#30 – High Infidelity
Published May 8, 2018
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    In episode 30, Dr. Zhana and Joe talk to Dr. Dylan Selterman about the motivations for infidelity!

    There are many factors that play into the cause of infidelity including anger, stress, neglect, a general lack of love or passion, and more. Infidelity and cheating is interesting to study on the quantitative side. We can look at how many people cheat, the demographics of cheaters, etc., but what about the psychological motivations for cheating? What exactly drives a person to cheat? This week we spoke to Dr. Dylan Selterman who has conducted some great research on what motivates people to cheat.

    Read the full study here.
    About Our Guest
    Dylan Selterman received his B.A. in Psychological and Brain Sciences from Johns Hopkins University in 2006 and his Ph.D. in Social/Health Psychology from Stony Brook University in 2011. He currently teaches at the U of Maryland, where he also runs the DREAM Lab, where they research romantic attraction/dating, emotions (e.g., jealousy), attachment in interpersonal relationships, patterns of dreaming, sexual behavior, and morality/ethics. Outside of the classroom, Dr. Selterman leads a mindfulness meditation group for students, and writes for popular media.
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    A new survey found 56% of first-time sex with a partner are AWKWARD, or downright terrible. However, only 30% said they would end things because of a bad first encounter. 70% said that the first time doesn’t define the relationship. “A study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Pure Romance examined the first-time sex habits and experiences of 2,000 Americans. The #1 thing that can ruin a first encounter for men is not finishing. And 29% said trouble performing because they DRANK too much has ruined a first-time hook-up. The #1 complaint from women is not enough FOREPLAY. And 37% said a guy’s dirty SHEETS can ruin the mood.” Read full article here.
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