Just thank you!
I love everything about this podcast. I listened to 10 episodes the first day I came across Science of Sex. Thanks for your brilliance and humor!
absolutely awesome but sometimes judgement
Darth Lina
The podcast offers fantastic, scientific findings presented in an engaging way for the general public. These episodes have opened new doors for me and filled a lot of gaps of knowledge. I’ve learned so much valuable information. My only complaint is that sometimes they make off-handed, unscientific comments that seem to judge certain views and desires that people have about relationships that are personal to them. These are views aren’t harmful, and the hosts drop some condescending comments at times. On average, though, the knowledge they offer is great, so I let this go.
Delightful and informative
Joe Zberger
Dr. Zhana and Joe bring a fun, yet informative and interesting, look at currently emmerging sex research. I've binged the podcast, now I'm going to support them on Patreon. You should also.
It’s good but too politically biased
JD Soko
Awesome content, very informative and exciting. Unfortunately there are very much unneeded political biased views. I would give it 5 stars otherwise. I don’t feel politics should be a common subject of this show, in which it is, and biased at that.. a biased viewpoint just doesn’t mix with a show that is mostly informative about being “open”(aka unbiased) sexually. Otherwise, it really opens the mind up to sexuality.
My MBA in Sex Education
J. Barshop
Dr. Zhana, Joe and their knowledgeable guests provide some incredibly compelling and actionable content on a wide variety of topics on the "how’s" and "why’s" of sex. The great content and advice they provide, coupled with the relatable way in which they deliver it had me hooked from the very first listen - highly recommend listening and subscribing to The Science of Sex. 👌👌👌
I thoroughly enjoy your program and the way you cover very relevant sexual and relationship information in a objective and non-judgmental fashion. I only wish I had this information earlier in my life and relationship.
So cool and informative
Newark Knight
I heard Dr Zhana on the savage lovecast and she is just as impressive on her own show as she was on that one. I can't wait to binge this podcast
Educational. Entertaining, and Reliable
Currently bingeing the show, and am a big fan. Thank you for the great science, the comedy, and the reliable and informative conversations about sex.
It’s so fascinating to listen to these conversations on taboo subjects, explained in such a respectful and educational way. Dr. Zhana is fantastic! As someone who isn’t familiar with sex as a field of study, I enjoy and relate to Joe’s commentary.
My fav!
Dr. Maas
I love this podcast soooo much! As a sex researcher myself, I love hearing about the processes of data collection and interpreting results from the authors of the newest studies. As a person, I love the juxtaposition between Joe and Zhana. Dr. Zhana is smart and sophisticated...but Jo is hilarious and helps to keep the conversation light and focused on what most people want to know.
I like it, but not in love with it.
The guy on the show is annoying. Overall the show is very informative 😁
Can’t get enough!
Such an interesting show! I’ve learned a lot and can’t wait for each episode. This is the perfect mix of educational and sexy!
Fun and informative
This podcast is fantastic. Sex is something that needs to be talked about more, and normalized. I love how accessible the information is, the way it is presented is very welcoming and not intimidating . I’m psyched to see a podcast giving out important information in a way that I think is appealing to a large audience, because it is so so important. I’ve been meaning to give it a listen for awhile now, but I’m glad I finally got to it! Everting Zhana does is amazing, and this podcast doesn’t disappoint. This is one I’ll be recommending to all of my friends
Smart, funny, and valuable!
Mr. Malcolms
I'd like to send out a big thank you to the 'Science of Sex' crew for doing the research, and sharing it in such a fun and interesting way. "Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well." - Philip Stanhope
Co host
I like the show and Dr. Zhana. Unfortunately I cannot stand to listen to it because of the co-host Joe. His constant joking around and dorky comments are too much for me.
So much fun!
Its a research and science based podcast, but dr. Zhana and Joe make it fun and accessible. I have learnt a lot from listening. Even became a Patreon subscriber :) Hope they will continue this for a long time!
It’s great
If you look this podcast up I guarantee you’ll love it.
So fun!!!
Such a fun exploration into the world of trying to understand all the facets of human sexuality. The duo of Dr. Zhana and Joe is perfectly balanced and fully entertaining (Joe for the every man approachable color, and Dr. Zhana for the expertise and credibility). Of course once you see a picture of the good doctor, you’d wish this was on youtube ;)
Sex Research From A Fierce Female PhD
Dr. Zhana is super smart, compassionate, and fun to learn from. High class "edutainment" about sex.
An Absolutely Solid Podcast
An entertaining and wonderfully positive podcast which never disappoints the listener. Highly recommended.
Excellent content, but needs some format adjustments
Smiling Skeptic
I've just finished listening to all the published episodes of The Science of Sex, and I like it a lot. The research they've been discussing is fascinating, and their interviews with the researchers are very well done. I love the back and forth with the authors—Dr. Zhana asks good questions, and Joe can get them to focus on clearing up something that might be confusing for the average listener. Dr. Zhana often inserts good, simplified summaries of what was said when the researchers get a bit deep in jargon and technical details. The news roundups with Joe are good, but not as... thoughtful, perhaps? My general impression (without going back and listening to them again) is that they might have been a little too flip at times. Full disclosure: before the advent of podcasts, I was an NPR listener, and avoided commercial radio like the plague. I'm afraid that Joe just doesn't do it for me. He's too Morning Zoo, and not enough Science Friday. My only strong criticism: I really and truly loathe the commercial radio quality of the intro, outro, and section intros. The voice, the music—it all just clashes with both my preferred podcast style (more personal and less produced) and the nature of the content. At least in the first few episodes the transitions were also way too loud in relation to the rest of the content; I'd be listening to them talk at a comfortable volume, and then the intro for the next segment would blast me out of my seat. I'd much rather just hear the hosts introduce each segment, perhaps with a very short and unobtrusive musical sting, and also have them doing the intro and outro. Bottom line: I think they have a core of great content, but it's got some gaudy packaging that distracts and detracts. I plan to keep listening and recommending it to others, but I hope that in the future I'll be able to give it an unqualified 5 stars.
Everything I've been wanting to know!
LOVE this
So fascinating and pretty funny too!
No one breaks down the Science like Dr. Zhana
horizontal with lila
Dr. Zhana and Joe have created an engaging, funny, and educational look at sex science. If you cannot attend Dr. Zhana's Sex Science Socials, in which she breaks down peer-reviewed studies and curates fascinating discussions that get people considering science personally, this is the cure. I listen to every episode as soon as it's released! Joe performs the part of the listener, asking the questions that we might ask if we were there, and occasionally just letting silliness take over, which works as a counterpoint to the credentialed, professional, well-studied knowledge we get from Zhana. I've never before heard from the people who conducted the studies themselves, about their work, so the guests on Science of Sex give our hosts (and us, by proxy) the opportunity to learn more about the way the studies were conducted and under what circumstances. I always say that Dr. Zhana makes sex safer, saner, and better-informed, and that is nowhere more evident than on this podcast. Subscribe!
Sex nerds will love this!
I am so completely fascinated by every episode so far! The hosts do a great job of discussing the material in an interesting way, and of asking the questions that I'd like to ask myself. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who's interested in sex!
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