#10 – How Common Are Sexual Problems?
Published November 30, 2017
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    How common are sexual problems and when should they be cause for concern?

    On this week’s episode, Joe and Dr. Zhana speak with Dr. Kirstin Mitchell about her research on sexual function and dysfunction. Dr. Mitchell is a Senior Research Fellow at the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow, where she leads a theme of research on Families and Intimate & Sexual Relationships. We spoke with her about a few studies that she has published in regards to sexual dysfunction.
    About Our Guest
    Over the last 3 years, several studies have been published on the sexual functioning and dysfunction among UK residents. They are all based on the Natsal-3, a nationally representative sample of over 15,000 men and women aged 16–74 years in Britain. The questions included everything from lack of interest in sex, orgasm difficulties, erection and lubrication difficulties, dissatisfaction with and distress about their sex lives, discrepancy in sex drive between partners, and seeking help.
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    This week’s foreplay steered back into our discussion about sexual assault when we talked about the accusations against NBC’s Matt Lauer and the investigation by Variety. Lauer was fired from the network on Wednesday after a complaint was made about his behavior in the workplace. There is no news on whether the network will honor his $25 million contract that is not set to expire until the end of 2018. Read article discussed here.
    The President of Wilfrid Laurier University has officially apologized to teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd for a meeting where faculty members reprimanded her for showing students a video clip of a debate involving controversial professor Jordan Peterson. The clip was of a debate regarding gender-neutral pronouns. Read article here.
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