#36 – Romantic Side Effects to Birth Control
Published June 18, 2018
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    In episode 36, Dr. Zhana and Joe talk to Dr. Patrick Jern about the romantic side effects of hormonal birth control!

    We often talk about the physical side effects of hormonal birth control methods (i.e. the pill, the IUD, the patch, the shot, the ring…) like weight gain, acne, cramping, spotting, headaches, and so on. But we rarely talk about how the emotional side effects of these hormones can affect relationships. Turns out, hormonal birth control may have an influence on mate preference and relationship outcomes, so we spoke to Dr Patrick Jern who has studied these effects extensively!

    Read the full study here!
    About Our Guest
    Dr. Patrick Jern is currently an associate professor of applied clinical psychology at Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland, and leads the sexuality research group at Turku Brain and Mind Centre. He has previously worked as a researcher at universities in Sweden and Australia. He is also a licensed clinical psychologist, and holds a degree in sex therapy. Dr. Jern’s research has focused on human sexuality and sex-related problems, including studies on the etiology and treatment of sexual dysfunctions; how hormonal contraceptives affect relationships; and testing evolutionary hypotheses relating to mate choice and retention. He has authored more than 80 scientific publications, and is currently investigating whether network models – basically the idea that symptoms cause and maintain other symptoms – can be used to improve treatment interventions for sexual problems.
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