall Murphy present a return visit by the irrepressible Don Ecker, who focuses much of his discussion on the curious case of Milton William Cooper (Bill Cooper), one of the more curious personalities in the UFO field. Cooper's wild and crazy life came to a tragic end in a 2001 shootout with sheriff deputies in rural Arizona. Don also talks about other eccentric figures in the field, such as Bob Lazar, who claimed to have worked at the legendary Area 51 discusses model and talk show host Candy Jones, who was married to paranormal talk show pioneer Long John Nebel when it was claimed that she once worked as an unwilling CIA courier and sometimes assassin when put into a spell by the CIA, as depicted in the book, "The Control of Candy Jones."
July 1, 2018
Gene and guest cohost J. Randall Murphy present author Kerry Trent Haggard, a long time enthusiast of classic horror and UFOs who first learned of the Aurora UFO crash from his friend John Cochran in the summer of 2015. Kerry, who had witnessed a flying saucer during his childhood, became fascinated with the story, and he and John spent the next several months working day and night to form an outline for a screenplay based on the fictional hunt for the buried extraterrestrial. From there it grew into the novel, "Traveler," the main topic of discussion for this episode. Haggard will also talk about his interest in antique cars, and the legal problems he confronted due to going too far in selling rare movie posters.
June 24, 2018
On an anniversary of Kenneth Arnold's UFO sighting, Gene and returning guest cohost J. Randall Murphy host cryptozoologist and Fortean Loren Coleman. Loren discusses the weird deaths of paranormal authors, Ufologists, Mothman-linked folks, Superman personalities, and celebrities. Do these clusters of deaths have any significance, or is it all about coincidence? Will those copycat hangings involving such notables as fashion designer Kate Spade and comic actor Robin Williams continue? What about the reality behind such creatures as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and Thunderbird? Loren is founder and director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.
June 17, 2018
Gene and special guest cohost Curtis Collins present scientist and researcher Dr. Irena Scott, author of  "Inside the Lightning Ball: A Scientific Study of Lifelong UFO Experiencers." Dr. Scott has worked in crucial institutions involved in the UFO field–the Defense Intelligence Agency, Battelle Memorial Institute, and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Her book delves deeply into the scientific study of the reports of people, who experienced childhood sightings and additional events during their lifetimes. Included are findings suggesting that the phenomena may be interactive with human thoughts, discussion of abduction and contact, synchronicity, and speculation that such reports are simply the tip of the iceberg to more complex interactions. Dr. Scott begins the episode with a lengthy discussion of her own amazing experiences.
June 10, 2018
Gene and guest co-host Goggs Mackay present cutting-edge paranormal researcher Ryan Sprague for a romp through the world of the strange and unknown. Ryan is an author, screenwriter, and playwright splitting homes between New York City and Los Angeles. He is also an investigative journalist specializing in the topic of UFOs. He's interviewed witnesses in all walks of life about UFO sightings and possible encounters with extraterrestrials, and is the author of Somewhere in the Skies: A Human Approach to an Alien Phenomenon and is also a contributing writer to the anthology, UFOs: Reframing the Debate. Ryan is also the creator and host of the "Somewhere in the Skies Podcast."
June 3, 2018
Coming June 3 on The Paracast ( Gene and cutting-edge commentator Greg Bishop, host of “Radio Misterioso” spend the episode discussing a variety of subjects related to the world of the paranormal. What, for example, is Greg’s co-creation theory about UFOs and other phenomena all about anyway? Does it mean that he’s unwilling to accept the extraterrestrial hypothesis as the answer to the UFO mystery? A wide-range of topics are discussed, including spirit phenomena and other weird events. And in a short pop culture segment, Greg mentions that the late comic actor, Mel Blanc, the legendary “man of a thousand voices,” actually sang a song with the words “flying saucers” in the title.
May 27, 2018
Gene and guest cohost Goggs Mackay present Dr. Jack Hunter, an anthropologist and author of "Engaging the Anomalous: Collected Essays on Anthropology, the Paranormal, Mediumship, and Extraordinary Experience." In this book, Dr. Hunter poses serious questions about consciousness, experience, spirits, mediumship, psi, the nature of reality, and how best to investigate and understand them. In this discussion, Dr. Hunter will present stories of personal experiences, encounters with mediums, and float a wide variety of suggestions as to how various paranormal phenomena might somehow be connected, and that includes the UFO mystery. Dr. Hunter is the founder and editor of a free online journal, Paranthropology.
May 20, 2018
Gene and guest cohost Goggs Mackay introduce long-time paranormal researcher Brent Raynes. He is the editor of an online monthly magazine entitled Alternate Perceptions, and the author of "Visitors From Hidden Realms" (2004) and "On The Edge of Reality" (2009). Raynes has a third book coming out later in 2018, to be published by Visionary Living Publishing and tentatively entitled" John A. Keel: The Man, Myths and Mysteries." Raynes' journey into paranormal research was heavily influenced by John Keel early on. They shared correspondence that began back in October 1969. He was also heavily influenced by Jacques Vallee and Brad Steiger.
May 13, 2018
Gene and very special guest cohost Don Ecker observe the May 6, 2018 passing of prolific author Brad Steiger, at the age of 82. They are joined by two author/researchers who knew Steiger well: Jerome Clark and Kevin D. Randle. The discussion begins by remembering their first meetings and ongoing association with Steiger, and segues into the seldom-revealed limitations of writing books covering the UFO genre and similar subjects. You'll also hear forthright discussions about the value of Steiger's research, pop culture, the world of sci-fi and other topics.
May 6, 2018
Gene and guest co-host Michael Allen  present a return visit by researcher MJ Banias, a blogger who critically and philosophically examines the weird, the strange and the anomalous. During this episode, MJ will discuss the latest episode of the "MUFON Follies," a new documentary about the Flatwoods Monster, a creature seen in West Virginia in 1952, and even how he accidentally got involved in debates over the Billy Meier contacts. And what about the alleged alien agenda? MJ was a former field investigator with MUFON, has been featured on multiple podcasts and radio shows, and contributes to Mysterious Universe and RoguePlanet. His work has been included in FATE Magazine, and in a collection of UFO-related essays entitled UFOs: Reframing the Debate
April 29, 2018
Gene is joined by guest cohost Michael Allen in welcoming prolific paranormal author Nick Redfern back to The Paracast. Nick discusses the book, The Slenderman Mysteries: An Internet Urban Legend Comes to Life. Is it possible to invent a myth online, and have it emerge with frightening reality? Indeed, The Slenderman may be a tulpa, a thought-form that can stride out of our darkest imaginations and into reality if enough people believe in it. Nick Redfern is the author of 40 books, including Immortality of the Gods, Weapons of the Gods, Bloodline of the Gods, Monster Files, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter, The Real Men in Black, The NASA Conspiracies, Keep Out!, The Pyramids and the Pentagon, Contactees, The World's Weirdest Places, For Nobody's Eyes Only, and Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind.
April 22, 2018
Gene, special guest cohost Don Ecker, and panelist Michael Allen, welcome Dr. Dean Radin to The Paracast. Dr. Radin is the author of “Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe.” He is Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Associated Distinguished Professor of Integral and Transpersonal Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. He earned an MS in electrical engineering and a PhD in psychology from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Before joining the research staff at IONS in 2001, he held appointments at AT&T Bell Labs, Princeton University, University of Edinburgh, and SRI International.
April 15, 2018
Gene and special guest cohost Don Ecker introduce UFO researchers Ben Moss and Tony Angiola, from MUFON Virginia. The two focus on their four-year study of the 1964 Socorro, NM case and their friendship with UFO researcher and amateur paleontologist Ray Stanford. Both Moss and Angiola have been guests on the History Channel's "Hangar 1" reality show, loosely based on MUFON's research. While this episode will focus heavily on hardcore research of UFOs and the possibility that they are extraterrestrial, they will admit that, so far, very little progress has been made towards solving the mystery.
April 8, 2018
Gene and special guest cohost Don Ecker present Rev. Dr. Barry Downing, author of two works on the presence of alien visitors in ancient times, "The Bible and Flying Saucers," (1968) and "Biblical UFO Revelations," (2017). He has been a consultant in theology for the Mutual UFO Network since 1972, and has published a number of articles in UFO publications. He is listed in "Who's Who In Theology and Science," and has appeared in several of the History Channel "Ancient Aliens" series. Dr. Downing is pastor emeritus of Northminster Presbyterian Church, Endwell, NY. He earned a degree in physics from Hartwick College, a divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.
April 1, 2018
Gene and guest cohost J. Randall Murphy feature a wide-ranging interview with the "dean" of UFO researchers, Stanton T. Friedman, who is retiring from lecturing on the subject. He reminisces about his many years of research in the field, and the key issues he still believes should be explored. You'll also get a rare look at his personal life, such as his stint as a waiter in the Catskills in his youth, and the fact that he had to take dancing lessons. Gene and Randall make a special effort to attempt to take Stanton out of his usual comfort zone to widen the discussion to new areas.
March 25, 2018
Gene and Chris present one of our famous listener roundtables, with this episode focusing on the special appearance of former AFOSI agent Richard Doty. What were the implications of his claims about two Roswell UFO crashes, the presence of an alien visitor and possibility reverse engineered technology? Is any of it true, or was it all or mostly government disinformation to deflect our attention from the "real" UFO mystery? This episode features guest cohost J. Randall Murphy along with long-time listener Michael Allen, who uses his engineering background to provide a number of insights into what Doty said and the possible implications.
March 18, 2018
Gene, Chris and guest cohost J. Randall Murphy present an exclusive interview with former Air Force intelligence agent Rick Doty, long regarded as one of the more controversial figures in UFO research. What about the claims that he was a government disinformation agent, that he may have been responsible for forging such documents as MJ-12? What about his efforts to feed fake information about alleged alien visitors to one Paul Bennewitz in the 1980s? This will be a forthright interview that covers lots of topics and leaves you wanting more. Richard served his country in the US Air Force and was hired by the Air Force Office of Special Investigation after attending an intelligence course taught by the DIA and CIA. He served at Kirtland AFB as a counterintelligence officer snd also saw duty at Nevada Test Site, Air Force Test Center, Detachment 3 and Groom Lake, Nevada.
March 11, 2018
Gene and guest cohost J. Randall Murphy present Robert Schroeder, author of Solving the UFO Enigma: How Modern Physics is Revealing the Technology of UFOs. Among the theories being tested is one called Warped Geometry by a Harvard physicist, which may allow for fast interstellar travel in the extra dimensions. Spectrographic data from actual UFO sightings would confirm if these craft are using technology we are now on the cusp of unraveling ourselves. Robert Schroeder recently spoke at the International UFO Congress in February 2018. He retired from Hewlett-Packard after 26 years in operations and product management, has a BA in math from Rutgers University, an AS in aerospace engineering and a MBA.
March 4, 2018
Gene and guest cohost J. Randall Murphy present Fortean/paranormal researcher Joshua Cutchin. who takes us on a fascinating journey through the nooks and crannies of the world of the paranormal, folklore and the frontiers of consciousness. Among the cases discussed, the curious UFO contact from 1961 involving chicken farmer Joe Simonton, who claims to have been presented with bad-tasting buckwheat pancakes from short swarthy aliens in a flying saucer, a story that has never been explained. Joshua is the author of two books: 2015's "A Trojan Feast: The Food and Drink Offerings of Aliens, Faeries, and Sasquatch." and 2016's "The Brimstone Deceit: An In-Depth Examination of Supernatural Scents, Otherworldly Odors, & Monstrous Miasmas." He is also author of the forthcoming, "Thieves In The Night: Paranormal Child Abduction From the Faerie Faith to the UFO Era."
February 25, 2018
Gene and guest cohost J. Randall Murphy present paranormal blogger Red Pill Junkie (Miguel Romero). As usual, RPJ provides cutting edge speculation about a whole range of offbeat subjects, such as whether there is any connection or resemblance between UFO experiences and psychedelic experiences. What about speculation about traveling across the multiverse, sometimes referred to as the Mandela Effect? In short, RPJ will talk about topics seldom covered in the field. Before he was famous, RPJ was an extra in a music video for Australian band Sneaky Sound. He is also responsible for the design used for The Official Paracast Channel on YouTube, and those special d.j. caricatures of Gene and Chris.
February 18, 2018
Gene and guest co-host Curtis Collins present long-time UFO researcher and author Jerome Clark, who will discuss an article he wrote for Fortean Times entitled, "Mr. Wilson and the aeronauts of 1897," and whether some of those sightings were genuine events, an elaborate fiction or something else: what Jerry calls an "experience anomaly." He'll also cover the history of the field, and whether anything has been accomplished towards understanding the phenomenon . And why has he once again been drawn into the field after a period of relative inactivity? His books include the multivolume magnum opus, "The UFO Encyclopedia." He's also a songwriter whose music has been recorded or performed by musicians such as Emmylou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Tom T. Hall.
February 11, 2018
Gene and Chris present long-time paranormal investigator Stan Gordon. Every year mysterious incidents occur in Pennsylvania and 2017 was a very active year for strange phenomena of various kinds. Observations of mysterious objects in the sky were reported in daylight as well as at night. People reported very close range encounters with mini-UFOs. There were numerous reports of strange creatures being seen as well. Stan has been researching UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters, and other mysterious events in Pennsylvania since 1959. Since then, he has been involved with the investigation of thousands of unusual incidents. He is the primary investigator of the 1965 UFO crash incident that occurred near Kecksburg, PA.
February 4, 2018
Best-selling author Erich von Däniken and UFO researcher and biblical scholar David Halperin debate the theory of ancient astronauts, that advanced beings from other planets visited Earth in ancient times. David also continues with discussions about his very different views of UFO reality, and the causes behind related events. von Däniken is arguably the most widely read and most-copied nonfiction author in the world. He published his first (and best-known) book, Chariots of the Gods, in 1968. In the 1960s, David Halperin was a teen-age UFOlogist. He grew up to become a professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with special expertise in religious traditions of heavenly ascent and otherworldly journeys. He is the author of five books and numerous articles on Jewish mysticism and messianism, and a novel, 'Journal of a UFO Investigator."
January 28, 2018
Gene and guest cohost J. Randall Murphy present former CNN correspondent, writer and producer Bryce Zabel. A winner of the prestigious Writers Guild award for screenwriting, Bryce has created and produced five primetime television series, including fan favorites "Dark Skies" and "The Crow." He is developing "Unidentified." about the race to break the Roswell story, and "Captured," about the Betty and Barney Hill abduction. His book "A.D. After Disclosure" with Richard Dolan is considered a classic of UFO literature. Zabel is a featured speaker at the 2018 International UFO Congress in Phoenix, speaking on the topic, “Fear and Loathing on the Trail of the Saucers.”
January 21, 2018
In this special episode, Gene presents cutting-edge commentator Greg Bishop, host of "Radio Misterioso" and, as usual, he offers a freewheeling approach to paranormal mysteries. Greg will explain why he's not interested in speculation about possible extraterrestrial visitors as being the source of UFOs, citing the co-creation theory, in which the witness participates to some degree in the event. There will also be discussions on the possible implications of the Pentagon UFO study. Greg will be joined by the inimitable Don Ecker, host of Dark Matters Radio. Both will present overviews of the contactee movement, as Greg previews a forthcoming book on the subject that he's written with Adam Gorightly, who often calls himself a "crackpot historian."
January 14, 2018
Gene and special guest cohost Alejandro Rojas of present Walter Bosley. He's an  author, blogger, former AFOSI agent and a former FBI counterintelligence specialist. He has researched mass shootings, breakaway civilizations, lost civilizations and more. On this episode, Walter will discuss the recent revelations about an unannounced Pentagon UFO program and its implications. Is this story part of a program of perception management about UFOs and possible disclosure? Walter uses his intelligence background to provide unique insights into what might be going on. He'll also join Alejandro in a discussion about the possibilities of a secret space program, and just how advanced it might be.
January 7, 2018
Gene and Chris present one of our favorite guests, Col. John Alexander. For this episode, he'll deliver a reality check on that worldwide story about the Pentagon UFO project, and whether it takes us closer to learning something definitive about the phenomenon. As a cutting-edge theorist on UFOs and paranormal phenomena in general, his views stretch the boundaries of research. Alexander's recent book is Reality Denied: Firsthand Experiences with Things that Can't Happen — But Did.  Alexander confronts conventional wisdom with events that, although quite real, seem to challenge the revered “laws of science,” proving them to be wrong or incomplete. He is a retired Army Colonel Green Beret with decades of experience with a wide range of phenomena. He has encountered events that defy common explanation and has met with shamans in the Amazon, the Himalayas, the Andes, East and West Africa, and Northern Mongolia.
December 31, 2017
Gene and Chris present the return of internationally known cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, author of Mothman: Evil Incarnate, a brand new companion title to the late John Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies (1975), which investigated the sightings of a winged creature called Mothman and became popularized in the 2002 movie of the same name starring Richard Gere. Loren is founder and director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine. The episode will also include a forthright discussion of the chatter surrounding the recent revelation of a secret Pentagon UFO research project.
December 24, 2017
Gene and Chris present Rosemary Ellen Guiley & Michael Brein, co-authors of The Road to Strange: Travel Tales of the Paranormal and Beyond. This collection of 44 true stories tells of travelers around the world who are suddenly faced with ghosts, paranormal phenomena, unusual synchronicities, time slips, magic, visions, past-life connections, premonitions, mystical experiences, mysterious figures, and more. Rosemary, a perennial favorite guest, needs no introduction. Michael is a seasoned traveler and travel writer who has written over a dozen travel guides for those heading out around the world to exotic locals and also has published the Travel Tales Monthly since 2012.
December 17, 2017
Gene and Chris present Alejandro Rojas of for a 2017 retrospective and a preview of the 2018 International UFO Congress and Film Festival. Alejandro is the host for Open Minds UFO Radio show, and emcee for IUFOC. He is also a blogger for the Huffington Post. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating anomalous phenomena up close and personal. Gene and Chris will also talk shop with a focus on UFOs. There will also be a pop culture-related discussion about what both regard as the sad state of pop music.
December 10, 2017
Gene and Chris present journalist Avrel Seale, author of MONSTER HIKE: A 100-Mile Inquiry Into the Sasquatch Mystery. Says the publisher, "Sometimes, when you want to find out the truth, you have to go out there and find out for yourself. That’s just what Texas author Avrel Seale has done. Nevermind the naysayers—science, government, and mainstream society—there is no better knowledge than personal knowledge.…Seale probes this controversial subject not just with boots on the ground in the Sam Houston National Forest, but on the page with curiosity and literary flair." Avrel Seale is a writer of eclectic non-fiction and an outdoorsman living in Austin, Texas.
December 3, 2017
Gene and Chris present a special episode featuring a "great debate" on the merits of the extraterrestrial theory for UFOs. It's the prevailing theory, that we are being visited by beings from other planets. Does that theory hold up, or are there other valid possibilities as the source of the UFOs?What about hidden civilizations on Earth, other dimensions? You'll hear about the ins and outs of the evidence and the issues that cause some to doubt that ET is here. The possibilities are vigorously debated by four long-time UFO researchers who are regulars in our forums, featuring Thomas R Morrison, Robert Brandstetter (forum name: Burnt State), Jason (forum name: marduk) and Mike Jones (forum name: mike).
November 26, 2017
Gene and guest cohost J. Randall Murphy present Susan Demeter-St. Clair, one of the contributors to Robbie Graham's pacesetting book, "UFOs: Reframing the Debate." Susan is a professional research assistant, author, editor, and PSI experimenter. Her research interests include individual and institutional responses to anomalies and exceptional human experiences, and how they interact and enact change within individuals, groups and large institutions, such as the military. Her life took on the framework of UFO experience after an encounter in 1990, and she considers anomaly studies to be her true life’s work. This discussion runs the gamut of UFO-related phenomena including the extraterrestrial theory, abductions, disclosure, and whether we've made any progress in finding solid answers to the mystery.
November 19, 2017
Gene and special guest cohost Curtis Collins present veteran UFO researcher, writer and publisher Philip Mantle with a UFO field update. Subjects include MUFON's emphasis on entertainment over research, whether large UFO research organizations have any value, and Philip's various UFO book projects. Mantle is a long standing UFO researcher and author from the UK. He was formerly the Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association and the MUFON Representative for England. He is the founder of FLYING DISK PRESS and can be contacted at: Note: We encountered slight reception problems with our guest's Skype connection.
November 12, 2017
Gene and Chris present MUFON Executive Director Jan C. Harzan. He will discuss the state of UFO research, and what the organization has learned in its 48 years of existence; it was founded in 1969 as the Midwest UFO Network. He'll also discuss concerns about MUFON's policies and staff shakeups, and about the reasoning behind the controversial 2017 symposium that featured lectures on the alleged U.S. secret space program and some especially outrageous speakers. Harzan is a 37-year veteran at IBM, and holds a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering. He's been Executive Director of MUFON since 2013.
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