#21 – To Shave Or Not to Shave
Published March 6, 2018
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    Is there a relationship between pubic hair and STD’s?

    Pubic hair isn’t as popular as it once was. The majority of both men and women have engaged in some sort of grooming ‘down there,’ whether it’s some basic ‘manscaping’ or waxing everything off. But have you ever wondered if having (or not having) pubic hair made a difference in your susceptibility to STI’s? Turns out, not having any pubic hair may actually increase the chances of contracting an STI. To talk about the study that focuses on pubic hair, we interviewed Dr. Benjamin Breyer.
    About Our Guest
    Dr Benjamin Breyer is an Associate Professor of Urology and Epidemiology & Biostatistics at UCSF, but he’s also a practitioner, a surgeon, Chief of Urology, San Francisco General Hospital. Dr. Breyer’s primary research interests involve studying the epidemiology of sexual dysfunction, lower urinary tract symptoms, and genitourinary trauma and reconstruction. His work has been funded by the NIH supported and he has authored or coauthored over 130 articles and book chapters.
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    According to a new study, the G-spot is a myth! After conducting tests on a group of 13 women, researchers found no unique anatomical structure that is known as “the G spot.” However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the spot doesn’t exist, it just means that biologically there is no physical G-spot structure inside the vagina.

    According to a survey, most people don’t wait too long before feeling comfortable enough to travel with someone. Women said they would go on a trip with someone after five dates, and the men said THREE!

    What are the most common noises people make during sex? According to a new survey, 91% of men and 77% of women enjoy moaning, which came in first place. Following that, dirty talk, heavy breathing, and screaming were all popular. Even 8% of men and 13% of women said that silence was preferred.
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