#13 – What turns on Women who are into Casual Sex?
Published December 20, 2017
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    Contrary to many popular stereotypes, there are many women who are as equally into casual sex as some men, but what do these women prefer when it comes to their partners?

    A new study found that women who are more interested in casual sex differ from women who are not into hookups in the kinds of men they’re interested in, especially when it comes to hookup partners as opposed to relationship partners. This week, Naomi Muggleton, the lead author on this study, is talking to us about her research on this topic.
    About Our Guest
    Naomi Muggleton is a PhD student in Behavioral Science in the Psychology department at the University of Warwick, UK. Her work develops evolutionary theoretical models to understand what motivates societies to harshly suppress female sexuality. Her work also investigates how and why cultural factors can influence the type of men that heterosexual women are attracted to. She is particularly interested in the environmental triggers (e.g. socioeconomic, disease, income inequality) which promote sexual conservatism.
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    News broke earlier this week that the Center for Disease Control released a list of seven words that would be “banned” from any rhetoric coming from the CDC. However, the director of the CDC has released clarification on the so-called “ban” stating that these words should not be used in budget proposals for Congress. The seven words are: fetus, diversity, vulnerable, transgender, entitlement, science-based, and evidence-based.

    A researcher in the psychology of sex has been found to have been fabricating studies. Dr. Nicolas Guéguen published several studies on such vital topics including whether women with larger breasts get more invitations to dance in nightclubs, whether women are more likely to give their phone number to a man if asked while walking near a flower shop, and whether a male busdriver is more likely to let a woman (but not a man) ride the bus for free if she touches him. It is not clear what will happen to this researcher. Read full article here.
    A survey of 2,000 people on Plenty of Fish found that half of people polled admit they’ve previously kissed a co-worker at an office holiday party. This statistic is very interesting considering the ongoing conversation in the news about the fine line between flirtation and sexual harassment especially in the workplace. So how do we reckon with this type of romance? Read article discussed here.
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