You are the best.
You are sweet but not so funny.
This is my favorite podcast
I’m not even a Boston sports fan, but this is so well done. The only problem is, I really miss it. When’s it coming back!
Bring it back!
Baseball season started up, when will Season Ticket (or the Globes baseball pod) come back! Miss it!
Was big fan
What happened to the show? No podcasts since mid-February. Hoping they bring this back.
Great option v. Sports talk radio in Boston.
Great option v. Sports talk radio in Boston.
Great Podcast, Horrible Backup Host in Joe Sullivan
Wow, please don’t let Joe Sullivan have control of the podcast again. That was just awful. Factual inaccuracies left and right. “One player can’t make a difference to a game of football”?! Are you kidding? You said that while talking about a guy who did JUST THAT in SB 49! The game is about those moments. Not even to mention his condescension to the other hosts. Love the podcast (and even Sullivan’s work off-mic), but I really hope you don’t hand that guy the reins again.
Daily appointment listening for a smart, entertaining and insightful take about Boston sports news from Boston Globe sports.
Metal Paul
Great Podcast, Chris! Congrats.
Delightful mix of young media types and the old insufferable Boston media dinosaurs
The show is entertaining on a few different levels. Gasper does a good job and it’s a good update on Boston sports. Younger media people contributing are insightful and informative. And, there’s the occasional entertainment factor of Dan Shaughnessy. He’s a amazing troll and I’m pretty sure it’s performance art when he discusses thin skinned athletes one minute and follows up shortly after by providing commentary on a story he just made up (no sources, per speculation on a Belichick “no comment”).
Sports on the boil
It is great to interview the beat writers once per week. I would love to have a HOT TAKES show maybe every other week
Great Boston sports podcast
Excellent Boston sports podcast-- timely and well done. Far better than ignorant Boston sports radio talk shows. Gasper is terrific!
Off top please
A Must Listen for Sports Fans
I've long been a fan of Chris Gasper's insightful take on Boston sports, and was delighted to see this podcast. He gets right to the point, involves other reporters to provide a counterpoint or more detail, and gives a fresh viewpoint. His interview with NFL sideline reporter Michele Tafoya was surprising and informative. Keep up the good work, Chris and co.!
Alternative We Have Been Waiting For
As a rabid Boston sports fan who can’t stand to listen to all the hot air on the two main sports radio stations locally, this is THE alternative we have been waiting for. Chris Gasper has a fresh perspective and brings on the right (although predictably Boston Globe heavy) guests for each topic/situation. Can’t wait to see where this goes as it gets a little more seasoned.
Perfect! Just what I needed to understand Boston sports teams
Chris Gasper is engaging in his interviews. I've thoroughly enjoyed all of the episodes especially with Mike Gorman. Keep up the good work! Big fan
A must listen for any sports fan
One of the best sports podcasts out there and a great listen for any sports fan. Provides tremendous insight into one of the most important sports markets in the country. I legit look forward to each episode.
Thank you!!
For giving me back Sports radio. No screaming and yelling. Just rational points of view from all sides.
Great insight
Gasper does a terrific job in bringing out the best in his guests. Top-notch discussion
Best Boston Sports Podcast
Chris Gasper is a knowledgeable sports personality with an easy going personality. Top shelf Boston sports writers but many more than expected national commentators and announcers. Look forward to this high quality podcast every day.
Well done !!
Dog Money
Insightful podcast for Boston ( plus other ) sports fans. Definitely worth a listen
Big fan 13
As a diehard Sox and Pats fan I really love the Season Ticket podcasts to keep me up to date on all Boston sports news. Very easy listening, really enjoy it.
Finally a program Boston sports fans over the age of 11 can enjoy
Concise, incisive and intelligent. Pretty much the anti-Barstool. Also, less rambling and aimlessness than Bill Simmons.
Gasping at Gasper
Always enjoy Gasper's work whether it's his column for the Boston Globe or on 98.5. Now we get the chance to hear from him on a daily basis. Must listen for Boston sports fans.
Sports without hyperbole!
Chris is a rarity in sports talk: sound, reasoned reporting and opinion. A great cast of contributors to boot. My new favorite daily update on the Boston sports scene. I always looked forward to him on Felger & Maze on Fridays, now I hear him each day!
Great debut
Nice job with the first episode. It’s good to hear educated sports talk without all the ridiculousness of sports radio.
Savvy Sports Talk
Chris Gasper is informative and engaging and he communicates and imparts his inside sports knowledge in an very entertaining way. I’m looking forward to these Podcasts!
Love sports and love to learn - more than headlines
Really enjoy this podcast. No squaking or yelling - this feels like I'm sitting at pub listening to really smart people who know sports discussing the more than the headlines...we get the story.
Fantastic - adding this to my daily listens!
I’m so excited about this show! The first episode is smart, nuanced, important...and totally Boston. Really beautifully produced as well — it’s so nice to get daily Boston sports talk without having to endure the endless shouting and fighting of the usual talk radio guys. Great start — can’t wait for more.
A home run!
Credit Karma
Like sitting at the bar talking sports with your friends. Great depth of knowledge, but also humor and fun. Bravo.
Smart, insightful sports podcast for grown ups
John in L.A.
Chris Gasper's grasp of the issues, sports and otherwise, mixed with his calm cool and collected vibe, make this a must listen for sports fans tired of the Hot Takez culture of sports talk radio. This is a seriously promising podcast I would recommend to fans of teams in Boston and anywhere else.
Perfect for the Boston sports fan!
This is exactly what I want from my Boston sports news.
Love it
Gotta love the young personality and thorough knowledge of this show. Any sports fan will appreciate.
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